Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Xmess!

Uh oh....
 Snow1 Of course she had known better... Even as a young elf, it had always been...
               "Rachael, stay away from the sleigh!"
                                                                                "Rachael, stop messing around in the snow!"
                                                "Rachael put that reindeer fawn down!"

It wasn't like she had never been told. It was just that she didn't want to listen. Listening to the don'ts just wasn't fun.

Crashing the sleigh... well. Accidents happened.

The reindeer were all safe, if not entirely steady on their feet yet, after she had extracted them from the various trees in which they had landed. The sack, as it blazed, contained no toys destined for good boys and girls... part of the reason she assumed the whole thing had gone up in flames so quickly was the sheer amount of lumps of coal due to be taken to the naughty and bad. Really, she reasoned, she had done the whole North Pole a favour, discovering this safety flaw without anyone getting hurt. It had been one helluva ride on the way down too!
As an elf, she didn't feel the cold. Even out here in the depths of whichever snowy forest she had landed in, the furry hems of her dress kept her warm, the flaming sleigh playing its part as a source of heat, and also, she hoped, as a beacon to let anyone looking for her find her before too long. While it burned she had time to play in the snow, creating displays with her elf magic that amused her, all the moreso as they would never have been allowed to grace the official tourist photos of the pole. This accident was turning into a good night off!

Skin : : S u g a r : [2] Cane - [Lush] Berries  ( DB - Lush {Cleav-3} [Teeth] Crease)  L$899

Tattoo : +REDRUM+ SnowFlake Tattoo L$129

Hair : Magika Early Christmas - Free - Subscriber gift

Outfit : +REDRUM+ XMess Dress Candy Cane L$99

Sleigh :  Falln Sleigh Crash L$440

Snowmen : Falln Snowmen 'Catch' L$275

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!
Happy Xmas Everyone!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


 After waiting over half a month for Frost to start, I feel a bit remiss in leaving it this long to blog some items! Here we are anyway at last. Frost is a marvellous event, staged by Depraved Nation. It's a showcase of some of the best designers in SL, all with their own ministores, offering up some of their best stuff. with exclusives to the Frost event for sale, many at reduced prices. Oh, and the lovely people only went and wrapped up a big pile of items as gifts, some in their stores, some nestling under the frozen gift tree!

Of all the tasks at this time of year, trimming the tree was always her favourite! Each bauble collected over the years began as a decoration, and turned into a memory. With the passing years, memories were turned into baubles as well, sweet times and sad collected together, and lit with the magical glow of the lights. The scent of pine filling the room, everything calm, happy and bright... until the train came roaring through the room. Each year she forgot that little detail about this place, the seasonal scare becoming all part of the fun.
No word of a lie - as I was admiring the tree in a Christmas themed SIM, not having really noticed anything unusual about the room, it having tracks and all, when suddenly, a train! 

Shape : [:ME:] C2W Special Shape - Gift at Frost
Skin :   [:ME:] Nixie Light Skintone (Winter Preckled  w/ CL 04) - Gift at Frost
Skins and Shape in a gift! Great detailing on the skin, rosey winter glow to the cheeks with freckles too, fresh from a long afternoon snowballing.
Tattoo:  +REDRUM+ Finally Free Tattoo  -  Gift at Frost
Beautiful birds and designs on this tattoo. Lovely mix of faint linework on arms and legs to the bolder birds on the chestpiece.
Outfit :  1 Hundred. Babe Bodysuit. - Gift at Frost
Very sexy twist on a santa suit! Built into the shirt or jacket layer is the shiny black belt you would expect on the jolly old elf, but its not obtrusive. Styled here for a Christmassy look, you could wear this any time of year as its not in your face xmas costume wear.
Earmuffs :  Adoness - Daisy Ear Warmers - Red  - Gift at Frost
Very cute earmuffs! Red for the season, but decorated with a daisy, to keep you warm all the way into spring.
Necklace : KOSH- TALVI NECKLACE  L$75  50% off @ Frost
Beautiful, as with everything from KOSH. Couldn't resist this necklace. It comes with different attachment points, in male and female size versions. Also available were other jewellery items in this range to match.
Boots : Cheeky : Strap Boots (MESH) Dark Brown  L$200 @ Frost
Great MESH boots, Dark Brown and Black, have a bit of a saddleshoe feel to them, but in boot form, and with straps! Available in a good range of colours. I was also tempted by the purple!

It was a dirty job each year, taking care of the naughty list. Making sure all of the coal was mined, bagged up and delivered. Some people may have expected her to have looked grubbier, to be covered with the coal dust, be grumpier, affected by the naughty people she had to deal with, but no. This was the Christmas season, and nothing made her happier. By taking care of the naughty list, it freed up everyone else to take care of those who had been good to one another. Such generosity of spirit meant there would always be a gift waiting for her, under the tree.

Skin : : S u g a r : [2] Cane - [Lush] Berries (DB - Lush {Cleav-3} Crease)  L$ 899 @ Frost
It's with a very heavy heart I write this, as S U G A R is going to be closing. I can only wish the creator Iokko well, and hope that she finds happiness in whatever she does next. And of course, as a massive fan of her work, that she changes her mind at some point, and makes some more beautiful things for me to see, and NEED.
Outfit : [Plastik]-Bordello- Corporal Adorable - Gift at Frost
Plastik has been incredibly generous with their under the tree giftbox. This dress is one of many items, ranging from outfits, to shoes and more and more. This particular minidress is sexy, but modest, with a lovely lace panel over the chest.
Horns : *Epic* .:F R O S T:. 2012 Demon Snowflake Horns - Gift at Frost
Fantastic and subtley wintery horns from Epic, with pretty snowflakes at their tips.
Clutch : PARADISIS Serenity :  Purse - Gift at Frost
Lovely little clutch bag, with ribbons, but set apart from others by additional decoration, in the 2nd picture here it looks a bit like a creepy pink hand, which it isn't at all, it's a cute little piggy.
Nails :  [ S H O C K ] Frosty Penguin Nails - Gift at Frost
Very cute little penguin nails. Some cheer for your fingertips!
You can find it all here...


Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Dragon's Christmas - POE5, MFH VII, TRH II Hunts

Oneiria felt awkward without her usual wings and teeth. She always felt awkward in her human form, that tiny two-legged shape was more a burden than a pleasure, so slow, so weak. Yet… Prince Talias, her fiancé, had never seen her in her real form, a magnificent red-and-gold dragon. Dearest Talias, he wanted to marry her, and he intended to break the news with his family at Christmas Eve... and what could Oneiria do? She would play along, she indeed liked Talias quite much, he was handsome, patient and generous.
Dragon Xmas-1 Christmas Eve... Oneiria remembered those evenings with her own family, the feast, the fun, the laughter. Her folk was gone by now, but she still could hear the chatter and the music, her little brothers howling and giggling, and she still could smell the delicious roast her mother used to prepare. Mmmmm... the roast. Maybe she could have that this Christmas. Talias and his family were well fed, nice people, she recalled. Oneiria softly cackled and her golden eyes twinkled ominously. Christmas time wasn’t that ugly, after all.
Dragon Xmas-2 December is THE hunting season in SL, so many generous and talented designers shower you with gifts at Christmas time, and what can you do? You’re forced to pick what you like most, which doesn’t mean that the other gifts are worthless or ugly... only that you, one little blogger, do indeed have limited time to show the world one small slice of SL creativity. So, where to begin?

Gown: Mystic Hope "Splendor" Outfit – The Medieval Fantasy Hunt VII gift (0 L$). It’s an absolute knockout, so role players, damselles and ladies, pay a visit to Kira Lavendel’s shoppe, it’s worth it!
Hair: ChiChickie “Serafina” – POE5 Hunt gift (0 L$). It’s a very pretty updo, a perfect match with many festive SL gowns, so don’t hesitate to go for it.
Skin: Style by Kira “Amber” – POE5 Hunt gift (0 L$). The fat pack contains 10 skin tones and makeup versions, so feel free to pick your favourite, as Kira Paderborn is really generous with her gifts.
Necklace: Elemental Jewellery “Renaissance medallion”– The Renaissance Hunt II gift (0 L$). Wear this lovely gift and you may feel like any of Henry the Eighth’s wives.
Eyes: Sterling Artistry Feral Eyes “Brandy” - camping prize (0 L$). It looks like Silverr Andel is back to SL after months and months of absence, which is wonderful news! You can pick up the monthly gifts and a big box of lovely Christmas surprises at his good olde shoppe at Porcupine.
Poses: Exposeur - Advent Gift No. 7 (0 L$). I hope it’s still available; and if not, there will be another package of lovely poses for tomorrow in RubyStarlight Writer's shop. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

A dash of Cinnamon

December rolled around, and the forest took on its winter plumage. Snow had fallen throughout the night, and all through the day. Its chill gripped the creatures of the land, causing some to curl up in hiding, knowing the time for their hibernation to come. Others, however, came into their season.
Cinnamon was a part of the forest the whole year round, of course, but only once the snow fell did she feel her time of year had come. This was when she felt most comfortable, away from the heat of summer, that even the dappled shade couldn't entirely prevent. The ground carpeted in a thick layer of crystalline white, its coating making the leaves still clinging to frozen plants sparkle, far from the rotting loam of autumn. Snow crunching under her decorated hooves, she grinned, even with all the work ahead of her, she knew it would be a lot of fun, a chance to stretch herself. Descendant of the line of Blitzen, toward the end of December she would take her place with the others in the mad dash around their world. Some might think the adornments to her hooves and antlers would slow her down, not a bit of it. They added to the fun, turning the race into an enjoyable game.

Feeling a bit in the spirit of the season, but in a frugal way, I though I'd see what I had lying around from winters past which would work for a look now. All except the hair, which is a new purchase, have been lurking in my inventory for at least a year or more. The items listed are all still available!

Antlers :  HBD holiday antlers 2.1     L$25

Hair :  Truth Hailey w/roots- blood  Reds Pack    L$250

Skin : Petrichor Fawn (mocha)    L$240

Tattoo : Panda Express  OH Deer spots tattoo    L$150

Ears and tail : [D O D I E] Oh Deer! UPDATE   L$200

Top and Stars pastie :  Nadas naughty xmas    L$99

Leggings :  Erratic  Laser cut leggings    L$150

Legs and hooves : Epic  Festive faun legs   L$199

Friday, November 30, 2012

Splish Splash

Down the rain came. Late November, but it was warm enough under the storm clouds that gathered over the city, keeping the heat of its inhabitants and industry in. Even the drops of rain that streamed down were not enough to chill those who headed out there with the intention of enjoying the experience. Separating them, with their squeals and shouts, jumping and splashing, from those who hurried along, avoiding puddles and grumbling about the weather...
boots1 Isolde and Vyl were most definitely in the former group. One called her new shoes gumboots, the other, wellies, but they had to be taken out for some fun and games, as soon as the first storm of autumn rolled in.
boots2 Waterproof and bouncy, they kept their feet dry, even though the rest of them was soaked to the skin by the rain. To those wrapped up in coats and hats, with umbrellas blowing about in the gale, this seemed like utter madness. Perhaps they still found, somewhere deep within, the spark of joy that came from youth, when they too had jumped in puddles, or it may have been smothered entirely over the years by a need to dress correctly, and not be silly. Those who still splished and splashed knew nothing of this little death. Joined suddenly in the rain by Mzzy, friend and wellymagnate, the three jumped for joy at the silliness of it all, cavorting through the rain.

Gumboots, Wellies, whatever you want to call them, these are great, and come in a mindboggling array of designs. Here we have L>R Black Arts, Squid and Pink Dots.
Each pair is MESH, costing L$99
You can find them on Marketplace here...
Or inworld here... 

Pose in 3rd pic : *MP* Jump! Pose L$ 159 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Caught in the crypt

Just as Bluebeard had his secret room, a place to hide the reminders of his past, the cathedral had its crypt. There were bones scattered throughout the building of course, centuries of use and abuse had taken its toll. Some rooms were completely unusable, as anything but the storerooms they had become. The triumph of gothic architecture was the grandest charnel house the world had ever seen.
Ribsdress1 This was Millia's domain. The fires roared hot in the vast vaults of their inglenooks, the air in the rafters maintained a constant chill, keeping the bats happy, even as the latest bones consigned to the flames blackened and cracked. Bones were her business, she could only make use of the best in her craft, the rest served to keep the place warm enough for her guests. They came each night to browse and to admire, to look, but never to touch her creations, at least, not until coin of suitable value had dropped into the collection box.
Ribsdress2Millia was her work, she was proud of the beautiful new items she could inspire from things the living had left behind. Her home, and her appearance were her hallmarks. They were the only advertising she needed, if people had the wit to see it. As the lucky few who came with the darkness took their time, and browsed her wares, she could relax. Sinking comfortably into the soft leather of her favourite chair, tracing her fingertips over the tattoo still visible on one of its arms, she sighed with satisfaction. Some may think her ghoulish, perhaps. She was the most innovative of all those who cared for the world they shared, after all. She recycled everyone.

Dress :  +REDRUM+ Bones Dress L$ 79
MESH Comes with 5 sizes - XS S M L XL
Tattoo :  +REDRUM+ Paws Tattoo L$ 89
Pack includes 4 versions "Because the sweetest kittens have the sharpest claws!"
+Full Body Tattoo+ +Body Only Tattoo+ +Face Only Tattoo+ +Butt Only Tattoo+

Skin :  : S u g a r :  -C- :3: Fireball {Like A Virgin}
Not from the current range of skins - but still a stunner. Got to love those red lips. For the current range, head over here... 

Eyes : REPULSE - Nocturnal Eyes (Green) L$99

Boots : BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather L$ 875

Hair : >TRUTH< Yolanda 2 Black and Whites pack L$ 250
Worn here is colour 'Crow' - the bands around the hair are colour change by clicking on them.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Remember what I said about temptations?

Such advice was fine for the little wooden boy who came to life. For others of more importance to the cosmos, those deities at the edges of life and thought, something with more depth was needed, and found. Each to their own, Zathor chose to listen to both sides of each argument.

In one hand could always be found Desdemona... she saw things from a dark perspective. All actions and motives from the softest smile to the harshest blow she viewed with eyes open wide, seeing the currents running underneath like smoke.
Demon3 She knew every level of the world, saw deep into the hearts of its people, the flames of their desires and hatred kept her warm. Yearnings cried out to her, and she could interpret truth from lie. She spoke these dark truths and no others, letting Zathor see the darkness burning within each person.

Anabel, the eternal balance to Desdemona was always to be found at Zathor's other hand. She saw everything her opposite did, but from the perspective of light. Eyes open just as wide missed nothing, streams of consciousness, motives drawing across the faces below like strands of silk.
Angel2 Her gaze sought out each level of life, each strata, every interaction. The goodness and fairness which shone from the hearts of the living kept her serene, brought light to her existence. She spoke the truth of justice and good, letting Zathor see the best in people and their works.
Desdemona :
Skin :  : S u g a r : [3] DB - Lush {Cleav-3} [Teeth] Crease
This beautiful skin is coming out in December 2012 - there will be more shots of this coming up soon!
Dress :   +REDRUM+ Knot Dress Alchemy Red  L$89
Oh yummy yummy. a MESH dress that really really fits. Amazing on the bewbs too fantastic shape, and as ever from REDRUM, kickass designs, here a Dantesque heart and flames.
Hair :   >TRUTH< Cheyenne - Blaze
Always amazing from TRUTH, epic colour options for a fantastic price. The MESH hair shown here is from the FADES fatpack L$ 300
Eyeliner : +REDRUM+ Black Eyeliner - Heavy L$29
Nails and rings :  [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] ASIA Rings & Nails Red v2
Sadly these don't seem to be available any longer - I may have missed them in the store, it's always worth a nosey around!
Shoes : : S u g a r : Dangerous Heels L$499
Love these. Love love love them. Fantastic textures to shoe and foot, and with the HUD a wide range of colours for shoe and sole. Mix or match. Perhaps handiest of all, is the included HUD which has the option to match to each of S U G A R's skintones at a single click. Well, two clicks, as these beauties have options to the footpart, and the ankle, for a more seamless join to your legs.

Anabel :
Skin : *Epic Skins* Dark Elfin Singles {Darkest Mist} [Glo] Cleavage
This skin came from the EPIC vendor at this years Fantasy Faire
Dress :   +REDRUM+ Knot Dress Alchemy Cream L$89
Same style of dress, with the design that puts me in mind of money!
Hair :  >TRUTH< Cheyenne w/Roots - surf
This hair is from the same FADES pack as that worn by Desdemona -so you can see what a great range of colours are included. Two styles shown, Anabel wears the w/Roots version. L$300
Nails and rings : [MANDALA]Milky Nails/Atlantis Blue  L$97
Eyes : REPULSE - Zombie Eyes (Veined) L$99
Shoes :  : S u g a r : Dangerous Heels L$499
Here again, to show the sheer versatility of these beauties! As mentioned above, included is a HUD to match skintone to the range of skins available at S U G A R. There is also another HUD included, where you can match the skintone of ankles and feet to any RGB colour you can think of, so you can wear the shoes with any skin you like!

Prop : [Virtual Props] The Masters Hand Photography Prop L$700
Spent a long while after thinking up the idea for this post thinking I had imagined this props existence. Thankfully a shout out plea for help in the Virtual Props chat led me to this. It includes 10 poses, and is 12 Prims.

Cloud brush used on Anabel shots can be found here..

Monday, November 19, 2012

Come Back To Me - The Enchanted Frost Hunt

Hrotswytha Frostgarth looked through the window and shivered. She was indeed an ice witch, but the blizzard ruthlessly raging in the outside world was too much even for her... and she was also deeply worried. Her beloved pet was outside, somewhere in the snow, trying to find his way home. Oh, Hrymwyr was so bold and stubborn, and enjoyed wandering alone in the wilderness so much! Now he was in trouble... because even the stamina of the boldest and most stubborn stag is eventually consumed by the wind, the frost and the ice.
Frost Witch Not far away, Hrymwyr was to lie down in the snow... the deadly snow, which was so inviting and soft, it beckoned him and whispered, it offered him a cosy feather bed. Yet, in the last second, he pricked his ears and stood still. Hrotswytha was near, he suddenly realised, and she was reaching out for him. Hrymwyr started walking, and at a faster pace. His task was simple now. He must return home. Hrotswytha was waiting.
The Stag
A borrowed PC and some very limited time in SL... what could I do? With much luck and friendly help I rushed through The Enchanted Frost Hunt by MadPea and boy, was it worth it! You must buy a HUD for 10 L$ at the starting point, but it’s really a symbolic sum if you look at what you receive in exchange. The gifts are simply amazing and I’m truly sorry I can show you only a very few items here! Just to tickle your curiosity a bit more: do you remember Ceri the friendly giantess who was a regular at The Tides during the 2012 Fantasy Faire? Well, you can become just like her, because you find a complete set of Colossus avatars, outfit included, among the endgame gifts. The hunt is on until December 22nd, so you'd better run... errmmm... slide or skate for your HUD!

On her:
Skin: Azil Snow Skin in “Winter Ice” by Curious Kitties. It was a seasonal gift not available any more, but the “Winter Forest” skin is quite similar (800 L$).
Hair: Melinda in “Lucky White” by Alice Project – Lucky Board gift (0 L$).
Eyes: Ice Elf Eyes in “Dark Glacier” by Fallen Gods – “The Enchanted Frost Hunt” gift.
Tattoo: Gods TAO Female in “Young Frost” by Fallen Gods – “The Enchanted Frost Hunt” gift.
Hat: “Winter Spell” Hat by Whimsy – “The Enchanted Frost Hunt” gift.
On him:
Skin: “Crystal” by Fallen Gods – it was a Fortune Teller prize now regularly available in various tones and makeups (990 L$ for one skin, 2200 L$ for a fatpack of four, and 5200 L$ for a full pack of 16 skins).
Hair: Melinda in “Lucky White” by Alice Project – Lucky Board gift (0 L$).
Eyes: Ice Elf Eyes in “Dark Glacier” by Fallen Gods – “The Enchanted Frost Hunt” gift.
Tattoo: TAO Male in “Young Frost” by Fallen Gods – “The Enchanted Frost Hunt” gift.
Antlers: “Frosted Faun Antlers” Male by Vita’s Boudoir – “The Enchanted Frost Hunt” gift.
Shape: “Ian” by Tellaq - an old Menstuff hunt gift not available any more.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Dirty Turkey

Busy, Busy, Busy.   How can it possibly be halfway through November already?
Halfway through November is halfway through The Depraved Nation's  Dirty Turkey Hunt!
So, you should still have time to make it through all the stops if you hurry, nearly 150 stores, so better get a wriggle on!  Here are some of my highlights from the prize haul. All prizes are free to purchase, all you have to do is find them!

All the hints and SLurls are here...

Shape : FROSTING!! Linsey
Skin :  [MC] TDTH-Frapp Skin D-Cup Smoke
Minidress : Devilish Designs Hollar Dress Silver
Tattoo : Goth1c0: Serenity to Detroy 
Earrings :  ...:::SCRUB:::...plumes Earrings 
Horns :  .::Kre-ations::. Rapsodia Horns 
Seating and pose : Before sleep - pile o pumpkin poufs 

Eyemakeup :  [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] MAKE ME UP - Liquid Glimmer - Brulant
Ears :  :Z.S: Gobble gobble plugs
Necklace :  (flaunt) Clawed Necklace
Tattoo : [trs] Dirty Bitch Tattoo
Top :  FATAL   Ravaged Dirty Turkey
Pastie :  H.E.D. Maple Leaf Pastie 
Arm warmers :  =Razorblade Jacket= Arm Warmers /// Plain Brown
Jeans :  ToXiC HiGh   Unisex Dirty Grunge Jeans
Boots :  :{MV}: Fuck Me Uggs
Pose :  SSP Pilgrim Girl and shotgun

One noticeable difference with this hunt made things a little more difficult, but it's a step the creators have taken to keep the hunt a hunt. On some viewers, people have long used area search to cheat while hunting, taking out all the fun, and cutting the time they spend in each store. Part of the fun of hunting, for me, is to get to browse through stores I may not have ended up in otherwise. This, infact, has led me to some of my all time favourite designers and stores. As a way to curb this area search cheating, most of the stores in the hunt have named their hunt prize object something random - which I can only agree with, and take steps while hunting to make sure I know which objects and folders came from the hunt in my mess of an inventory. So if you are setting out on your hunt, keep an eye on your recent items, perhaps move them into a folder before logging off, so you don't lose out on any of these goodies. Of course, if your inventory is organised... can you do mine?

Saturday, November 3, 2012

[dots of crimson]

[dots of crimson]

This gem of an accessory is 22769's contribution for L'accessoires, an event that, just as the name says, provides you an eclectic collection of all things that make an outfit complete and add a little bit of spice to it. The nicely detailed 'Fascinating Fascinator' with its succulent flower centerpiece is an elegant addition to a variety of styles and available in 16 different colours for a mere 125 L$ per piece.

On Raven:

Hair: *~*Damselfly*~* - Emberlee
Skin: -Glam Affair- Roza - The Arcade Gacha Events 03
Eyes: REPULSE - Blood Spill v2 Eyes
Lipstick: L.Fauna - Lipstick [Red 3]

Top: {Gisaci} - Kongo Chain Shirt
Skirt: GOTZSCHE Wear - Priestly Pencil - Schatten
Gloves: *Sheer* - Gloves: Opaque Black
Fascinator: 22769 ~ [femme] fascinating fascinator [at L'ACCESSOIRES]

Wednesday, October 31, 2012



Probably out for the last day today [October, 31st] are the gorgeous mesh jumpers from Kauna, which are a group gift and entirely free in store. Available in the male standard sizes and adorned with the cute Halloween-themed bone- and pumpkin prints, they're certainly not to be missed, so come over and grab your copy before they're gone forever! (Just in case you're too late, I'm sure you'll fall for their latest release, the cozy Fjord jumpers in a thick knit and traditional pattern, too. Winter is just around the corner!)

Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ - Marilyn Skin - Tone 02
Eyes: .ID. - Classic Alien / Mesh Eyes / Abyss [at Cinema]
Make-Up: +Nuuna+ - makeups v12 male

Pants: L&B - S'Wear Mesh Zip Leather Pants
Sweaters: Kauna - Pumpkin and Skeleton Jumper [free - group gift in store!]
Suspenders: +grasp+ - part of the Cargo sarrouel shorts (mesh)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

[through the shadows]

[through the shadows]

Climbing the old house's facade was one of the easier tasks, his undead muscles pumped and his thin, pale fingers digging into the plaster as he eventually hauled himself over the balcony's railing, where he paused for the length of a heart's beat. With his head tilted, he inhaled deeply to catch it again, this incredible scent that had lured him out of his hideout and into the night, this bittersweet perfume of a life calling him with its burning wish to be ended in one last outburst of passion. As the smell coiled against his nostrils once more, so seductively mingled with the delicious throbs of a weak heart, he walked towards the tall balcony doors and placed his hand against the cold glass. Of course he'd answer this one's silent prayers for redemption. In the very end, he'd always been a... helpful person.

Free stuff in this post! The lovely hair with its attached bowler hat is a Halloween-related group gift from Dura that comes in a million of colours and in both resize- and unscripted versions. A likewise stunning gift for the girls has been set out as well, so make sure to have a look in store. The skin I'm wearing is a generous group gift from Tableau Vivant and is a gloomified version of Marilyn, their latest release. You can either grab it from the group's archive or in store, too. Not free, but certainly awesome looking - [Pumpkin]'s mesh tweed coat, which is just the right thing for grey autumn- and icy winter days - scarf attached!

Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ - Marilyn Skin - Group Gift [50L$ joining fee]
Hair: *Dura* Group gift - Halloween 2012 [no joining fee]
Eyes: .ID. - Classic Alien - Ultraviolet [at Cinema]

Coat: [Pumpkin] - Tweed Coat
Pants: sf design - stud leather jeans

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Scarlet :
.S h i : Cloche Hat - 9 colors & Hair    L$ 195
.S h i : Berrow Tweed Coat  L$ 485
.S h i : Leather Gloves [Black]  L$ 195
[ SAKIDE ] Black Dahlia Dress    L$ 250
Rek :
[Haste] Film Noir Suit - MESH    L$ 300

Pose : {.:exposeur:.} Starlight    L$ 175
(couples pose seated on couch in film - couch not included)

All items are from CINEMA, the Film Noir screening, which along with the other genres, can be found here.

All pictures are included as usual on my flickr!
You can also watch the film, larger, and better quality here...

Friday, October 26, 2012



Schadenfreude is one of the many participants of the Starlust Monster Beach Party on Twomoons Island, a Halloween-themed event that runs until October, the 31st. The store offers a quirky-creepy collection of items, like the shown Fangkini, bikinis with bats and eyeballs, lingerie with eyeballs... did I mention eyeballs yet? You can also find them on jewellery, a bowtie, a hat and a lovely ruffled skirt for the gals there! But seriously now, it's a really cool event you shouldn't miss out on. Some of the other shops that offer their gloomilicious wares are Clawtooth, Pig, U&R Dogs, Miasnow, Silent Sparrow, Nomine, +Blue Blood+ and many many more! Hop over to fill your treat bucket and play a little with the tentacles!

On Raven

Skin: Glam Affair - Ginny - America
Hair: [e] - Vivid
Eyes: Poetic Colors - classic - amber
Lashes: Miamai - Catwalk Lashes - Delicate 01
Eyeshadow: .:A&M:. - Eyeshadow Duo - Red&Wine

Bikini: Schadenfreude - Fangkini [at the Starlust Monster Beach Party]

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

[ears and necks]

[ears and necks]

I can never resist buying stretched ears in SL, probably because I have them in RL, too, and want to check how 'real' they're looking, so I was more than pleasantly surprised and excited when I saw [Mandala]'s advertisement for their new release. Created from unrigged mesh, you can choose between 5 hole sizes, tunnel- or plug ears, 210 plug arts, 88 tunnel colours, 40 piercing- and 18 diamond colours - and all that in one pack! A HUD allows you to tint your skin, resize the ears and change between the different motives and shades, and there is also the possibility to pick if you're wanting to alter the left, right, or both ears at once. You can see some of the variants in the picture above. All taken together, it's a gorgeous piece of work and definitely worth its money!

After my ears got a new 'outfit', it felt like my neck was in need of a make over as well. And there's been so many opportunities to buy some truly unique and great jewelry lately! At the Cinema Event, for example, Maxi Gossamer is offering one of her stunning necklace sets, the 'Peaceful Love' Dogtags (shown on the left). Also at Cinema, and shown on the right, you can purchase the spacy necklace from .:* LOULOU&CO *:. called ::COSMOS::. And at The Mens Dept, KOSH seduced me with their Copeck necklace, which is available in three different shades of metal. A matching armband is available, too, so make sure to add these awesome necklaces to your jewellery folder before they're gone!

Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (Tropical Blue)
Beard: EMORTAL CONCEPTS - blk Chin Curtain
Necklace: MG - Necklace - Dog Tags - Peaceful Love [at Cinema]

Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (Pomegranate)
Eyeliner: Stain Cosmetics - Eye Definer [previous Gallery Gift Shop item]
Piercing: .:ellabella:. - Draiman Necklace: KOSH - COPECK NECKLACE [at The Mens Dept]

Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (November Midnight)
Piercing: - .HoD. - End Of The Night Prt. 1
Necklace: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Necklace ::COSMOS :: [at Cinema]

Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ - Adam
Hair: RAW HOUSE - Razored Hairbase [part of Trilby hair]
Ears: [MANDALA] - Stretched EARS -OMIMI-

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dead Actress

The smoke escaped her lips in rings which slowly drifted through the room. She reached out and started to balance one of them on the tip of her finger. Her nails destroying the sensitive structure. Waiting was something she used to hate but she had spend so much time of her life with waiting so that it was nearly like home for her. At least way more home than the house an expensive intereur decorator had furnitshed for her. It was nice. And it impressed others. There was nothing else she could wish for. At least it was not empty.
When she started to become popular she would have been surprised when hearing what she would archieve.
But with every role she played she lost more of herself. Until she was nothing but a blank page.
Redhead I It is hard to find a mix of clothes which looks elegant while having that slight hint of darkness. The mesh boots from slink are perfect to create this kind of look. Being available for some time now they managed to become basics which shouldn't be missing in any second life closet. Years ago Mijn Seoung the owner and designer of mijn.bötique made some very well textured bodysuits. A good reason to have now and then a look on her creations. Going with the technology she creates now lovely mesh items. For example this combination of a top and a short skirt. It is available in other colours as well and comes of course in the standard sizes.
The furniture is also made of mesh and comes from Apple Fall. The design is modern and all items very well created and textured.
The hair has been of course created by Wasabi Pills. It is called Nikki and sold at Cinema. The look suits every dramatic actress. The poses from Purple Poses are sold at the same event. The set even includes a cigarette holder.
Redhead II

Dress: mijn.botique / Mesh / Peplum Dress (neonblue) (100 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Nikki Mesh Hair (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack sold at Cinema)
Boots: Slink Tall Leather Thigh Boots Black (700 L$)
Furniture: Apple Fall

Pose: PURPLE POSES - Long Cigarette  (100 L$ sold at Cinema)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Autumn night at the bar

It had been a quiet night at the bar, the regulars had all been in of course, but one by one, and in their twos and threes, they had headed out into the night. Autumn darkness was closed around the town like the scarves wrapped around each and every neck keen enough to venture out at all. Each swing of the heavy wooden doors allowed a new scattering of leaves, still crisp from their fall, to blow through the opening. Squinting through the flyblown glass of the antique clock, battered but still keeping perfect time, she checked, still over an hour until closing time. At least with business this relaxed, noone could begrudge Ruby sitting down for a few moments...
Of course... she could be wrong about that.  Settling back onto the barstool, the soft whoosh and heavy thud of the door came again. The blast of chilled air swept around the room, making the gas lamps gutter, only to flare back into life. Even in those few seconds of extra light, it was hard to make out the person standing in the shadows by the door. "Halloween come early" Ruby thought to herself, climbing to her feet as the shrouded figure materialised into something more substantial. Without finishing that thought, eyes widening, her hands flew to her hair. Trying to look like she didn't care, nevertheless she began smoothing out the tangles her nights work had caused to her hair, attempting to take it back to the sleek knot with which she had begun the evening. Dropping a hip, the soft wool of her knitted dress slipped from a shoulder, its hem rode high on her thighs from where it had come to rest as she sat, exposing smooth skin and the dark leopard like spots inked upon it...
Her gaze fixed on the figure by the door, she caught each nuance, each movement as dark kohl rimmed eyes scanned the empty bar, glinting back at her from the shadows. The figure turned, the spikes of her heels digging deep into the coir of the battered and stained doormat. A breath caught in Ruby's throat, she was surely not leaving straight away? "Not staying for a drink?" she managed to ask, instantly cursing herself for not coming up with something wittier or more engaging. The back of the strangers coat twitched as if the body inside was smothering a laugh. Ruby sighed, disappointment washing over her before the soft click of the well oiled lock met her ears, rather than the swish and thud of the exit she had anticipated.
Skulldresscat3 They retreated into the back snug room of the bar, drawn there by the heat of the roaring fire, and the comfort offered by the overstuffed soft leather of the armchairs. Large snifters of brandy, emptied, and already refilled, sat warming before the flames, the creaking boards of the floor littered with discarded clothes and shoes. Ruby's woollen dress, and tattered stockings had slipped off easily, along with the woman's coat. Teasing, exploring fingers had seen to that. The flickering light of the fire now played across bared skin, inked designs flexing with each movement, the animal need made flesh. As soft lips met, the pair were lost in each other already.

+REDRUM+ LEOPARD TATTOO full body (not the face) L$99
+REDRUM+ Skull Knit MESH  L$99 (Avail in different colours)
+REDRUM+ Bloody Thigh Highs - black   L$29 (Also in white)
+REDRUM+ 7 DAYS Underwear L$79
+REDRUM+ SATURDAY Black Bra Top and knickers

You can find the items at the +REDRUM+ Marketplace store here... 
Or inworld, here...

Other items shown:
Skin :  : S u g a r : [3] Demerara - Cats Eye L$699 (Limited edition pack with cleavage, brow, teeth, and dimples options) This skin has the leopard spots across the eyes, they are not part of the leopard tattoo. You can see the skin in a different post here (  )

Hair :  >TRUTH< Winona w/Roots - blood  L$250 (reds pack)
Boots :  Bad Kitty Maggie Boots Olive (V)  L$300
Eyes : ~*By Snow*~ Hybrid Eyes II (Jade)  L$15

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Oh Charlie!

Charlie had had a long morning.
Schroeder had been playing on the piano since dawn, trying to get the notes of that Rachmaninov in some sort of order that could never have been intended, judging by the noises coming through the windows and walls. Then of course, there had been the run in with Pig-Pen, and that damn kite eating tree had munched up her latest beautiful creation. Finally though, things were looking up.
Lunchtime was here at last and she could get outside in the sun, away from that mean old tree, and the great pumpkin, swelling in its patch in preparation for Halloween. With her best friend snoozing on his house, she could have some fun while he dreamed, doing handstands and cartwheels on the grass.
BlackOnly is a fashion event running from October 15th - 31st
Here are the items for the event from S U G A R. The Oh Charlie! outfit comes with MESH charlie off shoulder shirt in 5 standard sizes, two options for jeans, ripped, and unripped, and MESH thigh boots!  Also, the Princess Pea skin, which has teeth options, three cleavage options, light or dark brows, and blush / freckle / dimple tattoos.

You can find out more about the event here...

And from the 15th, you can visit the event here..

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Case of Praying Mary

Mary Millar, serial killer...

Widow Millar was nicknamed 'Praying Mary' due to the gruesome killings of three of her husbands and her habit of praying next to their dead bodies. Mary denied everything and claimed it was all a misunderstanding. Her motives were never understood...
bloodymary2 Once Mary was caught during her murderous act towards husband number four, she was sent to the Peatonville Asylum and was locked away in an isolated cell. The number XVIII was engraved over and over on Mary's cell, but no one was able to figure out the meaning for it.
bloodymary4 Millar's abandoned house was closed up long ago. Recently, however, it was sold to a family. While refurbishing the house, they discovered a hidden journal underneath the planks on the floor. The journal seems to have been written by Mary herself and it desribes clearly how Mary did not only kill the three men who married her, but fifteen, all of whom refused her proposal or otherwise got in her way.
Madpeas presents "The case of Praying Mary" hunt.
This is a HUD based hunt, where you pay L$10 for the hunt HUD, find all 15 of the physical crosses, on a gridwide hunt, and try out your sleuthing skills in the endgame to receive your prizes! Each cross on the HUD corresponds to one of Mary's victims, and with each one, you are treated to some of the mad ramblings for her journal, as your clue to the location of that physical cross. I've not done a Madpeas hunt before, and I'm amazed. The hunt takes you to some amazingly beautiful sims, though you do need to watch your script count in several (for a time I ended up bald and shoeless). While other hunts don't charge at all, really, L$10 is nothing, really nothing considering the quality of the prizes available, some of which are shown here.

The hunt runs October 5th - November 4th.
Starting location - where you can get your HUD

For more info & extra help: ,  or join the group and ask!

Prizes shown here:
[Michigans Shack]  :  Praying Mary's Bed
+sanctuaire+  :  Along Comes Mary House
.:SF:.   :   "Gloomy Sunday" Accent Chair
:*:CPD:*:  :   Praying Mary's Cross
Alma's Music Box
Impish  :  Bloody Mary Fortune Mirror
LISP  :   - Mesh - Charlotte Cabinet Blue
{:ThirteenTH:}  :   Misfit Carved Tattoo_Unisex  

Friday, October 5, 2012

Someone's in the kitchen...

BloodyApron1 There was someone in the kitchen alright, well, what used to be a someone. That they were now in pieces was all part of the process. Dinah smiled as she worked, humming softly hmmm hmmmm hmmm. The messiest task was done, and it had been hard work, as ever. Firelight dancing on the blade as it wove before her eyes, the intricate series of cuts which always followed the coup de grace. Blood gushed, spurting across the tile from that first well aimed slash, spattering her face and skin, and her pristine white apron. Much had drained away of course, the thickening vitae puddling momentarily around her stilettos as it made its way toward the drain in the centre of the floor, to be collected in the tank beneath. The market had its demands, the city's residents needed meat to their taste, many now preferring this refined method of obtaining it at a price, rather than risking their own necks hunting down their prey. Stretching out a section of skin on the bench, Dinah would start to work at it, scraping lightly with the sharpest blade in her collection. The skins inked design had to be removed of course. Selling newly made leather boots, only for the purchaser to recognise the ink of a relative, well, that had led to the kind of destruction in her store that she could not afford to have happen a second time. Reaching into the pocket of her apron, smearing yet more blood on the fabric, she pulled out her watch. A soft chime from the bell over the door made her turn, the first customer of the night, right on time. 
BloodyApron2 Yum yum yum what a bloody mess! More lovely dark things from +REDRUM+, and a bit of a tale from an actual roleplay scene. The bloody skin layers I have covered before, but here is added the 'Blood on Face' tattoo layer, shown here in HARDCORE. There are three options in the pack that go well with the three main options for the bloody skin layers, with hardcore being the bloodiest for the face. Also shown here is the +REDRUM+ Blood Apron. This is MESH and comes in 5 sizes - XS S M L XL. Cute pockets both take the edge off the gore, and make it that much creepier!

You can find the items at the +REDRUM+ Marketplace store here... 
Or inworld, here...

Face blood : +REDRUM+ Blood on Face HARDCORE  L$19
Body blood : +REDRUM+ BLOOD 3 +Bloody Mess+  L$129 (Includes 25+ layer options)
Apron :  +REDRUM+ Blood Apron L$ 69

Also shown
Underwear : [ bubble ] Floral Corset Panties - Black 1
Stockings : *Sheer* Stockings 26: Torn Semi-Opaque Black
Hair : >TRUTH< Erika (Upper) - crow

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Make your bones

There were many ways to do it, but it always had to be done. Until you made your bones in the world, you were nothing. There would be risk at all times, but this rite of passage meant something to anyone recognising the sign of it.

Bones1 At first glance, a casual observer would not know of her status, of what she had done. That was the point of course. At this stage of her career, she needed to be able to blend in with the crowd, hiding her hard won markings under clothing to pass along the streets in the smarter areas of town. These forays into smart suburbia funded many a decadent habit, and with the access to businesses, and abodes that the relevant costumes gave, along came ample chance to case future crimescenes. This innocuous facade was easily discarded back on her own turf, when she would return to clothes chosen according to her taste and style.
Of course, back in the district her bones had brought her, low cut clothes that showed off her signature ink were fantastic, but not something she always felt she had to wear. Her bones, hard earned, were hers to display. They demanded respect from others, anyone looking twice knew what she was capable of, what she could achieve. This brought trouble from challengers, and admiration from acolytes. As meaningful and beautiful as these macabre designs were, she didn't mind at all.
Here is the first in a series showcasing some of the designs currently available at +REDRUM+. There's a lot of MESH items, which are available in the range of standard sizes, so if you are willing to shape yourself to fit these, there are some fantastic designs. Here, the Wolf is one of a range of dark themed and grungy tops, paired with jeans, textured with x-rays of the bones they conceal. Of course, I love the Ribs tattoo, clear and concise detail, shown here on a full tattoo layer, two other versions included.
You can find the items at the +REDRUM+ Marketplace store here...
Or inworld, here...

Top :  +REDRUM+ Wolf Tank MESH Ladies  L$99
Pants :  +REDRUM+ Rattle Bones Jeans (MESH) L$99
Tattoo :  +REDRUM+ Ribs Tattoo Full L$159

Other items shown
Skin :  : S u g a r : Punky Babe in Demerara
Hair :  >TRUTH< Sarita Streaked
Eye Makeup :  - DAMNED -  Tribal Make up
Pasties : :[P]:-Bandaids-Crimson

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Huntress

She had found the horse somewhere in a street. A child might have thrown it away or parents or a mean sibling stole it to cause some desperation. So she decided that it was perfect to help her for a while. Of course if she would ever find something which would suit her need she might send it for a journey to find its real owner but at the moment the horse was hers and she really enjoyed not having to fly all the time. Her wings were fine more like being made of spider cobs and so she walked anyways a lot. The horse was robust, fast and even had a colour she liked.  The Huntress II Although she was very small compared to humans she was one of the best head hunters. People of her size were common in the lands which were her home so this was not really a surprise for her clients. But her love for pink and all the pretty colours was. Most did not realize that this was a benefit for her. Who would think that a cute fairy riding on a pink toy horse could hit leaves flying in the wind with her arrow. The Huntress I
Petites are now around for some time. They are small, cute and fun and the center of their lands - the Petite Kingdom had to move one time before because it was too small for all the wonderful items. This happened again and now it will be on a whole sim. As the first locations of the Petite Kingdom there is a lot built Petite sized and very beautiful. The sim consists of floating Islands which contain not only stores to explore.
The sim will open tomorrow at noon with events and a hunt - called the Crystal Hunt - in which many of the items on the picture will be huntgifts. For example the pink dress from g-field it fits petites and the flowerish look makes it suit the fairy like built of Petites. The set contains also a headdress and wings. The wings on the pictures are deadly besides of being very beautiful. And come from Aurora Elysium. While being wings they contain also a quiver and the set itself a bow. So they are a mix of wings and bow and arrow. It is scripted for spellfire and DCS and offers a wide range of possibilities for example to choose if it should act like a long bow in spellfire.
The brass horse is an other huntgift. It comes from Bare Rose. There is an ao included which allows to ride it.
Yabusaka also takes part in the Crystal Hunt. Their items is a choker in a male and a female version.
The hair is one of the latest releases from Wasabi Pills for Petites. While most of the hair is bound together in a pony tail some streaks managed to break free which looks cute.
The avatar itself comes from Fallen Gods Inc.
 The hunt  at the Petites Kingdom will start at noon SLT at the 29th of  September with celebrations starting at 3pm SLT and going until 9pm SLT.

Avatar: PETITES  + Fallen Gods Inc. Royale PALE (1500 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Anais Petite Mesh Hair - (110 L$ Colourpack 500 L$ Fatpack)
Choker: < Yabusaka > Petite Belt Choker Female (Gift in The Crystal Hunt@The Petites Kingdom )
Wings and Bow: Falcon Weapons Forge: AURORA ELYSIUM - v2.01 - UNITY - PETITE - (950 L$)
Dress: *GField*<PETITE> Fairy Dress "Stella-B" (Gift in The Crystal Hunt@The Petites Kingdom )
Horse: (Petite)::: B@R ::: Pink Brass Horse (Gift in The Crystal Hunt@The Petites Kingdom )

Pose: Just a pose

Thursday, September 27, 2012


The revving of an engine, and the squeal of tyres on tarmac would always split the night...
Hotrod shone in the darkness. Not just from headlights burning in the night, bathing her in a glow as they swept roadways and buildings, but from the flames licking her curves, part of her being. She was older than she would ever look, meticulously maintained, a classic beauty, still more than capable of setting pulses racing. When she emerged into the world, she had first proven her worth to those who knew her, running the gauntlet of lawmen, carrying precious lillicit whiskey across the border. Speed and agility were her hallmarks, while some of her fellows had been caught, locked up and away, this had never been her fate. Over time, laws, and the world around her had changed, but her popularity only grew. Still lauded for her past triumphs, her beauty was now revered. Racing along highways, and in her work at the garage, people would stare, open-mouthed. Their admiration and care kept her going, in a world of boxy sameness, of safety and computerised sensors, she was real, was raw and dangerous. Forever a challenge to life and limb, in leather, chrome and flames.
 More years ago than I really care to think about (back in 2007) a very good friend of mine had made some tatts, these are they. On one occasion only, she showed them off on a blue skin. She looked like a bad ass hotrod, possibly not what she was going for, but the idea has been lodged in my mind ever since. In a revamp of her store, she is re-releasing some of her classic designs, so I had to try an recreate the look to share with you all here. While the flames look good on all skintones, for me, it will always be the dreamcar, my flaming blue hotrod.

The Nohkternal Designs tattoo comes with all layers, tattoo layer included, for L$150. You can find them here...
or at the new mainstore in the beautiful Arkham sim here...

Tattoo : ::ND:: Flames Type 1 L$150
Skin :  .{Rue}. Skin'd/Anima Asteria: Bare (DBr/NFr/Clv) L$600
I utterly fell in love with this skin while I was searching for one that would do for these pictures. Trawling marketplace and browsing my usual favourite stores had nothing that would do, and then I found Rue. I dont know when Id wear the skin again, but I couldn't not buy it after trying the demo. L$600 seemed steep for a skin I'd use in one blog post, which many people can attest to, as I was whinging for hours about struggling to find a reasonably priced alternative, but on opening the box - I was amazed. Not one skin as I'd thought, but 19 versions, a SHAPE, and three make-up options. From expense to complete bargain in one box opening!
Hair : (r)M ~ Hair No.09(F) ~ Cashmere Red
Pants :  Goth1c0: Sticky and Sweet L$250
Here shown is the pants layer, and the MESH skirtpart - the entire very pretty outfit is the price above.
Boots : .:L&B:. "Elise" Ankleboots