Saturday, September 11, 2010

[look of the night - dr.acula]

As usual at the weekend I went dancing at my favourite club yesterday - as a modern interpretation of Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula. And here's the look.

[look of the night - dr.acula]

Skin: [Buried] - Fate II
Hair: MAKNIE**hair NICOLAS(C) (modded)
Eyes: Ibanez Eyes - Bastet - Silver

Jacket: AOHARU_BT_LeatherTailored
Shirt: "Drowsy" Gloves tee/black (unavailable)
Pants: A:S:S - Rocker leathers - purple
Boots: *DECO - Test Boots - Black*

Glasses: Kumaki - K_gs PornStar
Cigarette: {Gentleman} - Cigarette-White
Necklace: - .HoD. - The Path To Forgiveness
Nails: :: Exodi :: Nails v2 - Lock Your Door

Friday, September 10, 2010

Inner Universe


Sometimes the prettiest places in Second Life, are also the least populated.


I found this Starbucks today while wandering around SL. It's back to school for me, and I found it kind of funny to visit the place I usually see every day on campus.


Except this one is empty, and comes with custom sky settings. No crowds, no textbooks, and certainly no one surprising me with an unwanted pop quiz.

Still, I visit this shop as someone fondly visiting an old neighborhood they used to live in.


Why do we play this game? What's in it for us to visit a world with an infinite horizon? We'll never reach the edge of the universe here, despite our subconscious efforts to do so. Our curiosity can never be sated, because there's always something new to explore.


Perhaps we play, because we really want to explore ourselves. By diving into a virtual world, we explore what we like and dislike, and learn more about ourselves along the way.


Here's to the stranger experiences and what they can teach us.


Shirt: 22769 Ethnic Comfi Jumper, L.
Pants: #Before Sleep# Brave Shorts, 40L.
Boots:  from Lady Gaga Black Crown Fashionista (Xstreet), 160L.

Hungry butterfly

A pretty butterfly flying from flower to flower searching for food.It flys over the meadow and dips in every flower. Drinking the tasty nectar.
But somehow its not satisfied with its finds. Ahungered it looks around. It sees all the flowers but they aren't enough for it. The butterfly wants more.
Then it sees something and flys quickly to the little café. It starts to fly quickly around the lonely guest who is drinking some lemonade. But always when the butterfly tries to get under the parasol to drink some lemonade it somehow gets stuck.
The butterfly gown is one of the new items from the caverna obscura lucky board. It looks like being made of a giant butterfly and a sunflower. The textures are great. The blue wings do not belong to the gown. They are a part of the current groupgift. The gift contains fitting wings to all the butterfly gowns from caverna obscura. So if you have one of those dresses you should hurry to the store to get the wings.

Dress: Caverna Obscura : Sunny Day Gown (0 Linden Lucky board)
Wings: Caverna Obscura : Sunny Day Gown Wings (0 Linden groupgift)

Poses: No Strings Attached (not free)

Traveling clowns

Two clowns have found an island. They hope to find somebody they could show their tricks there. So lightly excited they jump around a fireplace and play with balls and balloons.
Then both they try to train some new tricks. Like juggling together. But the female clown always drops one of the balls and gets sad.
So her friend gives her a balloon and they explore more of the island. But all the houses they find are just empty.
But they decide to look around if they find anything they could use.
They walk around and test all the old ships bop up and down in the water.
And at the end they find one. Its pretty old but they even find some fuel. So they put their few properties in the ship and start the ship. Hopeing to find soon somebody they could make laugh.

No Strings Attached takes part in Wear Gray for a day. A faire to help the american Brain Tumor Association. For that they will release the juggling and the balloon poses. Wear grey was started by Sanura Snowpaw, the owner of dreams. For more informations have a look at the wear grey blog.
The ship is the steampunk hunt gift from coogo. It looks cool and the oven is rather hot so you could even use it in cold areas.
Male Clown:
Hair: Bryce Designs - Bold Reds - Poser (200 L$)
Skin: Dimbula Rose - Dark Clown Skin (Lucky Chair Item)
Hoodie: 22769 African Red Hoodie (80 L$)
Trousers: 22769 Fall Kickoff Outfit (10 L$)
Shoes: Maschinenwerk Chucks White (0 L$ - that store does not seem to exist anymore)
Tophat: Mire - Steampunkhunt 3 Huntgift

Female Clown:
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Ailith Hair C.O.C. (200 Linden)
Skin: :::Dimbula Rose::: Colorful star clown skin (0 Linden lucky board)
Top: S@BBiA::GroupGift No.14 (0 Linden)
Trousers: 22769 Fall Kick Off Outfit (10 L$)
Boots:!! DragansVarg !! *imrae* armor boots flat (490 Linden)
Horns: /Wasabi Pills/ Amoth Horns
Antlers: * [DIAPOP] * antlers ::bone:: (30 Linden)
Birds: Clawtooth: A place to call home (0 Linden Hairfair gift)
Necklace: Frippery~Happiness Shared - Night Blooms Version (not released yet)

'NSA' - Bozo - Balloon (100% to Wear For Gray)
'NSA' - Bozo - Juggler (100% to Wear For Gray)

Ship: [[[COGOO]]] The Knucker (0 Linden Steampunk hunt)

In green

Walking through the fog. Balancing on high heels and seeing many empty shopping carts. There must be a nest of them somewhere. The green dress with empire cut is a freebie from Tempest. It comes with two kinds of skirts a long one and a short one. The cut is simple but elegant and great looking. I like how the long skirt looks like a waterfall. The gown is also available in other colours.

Dress: *Tempest* Empire Green (0 Linden)

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Looking around at shadows of intent while wearing a pair of great boots. The boots are high enough to keep the water out of them when walking through the water at this place. Perse has a sale at the moment. So this is the perfect chance to get the pursay boots in all colours. Those boots are simply amazing in my opinion. I thought that a woman needs only a pair of decent high heels, sneakers and boots. So i hadn t bought shoes for a long time but wasn t able to resist the boots from perse. For me they are the perfect mix of modernity and classical elegance. The big pack of the boots contains the boots in 13 colours. And of each colour four versions (with buttons/without buttons and two kinds of shoes). Of course the colours are also available as single packs. What i find amazing is that the boots even look great in colours like purple or yellow. Its also surprising to how many different outfits they fit (i used the boots for some blogentries).
Boots: -Perse- Pursay Boots Big Bag (1499 Linden / 149 Linden for one colour)
Trousers: * Ibizarre Maeva Pants (black) (140 Linden)
Jacket: * [DIAPOP] * sakko ::tuxedo jacket:: (155 Linden)
Hair: Clawtooth: Hair Fair Goodie Bag (0 Linden)

Outfit on the first picture:
Jacket: DCNY Clothing Co._Happy Holidays Hunt Gift (seems to be gone in that colour)
Tights: actchio. roselace tights in black (100 Linden)

how bizarre

Spending some time on exploring a quiet city. Or more a place with no sounds at all. Yesterday i spend some time on trying to find out if OoEas sill exists. I didn`t find the store but instead i found a store at the Dominion Fashion District i liked. Its called Ibizarre and has some cute modern clothing. I had to have the black trousers and was glad when opening the subscription gift. Its a purple top. In the store at the dominion fashion district i found a free dress. Its purple with some text on it. At the mainstore i got a shirt and a golden skirt for free.

Top: Ibizarre Anais Top - pink - (0 Linden subscription gift)
Trousers: * Ibizarre Maeva Pants (black) (140 Linden)
Top: Ibizarre Gift Tees "Be good to animals" (0 Linden)
Skirt: Ibizarre Gift - Anjuli Skirt Caramel Silk (0 Linden)
Dress: Ibizarre Gift - Mini Print Dress

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Brown corsets

Standing outside a bar after having performed some really bad cancan dancing. But the plan to get a lot of free bottles with that didn`t worked well. So thinking of what to do next to gain money and power. The brown dress was on the Steambound Midnight mania board (today there is an other great dress on the board but the board cycles so the dress will be on it again soon). It comes with a great corset, which also could be worn with jeans, and three kinds of skirts. The skirts and the corset have a lovely brown flower texture with some lace. There are also some more pieces put into the set like a prim bow for the back or some different belts.
Dress: Steambound : Aislyn Cinder Victorian Corset Set (0 Linden Midnight mania)


Jumping into the leaves while playing the Kazoo. And digging my toes into the flip flops to avoid that they fall off. Intrigue Co. has a flickrcontest going on at the moment. The winner will win a lot of hoodies. But also all people who take part in the contest get a free cute top. You find all the information to the contest here. Its a good thing that somebody takes care that this great instrument is kept in the minds.
Hair: Magika - Jenny (Wild: Teal) (0 Linden Hair fair gift)
T-shirt: Intrigue Co. - Kazoo Contest Prize: Summer Vacation shirt
Trousers: 22769 ultimate jeans black (70 Linden)
Boots: -Perse- Pursay Boots Reds (normaly 329 Linden but they got a 50% sale so they are at 149 Lindens at the moment)
Kazoo: Intrigue Co. - Red Kazoo (0 Linden)
Skin:Eret!ka: Julia Tan 7 (1 Linden today)

Yellow shirt: Intrigue Co. - Yellow Pouched Hoodie (0 Linden Midnight Mania)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bathing with skulls

Even goth girls like to take a bath from time to time. But what to do to keep the face pale? A hat with a veil might help a lot. It looks good and keeps the sun out of the face. The pink bikini with the skulls is also available in black. So its even a bit more goth like. Sometimes there are mean sharp rocks at a beach so its also useful to wear flip flops in the water.
Bikini: OuTRage! - Skullies MM Prize (0 Linden Midnight mania)
Hat: ::{Favole}:: The Passing (0 Linden Midnight mania)
Shoes: *RibboN*Lace_Bu-san(LB) (0 Linden Lucky board)

Skins to hurry for

Eret!ka makes really cool skins. And only today they sell two of them as dollarbie. Both skins are rather tan. One of them has a red lipstick the other has not so red lips.
Left: Eret!ka: Julia Tan 1 (1 Linden today)
Right:Eret!ka: Julia Tan 7 (1 Linden today)


I had a really amazing weekend as we wrapped-up the Summer holidays and I log-in to find that we've reached our 1000 post, yay! So let's see if we can reach 2k ;) Here we have, the Summer Feelings gown by D-Design which comes in combinations of Blue/Yellow, Black/Silver, Green/Pink, and Purple/Lime but if you really want to put the icing on the cake there is also the Summer Feelings Jewelry Set which has a total of 16 different color combinations. The halter top is an asymetrical wrap fastened with a brooch over the right rear shoulder - a really pretty accent to finish the look. Below are two variations to give you an idea of how versatile it can be...from artistic statuesque to a more classic evening look.

click on the picture below to see larger images

Summer Feelings Splash 01
Xelyn is wearing: Summer Feelings in Black/Silver and Green/Pink L$450
Jewelry: Summer Feelings also L$450
both from D-Design

Metalic flowers

The marble statue stood for ages all alone in a lost garden. The statuary who built her became mentally ill when working on her hair. So all people supposed that the statue was cursed. But one day a magical breeze came down the mountains and the statue started to walk around. Slowly having problems with the balance but she managed to walk around. Then she opened her eyes and saw all the flowers around her. Some flew through the air and she had fun with blowing her breath on them.
But then she suddenly lost her balance and fell into the grass. It was soft so luckyly she didn t break but she saw something glittering on the ground. Wasn't that the flower she just breathed on? It was transformed to metal.
She wrapped the flowers together and made herself jewlery out of it. Then she spend some more time on blowing her breath on flowers of all kinds and forming it into jewlery.
Happiness Shared is the latest release from Frippery a jewlery store located on the Oubliette sim. The creator of the jewlery seems to be a very patient person. It must take ages to create so detailed and perfect jewlery. All the sets contain earrings, a bracelet, a ring and a necklace.
Jewlery: Frippery~Happiness Shared in Apple & Clay

The sets are available in six colours. From yellow to blacks. I like the one in Blueberry best. The items are non copy but trans so they are a great gift. Or you could loan the jewlery to your friends.
Jewlery: Frippery~Happiness Shared in The Basics (450 Linden)
Jewlery: Frippery~Happiness Shared in Plum & Dusk (450 Linden)
Jewlery: Frippery~Happiness Shared in Raspberry & Pink Lemonade (450 Linden)
Jewlery: Frippery~Happiness Shared in Blueberry & Sky (450 Linden)
Jewlery: Frippery~Happiness Shared in Tangerine & Sunshine (450 Linden)

For the statue pictures i used the Stoned Roses Skin from .UEVOLI. .

Sunday, September 5, 2010

[leaving in style]

When your time to ride the Bus to Nowhere has come...

Bus to Nowhere sure to do it in style.

22769 Long Black Coat

This outfit's centerpiece is the delicious long leathercoat from 22769, of course in my favourite colour - black! I'm really a big fan of coats, and this surely has the potential to become one of my permanent favs. It has prim-cuffs and a sculpted (not flexi!) chest-/bottom piece that is resize scripted, so the fitting was an easy thing to do and took merely seconds.

Shimmering, black leather builds the hull of this garment, so you're pretty safe even in the worst autumnal rain or wintry snowfall, and the warm inner lining will keep you from freezing for sure, building an interesting contrast of light sheep's wool against the leather's darkness.

Picking up this colour theme, I decided on a pair of black and white striped pants with sculpted cuffs, also from 22769, and a plain shirt from Schadenfreude. Said button-down shirt is a perfect piece for both casual- and formal outfits and is available in a gazillion colours, with different attachment-points for the collar, in all possible clothing layers and even the possibility to choose if you want to wear its tails in a tidy, tucked fashion or in a messy way.

Skin: Dutch Touch - iAN (former groupgift)
Hair: Exile - Akio
Beard: Discord Designs - Rodrigo
Eyes: negaposi - Lunar Eyes

Coat: 22769 - Long Leather Coat
Shirt: Schadenfreude - White Oxford Shirt
Pants: 22769 - Black and White Striped Jeans
Belt: *~MM's~* -Free-BlackMeshBelt (freebie, also available in white)

Orquidea revisited

Orquidea is a store for great outfits for women. Well textured, creative and unique. So it was time to have again a look at that store. What i like most at Orquidea is that they manage to make great dresses without using many prims. So its not needed to spend ages on a posestand to make an outfit fit.

During the fifa world cup Qrquidea took part in the go4goal hunt. They had a uniform like outfit with an african pattern in it. That outfit is also available in other colours in the store. For example in purple. It comes with a hat which is called schiffchen in german.Outfit: ORQUIDEA Major Doll Purple (265 Linden)

The store also took part in the song lyrics hunt. Now the corset which was the hunt gift got turned into a complete outfit with fitting trousers and bangles for the arms. It is also available in a brown golden steampunk version.
Outfit: ORQUIDEA EARTHBOUND (270 Linden)

My favourite dress from Orquidea is this black one. It comes with a top which looks like being made of lace with something white under it and a skirt which is made of a shiny material. Both parts are joined with a belt like bow. The skirt has a petticoat in blue/silver.
Dress: Orquidea RL collection dress Style1 (200 Linden the dress is also available in RL)

Im not a big fan of pink but this pink dress is great. It has only one halter and looks sexy and elegant at the same time in my opinion. It comes with a little flower for the hair. Im always surprised when seeing that its a dress being made with a system skirt which looks good on small avatars. A designer who manages to use the systemskirt layer without ruining the whole outfit must be really talented in my opinion.
Dress: Orquidea - Moonlight Kiss in Cherry (250 Linden)

Vampire Huntress

In the morning the mighty huntress of all bloodless spends time with sports. First she searches for something to balance on to do some yoga. To be able to deal with cold feet she soon gets rid of her flip flops and bances bare foot on the cold steel while stretching her legs.
But even a huntress needs some more clothes when going hunting so she puts on boots and trousers and trains while wearing them.
She fights against invisible enemies. Testing if she could hold the balance while wearing a coat. It simply looks better while fighting.
Then she moves to her hands and knees and trains what do to when a bloodless one had managed to get her onto the floor. But she allready recognizes that she is getting hungry so she jumps off the building and searches the next bakery to get a croissant.
The Nightwalker outfit is the latest release from Ezura. With that name it reminds of course on vampire films. The set comes on all layers and with three kind of trousers and two kinds of tops. You should either wear it with hotpants or long trousers (low rise and normal ones). The top comes in a short and in a long version. They both have pretty patterns on it. The short top has a very nice cut as the texture in the middle is cut out.
I love knives so im very glad about the knive for the shoulder and the leg which are included into the outfit.
The groupmembers of Ezura get the outfit for a lower price. It is also for sale on xstreet for 300 Linden. Of course even vampire hunters do not always wear black so its also available in white and red.
The laces for the ankles are from the ribbon lucky board.

Outfit: + ezura + Nightwalker Set *Black (458 Linden or 229 Linden for groupmembers, or 300 Linden on xstreet)
Laces for the ankles: *RibboN*Lace_Bu-san(LB) (0 Linden Lucky board)
Boots: -Perse- Pursay Boots White (normaly 329 Linden but they got a 50% sale so they are at 149 Lindens at the moment)