Thursday, September 9, 2010

how bizarre

Spending some time on exploring a quiet city. Or more a place with no sounds at all. Yesterday i spend some time on trying to find out if OoEas sill exists. I didn`t find the store but instead i found a store at the Dominion Fashion District i liked. Its called Ibizarre and has some cute modern clothing. I had to have the black trousers and was glad when opening the subscription gift. Its a purple top. In the store at the dominion fashion district i found a free dress. Its purple with some text on it. At the mainstore i got a shirt and a golden skirt for free.

Top: Ibizarre Anais Top - pink - (0 Linden subscription gift)
Trousers: * Ibizarre Maeva Pants (black) (140 Linden)
Top: Ibizarre Gift Tees "Be good to animals" (0 Linden)
Skirt: Ibizarre Gift - Anjuli Skirt Caramel Silk (0 Linden)
Dress: Ibizarre Gift - Mini Print Dress

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