Saturday, July 16, 2011

Carmen Miranda minus the fruit!

Outfit: 300L - Cici dress - blue > Vero Modero
Hair: 225L - Hector hair - black > Angel Hair
Skin: 800L - Bunny skin - tan J2 > JeSyLiLo
Eyes: 0L cupcake war hunt item > Faces studio
Bracelets: 0L -  subscribo gift > :::Line:::
shoes: 79L - Angella Butterfly shoes by Angel hair @ >  MSW ( my second wardrobe)

Friday, July 15, 2011

With the Whales

She was standing in her garden. It made her sad that she had to leave. And it made her insecure. Where would she live? What would happen to the whales she used to watch while sitting on the dock? Everything was so unpredictable.
groupgift and mmskin
22769 just released their latest groupgift. It is very summery. The outfit consists of shorts with a tanktop and a open blue shirt. The tanktop could be worn of course also without the shirt and of course it comes in a version for guys and one for girls. The tattoo on the leg is a gift from actchio. It comes on the tattoo, the undies and the trousers layer. The skin is on the midnight mania board at Galaxy Rise. This is a new store for skins, makeup and eyes. They also have some groupgifts there and four lucky boards.

Outfit: 22769 ~ casual couture groupgift July 2011 (0 L$)
Tattoo: actchio. subscribergift (0 L$)
Skin: ! GalaxyRise ! Mikado Void (0 L$ Midnight mania board)
Pose: No Strings Attached

Picture has been taken at Tanglewood. Feel free to visit that place.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

[a dance at versailles]

Your lips shine like Paris
mon amour a toi toujours - ma chérie
but your tears bring a little London for me
Berlin can never be so cold as you reach

Baby would you dance with me to the night?
into the serious moonlight
brighter than the stars above you shine
and the loving feels alright...

[a dance at versailles]

Storm's suit: GizzA - FirstYear Gift [Male]- free
Raven's gown: GizzA - FirstYear Gift [Female] - free
Both gifts are still available at the time of posting!

Lyrics: The 69 Eyes - Dance D'Amour

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Drow Sailor

Nisrama was not sure if it had been the right desicion to leave the caves of her homelands. But she was not doing well between the other Drow. Nisrama was very afraid of spiders. Not the best fear to have when Lloth is your goddess. After having managed to hide her fear for years her sister found out about it and Nisrama had to flee. Now she was wearing an outfit which was too big for her and had just been told to scrub the deck.
drow pirate
Of course she was glad that Captain Silverscale was willing to accept her as jack. But his name always irritated her. Nisrama knew the old sagas about Silverscale the dragon who fought in the battle of the nothern mountains. After somebody stole one of the eggs of his mate he ran berserk in that battle and killed an half army with his breath. It turned out that the egg had been stolen by other dragons and not by humans. The guilt of having ended so many lives was too much for Silverscale. He disappeared. Some of the sagas said that he would have transformed to a human form and would punish himself by living among them. But Nisrama was not brave enough to ask him.
Dragon pirate
22769 takes part in the Skulls'n'Bones Hunt. Their gifts are pirate clothes. The outfits contain trousers, a shirt, a belt and a bandana which is not on the pictures I took of the outfits. The linnenshirt comes on several layers and it is possible to resize all primparts of the outfit. The hair comes from Wasabi Pills. The one on the upper picture is the Juliette hair. This hair has a short pony and two little bangs at the side. It is good to wear while working on something as the hair won't be blown into the face. The one on the lower picture is the Thalion hair. This hair is perfect for elves or other fantastical beings. The Wasabi Pills store has been rebuild so its nice to take a look at it. The music there is also always great. The skin and the ears on the 1st picture are also a huntgift. They are the gift from LoveCats in the Midsummer Nights Dream Hunt 2. The gift also includes a make version of the skin. The skin on the 2nd picture is the Terra arkanum version of the Scales skin from Fallen Gods Inc. .

Outfits: 22769 SNB Hunt vintage GRAMO (1 L$)
Hair 1st. Pic: /Wasabi Pills/ Juliette Hair (4 colour Pack 250 L$ Fatpack with 28 colours 1500 L$)
Hair 2nd Pic: /Wasabi Pills/ Thalion Hair (4 colour Pack 250 L$ Fatpack with 28 colours 1500 L$)
Skin and ears 1st Pic: LoveCats MND2 fantasy Drow skins men and women and ears (1 L$)
Skin 2nd Pic: SCALES xy +Fallen Gods Inc.+SKIN+ TERRA arkanum (990 L$)
Shape: DECLAN Shape [CS Shapes] (749 L$)

In which Sian Does Interior Decor on a Shoestring

Sian recently got fed up with having her house look all industrial and sci-fi. If you follow this blog, you may recall that Sian's house largely looked like this:

Purple Latex

Look. All glowy and cold and bleak. The house, that is. You're supposed to be looking at the building, right. Not the breasts. Also, Columbine never felt, or looked at home, and Sian will do anything for Columbine. Sian herself, in the last few weeks, has made a shift in her style somewhat, moving to something softer and more ornate, if no less futuristic.

Anyway, armed with a few textures of her own and a few packs she found on the Midnight Mania at ThatChick, Sian made her house look like this:

Interior decoration

Sort of looks bare now, doesn't it?

Problem here is that all of Sian's furniture (bar the fridge - that's staying) was sort of sci-fi looking, sort of strange. Or, like the sofa you can see in the far left corner, far too many prims.

See, Sian's only got 200 prims to play with (many of which are tied up with the stuff in her rooftop garden). A thirty-primsofa doesn't leave a whole lot of space. And more - you may be surprised to know that Sian and Columbine are not interested in pixel sex (suffice to say their romance Just Isn't Like That, all right?) so Sian didn't want a bed or a sofa full of doing-the-nasty poses. Just the cuddles.

Would you believe how hard it is? An anguished cry for help on Plurk led to a response from Ariadne Korda directing Sian to her store, Vent Du Sud where everything - everything, each chair, sofa, table, picture frame, everything - is L$1.

And it's such. High. Quality. Sian took Columbine on a shopping trip. It's all sitting there, ready for you to try and buy. Pretty much everything has solo and couple poses, and clickable texture changes.

Ari K's Furniture #1

The couch is seven prims. It has a menu of poses, both for couples and on your own, and the chair can be synchronised with it, so you only ever need to cycle through one set of textures. Maybe you've seen the poses before? You're paying one Linden! Who cares? And these things are beautiful.

Ari K's Furniture #2

The cushions don't change texture. Even so, they're elegant in their simplicity.

Ari K's Furniture #3

Another L$1 couch.

Click on the cushions to change texture, the frame to change pose. Same for the bed below:

Ari K's Furniture #4

Sian never thought she could get excited about SL furniture. She was wrong.If Ari wanted to, she could sell her stuff for a hundred times more (Sian bought a far, far inferior bed from a well-known SL shop for L$125, for example) and make a killing. She doesn't. She contributes to the beauty of the community - and SL is better for her and people like her.

Check out Vent Du Sud. Even for such a tiny price, the store's got it all there for you to play with right out there. Bravo, Ari K. Bravo.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

For a shoeless day on the beach

 I had a lovely pair of shoes to blog about but would they rez?! grrr no! so I decided to kick them off and go shoeless on the beach.

If you want to grab this look for yourself then I suggest you head to the hair fair before it's closure on the 15th July.

 I do so love hair & avoided the hair fair like the plague which was a killer for me but my lag issues would have just sent me over the edge even as a bald naked thing...oh but am I glad I went! and I'm glad I waited.

 Well there's some really wacky designs but what an opportunity to go wild! I however decided to stick with some of the more conservative styles - this time anyway :) and here is my favourite freebie one from a store that I'm already familiar with but I also managed to acquaint myself with some wonderful new stores that I never knew existed! all for a great cause too.

Hair: 0L - audra roots - stefani mix by Exile @ > The hair fair
Hat: 30L - summer  fold hat - The fashion garret
Scarf: 0L - multi texture bandana > Muu workshop
Top: 1L - every day tank > Crazy
Skirt: 0L - luckyboard item > !1mm
Bag: 75L- sunday straw tote > PiCHi
bracelet: 0L - group gift - chum bracelet > Miel

In Which Sian has a Glam Affair


Columbine wears:
Hat: [Illusions] Napoleonic Bicorn L$125
Boots: [Illusions] Pirate Boots L$175
Outfit: [Glam Affair] Pierrot Dress L$390


Sian wears:
Bodice/Top: [Glam Affair] Nell
Skirt: [Glam Affair] Elenya
Pastie: [Glam Affair] Mila
Shoes: [Leezu!] La Vivien Black
Earrings: [Glow/Dressing Room Blue] Black Glass Earrings
Tights: from [Miamai] Eve Legacy set

Monday, July 11, 2011

In Which Sion is Free At Last

I'm free

In creating a male counterpart for no Lindens at all, Sian refused to compromise, making sure that not one single part of the avatar, even the AO, cost anything.

The skin was the hardest thing to find. The best Sian's so far been able to find for Sion is the Ian skin which is currently on the board at Tellaq. She likes the face, but has issues with the oily bodybuilder chest.

The Menstuff Lounge has a good sixty or more gifts, but most of those are pretty basic. One highlight is sf designs' Gothic Explorer set that includes shoes, a (silly) hat and several outfit options, of which Sion is only wearing part.


Sion wears:
Shirt, belt, shoes: [sf design] Gothic Explorer (Menstuff Lounge gift, current) L$0
Trousers: [Elixir] Hextile Pants (Squirrel'd Away Hunt Gift, June) L$0
AO: [Oracul] Basically Boy (modded, offered free in May) L$0
Skin, Eyes: [Tellaq] Ian (Midnight Mania gift, current) L$0
Shape: [Eclectic Equations HQ] Sion L$0

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cathrina the unicorn

Sometimes Cathrina hated being the only unicorn in the administration. Being the leading expert in moonlight law her work was essential and she loved it. But working with other beings was really tricky for her.
Pink unicorn girl II
Although she had gotten the normal nonvirgin-desensitising treatment, as all unicorns who wanted to work with other beings, being surrounded by beings who lost their virginity allready sometimes made her scream. Once she had to work with a faun who was horribly naughty. It ended with Catharina ramming her horn into some phonebooks. This made her panic even more so that she started to run screaming through the whole building. At the end the eight year old daughter of her boss managed to tame her again but Cathrina felt deeply embarrassed. All told her that they could understand her but she knew that they did not. Searching for a solution she started to work in the night. Only the ghouls were working in the night and those were all virgins. They got along very well with the unicorn.
Pink unicorn girl I
I love fantasy avatars so when a friend showed me the unicorn avatar he found in the "a midsummer nights dream hunt II" I needed to have it too. The avatar comes with hooves (with and without horseshoes), legs, a tail, huddriven ears, a mane, the skin and of course the horn. All the parts but the skin are tintable so you could choose what colour they should have. The ears are menudriven so it is possible to choose in which position they should be to express how you feel at the moment.
The pink hair is the gift from bc322 at the hair faire. It comes with a resizescript and is very cute. The cute dress is one of the gifts at the blue blood lucky boards. The skirt is mod so it is possible to make it a bit smaller.
A:S:S released glitter makeup lately. This goes very well with the complete pinkish outfit.

Unicorn: Leonine Hunt Item "Midsummer Night's Dream 2" Female (1 L$)
Dress: +++BB+++ BabyGoth rainbow skirt BLACK (0 L$ Lucky board)
Hair: *BC322 Dee-DOLLY-Pink (0 L$ Hairfair gift)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry: sa_StarlightEyes_AstralBlue (60 L$)
Makeup: A:S:S - Glitter star makeups (150 L$ for the fatpack 40 L$ for one combi pack)



Just a super quickie post - here is my 'wear with everything' scarf from beggars banquet which I blogged about a couple of posts ago - baggy pants are from the super cool Vilena & have tintable braces - now this awesome sweater is from another of my new favourite stores crazy, it's inexpensive and has some super- cool designs , don't believe me? see for yourself! on a last note before I dash to do more decorating check out Muu workshop for some quirky accessories & homewares where I picked up this cute armbrace/bottle holder..... tra!

Skin: 0L - luckyboard - NamHee > Mother Goose's
Hair: 0L - luckyboard > Heart softens
Scarf: 50L - skeleton scarf > Beggars banquet
Sweater: 25L - baggy blue sweater > Crazy
Jeans: 250L - low baggy pants - dark blue > Villena
Shoes: 50L - blue flat shoes > Solita
Arm strap with bottle: 0L luckyboard item > Muu workshop
Bag: 0L - small doctors bag > Tram