Thursday, July 9, 2015

Water's song

Between the church and the river,
My love waits for me to stand and deliver
Every promise that I've ever made
I want to keep them now 
And I am not afraid  
I won't let you go
 Even when you run all the way home
 I won't let you go
 I won't let you go. Oh no Between the church and the river
 My love gives to me, she makes me a giver
 I am so full of this light
 It lives in my stomach
 And feeds me all through the night  
I won't let you go 
I know you think you're safer on your own 
I won't let you go 
I won't let you go. Oh no....

Shape : DS'ELLES Shape Gloria Taille Small
Shape comes in 5 sizes, all the same height.
Skin colour pack includes No brows, Red, Blonde and Brown brows. Also all these options with liner. Colorado is a lovely tanned tone, Gloria is also available in Java, Neva and Porcelaine tones.
Available at the FAD event here FAD
Tattoo : Endless Pain - Equilibrium
Tattoo comes as a tattoo layer, also appliers for Belleza, TMP, Omega, Maitreya, Lolas and Slink 
Hair : Magika [Hair] Reading (Colourpack 3)
Dress : :[P]:- Ragnhild Dress ://Yoryn
From Plastik's new satellite store, the dress comes in 5 sizes, and features the usual incredible detail you can expect!
Bikini : :[P]:- Zara Bikini :// Reptile
5 sizes for this set also, the snakeskin print is great, and I love the metal accents.