Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dressed in black

Having a look over the lands in a simple black dress. It has a very easy cut and a square neck.
I was so glad when i won that dress. I was in a bad mood and then i saw this lucky board in a messy japanese mall and won the dress on the happy board - not the lucky board - and liked it immediately. I did not manage to find out the name of the store but the name of the creator is Miki Ceriano.
Dress: Miki Ceriano : **black-longT-Squareneck and skirt (happy board)
Paws: blogged before (ruru@pino)
Horns: *~*Illusions*~* : *~*Ram's Horns: Long/Natural (was a freebie there once but i didn t find it when i was there last week)

Those tops i got in an other asian shop named Ensemble. They look nice to trousers and also to undies i suppose.
Top left: *+*Ensemble*+* LuckeyBoad stardust green
Top right: *+*Ensemble*+* spring star (1 Linden)
Trousers: Nachtmusik : nM Pinstripe Trousers (10 Linden)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The yearning Ottermaiden

The little Ottermaiden waits yearning for her mate. When will the shiny otterman come home and bring fish and storys about catching fish? She waits wearing her best dress and looking to the ocean wondering if salty water is good for otters.
Dress: xXENtrisities: Tiny Celtic Dress (150 Linden)

Xen has not only this cute dress in her store. She also sells costumes. I had to laugh very much when i saw her turkey costume at the harvest festival in avilion. And she sells not only stuff for two legged tinys she also has some costumes for quads.

Not able to bear the waiting anymore she puts on her gardening dress to care for her plants. But also this doesen' t cheer her up.
Dress: FreeGardendressTiny (O Linden gift at HUGGY's Coffee House from Black moon)
Flowers: *+*Ensemble*+* snow flower (1 Linden - they have 1 prim)

Black Moon is the only shop i know which sells stuff for tinys and for biggys. So you could take your biggy with you when you go shopping. The stuff for tinys is sold in a big teapot and even cookies are served (only for tinys of course).

So she organizes a remember x-mas party with her bunny friend. It doesen' t help. She only argues with the bunny and feels more depressed.
Outfit: Tiny Inc. : Alpaca winter sweatshirt and hat tiny (150 Linden)
X-mas stuff: [ ANCAYI ] Christmas Bunny (Lucky chair gift)

Her friends try to get her to have other thoughts so they invite her to a gallery opening. The opening is fine but she smokes to much and ends up with headache.
Dress: Tiny Inc. : Black flapper outfit (250 Linden)
Pipe: blogged before

Tiny Inc. is a wonderful shop. I found it because the owner once gave me a very cute gift when i met her in a store (the cuddling elephant toy) and so i went to her store and was impressed by all the wonderful clothes and items she builds.

She walks again to the see hoping that her true love comes home now but no ship is seeable.

After the walk to the sea she feels even more lonesome. So she goes home and grabs her mate's wintercoat out of the closet. When breathing his scent she smiles.
Outfit: Otterwise : Tiny Winter Coat & Boots red (Lucky chair)

Otterwise has not only wintercoats, in this store are also some lovely costumes for tinys sold. So if you ever wanted to be a tiny fireman or a tiny knight visit Otterwise. And to my hatchie friends go there and grab a free tiny barrel. I think that will suit every hatchling and we could hide cookies in them.

And the other day she goes to the sea again. And there he is his ship is just sailing into the haven. She waves allready looking forward to nuzzle with HIM on a couch and listen to all his adventures.

They only need to scare the dragon and the owl from their cuddling couch... So how will it end. Will the dragon and the owl leave the couch or not? Has the great otterman to sail again?
Loveseat: Lilliput for Tinies : Free Gift for Look What the Cat Brought Blog Readers (0 Linden)

Lilliput for Tinies is a very nice store. It has nice furniture, pretty dresses and i once bought a great bow gesture for tinys there. Very lovely are the cakes for tinys. If you have some time you should not only visit the store in raglan have a look at the mainstore.

For this blogged i used the otteravi from Wynx. The Owl is also from that store. The dragon avatar is the Spirit Hatchling from Isle of wyrms.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

In the Army now

Controlling panzers at the front. A good outfit is the midnight mania prize at 22769. It fits perfect. The only trick is to walk in high heels through the dirt.

The Katana is a item in the stfu with love hunt.

Coat: 22769 army coat (Midnight Mania board)
Katana: Bad Kitty Katana Cherry STFU Hunt (0 Linden)

I love walking canes so i was excited when i saw this outfit at the lucky chair at Super Possessed. The cane comes with animations. The outfit is made for men but very well resizeable.
Outfit: Super Possessed : Diabolist (Lucky chair)

Orquidea has a free St. Patricks day outfit. It goes well with this brown leather jacket.
Dress: Orquidea Sale Item (0 Linden)
Jacket: 22769 leather fur jacket (150 Linden)

Today i got this nice necklace at ruru@pino at the item camp. You have to spend 10 minutes in a flower meadow.
Wristlet: Ruru@Pino [Morpho (Dark)] (Item Camp)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday feels so green

I like green so i was really excited when my friend Myrian told me about green skins from Aimesi Skins. I went there supposing to see a totaly green skin but only the area around the eys is green. I think the skin could fit some races in roleplay for example fae. It goes well with the EthericOrchid eyes from Sterling Artistry.
Skin: Aimesi Skins Lisa St.Patrick GG (Groupgift)
Eyes: sa _StarlightEyes_EthericOrchid

At the moment the nature's hunt is going on. For me those are the three best items in that hunt. In the hunt you search for a prim flower. The name of it in english is daffodil (Osterglocke in german).

I love the texture of that dress its kind of vintage in my opinion.
Dress: **BE** Walk in the Garden

This dress makes me a bit unglad about the avilion dresscode. As dragon i m not allowed to wear it there and its so pretty. This kind of green is my favourite green but unfortunatly the skirt is too short for being allowed for a dragon in avilion. But Fae will be allowed to wear it.
Dress: Euphoria!! : Chiffon Cocktail Dress Aquamarine
And here the most beautiful item in the hunt. A wonderful nature kimono. I love the colors. It will look even better on a bit taller avatars for me the obi is a bit too large. The gift says women's gift i don t know if there is one for men too in the store.
Kimono: The Ancient Tree Kimono Shop_Woman's gift