Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Inventions

The sun was shining bright through the window and the open door of the hut but Eniko, the little christmas deer inside the building, knew that she wasn't bright at all. She had been sent to get some magical substances which were needed to create a good christmas feeling. But the magician who had been asked to create the substances wasn't at home when she arrived at his house (he was in the mountains where he tried to convince a unicorn that white wine would taste better than red wine, which did not work really well as the unicorn only drank 15 year old Whisky and believed only some dwarfs who used to drink a lot of red wine). After some hours of waiting she got bored and started to explore his house. In a corner she found his hat and decided to test if he would fit her. Eniko really liked how she looked with the hat and she also started to feel slightly smarter. Suddenly she had the idea that the magician might not come back and that she might be a better magician anyways. So she started to experiment. The first substance she created made her feel very warm. Eniko simply dealt with that feeling by taking off some of her clothes. She was really proud on her invention as Santa Claus maybe would be able to work while wearing shorts and a t-shirt if he would use the substance she created. Proud because of her first success she decided to go on with her experiments. She hoped to create a pill which would humans influence to see christmas trees. With that it would be possible to make sure that less trees would be cut to be used as christmas tree. But something went wrong when she tested it. The feeling was the oposite of blushing and when looking into a mirror she saw what happened. Her face was green. Eniko felt deeply embarrassed and silly.
The green pills
There are so many cute and adorable items at the ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter event. Wasabi Pills made some very nice unisex hair for the event. It comes with a hat. Its possible to change the colour of the hat and the hatband. There are two colours for the hat and eight for the hatband. Of course its also possible to use the hud to resize the hair. The outfit is the exclusive item from Ducknipple for the event. It consists out of a sculpted top and skirt and pasties and a thong which are worn on the undies/undershirt layer. Its either possible to resize the top with a resizescript or with the normal building menu. Because of this adjusting the sculpted parts is very comfy and alows some fine adjustments with the building menu. *Epic* creates many lovely fantastic items and the hooves they made exclusively for the ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter are just cute. The set contains the hooves with brown and black hooves. There is also an attachment included which creates snowsounds. The fur for the legs comes on the tattoo layer and the socklayer. The hooves have a resizescript and are also available in black or as black demon hooves. Stain Cosmetics creates very unique makeup. For the Dark Magic Winter they made makeup which helps to escape boring classes. The set contains several makeups for example noosebleeding, fainting or like on the picture puking.

Outfit: Ducknipple - ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter (95 L$ sold at Zombie Popcorn Dark Magic Winter)
Hooves: *Epic* -ZP Exclusive- Festive Faun Legs {D.Brown} (199 L$ sold at Zombie Popcorn Dark Magic Winter)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Magician Hair (250 L$ Colour Pack, 1500 L$ all Colours sold at Zombie Popcorn Dark Magic Winter)
Makeup: Stain Cosmetics- Skirving Snackboxes (80 L$ sold at Zombie Popcorn Dark Magic Winter)

The pose on the picture comes from Purple Poses and the picture has been taken at Hedgetopia. Hedgetopia belongs to the Isle of Wyrms Simchain which has some really lovely spots to take pictures at.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Feathered accessories


Here are some items that I have been wanting to blog for a while but have had trouble with SL so I've not been able to take any pictures arghh! don't ask! So i'd better mention the trousers which are the November group gift at 22769 quickly before they vanish! as always 22769 group gifts have a male and female version and Novembers gift includes a lovely woolen sweater not shown in my pic but is still available in store.

The Boots are brand new at Skifija and as always are fabulous quality! They come with a hud which allows you to change colour of every single element of the boot and offers 1 million colour choices! which means you can find a colour to match every outfit. Now if you don't feel that 599L is bargain enough for so many options , worry ye not! as Skifija group members get an exclusive discount of 50% off on Fridays.

Better just mention the hunt items too. This luscious skin is a hunt item from Rockberry and has 4 shade options to suit all . It is part of the peace on earth Hunt more details of which can be found HERE. Also the beautiful feathered headband is part of the Diamond is mine hunt, more details can be found HERE
Happy shopping......

Hair: 0L - Truth district group gift - Becky- clove > Truth
Skin: 0L Peace on earth hunt gift- Apple - tan > Rockberry
Headband: 0L - Diamond is mine hunt item - Vintage bandeau > Fluid furniture
Trousers: 0L - November group gift -  Autumn trousers  > 22769
Belt: 188L - Waist belt - feather > WOot
Armwarmers: 150L - Armwarmers - oak > WOot
Vest: 0L - Intrinsic vests - Turquoise > Jane
Scarf & earrings: 0L-  afghan shawl > Meena
Boots: 599L - Hight Ugg > Skifija

Thursday, December 1, 2011


The snow was perfect on the first day of december. So the iceprincess had at least a comfy landing when she fell on the ground. She kept her eyes closed as tired and exhausted as she was. Now the snow was so young and fresh, it calmed her down. She ran her fingers through it and let the crystals fall back down then. But the gravity was too much for her. She needed to lay a bit to adjust herself to it. The hail which formed her wristlets shimmered in the light of the moon.
Resting Ice princess
After some time she was feeling a bit better and pressed her body up. But she was still too weak to stand. Being a part of it her feet did not leave any traces when she digged them into the snow although she still felt unhappy because of the higher gravity.
Dreaming Ice princess
In the evening she finally managed to move on her feet. Her back hurt but she was the iceprincess so she did not show any sign of pain. Secretly she hated the winter. It always forced her to become human. At the beginning it was bearable. Of course the gravity was annoying but then she aged with the snow. So that she was all grey when spring came. And melting was always a bit embarrassing but at least after that she became an ethereal being again.
The Ice princess
Today the ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter event starts. Its an event which combines magic and winter. The sim on which it takes place looks just lovely with all the cottages, snow and wintergardens. The light there is amazing and actually it is good that there is a fireplace in nearly every house as it looks very cold. The wide range of creators, who sell their items on the sim, is great. All of them sell exclusive items for the event. The gown is the one from Faster Pussycat. It has a asymetric cut with a great texture which consists of discs. The parts of the body which aren't covered by cloth are covered with a texture which reminds on drops of ice. Beside the gown part the set comes with jewellery. The necklace and the earrings remind on frosted jewellery. The crown makes the set completly outstanding. It looks like organic forms made of ice. When seeing it for the first time it reminded me on the horns the forest spirit in princess monoke has on his head in the night. The dress comes on the shirt, trousers, undershirt and undies layer and all primparts are mod.
The wristlets are the exclusive item from PurpleMoon Creations. They look like small pearls made of metal put together with very thin strings. They fit great to the wintertheme. The set includes also a necklace and earrings in the same light and elegant design. It is possible to choose between more than 15 colours for the pearls and more than 10 for the strings. When changing the design of one part of the set the others also change their colours in that way, this is very handy in my opinion. At the same time the possiblity to change only the design of one part is also included. So this jwellery is not only a piece of great design it is also scripted on a smart way.
The black make-up belongs to the set of exclusive make-up from Virtual/Insanity. It creates a dramatic look. For the pictures I used the black make up but the set contains it also in green, teal, blue and purple.
The pictures have all been taken on the ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter sim with poses from Purple Poses.

Gown: Faster Pussycat "Trinity" Gown (599 L$ Sold at ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter)
Wristlets: :: PurpleMoon Creations:: Frozen Dew Set - All Colors - (1500 L$ Sold at ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter)
Makeup: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] BLAIR Make-up Set (70 L$ Sold at ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter)

The pictures have all been taken on the ZombiePopcorn Dark Magic Winter sim with poses from Purple Poses.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wedding invitation

The sound of the high heels on tiled floor echod through the building. But there weren't any patients in the lost asylum and even the last caretaker had been fired five years ago. Now Lucie was scampering through the building. It should have been her who would marry Jonas, not Sarah. She had been with Jonas for such a long time and he had asked her so often to marry him but Lucie always said no. Jonas, well Jonas was ok but she did not want to be bound to him when somebody better would come around and she was sure that Jonas would stay with her anyways. She made so many jokes about him when phoning with her friends and became less careful so that one day he heard her talking about him. He was hurt, but what Lucie wouldn't have expected he was way too proud to show her his emotions. And then he met Sarah, who was just friendly and kind. Jonas fell quickly in love for her and was more than glad not to have to pretend to be anybody he wasn't. And it was so comfy not to have to deal with hidden evilness all the time. Lucie was of course sure that he would come back to her. In Lucie's opinion Sarah was just vulgar and without any class but for Jonas she was the world. When she got the invitation to the wedding Lucie thought that Jonas and his fiancée only invited her because of kindness and that they did not really suppose that she would accept to come. But she wanted him to know what he would miss so she invested into a very expensive and sheer gown. She wanted to look better than the bride. When she arrived at the location which had been on the invitation she had to admit that she surely had been a good teacher for Jonas when it came to evilness.
Pink Gown
The Hilarie gown from Entre Mares is a big partly sheer gown. The long train lets it look impressive in every ballroom. I had some problems with adjusting the primparts to my usual shape but luckily ND/MD released a model shape to their Eboni skin. The dress comes on the pants and shirt layer. The primparts are no modify and no trans and contain no resize script. The dress is also available in light blue, black, gold and white. Entre Mares will have a fashion show at Dec. 3rd 5pm with a special gift for guests. Which will be a great opportunity to see how their gowns look on an avatar.

Dress: [Entre Mares] Hilarie/Pink (950 L$)
Skin: ND/MD EBONI natural Skins natural (990 L$ for one makeup or 1999 L$ for four)
Shape: ND/MD EBONI - TOP MODEL (640 L$ contains 8 versions non mod 1250 for mod shape)
Poses: Purple Poses (10 L$ for one pose)

The picture has been taken at Deviant. There is a lost asylum on the top of the hill. Its worth to explore it.

A great way to start December!

 I want to kick off with the Scarf and Jeans which are are a prize in the Kawaii toast hunt (check HERE for more details) by American bazaar. The hunt runs from 1st December - 25th and the start point is HERE.

I absolutely love anything from WOOT and was thrilled for these wedge heeled boots to appear in XYROOM which runs the new range from 1st December - 20th December. There are loads of goodies for the chaps too so be sure to take a peek.

Check out credits below for more super December freebies and bargains!

Hair: 0L -  truth district group gift - Becky - coffee > Truth
Skin: 0L - Group gift - Frida > Al Vulo
Scarf & jeans: 0L - Kawaii toast hunt item > American Bazaar
Vest: 0L - Intrinsic vest - tangerine > Jane
Cardigan:  85L - Gilet long vintage (green version also available free on group luckyboard) > NuDoLu
Boots: 99L - wedge boots by Woot @ > XYROOM
Bag: 0L opening gift > ::{u.f.o}::

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dream Nails

The sound of nails scratching over the floor woke her up. First Anteia did not know where she was. But then she allowed her glance to wander through the room and she remembered that she was in the house of her lost grandmother.
culto steampunk outfit I
She slowly turned around. Yes, the hat was still on her head no matter how she moved it did not move one bit. So she was really in the house of her grandmother. In her grandmother's opinion every female should wear a hat so with some magical tricks she made sure that hats always looked perfect in her house. But it wasn t the hat which woke Anteia, it were her nails. They had grown overly long during her sleep.
culto steampunk outfit II
Anteia was a dreamweaver. But she was still young. Sometimes the things she dreamed became real which was seldom pleasant. Long nails were bearable. But one night she had dreamed of cookies. When she woke the whole room was filled with them. It had been way more difficult to get rid of them than it was now to get rid of the overly long fingernails.
culto steampunk outfit III
The Frances outfit from Culto is very cute. It comes with a sculpted skirt with several little details like bands on the side and leather straps. The poffed sleves are sculpted as well. The outfit also contains a collar and a hat which of course can be worn seperate with other outfits. The corset comes in a version with and one without garters. The top is worn under the corset so its possible to wear the outfit on a more naughty way. The long gloves belong also to the set. All primparts come with a resizescript. The room with the couch is a pose prop from Miamai. The couch contains several poses and the walls and curtains change their texture on touch. The pose on the third picture comes comes from Purple Poses.

Outfit: *CULTO* Frances - Steampunk Outfit_brown (399 L$)
Poseprop: Miamai_Model Pose_The Victorian Room (500 L$ exclusive at the Vintage Fair)
Pose on 3rd Picture: Purple Poses (10 L$)

Monday, November 28, 2011

How did I end up here with this guitar?

Hair: 0L - Diamond is mine hunt item (comes with 2 style options & you can opt for flowers or without & change their colour) > D!va

Skin: 1L - Bomi (box on floor next to luckboards) > Mother Goose's

Jacket: 125L - Casual Blazer > Love

Dress: 150L - or 499L for fatpack of 8 colours - Sorrento dress - Violet > Rock me Amadeus

Tights: 0L - Group gift - knit tights flower ( comes in dark & light options) > Luce

Boots: 199L -  double buckle ankle boots  > Skifija

Nails & rings: 0L - Group gift - sugar cat nails > MonS

Guitar: 0L - Luckyboard item - huggable guitar  > Libber's

Pose in main pic: 50L - for set of   Rollergirl 05 > P.M.P poses

All shapes in my blog posts come from CS shapes

Sunday, November 27, 2011

On the way to the north

Her colleagues hated her but Dr.Dr. Phd. Ignatia Fleckenstein was the most popular and experienced scientist when it came to penguinlanguages. Her parents had been antarctic explorers so at the age of five Ignatia found out that penguins were as smart as humans and that it was possible to learn their language. At that time she evn had the impression that they would be smarter as humans. But as soon as she became a bit older she found out that also penguinparents didn't allow their children to stay up late and to eat as much as they wanted to. After having learned to write Ignatia wrote her famous first book with the title "First words for penguin friends". Of course the scientific community did not take her serious but soon they had to change their opinion. Some more people learned to communicate with penguins and were really surprised about their culture. But somehow they never managed to become as good in understanding them as Ignatia did.
On the way to the north II
I love elegant unique clothing. This dress from Leezu has a very unique cut because of the form of the collar and the black white pattern is calm because of its colours and at the same time very brisk. The skirt is included in three versions and the system parts come on all layers. Its possible to edit the primparts. The gloves belong to the Ansiotropic jacket from Miamai, which I blogged some weeks ago, I really like the primparts. It is of course possible to wear the dress without leggins or tights under it but I choosed to wear it with the dewi pants which also come from Miamai. As the outfit is black and white its great to add some Linkcolour so the red leather boots are a great contrast to the dress and the gloves.
The pose used in the picture comes from Captivity Co. It belongs to a set which will be released soon and has the name Velvet Curtain Collection. That collection of poses is being created for fashion pictures and will be released soon.

Hair: Magika // Veruka II (199L$ for colour pack or 499 L$ for all colours)
Dress: [LeeZu!] Catch Lily Dress /black (450 L$)
Gloves: MIAMAI_[BlackLabel]_Ansiotropic jacket (550 L$)
Leggins: MIAMAI_[BL]_ChodCollection_Dewi Black (300 L$)
Boots: BAX Prestige Boots Red Leather (875 L$)

Pose: [Ca.Co] V.C.C 5 (not out yet but their poses are around 60L$ for a single pose)

The picture has been taken at 22769.