Saturday, October 20, 2012

Autumn night at the bar

It had been a quiet night at the bar, the regulars had all been in of course, but one by one, and in their twos and threes, they had headed out into the night. Autumn darkness was closed around the town like the scarves wrapped around each and every neck keen enough to venture out at all. Each swing of the heavy wooden doors allowed a new scattering of leaves, still crisp from their fall, to blow through the opening. Squinting through the flyblown glass of the antique clock, battered but still keeping perfect time, she checked, still over an hour until closing time. At least with business this relaxed, noone could begrudge Ruby sitting down for a few moments...
Of course... she could be wrong about that.  Settling back onto the barstool, the soft whoosh and heavy thud of the door came again. The blast of chilled air swept around the room, making the gas lamps gutter, only to flare back into life. Even in those few seconds of extra light, it was hard to make out the person standing in the shadows by the door. "Halloween come early" Ruby thought to herself, climbing to her feet as the shrouded figure materialised into something more substantial. Without finishing that thought, eyes widening, her hands flew to her hair. Trying to look like she didn't care, nevertheless she began smoothing out the tangles her nights work had caused to her hair, attempting to take it back to the sleek knot with which she had begun the evening. Dropping a hip, the soft wool of her knitted dress slipped from a shoulder, its hem rode high on her thighs from where it had come to rest as she sat, exposing smooth skin and the dark leopard like spots inked upon it...
Her gaze fixed on the figure by the door, she caught each nuance, each movement as dark kohl rimmed eyes scanned the empty bar, glinting back at her from the shadows. The figure turned, the spikes of her heels digging deep into the coir of the battered and stained doormat. A breath caught in Ruby's throat, she was surely not leaving straight away? "Not staying for a drink?" she managed to ask, instantly cursing herself for not coming up with something wittier or more engaging. The back of the strangers coat twitched as if the body inside was smothering a laugh. Ruby sighed, disappointment washing over her before the soft click of the well oiled lock met her ears, rather than the swish and thud of the exit she had anticipated.
Skulldresscat3 They retreated into the back snug room of the bar, drawn there by the heat of the roaring fire, and the comfort offered by the overstuffed soft leather of the armchairs. Large snifters of brandy, emptied, and already refilled, sat warming before the flames, the creaking boards of the floor littered with discarded clothes and shoes. Ruby's woollen dress, and tattered stockings had slipped off easily, along with the woman's coat. Teasing, exploring fingers had seen to that. The flickering light of the fire now played across bared skin, inked designs flexing with each movement, the animal need made flesh. As soft lips met, the pair were lost in each other already.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Oh Charlie!

Charlie had had a long morning.
Schroeder had been playing on the piano since dawn, trying to get the notes of that Rachmaninov in some sort of order that could never have been intended, judging by the noises coming through the windows and walls. Then of course, there had been the run in with Pig-Pen, and that damn kite eating tree had munched up her latest beautiful creation. Finally though, things were looking up.
Lunchtime was here at last and she could get outside in the sun, away from that mean old tree, and the great pumpkin, swelling in its patch in preparation for Halloween. With her best friend snoozing on his house, she could have some fun while he dreamed, doing handstands and cartwheels on the grass.
BlackOnly is a fashion event running from October 15th - 31st
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