Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stunning Elegance

Standing on the lost bridge in the Omega Point sim and wearing some of the wonderful and impressive gowns which are available at KWZ a store in that sim.

The first one is a dress made of black lace. It comes with a hud which has a bow on the top. The body is covered with lace in flower patterns while there is a feathercollar around the neck and wristlets around the arms. Dress: KWZ Lace hood A (550 Linden)

This copper gown has lots of big frills. They are around the wrists, the dress and depending how you wear the gown they are also around the neck. The texture of the gown reminds me always a bit on weapons or at least something metalic. the top is cut out so that there is a lot skin uncovered but all the bits are covered.
Dress: KWZ Omaga Female Skull Red (550 Linden)

This is the dark version of the upper copper gown. This time with the collar instead of the cape. Its amazing how the texture of the skirt looks like it would be dimensional. Under the skirt are two less wide skirts hidden. So that you could wear for example those together with the coat. Which is much more comfy while fighting than wearing a whole gown.
Dress: KWZ Omaga Female Skull Black (550 Linden)

Spending time with friends

Sitting in the new Somapop / Diapop store wearing the latest Diapop release. The store just opened its new mainstore on a lovely island which reminds me very much on holidays. If it would be a real place i would love to spend my vacations there. As Soma and Dianne, the storeowners, love to DJ they also got an area for dancing there and there are also some smaller shops on the sim allready. Its a nice place to visit. The outfit is available in two versions in a white one and a golden one. Somehow i thought it would be a good idea to use this tattooed skin from Aliza Karu with it but im not so sure about that anymore. But well the jumpers are lovely and i like the texture Dianne gave them a lot.
Left: * [DIAPOP] * all by myself ::vintage gold:: (211 Linden)
Right: * [DIAPOP] * all by myself ::vintage grey:: (211 Linden)
Skin: AngelsDemons Creations : Gothic like Skin (0 Linden lucky chair)

Here a picture i took while visiting the store. Soma and Dianne and an unknown friend of them and me hanging around in really comfy chairs.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Grunt opening

This weekend a new store named Grunt will open its doors. Its located on the carwash sim. During this opening this outfit will be sold for only 10 Lindens. Its a short top with a short skirt. But of course you could either combine the top with jeans or the skirt with a long sweater if you think that two short items look way to much like you d be an alley cat.Outfit: Grunt - I've Been a Bad Bad Girl (10 Linden at 18th an 19th Dec)

Having been hunting

Spending a bit time on pole dancing to test the stability of the cloth this corset is being made of. And it works well. The corset is the hunt item from shush in the hunt. Its lovely and classic. Corset: .:Shush. Depraved hunt prize

Ducknipple also takes part in some hunt this month. The outfits are well textured as they always are and cute. The skirt in the middle is from blow-up. The boots are from and they are even dollarbies.

1: .:Ducknipple:. CH gift from Ducknipple (0 Linden)
2: .:Ducknipple:. Happy holidays huntgift from Ducknipple :) (10 Linden)
Top: .:Ducknipple:. ZPH3 gift from Ducknipple (0 Linden)
Skirt: 35.:* CH *:. Blow - up (0 Linden)
4: .:Ducknipple:. Depraved hunt gift from Ducknipple (0 Linden)
5: .:Ducknipple:. Xmashunt gift from Ducknipple (0 Linden)
Boots: Enky's Dollar$tore : .*Courtisane*. Marie Lu Brown (1 $)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Some free and some none free stuff for xmas

Trying to eat more than 5 candy canes at once but it does not work at all.
The blue shirt comes from arnandi. It could either be worn with or without the long sleves. The trousers come from the lucky board from in the kdc mall. You have to be a member of the mall group to be able to win there. Top: [arnadi] - Long Tshirt Oh My Jesus! (0$ xmas groupgift )
Jeans: !129129**050 Jeans Red (0 $ lucky board)

Pinky gals have x-mas lucky boards again. You could win a dress. I won the red version. The dress comes with a head and has many bows and frills. The legwarmers and the flats are from Virtual insanity. They are cute and i like the little candy canes in the legwarmers very much.
Dress: PINKY*GALS GL DRESS(red) (0$ Lucky chair)
Legwarmers and shoes: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] .:* CHRISTMAS HUNT *:. Giftie ^-^

Virtual insanity also has some cool x-mas face tattoos. This one says "Im your pressent un wrap me". There are also others available like Santa's slut or one about being on the naughty list. The idea is great and they are also available in a version which looks like being written with lipstick.
Facetattoo: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] I'M UR PRESENT (Black Marquor) (100$)

Ruru@pino takes part in the christmas hunt. The gift is a red dress with some feathers. I like that the designer didn t use the typical "Coca Cola Red". There is also still a groupgift available an orange yellow black dress which has been a halloween gift.
Left: Ruru@Tear: Ruru@Tear [Ruimu] (0$ Groupgift)
Right: Ruru@Tear: 06 .:* CH *:.*...Ruru@Pino...* (0$ Huntgift)

Sometimes people who play the drums all day and are not able to keep the beat steady are annoying. So this little drummer girl got all beaten up by somebody who hoped that she finally might learn on this way to beat her drum in a constant way. The oufit is on the lucky chair. Unfortunaly its not possible to modify the skirt so the dress only fits normal sized avatars.
Outfit: Crave-Drummer Girl Complete Outfit (0 $ Lucky chair)
Skin: Aliza Karu Style : Blood Mary skin, 450 (0 $ Lucky chair)


Just taking a quick break from building.
December 15th & 16th
12/15 Advent Day 15 - Holiday Hoodie - Advent Day Calendar item from 22769 (L$0)
12/16 Advent Day 16 - Red Knit Beanie - Advent Day Calendar item from 22769 (L$0)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Halcali News

Halcali is a store for elegant clothes. They just released some new outfits. You could find Halcali in the KDC Mall a very well designed Mall with mainly japanese stores.

This short dress with the boa and the flower on the shoulder is perfect for christmas eve. Its short its elegant and you always have a reason when wearing it not to take part in going for a walk on christmas.
Dress: Halcali:::Hounds tooth pattern Dress [black] (260 Linden)

This knitted suit might be a bit warmer. You also could wear for example a nice top under it or if you plan to make somebody nervous it should work with wearing a bra under the suit. The set includes a short skirt. The dresses all fit smaller avis without problems and if not you could modify them.
Oufit: Halcali:::Tweed Suit [black] (320 $)

Halcali also released two outfits with trousers. One in a version for men and one for women. the version for men comes with a black knit shirt and fitting trousers. The cuffs of the trousers are a bit wider than in the outfit for women. The outfit for women comes with a white sweater and a black flower on the collar.

Left: Halcali:::turtle sweater & pants M [black] (240 $)
Right: Halcali:::turtle sweater & pants F [white] (260 $)

Weather problems

Igraene always had problems with the weather. Not real problems. She liked every kind of weather. She loved the sound of snow under her boots, and enjoyed the feeling of raindrops on her skin. In summer she loved the warm wind and seeing the flowers in bloom. But she never managed to dress fitting to the weather. In winter it normaly happend that she looked out of the window seeing sunshine and starting to suppose that it is spring again. After having choosen a short dress she spend then all day with freezing and being angry on herself. When planing to go to explore some caves near a vulcano she decided to wear a long dress as supposing that it would be cold in the caves. But of course she had forgotten that she was going to visit caves near a vulcano so she spend some hours sweating.
OThe Anariel Gown is currently on the Caverna Obscura Lucky board. Its a wonderful fantasy dress which is great for roleplay. As all items from that store it comes with many possibilities to wear it. For example its also possible to wear the dress without the vest. You have to be a member of Caverna Obscura to be able to win at the lucky board. The membership fee is 500 Linden.
The pictures have been taken at Shadowfield. A very lovely castle which is great for seasonal pictures.

Dress: Anariel Gown Only ~PURPLE~ by Caverna Obscura (0 Linden Lucky board or 475 Linden)

Frosty news

Frost landing with a lot of dust in the What's the news headquarter. What's the news will be a hunt organized by the guys from 22769. Its about news (well it would be surprising if it would be about fish with that name) and will start at the 1 Jan 2011. The frost outfit will be a hunt gift in the Legends of Winter Forst hunt. This hunt will run from 16. Dec to 16. Jan. The outfit is a steampunk version of the outfit Emma Frost of the x-men uses to wear. Its lovely. And you could make some great heroine like movements in it. Of course there will be also a gift for men. They will get also a frost outfit but with an other kind of top.
For the upper picture i used the Abranimations jump enhancer. Its the gift in the abranimations adventcalendar today.
Outfit: 22769 Legend of Winter ForestHuntgift (0 Linden)
Jumphelper: Abranimations : Super Jump Enhancer v1 (0 Linden Adventcalendar at the 14. Dec)

22769 also will release a new groupgift tomorrow. Its a chocolate coloured outfit. The trousers and the sweater look great together. Of course you need to take care that nobody starts to nibble at it.
Outfit: 22769 Groupgift december chocolate (0 Linden)


I always knew you were something special with your soft, pink curves and that certain look from half sad, half expectantly looking eyes... what? You want me to ruffle your silky feathers and invite you for - hey... HEY! No taking pictures of that, okay? Back off! Geees, damn paparazzi, can't even get into the mood for a bath without them hanging around... tsk.


It's week 6 of the '52 Weeks of Color'-challenge... and Luna Jubilee blessed us with one of the colours I dislike most in both worlds - yellow. I don't own a single piece of it IRL, but when visiting PixelDolls' last sale, I saw these swimming-trunks and quickly snatched them for the sake of the challenge. Excuse me now though, there is a pink duck waiting for me in the tub and dirt that needs to be washed off.

Skin: Exile - Mechanic skin (groupgift)
Hair: [Shag] - High Fidelity
Eyes: MADesigns EYES_PROMISE - green 15

Trunks: (PixelDolls) - Swim Trunks . Solid . Yellow
Tattoo: GoK - Tattoo Rock&Beers
Nailpolish: :: DUTCH TOUCH :: - Nailpolish (groupgift)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Universal princess heroine

Standing in the darkness. Waiting for the monsters to fight with the starstaff. Waving it up and down in kind of a dance. Avoiding to fall because of the socks and taking care that the hat does not fall off.

Its Santa Lucia today in Sweden so A:S:S give out a gift called Starboy. I personally heared the first time of that day when reading a book for children about a little cat named findus. I found a picture of him as Santa Lucia on the german amazon site.
So here the outfit from a:s:s for guys. Of course also women could wear it but they have to try to sing with a dark voice when singing santa lucia songs.
The socks and the leaves on the head are the current groupgift from caverna obscura.
Outfit: A:S:S - Starboy outfit (0 Linden today)
Socks and Crown: Caverna Obscura Monthly Gift Box ~DEC~ (0 Linden but 500 Linden joining fee - if you are a member you could win dresses on the lucky boards there which are worth every penny of the joining fee)

Dancing for Strawberries

Being in a huge need for strawberries. And as its possible to let it rain by some raindances it might also work for strawberries. So spending some time in the greenhouse with dancing. Jumping from foot to foot waving wild with the arms and dancing and dancing. Even singing loud.
But then recognizing that there aren t any strawberry plants in the greenhouse. Caused some time of pondering. But at least the carrots might grow faster this year.
The Strawberry outfit from *Kretch-Up!* ist just cute. It was planed as outfit for children but well the outfit kind of grew up so that it also fits adults now. It comes with trousers, shoes, and a shirt. But the best of the outfit is the hood in my opinion. You could wear a scripted one in black or you wear the lovely strawberry one i just loved when seeing it the first time. Also included in the set is hair in many colours to wear with the hoodie. The hair is made so that nothing sticks out through the sides of the hoodies.

Outfit: *Kretch-Up!* strawberry outfit (180 Linden)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

For the love of ice festival

I have to admit im way to late for my for the love of ice festival. But its now going on for a while so there are not so many people on the sim anymore what means a lagless time shopping. And admiring the very pretty sim without lag too.

Many great stores take part in for the love of ice. You could look them up at the for the love of website.

So when having to spend december in a hotel because the heaters in your home broke the earwarmers will not only keep your ears warm they also keep you from hearing things you don t want to hear or shouldn t hear. Outfit: =[Pom.Pon]= Oh My... Snowflake Outfit (includes the shoes) (100 Linden)
Legwarmers: Kis Kis . Plum Legwarmers (115 Linden not exclusive for the love of ice so you could also get them in the mainstore)

For sleeping and reading quietly in your room this hunt outfit from Ingenue and Grixdale is perfect. Although the wonderful bracelets might
Scarf: Ingenue :: Remember Me :: 5 Colour Pack (FTLO Hunt Gift)
Leggins and top: Grixdale - Open Me - (FTLO Hunt items)
Bracelets: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Bracelets :: BAIKAL :: (100 Linden)

For sleeping those nice undies from Cool Beans are great.
Undies: ::COOL BEANS:: Almost Nighties
Tattoo: ..: LiQSuM :.. "Sinfully Yours" Tattoo (Female)

Although you shoulnd t sleep on the floor in them (without the earwarmers as you might hear something you shouldn t hear)
Wounds: {Ŧalleи Đøll} : Beat to Shit Tattoo

So it might be a good idea to walk to the subway station to search for a new place to stay.
Dress: =Razorblade Jacket= Ice Dress BOX
Armwarmers: *Epic* FTLO Ice Exclusive Sparkle Arm Warmers
Shoes:*Epic* FTLO Ice Exclusive Sparkle Snow Cute Boots
Leggins: Grixdale - Open Me - Leggings for FTLO

Being dressed up as deer you might find a true four legged friend in the forest. But its the question if you really want that.
Antlers and Glasses: .::ODB::. FTLO...Red Set
Shirt: .::ODB::. Flake T
Leggins: Grixdale - Open Me - Leggings for FTLO - forest

Just some nice underwear might let you feel much better although its a bit cold. But the boots and the arm warmers are rather warm so it might work.
Body: Vilda : Frozen Cold

A jacket is a way better way of clothing for snow and this one also has a great colour.
Jacket: Sonic Death Monkey~Women's Item : Grausawm Jacket

If you prefer being dressed like a snow princess this blue gown is even better. The topfrills are made of big snowflakes and the headdress is also made that way.
Gown: *evie* Ice Queen Gown

But from the cold your nose might become a bit red. But with that makeup all people will look at your eyes instead at your nose.
Skin: Kis Kis . Usva Skin 1 - Dancing In The Snow (100 Linden and its so cute)
Makeup: *evie* Ice Queen Makeup - Black

If having eaten to many cookies. This black training suit from bubble is perfect for some winter sport. The cap will keep your ears warm.
Trainingsuit: [ bubble ] Training Suit -FTLO Ice Festival
Hair: CriCri+KnitCap.F-FTLO Hunt

Our you just go for a nice walk in the snow. Wearing a sweater instead of the top of the trainingsuit.
Sweater: #ViLada. ::FTLO:: Sweet Sweater
Scarf: ViLada Pink Scarf (0 Linden Huntgift)

When being warm from all the walking and running. You could get cold feet by walking barefoot over ice and wearing not really much.
Outfit: Kid Asia's : Slouch
Hair with Cap: CriCri+KnitCap.F (100 Linden)
Necklace: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Necklace :: LENA ::

You also could spend some time on having a very late breakfast in the dark. Wrapping yourself together on your chair while your tea slowly starts to freeze.
Table with decorations on it and so many poses in the chairs: :CeekyPea: Winter Snack

When its finally x-mas its time to dress up in your favourite dress with a wonderful scarf as nice extra to go and get all the presents you dreamed of.
Dress: Ingenue :: Cadeau :: Frost (FTLO Festival) (100 Linden)
Scarf: Ingenue :: Remember Me :: 5 Colour Pack (FTLO Hunt Gift)

I do not have the price of all items in this post but their range should be between 0 and 100 Linden. So take the time and visit the for the love of ice festival and enjoy the sim the decorations and search for the snowflakes which contain the hunt gifts.

[december undies]

Guess what: it's time for Vitamen's monthly freebie again, and this time we're being gifted with golden-bronze patterend underwear that makes you feel festive even inside of your pants. Ahem.

The necklace I'm wearing is Rozoregalia's contribution to the ZombiePopcorn Hunt and is unisex, coming in both spine- and chest-attachment points. Guys and gals, this is a real must-have, so grab it quick!

Skin: *KENTO* - Josh_T1 - Vegas
Eyes: negaposi - Lunar Eyes
Ears: AITUI - (Type 2) Stretched Ears Human - 1"
Necklace: +ROZOREGALIA+ - *Gemma* Necklace (free)
Piercings: - .HoD. - Fallen - Razor
Underwear: VITAMEN - Monthly Freebie December (free)