Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halloween Furniture

Not only apparel stores take part at for the love of halloween. As seen in the blog entry about the stuff from cheeky pea, there are some furniture stores taking place. This pretty cabinet is the exclusive item from Jessentials. It only has 10 prims and a raven is sitting on the top. So if you are standing in your livingroom wondering if it would be bad to eat the last piece of chocolate it will always quoth "nevermore". The ravens on the floor and the pumpkin are hunt gifts from Jessentials. Cabinet: Jessentials Raven Set Cabinet (100 Linden)

The black sofa reminds me always on the twenties. Its the exclusive item from Maven Homes & Decor and up to three people could sit on it. The sofa has a shadow and the black and red fit well to the orange of the seats.
The covin table is the hunt gift from maven. Its possible to open and to close it.

Sofa: Maven Homes & Decor : Embrazio Morte Couch (FTLOH) (100 Linden)
Coffin table: Maven Homes & Decor : FTLOH - Coffin Table (0 Linden Hunt gift)

In Autumn

Walking around in the wood. And using the heels of my boots to pick up leaves for using them later.
Its really autumn now. And Phoenix Rising will close now. So all the items there cost now 25 Linden or less. As low the prices are as high is the lag. But i bought this great top and those trousers. Top: -Phoenix Rising- Oda Ruffle Top (Black) (1 Linden)
Trousers: -Phoenix Rising- Mona Pants (Grey) (25 Linden)

Its also time to wear a scarf. For example this one from {Acide!]. It comes with some leaves hanging down from it. The colours are very winter like and are a nice contrast to the leaves.
Scarf: {Acide!] Winter Scarf-leaves (100 Linden)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Broom fight

Edith was a strange witch. Even for a witch. She used her broomstick not only to fly around. She used it to clean the floor. After being used for 500 years by a witch a broomstick normaly gets a personality. So this one got really angry. Everytime she wanted to use it she had a hard fight first.
But she learned a lot of tricks.
So at the end she was normally the winner and the broomstick behaved.
Her Aunt was always curious on hearing new broom stories. So Edith visited her quite often.
The broomstick is a subscriber gift at Oomph! Poses. Its still possible to get it just subscribe and check the history. The poses are really funny and somehow they also remind me on the witches in the golden compass.
The black dress is a dollarbie from the phoenix rising sale.

Broom: Oomph! Poses : The Witches Broom October Gift! (0 Linden)
Dress: -Phoenix Rising- edo's Onjoh-Quilt- White (1 Linden)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Searching for a place to sleep

The little red haired witch does not know where to sleep. So she looks around searching for a comfy place where to spend the night. First she uses her magical powers for getting a bench. But the wood is kind of hard and the pumpkin tells her dirty jokes.
So with a "swush" the bench turns into a table. She looks at all the skulls and starts to count them. She counts and counts and at the 132st skull she recognizes that she would spend all the night counting if she would try to sleep on the table.
So she turns the table into some hay. And finally she has a place to sleep. The smell of the hay is nice and the pumpkins is a silent one too (buy pumpkin 2030 supersilent, no jokes, no laughing no drunken singing). But in the morning her raven is ill because of haveing eaten too much and her cat is in a bad mood too. But thats an other story.
All the furniture are from the for the love of halloween event and from cheeky pea. The table and the bench come with lots of couple, friends and single poses. The bench has only 7 prims and the table even less with just 4 prims. They are both very well made. Its even possible to change the colour of the blankets. The items are no copy but trans so if your best friend needs a bench in the garden thats your chance to get one for him or her.
The hay pile is the hunt gift in the for the love of halloween mini hunt. Its a lovely gift and the pumpkins which come with it are non talking ones.

Bench: :CP: Hallowe'en Bench (100 Linden) (FTLO Halloween exclusive)
Table: :CP: Halloween Kitsch Pouffe (100 Linden) (FTLO Halloween exclusive)
Hay: :CP: Hay Pile (FTLO Halloween Hunt Prize 0 Linden)

The witch wears:
Hair: * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Jane's a Witch! (FTLO Halloween Hunt Prize)
T-shirt: FTLO - HALLOWEEN - [Babycakes] (FTLO Halloween Hunt Prize)
Dress: .:Shush:. FTLO Halloween : Strapped Doll outfit (FTLO Halloween Hunt Prize)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The gift at the Scare Fair from A&k is just perfect for people who love spongebob. Its a skirt in the colours of the spongebob trousers and also the top is in the colours of that yellow fellow. On the outfit is also a spongebob print. The idea of the outfit made me laugh and i think it might be fun to appear at a party in it.
Outfit: [A&k] SpongeBob Sassy Pants (0 Linden)

Long talks

Having a talk with an old friend and talking about adventures we went through together, old friends but not recognizing that he started to bore himself very much. So he became stone while listening and listening.Ezura takes part in the vodoo doll hunt. The gift for women is a black coat with a bit blood on it. It comes on all layers and the cut is nice. The blue short dress is the current dollarbie at Ezura. Its a very short dress but short dresses are important.
Left: #62 Voodoo Doll Hunt - + ezura + Female (0 Linden Hunt gift)
Right: + ezura + Dress 01 *Blue (1 Linden and you need to be a member of the group its free to join)


Being tired after a night working in the ghost train Armanda only rattles a bit with her chains on the way home.Shush takes part in the love of halloween. As shown in the first post about for the love of halloween they got an amazing gift in the hunt but they also got some great exclusive dresses in the event. The orange black dress comes with a collar with chains on it. The chains are connected with a simple "boo". It could either be worn or without straps. The red black outfit comes with a fitting collar and a wristlet. It could be worn on one or on more layers. So you could decide how sheer it should be. On the picture you see it in the most sheer and the most covered way. The black pumps are a subscribergift from SLink.
Left: .:Shush:. Bloody Mary outfit (100 Linden)
Right: .:Shush:. Pretty for halloween outfit (100 Linden)
Pumps: SLink Lara Pumps Black (0 Linden subscriber gift)
Boots: -Perse- Pursay Boots Beiges (149 Linden yay their sale is still going on)

[windows to the soul]

[windows to the soul]
"The eyes are the windows to the soul, they say... covered by a sheen curtain of deep shadows and brilliant highlights that hinders the reflection of our true nature to show for those that only sneak a short peek. And even though it's merely a cloth, thin as a bridal veil, it needs courage and strength to look behinds its folds, the will to accept disappointments and surprises... and to possibly get scared to death. Is it you that will dare to look behind my curtain of blue?"

Skin: [Buried] - ^v^ Vampire ^v^ Skin
Eyes: MADesigns EYES_NATURE ~ Aqualibrium (free/MHO)
Hair: LH_hair13_rabi_white_ (tinted)
Ears: Schadenfreude - Mer-elf Ears
Piercings: :Little Pricks: Clavical Piercing (free/MM-price)

Skin: Miasnow - Zomboy brainmuncher (free/HotLD-price)
Fangs: EMBRACED Kindred Premium Edition Fangs (store appears to be gone)
Eyes: REPULSE - Hemoholic Eyes (free/ HotLD-price)
EyeTattoo: REPULSE - Eye Socket Blood Face Tattoo (free/HotLD-price)

Monday, October 4, 2010

The queen

The elven queen in her youth stealing a card from a gambling house and running quickly away. :.Envious.: takes part in the Halloween Scare Fair 2010. That store has a lot of cute costumes in the faire. I liked the little queen outfit and the Dark Queen outfit best. Both outfits comes with a necklace and some spiky bracelts. The lil Queen outfit even comes with elf ears. Those ears have a nice working hud to tint them. So if you are in need for some elfears and for a new outfit those are definitly worth a look. The outfit could either be worn with pasties under it or if you are at an adult sim it might be an idea to take the pasties off. The skirt has some punky stuff on it. The card in the mouth also belongs to the outfit.
The dark queen outfit is a bit more elegant. The sleves are puffy and at the bottom of the open skirt is some lace. I like the cut of the top very much. The black boots also belong to the outfit.
Left: :.Envious.: Lil Queen (99 Linden)
Right: :.Envious.: Dark Queen (99 Linden)

Look of the Day: Reaktor

Talk It Out 3

Glamorize has four walls full of long nails, dangly earrings and other jewelery by Coco Nikita. The set I'm wearing costs just 25L, and comes with both earrings and a necklace (not pictured).

I swear, I love this store. They always have stuff you can't find anywhere else. Visiting them makes me feel like I'm visiting my local beauty store (and I live in the inner city, so you know how that is!).


So where am I today? I'm at Club Reaktor in Insilico. They're currently hiring djs and dancers; the guy standing behind me, a friend of mine, is a manager there. Go here if you're looking for a way to earn shopping money. The managers are very nice people and the tips are pretty awesome.

Style card:
Earrings: Black Glossy Earrings @ Glamorize, 25L
Dress: Fitted Black Dress @ Vinyl Cafe, 25L
Bra: Part of Rendevous outift @ Glamorize, 10L
Leggings: Geometric Leggings @ Bleh, 0L
Boots: Black Zipper Boots @ Vinyl Cafe, 75L
Poses: Minx Poses @ Poseur, 50L each (I bought them individually)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

October Eyes

Sterling Artistry Eyes eyes released some new eyes for halloween. They are grimm brothers themed. As loving fire i wasn't able to resist the Rumplestiltskin eyes. They are looking like your eyes are burning. Eyes: Sterling Artistry Eyes: sa Grimm Eyes - Rumplestiltskin (50 Linden)

There is also a new set of freebie eyes available at Sterling Artistry eyes. It is also October themed of course. On the left side are the october orange eyes and on the right october blue. Not only the iris is coloured. The rest of the eyes looks also a bit orange or blue.
Left: Sterling Artistry Eyes: sa_eyes_OctoberOrange (0 Linden)
Right: Sterling Artistry Eyes: sa_eyes_OctoberBlue (0 Linden)

Hunted by a Pumpkin

Perdita went on a walk in the evening. Nobody knew how she was able to see with her strange eyes. But somehow she managed to see the scarecrow on the other side of the meadow. She only wondered why it was there but forgot it then.
Until the moment the pumpkin being started to move.
Perdita couldn t belive her eyes or better she couldn t belive her buttons.
Jumping the pumpkin came closer.
When running away Perdita lost her hat.
The pumpkin started to dance on it. So she had the time to escape.
The poses and the outfits (except the striped trousers) are items from For the Love of Halloween. For the Love of Halloween will start today at 4 PM SLT. This is kind of a fair where also a minihunt is taking place. The sim looks really cool and has a big squid named "Tobi" in the middle. Some great stores take part in this event. For example "No Strings Attached", "Acid and Mala" and "It's Cake". The poses on the pictures above are all from "No Strings Attached". The pumpkinhead with the included poses is the exclusive item from that store. That means it will be sold for 100 Lindens during for the love of halloween. The other poses are in the minihunt.
Here some more items which are either exclusive items or in the minihunt. First is the exclusive item from Sweet Antidote. Its a orange black short dress with a lovely bow and a nice cut. The second is a shirt from Babycakes. The orange armwarmers are from Acid & Mala and somehow i do not want to take them off. The mushroom hat the the long hair is from Mina. The pumpkin head comes from No Strings Attached. It has 5 inbuilt poses and the idea to make something like that is just brilliant. People who love and know the Sandman books by Neil Gaiman might be reminded on Mervyn. Thats what went into my mind when seeing this pumpkin head. The grey shirt comes from name pending. The grey longshirt which isn t dirty is the item from Medley. I like the cut very much. And the outfit on the right side is well very hot and short. Its great that it is a huntitem. And i like the idea and it comes from Shush. The sneakers from Malfean Visions are very cute and i think they fit both genders. The button eyes from Battered, Bruised & Broken remind me on Coraline, an other Neil Gaiman book.

1: FTLO HALLOWEEN - .Sweet Antidote. exclusives (100 Linden)
Top: FTLO - HALLOWEEN - [Babycakes]
Trousers: Storm blogged those trousers here
Shoes: FTLO - HALLOWEEN - .:.:: Malfean Visions ::.:.
Armwarmers: FTLO - HALLOWEEN - .: Acid & Mala Creations :.
Eyes: FTLOH Exclusive by Battered, Bruised & Broken (100 Linden)
Top: FTLO - HALLOWEEN - [name pending]
Head: 'NSA' - Just Jack! (boxed)
Top: FTLO - HALLOWEEN - [Medley]
6: .:Shush:. FTLO Halloween : Strapped Doll outfit

As these items are all available at For the Love of Halloween i did not post any landmarks. The event will start in one hour.