Sunday, October 3, 2010

October Eyes

Sterling Artistry Eyes eyes released some new eyes for halloween. They are grimm brothers themed. As loving fire i wasn't able to resist the Rumplestiltskin eyes. They are looking like your eyes are burning. Eyes: Sterling Artistry Eyes: sa Grimm Eyes - Rumplestiltskin (50 Linden)

There is also a new set of freebie eyes available at Sterling Artistry eyes. It is also October themed of course. On the left side are the october orange eyes and on the right october blue. Not only the iris is coloured. The rest of the eyes looks also a bit orange or blue.
Left: Sterling Artistry Eyes: sa_eyes_OctoberOrange (0 Linden)
Right: Sterling Artistry Eyes: sa_eyes_OctoberBlue (0 Linden)

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