Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Twisted Atlantis

Adella was perplexed. Months and months of her younger sister whinging on about the wonders of the world above, as if it was indeed heaven, had driven her to distraction, and this excursion of her own.

She just didn't get it. There was freedom up in the dry, she had been told. She didn't feel it, she felt trapped. Up here the people were tied into ruffs and puffed sleeves and hosiery, so close, so confined. It had taken longer than she cared to remember to find the seamstress, the talent which make silk feel and flow like water. Now it was all she could bear to wear.

Walking was a challenge, heels were a nightmare, so she kept her feet bare, needing at least to feel the grass, soil or stone beneath her feet. She was still searching for wonders. Her sister had talked non-stop of the palace, the parties, the glamour and glitz. These... she had seen. People flashing as much as any fishscale ever had in an attempt to disguise their true nature. It was exhausting. She would change things.

Even above the tide, her fins could flash in the moonlight, her will tugged at the tide. She wanted to show the flighty people of the land true freedom, found only under the waves. As the moon waxed to fullness, the swell of the sea would come. Atlantis would soon be a new realm in the deep.

Twisted Spring 2018!
This is the 10th Annual Spring Hunt edition of the hardest hunt in Second Life. Atlantis is the theme, and there are almost 80 stores in which to pull your hair out as you search for the ever spinning cube of torment. All this is topped of with the ever maddening TWISTED ENDGAME - can you finish?
Find more info, and SLurls to the stores on the official website here: Twisted Hunt

Hair:  :::Sn@tch Emma Hair (MERMAID):::
Comes with  HUD so you can choose your hair colours!
Skin: [NM] - Angelic - Cleavage - Principalities
Male and female gifts - each containing the skin, with multiple appliers for all your mesh needs - most importantly, also includes the system skin - for those of us without mesh bodies / heads / hands etc
Shoulders:   .:S.C:. Glass Shoulder Spikes - Sea Glass -
Lovely deadly looking spikes! Lionfish!
Dress: (RP) Sea Sorceress - Hourglass
Gorgeous mesh dress, different sizes and premade for various mesh bodies included!