Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Green Mire II and Body Mod Expo

Please excuse the last minute rush for these two events!
6 Keep dreaming those dreams of others, out there in the dark. 5
1 Dream for yourself, be the person you imagine you can be. 2
Just two days left for the MadPeas Green Mire II game, and The Body Modification Expo! I've been away on holiday - I'm sorry these have had to go up with such little time left!

Green Mire II - Believer Path  Green Mire II
Skin : 7 Deadly s{K}ins - MadPea hunt skin girls (Journalist Path)
Outfit 1 : [KRC] Beamed up Mesh Cropped Tank
Outfit 2 : ::Poised:: Aurora Outfit Fem
Mask : Boudoir - Obey mask
Flying Saucers : (Challis) Mini UFO Attack
Popsicle : [: Kawaii Cream :] Alien Popsicles  ~Pea-berry~ C
Bed : Never Totally Dead... - Alien Geek Bed
Shades : Electrobit City -  Close Encounter of the 'Nerd' Kind
Alien : Bentham Manor - Alien Holding Tank
Plant : Botanical - 'Twoey' Carnivorous Plant

Body Modification Expo  Taxi
Skin : .{yumyums}. {1} Stasey - {Kool Kat} {Black Brow}
Whiskers : .{yumyums}. Kitteh Whiskers {Black}
Eyes - Blow-Up - Real Eyes - Midnight Blue L$ 100
Hair : little bones. Fiction - DipDye&Fades L$ 270
Tattoo : Letis Tattoo :: Bohemian :: FULL14008 :: 75%  L$ 375
Shoes :  ::TI:: Evil pumps- Black: L$ 220

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Scream! Halloween Is Near!

Scream! Halloween is near, the otherworldly souls stir and whisper, ready to meet the living. Lady Death ascends the throne for a night, ruling over whatever creature in any realm. Scream, as long as you are able to scream... because silence will be even more terrifying.

Contest Entry - Scream!

Meiló Minotaur and her RL daughter CapCat Ragu are two amazingly talented women whose contribution to SL visual arts cannot be duly appreciated. Their fantastic avatars have a unique and unmistakable style, but what makes them even more unique is that - regardless of where they pop up in SL - they are free and modifiable. I'm an absolute fan of these creatures, so you can understand why I promptly scooted over to Pumpkin Town when I read the blog entry of Eupalinos Ugajin about Lady Death.
The creepy horns are a new creation by Soul (formerly De La Soul), available at The Mystic Realms Faire in the Eldertree Village sim.

Avatar: "Lady Death" by Meiló Minotaur - a free gift available at Pumpkin Town until October 31st.
Horns: "Horns of the Deep" by Soul - there are three different sets ("Proud", "Scribe" and "Warrior") available at The Mystic Realms Faire (249 L$ for a single pack with a texture and colour HUD; the fatpack costs 749 L$), so you can pick your style.
Fangs: Pulse VF, part of the vampire avatar "Xyla" that comes with your starting library in SL.
Pose: "Underwater No.5" by HelaMiyo - a free hunt gift in the main shop.