Saturday, December 4, 2010


About two weeks ago Ezura released some great gothic clothes for the Ezura Fashionshow. I did not have the time at that point to blog those outfits so i d like to do that now.

For the guys there are great suits available. This is the Renaissance Suit in black red. It comes with a cane and a hat. Its also possible to wear the suit without the jacket. So you could see the collar with the ruffled tie better. The white face tattoo belongs to the set.
Outfit: + ezura + Renaissance *Blood Red Male Suit (L$688)

On this picture you could see the dark version of the Renaissance Suit. It also comes with the hat and the cane.
In this version the shirt with the very gothy collar is white. As in the red version the trousers have a very pretty pattern.
Outfit: + ezura + Renaissance *Dark Male Suit (L$688)

For women is a huge black gown with some extras available. It comes with a headdress with a mix of a veil and a coat. The headdress could also be worn without the veil. The skirt is very wide with a similar pattern on the cloth as on the Renaissance Suits.
Under the skirt you could either wear trousers or stockings with suspenders. Both versions are included in the set. Of course both also work without the skirt. So that the outfit does not only look great while dancing.
Outfit: + ezura + Dark Evil One *Black Set (L$800)

The Shania gown is also available in a Lolita Version. As the long version it comes with an open and a closed version of the veil. The skirt is a short one which could be worn either with or without trails. The colour reminds on a ruby. And of course it works as lingerie without the skirt.
Outfit: + ezura + Shania Lolita *Blood Red Set (L$800)

Visit Santa

Yesterday i went to the Winter Holiday Village and it was just great. I met Santa and was allowed to sit on his lap while Mrs. Santa took a picture of that. Santa was very kind and said that i was a good girl the whole year and then he asked me what i d like to have for x-mas. He promised me that he will make the elfs work so that i get many cookies at x-mas. Im allready looking forward to that....The idea to make it possible to visit Santa in Second Life is just lovely. I have to admit it felt just wonderful to go there and to talk with Santa. And Mrs. Santa even gave me a lovely gift for visiting Santa (pretty earrings).
The Winter Holiday Village is organized by Prim and Pixel Paradise and Raven Keep. Santa often comes around so that people could visit him and sit on his lap (Santa does not come on Mondays and Tuesdays on those days he is busy with keeping the Elfs work - else there would be no x-mas gifts).
Santa is also so kind to use the Prim and Pixel Subscribo to send out a message when he comes around so its a good thing to subscribe there if you d like to visit Santa. On the sim are also some gifts hidden.

The picture has been taken by Mairead Fitzgerald, the owner of Prim and Pixel, and was sent to me after i visited Santa.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rocking the streets

Standing around in the street and posing in a new dress before going to a rock concert. Trying to look very cool with the new fitting leather jacket.
Indyra Originals released this great combination of a dress and a leatherjacket. The dress is very elegant although its short and is as well textured as all the Indyra outfits are. The leather jacket is also a short jacket and very very cool. It has some golden buttons (im not sure if thats the right word english isn t my mothertongue) and could be worn with gloves which are also in the set. The dress could be either worn with or without the jacket and you also could combine the jackets with other clothes than the dress.
Dresses and Jackets: Indyra Originals- Nikka in: Live Coral, Tuxedo, Chinese Laquer Rose Dust and Oyster. (all sets contail the dress and the jacket and are at 325 Linden)


Meridith was quite surprised when finding the diary of her aunt. Mel was away now for nearly 10 years and nobody knew where she went. Meridith found some pictures at the last pages of the diary with short notes on their backside.....

2nd Dec 2010 .. In winter lots of hungry beings come to my garden. Latly i saw a moose walking through the garden and turned away quickly to avoid that it sees me too. 6th Dec 2010 Some days later i had a visitor which was even more strange. A white stag wearing a saddle and always poking my side like it wanted me to ride on it. I took that picture of me and the stag. I do not know yet if i should ride it or not. But i still wonder where it came from. I just had a look in the garden its nearly midnight and its still here i think i have no other choice than riding it. My life is boring anyways ...
22769 have an adventcalendar. All clothes used for the picture will be gifts in it. The trousers are the gift today. I love the reindeer sweater. Its very graphic and at the same time it has a comfy look because of the way the material of the sweater looks. The collar of the blue sweater is great too. With that kind of collar a sweater just looks like being made for comfy evenings near a fireplace.

Reindeershirt: 22769 advent calendar - december 06 (0 Linden)
Scarf: 22769 advent calendar - december 05 (0 Linden)
Blue Jumper: 22769 advent calendar - december 04 (0 Linden)
Trousers: 22769 advent calendar - december 02 (0 Linden)

Winter in the garden

After snow fall the garden looked very very different. And it was also very cold so the scarf was a good thing to wear. But at the end it was smarter to wear a poncho instead of a short top. So it was still possible to enjoy a cold breeze on the arms but not getting to cold at the same time.
The pale skin with the red lips from . It fits very well to winter. The black trousers and the leg warmers are from Ibizzare. The textures of the trousers are great and the legwarmers are very well made and have those cute little flowers. The scarf, the top and the poncho are 5 Linden items from Zeery. Those items are cute in my opinion. The poncho is resizeable and well i have payed more for scarfs in a similar quality. The name of the scarf is also great "Aurora Australis".

Poncho: Zeerys Poncho [] Cloudy (5 Linden)
Scarf: Zeerys Silk Scarf [] Aurora Australis (5 Linden)
Top: Zeerys Silk Sari Top [] Turquoise (5 Linden)
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::.HENA(2) LB (0 Linden Lucky board)
Trousers: Ibizarre Leather Crop Pants - (120 Linden)
Legwarmers: Ibizarre Helen Legwarmer - black (75 Linden)

[bleeding plum]

Once again, I'm approaching you with a post for Luna Jubilee's blogger challenge 52 Weeks of Color. This week's colour was plum, and in the end my picture turned out slightly different than I'd planned - my apologies if it's rather artistic than a well of information for you. The hair I'm wearing is the awesome new style "Fronz" from [Anaphora] whose beanie is texture-change and tintable, and the skin is, once again, my current favourite: Kriz from .:Hermony:.

[smothering smile]

Love is just a garotte
cutting deep
from within the shadows
with surprising power
and no chance to escape.

I proudly wear its marks.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Skateboard for free

As last year Abranimation has an adventcalendar. And the prizes seem to be as great and fun as last year. Today the gift is a trick skateboard. It comes with a hud so that you could just click and perform a trick while skating. The skateboard gets attached at the foot so its a bit tricky to find fitting shoes to wear with it. But Duh has those great sneaker boots. They are attached at the lower leg if i remember correctly so with an alphalayer to hide your feet its possible to use the skateboard and wear decent shoes for that at the same time. The dress comes from the violent seduction lucky board. Shoes: ::Duh!:: (W) Sneaker Boots (25 Linden for one colour but there are also fatpacks available)
Dress: Violent Seduction - Neurosis (Cold) (0 Linden lucky board)
Skateboard : * Stunt Skateboard - Abranimations * (copy) (0 Linden Adventcalendar)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pure elegance

Went lost on the way to the theatre. Well went very lost. To a strange not really elegant area. Now watching some workers and pondering if asking them for the right way or not. At least having a candy-cane. So starving will be avoided at the way back to the citycentre. Icing is definitly one of the best clothing stores for women. The creations from there are classic and timeless. Elegant and inpressive without looking like being made for a parvenu. The marilyn dress in violet is new on the icing lucky chair and so is the fur stole. The dress is perfect for looking like marilyn monroe on a picture and the stole just adds a great bonus to the dress. The stole comes with an inbuild ao the pose on the picture for example is one of the stoleposes.

Dress: *ICING* Marilyn - Periwinkle (Lucky chair 0 Linden)
Fur: *ICING* Glam Stole (Lucky chair 0 Linden)

Au Revoir Mashooka

Mashooka is one of the best stores in Second life. Now their are going to take a break of a undefined time (they will still be on x-street). The store is still open at the moment so there is still the chance to get some things from the lucky chair. And to get a great hunt gift.

The top on the left side the mashooka with love from ... hunt gift. It could be either worn with naked shoulders or with a shirt under it. The golden trousers come from Somapop but the pink dress on the right is from one of the Mashooka lucky chairs.
Top: :Mashooka: Sweater off-shoulder {dark} (0 Linden)
Trousers: [Somapop] cc jeans gold (99 Linden)
Right: :Mashooka: Valentina {pink grey} (Lucky chair)

Eret!ka members got this amazing skin today as groupgift. The eyebrows are very well made and the form and the makeup of the eyes is just great. The candy-cane was a subscriber gift from Sanu.
Skin: Eret!ka: 1 lilli/ Eret!ka skin (0 Linden groupgift YaY)
Candy cane: Sanu mini giftie candy-cane (0 Linden subscriber gift)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Black Magic

Spending some time in a mystical book store and searching for the perfect spell for gaining power. Its planed to use that power to manage baking the one ultimate cookie of cookies. And well maybe also some useful things like a singing alarm clock and a mushroom which tells stories. A:S:S released some cute fur cape hoodies. They are available in many versions and they also got kind of a rocking look. I have no clue why but i got reminded on Turbonegro by those jackets. The skirt was a hunt gift from WAP some time ago. I still like it very much but doubt that it is still available.
Jackets: A:S:S - Furline hoodie (one $L75, fatpack for $L500 the prim parts come with a resize script)
Makeup: A:S:S - Goth makeup (one 20 Linden or 100 Linden for the fatpack)
Skirt: .:WAP Design:. Outfit Urban [1] (0 Linden Red Seal Hunt the hunt was some time ago i do not know if the skirt is now sold in that store.)

In the City with Honey Kitty

Looking insecure after being lost in a dirty area of the city. But at least having found a telephone box and phoned a taxi. But its a long time to wait so spending some time on testing the clothes which are in the bag.
Honey Kitty has some great shoes on their lucky boards. They are flats with bows and straps and so on. The shopping bag is a freebie from the same store. The skirt with the dots comes in red and black. It could we worn with or without the bow. I blogged the red shirt the first time a long time ago but its still lovely and looks great with the black skirt.

White top and skirts: *H+K*+*+free dot skirt+*+
Top: *H+K*lucky board_(red)romantic tops
Blue shoes: *H+K*LB_(naivy)ribbon ruffle flat shoes
Purple shoes: *H+K*LB_(purple)girly flat shoes