Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Skateboard for free

As last year Abranimation has an adventcalendar. And the prizes seem to be as great and fun as last year. Today the gift is a trick skateboard. It comes with a hud so that you could just click and perform a trick while skating. The skateboard gets attached at the foot so its a bit tricky to find fitting shoes to wear with it. But Duh has those great sneaker boots. They are attached at the lower leg if i remember correctly so with an alphalayer to hide your feet its possible to use the skateboard and wear decent shoes for that at the same time. The dress comes from the violent seduction lucky board. Shoes: ::Duh!:: (W) Sneaker Boots (25 Linden for one colour but there are also fatpacks available)
Dress: Violent Seduction - Neurosis (Cold) (0 Linden lucky board)
Skateboard : * Stunt Skateboard - Abranimations * (copy) (0 Linden Adventcalendar)

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