Saturday, March 17, 2012

Girls gotta eat

The fights took part every weekend. There were no rules so every weapon was allowed. Of course nobody used firearms those were kind of frowened upon. Cat had seen people using bow and arrow. Not a smart choice of weapon in her opinon but some people got got so scared when seeing them that they were not able to have on clear thought. Of course did Cat not belong to those. Only one guy once tried that with her after that bows got out of fashion. She had looked at him for a while then ran to him and cut the bowstring. Without the tension of the string the bow hit the other fighter in the face and made him loose so much concentration that Cat was able to put one of her knives on his throat. It was an easy fight in her opinion. But it was the fight which finally got her the respect she wanted. The fights were a good and easy way to get money. She lived now for a year pretty well from them. Sometimes she got hurt badly and she did not win every fight but it was going well. Of course she would have a secure and less painfull income if she would still work in an office as she had done before but this had been boring and Cat was a being of the street. Her childhood had been a mix of fights and calm time in corners waiting for what would happen next. She did not know anymore what had made her work in a office maybe she had not seen an other way. But with those fights she had found one. Some saw the fact that she had paws as weakness. They tried to stomp onto them while wearing heavy boots. A tactic which wasn't dumb but lacking of elegance. Normaly Cat reacted with grabbing the drink of somebody from the audience and spilling it on the floor. It was rare that her opponents had a clue how to fight on a wet underground and she was able to feel how slick every centimetre under her paws was. Others tried to flirt with her before the fights. Cat was always surprised that they thought she would fight less hard with them because of that. The surprise of those guys was quite bigger when they lost at the end the fight with her. But Girls gotta eat. Or at least have enough money to buy a nice collection of knives.
Ready for the fight
As roleplaying in Lost Angels it was not possible to oversee, how well the Tactical Throwing Knives from Messer Co. go with some outfits. Although not being into fighting there was no different way than buying them. Which was a good decision as the description on the vendor was pure understatement. Beside the fact that the knives can be used as throwing knives and as melee weapon and have special ccs attacks, they have a great menu which offers many choices for the design of the knives. Its possible to resize the sheaths and to choose if those should be worn with straps or not. A nice idea is that its possible to resize the straps seperated from the sheaths. There are several designs for the knives, they can be black or bloodcovered for example. Beside the eight appearance options of the knives there are three for the sheaths. On the ccs side – CCS is the abbreviation of Community Combat System which is the combat system which is being used in Lost Angels – the special buffs the weapons offer cost up to three racial points. Using the buffs the knives cause a higher damage and allow to steal the stamina of the opponent in a fight. Those who are not into ccs fighting can switch the knives to linden damage and use them at places where this kind of damage is activated.
The next wave of the Zombie Popcorn Brand started today. Sakide made a skintight outfit for this event. It comes with two kind of tops - one in black and one in white- which are both also included in a sheer version. The pants also belong to this set which also containes shoes. There are two versions of the pants included one with closed and one with open zipper. The paws with the barbwire and the bloody legwarmers are available in the same event. They come from epic. And of course they are wellmade. The design looks great and for those who prefer hooves there is also a version with two kinds of hooves (black and white ones) available.

Outfit: [ SAKIDE ] Lost City Outfit (150 L$ sold at Zombie Popcorn Brand)
Paws: *Epic* -ZP- Barbs & Blood Slouchie Digi Warmers {Paw} (219 L$ sold at Zombie Popcorn Brand)
Tattoo: +Fallen Gods Inc.+ CATACLYSM (550 L$)
Knives: [M e s s e r Co.] Tactical Throwing Knives (1200 L$)

The pose on the picture is unfortunatly not available anymore but its worth to explore Little China, the sim where the picture has been taken. The location is actually under the sim in the sewer system.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Wrong Time

It had started some years ago. Lights wandering around in the garden in the night. Ghosts were normal in this area. Every bigger house had one or two of them. Sometimes people even tried to get a second ghost when they had allready one. Like those beings would be lonely bunnies or cats. Often this ended not too well with ectoplasm all over the place. Ghosts did not want to share their territory. And some seemed to be quite happy to be alone. But all of them had in common that they only appeared in the night. This one was for some time still active in the early morning and then she stayed longer and longer until she was wandering around all night and day. She didn't do anything which was aggressive or threatening in any way. But then people thought that she was a human well one with a bit strange skin colour but human. And somehow she seemed to interact with people. Which was annoying. Not that she waved to people who walked nearby she also accepted the neighbours post. The first had been bearable but the second was not acceptable. It seemed like it was time to get a second ghost.
The ghost woman

Fashion for Life is still going on. The sims are pretty and worth a look. The kimono gown on the picture is one of the donation items from Schön. It has a cut at the side and can be worn on several ways. I like the option to wear it with a collar with a cape or without that cape. The skirt is included in several versions and the obi can be worn with and without the bow. The shape is an other fashion for life item. It comes from Sophistishapes. The set contains also a shape to use with system skirts and a modelshape. It goes pretty well with the skin from Katsucide. The skin is available in several makeups. All sets contain a version with and one without cleavage.
Today many stores which take part at fashion for life set one or more items on 55 L$. So its a chance to make a bargain there.
The hair is the latest release from Wasabi Pills. Its called Kumi and also available in a version with a pony tail at the side. Its very cute and as always available in many colours. Beside this its made of mesh and well rigged. The set contains two sizes one for avatars with bigger boobs and one for those with a bit less.
The pose on the picture is available at the current round of flux. It comes from Status.

Dress: ::Schoen:: Kimono gown "Sei" (55 L$ only today Fashion for life item)
Shape: Sophistishapes - ANGEL (1000 L$ Fashion for life item)
Skin: [Katsucide] Sandra Cendre - Tan - (4800 L$ Fatpack, 800 L$ one makeup sold at Fashion for Life)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Amandine Mesh Hair (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack)

Pose: STATUS - Onomatopoeia (100 L$ for 5 poses sold at FLUX)

The picture has been taken at Fashion for Life.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

It’s Not Easy, Bein’ Green

Fern O’Shaughnessy lived the quiet life of a wood pixie. From Spring to Autumn she took care of the mushrooms, the wild flowers, and – of course – the tufts of fern that were growing in her hidden cove among the green hills of Ireland. In Winter she curled up in a comfortable burrow and slept until the first ray of March sun tickled her nose. She was generally happy… yet something secretly gnawed on her soul. She knew there lived some creatures called „humans” not very far from her place… and a starling told her that „human” girls didn’t have green spots or mushrooms growing on their skins, and they wore „dresses” instead of fern blades. Then, one day, Fern O’Shaughnessy heard some noise from behind a bush.
The noise was made by a leprechaun… a funny green creature, like herself, thought Fern and chuckled. The leprechaun heard her and frowned: „Why are you giggling, you silly craythur? Do you think it’s easy, being green?” Then the leprechaun started chuckling, too. „No, you must know what it means… right, Fern? I know of your secret wish, by the way… and, as I’m in good mood today, I’m willing to grant you it…” – said he, and his chuckles slowly turned into a sinister cackle.

Poof! Gone were the mushrooms, the green spots, the skirt and blouse made of fern… and there stood a pretty Irish colleen, green-eyed and jet-haired, dressed up in a marvellous gown… with a silly green tophat firmly attached to her head. „So that you never ever forget that it’s not easy bein’ green!” – echoed the cackling voice of the leprechaun among those emerald Irish hills.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

First picture:
Outfit: Caverna Obscura „Huldra” Flora Edition (including the skin spots tattoo set, the mushroom attachments, shoes, hat, jewellery and mod shape) - Group Lucky Board prize (0 L$). To get an invite to join the group, contact Elvina Ewing with the transaction info of your recent purchase at least L$250 worth. As she’s very generous with group gifts and lucky board prizes, it’s money really well spent.
Skin: Moosehead „Bronze” with blush and green eyeshadow (0 L$).
Eyes: Sterling Artistry Peaceful Eyes „Tranquility” (it was a formal hunt gift, now it’s available for 65 L$, the 6-pair pack is 260 L$).
Hair: D!va hair „Mana” group gift in Black Amber (0 L$ and it’s free to join the group).
Pose: Glitterati Long Hair 2 (it was a formal hunt gift, now the single poses are available for 50 L$ and the 10-pose pack is 250 L$).

Second picture:
Dress: Debutante - Mean Green Hunt gift (0 L$). The dress is rigged mesh and it comes in three sizes, together with an alpha layer. The hunt is on until March 31st.
Hat: Les Sucreries de Fairy - Lucky Leprechaun Hunt gift (0 L$). The hunt is on until March 31st.
Earrings and necklace: $GaNKeD$ „Lucky Clover” Set (0 L$, available on the Marketplace).
Skin: Rockberry „Apple” 1 Natural - Lucky Board prize (0 L$).
Eyes: Sterling Artistry Peaceful Eyes „Tranquility” (it was a formal hunt gift, now it’s available for 65 L$, the 6-pair pack is 260 L$).
Hair: D!va hair „Marie” group gift in Onyx (0 L$ and it’s free to join the group).
Makeup: :Glamorize: Stunner Makeup Kit Combo No. 5. (it was a formal freebie at the Kosmetika fair, but the currently available „Shadowed Dreams” kit is quite similar - 10 L$).
Nails: Sterling Artistry Manicure „Pistachio” (10 L$).
Pose: Adorkable Poses (it was a formal Advent gift and I’m sorry but I can’t tell whether it’s currently available).
Emoter HUD: Adorkable Poses – gift in the main shop (0 L$).

The first picture was taken at Chakryn Forest, the second one at Empress and Hierophant.

A covered up nude

I've found that recently I've been so tied up with other things that my bargain hunt instincts has been pushed aside, well not for long! it was bubbling away and has rose to the surface so off I trotted and came back with these little gems to share with you.

The nude dress I just love,  is from Vanguard & an opening gift which looks like mesh, but isn't to my great relief  and any of you older Mac owners like myself that cannot see mesh will be pleased to hear. This dress comes in a package with another nude coloured dress which a little more floaty and summery. If you join the mall group (fee of 150L) there's a host of other freebies on a table to collect too.

The bag is a gacha item from Tee*fy and there are loooooads of colour options (there is another yummy beige dress on the luckyboard instore) The hair is a bargain 40L at, there is a section of cheapies so it's worth a look.

Hair: 40L - Cameron 2 - moody brown >
Skin: 0L - Luckyboard item - Ariel  > ::Mother Goose's::
Dress: 0L - mall opening gift  - oversized dress > Vanguard
Bag: 55L - Gacha item - crossbody bag  > Tee*fy

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

FallnAngel at Fashion for life

More deliciousness from the Fashion for life event and this time it's from FallnAngel creations. I love a bit of costumery from time to time and none more so that a big fancy bustle, so the Victorian feel of the Anna gown is right up my street, the kimono's too,I'm sure you'll agree are pretty exquisite.

For a little extra drama I decided to wear skins from Matrioska doll skins which is a subsidiary of blue blood. There are 3 tones to opt for with each skin, and a tattoo make layer to add for extra dramatic effect, so here's the blurb if you like what you see.....

Top picture

Hair: 200L - Carrie - moody brown >
Skin: 300L - Deva (with tattoo layer) - skintone 1 > Matrioska
Kimono: 599L - Elaborate & urban kimono > FallnAngel creations
Poses with parasol: 149L for 6 poses - Geisha umbrella > Magnifique

Bottom picture
Hair: 200L - Carrie - moody brown >
Skin: 300L - Fantasy - skintone 2 (with samara tattoo layer) > Matrioska
Outfit: 599L - Anna gown > FallnAngel creations

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chasing The Kraken

Captain Kitty Shadowsail never felt so angry and impotent in her entire life. Her beloved clipper was stranded and seriously damaged, the cargo was floating around the wreck, the crew fled… they were cowards anyway, she thought while she wanted to skin them alive. 

Her family had dedicated themselves to hunting down the Kraken. She was never allowed to forget about this quest… and if she was to give up, a glance at her Grandad’s gold pocket watch was enough to rekindle the fire in her chest. Grandad was fabulous, he had told her so many lovely and frightening stories about the gigantic octopus he and his forefathers had been chasing around the globe. Yes, Captain Kitty was a true member of the Shadowsail clan, she had already lost an eye during a particularly vicious encounter with the Kraken… and now she lost her beloved ship. What a shame.

Pirate Stranded

Yet… Captain Kitty suddenly felt weird. She heard a sound… a hated, yet way too familiar sound… the deep booming voice of the Kraken. It was singing, and it was singing for her, wanting her back, wanting her to continue the eternal chase. Captain Kitty listened, and she suddenly felt revived. Oh yes, she was to rebuild the clipper, she was to restart the hunt. She listened to the song of the Kraken, she grabbed her Grandad’s pocket watch with a defiant yet happy smile, and in her single feline eye there glowed a wild unextinguishable fire. 

Song Of The Kraken

„Steam the Hunt 6” is on, and many shops offer lovely gifts for the indefatigable hunter. I’m a great fan of the Victorian Steampunk style, so this hunt is a true prizes galore for me. Let me show you some of my favourites here… and if you want more, check out the hunt locations and hints here. The hunt will end on March 31st so you have some time to complete the challenge.

Outfit: = Brain Circuit Inc. = Sea Voyager (Female Outfit), including the mechanical eye patch, tool belt and tricorn hat - Steam6 Hunt gift (0 L$).
Boots: A&S Visions Aftershok Steam Boots - Steam6 Hunt gift (0 L$).
Watch: *Amaranthus* Compass Rose Pocket-Watch Antique Gold - Steam6 Hunt gift (0 L$).
Hair: „D!va” hair „Akane” group gift in Topaz (0 L$ and it’s free to join the group).
Skin: ::Mother Goose’s:: Jamil-II(B) Lucky Board gift (0 L$).
Eyes: Sterling Artistry Feral Eyes in Ginger (it was a formal hunt gift, now it’s available for 65 L$, the 6-pair pack is 260 L$).
Poses: Embody M Flex No. 3. in the first picture (it was a formal hunt gift, now it’s available for 49 L$, the 5-pose pack is 199 L$), HelaMiyo Look In The Sky No. 5. in the second picture (free pose pack gift available in the shop). 

The pictures were taken at the Black Spot Shipyard, a must-see for all aspiring SL pirates. :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Time for Spring

As every year it was a surprise when it happened. One day the world was grey and rainy and the next day spring suddenly was there. With flowers and singing birds and everything. Sheela was budy with dressing herself when she recognized it. Still wearing her comfy morning skirt and no shoes she stepped outside to wander through the now blooming garden. It was wonderful. In her mind she allready heard the sound of icecubes clicking at each other when she would have her first garden party in this year.
Spring is soon
Fashion for life is now running for two days. Its one of the biggest fundraising events for relay for life in second life. On 10 sims fashion stores of all kinds show their creations. Two or more of those are donation items when those are being bought the money goes to relay for life and supports the american cancer society. The skin on the picture comes from Hush. In its honey tone its one of the huntgifts at fashion for life. For the picture I used the shape which has been made for the skin. What I really like it that there were fitting eyebrows included. The skirt on the picture is the latest release from Aura. Its made of mesh and comes in five sizes and is being sold in many colours. Its available in the Aura mainstore. Aura takes also part at fashion for life. Everything in their both is being donated to Relay for Life ,so its definitly worth to visit their booth. The top comes from snatch. The pack contains several colours. The cut is great and it goes well with lowrise trousers or as on the picture lowrise skirts. The hair is made of mesh and comes from wasabi pills. The two bands give if a look which reminds a bit on art nouveau.
Spring is soon II


Skin:~Hush~ Paige Skin - CherryBlossom (950L$ or for 25 L$ for the honey tone at Fashion for Life)
Top: :::Sn@tch Disco Sweaters (Darks)::: (250 L$ also available at Fashion for Life)
Skirt: [Aura] Low Rise Boho (mesh) skirt Petal med (250 L$) (Aura is also taking part at Fashion for Life)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Amandine Mesh Hair (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack)

Poses: Miamai_Model Pose_Picture Perfect (50 L$ for one pose 400L$ for all 10)

The picture has been taken at Ode a wonderful sim full of flowers, trees and hidden spots.

Hello.. I'm a bit Twisted

She smiled from the depths of the dark and twisted forest, in the darkness, she seemed to exude a pale light, not pure and bright, but something else, something with an edge of magic to it, not wholesome and good. As she moved, the long flowing gown smoothed over the leaf litter carpeting the dark wood, she stepped with barely a sound. The wide sleeves accentuated her movements, not snagging on branches as she passed, their material left no trace, unharmed by the thorns that surrounded her. As she passed, her hand caressed the gnarled trunk of one of the twisted trees, pale skin with its odd light, tapering fingers curled around the bough, long, clawlike nails scoring into the wood. Reaching a clearing, one  hand came to her throat, loosening the tooled leather collar that rested there, letting it fall along with the silk of the gown that slipped so easily from her shoulders. Turning to meet the stars shining through the gap in the twisting branches, a lace veil now shielded her eyes, as the markings on her skin grew darker, her own darkness ready to commune with the moonlight.


As the moonlight bathed her skin, it darkened, everything about her changing, the soft glow that had come from her now focused, seeming to come from her eyes, from curiously shaped markings on her skin. Her hair lengthened, twisting like vines, darkening as it grew, black tendrils reaching out into the night. crouching low, the ritual of her hunt had begun.


All items named are from the current March 2012 Twisted Hunt. For those who have not attempted it before, it's a little different from your usual hunt, as it is commonly called 'The hardest hunt in SL'. I've always done Twisted, there are some great stores, and some amazing prizes, from shapes and skins, to whole avs and houses, along with all the furniture you could need to fill them. There are no hints, other than those volunteers give out in group chat. Group chat is invaluable for this hunt, so try to have a free slot to join. While no hints are available on a blog, there is general guide to the hunt, and a list of all 170 stores, and their SLurls, so if you get truly stuck, you can skip, and go back later. At the end of it all, if your sanity is still intact, you can try your nerve against the Twisted Endgame for still more prizes.  Complete it all, get all the prizes, and you earn your tag of 'Survivor'.

Image 1

Eyes : The Little Bat : Arcane eyes (Teal)
Skin : The Attic : Arcane Female Light
Collar : [bubble] : Ritual Posture Collar
Nails : [Virtual/Insanity] : Kitty Galore Sharp Claws
Dress : Likka*House : Arcane Gown

Image 1 Inset

Mask : Bliensen + Maitai : Arcane lace mask - Rainy
Tattoo : Hysteria : The sacred and the profane

Image 2
Skin : The Little Bat : Arcane Drow Female / grey
Nails - as above
Eyes : Repulse : Mystic eyes Aqua
Pose : Del May : Twisted Arcane Leo

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Miamai at fashion for life

My second post relating to Fashion for life includes this delightfully opulent dress from Miamai (can be found on the dream seekers volta sim) which I want someone to make for me RL! I  love every element of this design, the shape, proportions subtle pattern and most of all what makes it for me is the peacock feather neck piece. There is a range of colours to choose from and plenty of other designs in store so please don't miss out on this one. The skin is one I have previously blogged by Hush (also exclusive at the fashion for life event) but It's my current favourite so you'll see me wear this a lot.

Details for the fashion for life event can be found on THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Dress: 650L - Loue dress - black > Miamai
Hair: 280L -  XFE275 - Black > Boon
Skin: 500L - Glossy grape - cocoa > Hush

Fashion for life

Over the next few days I shall be covering a number of items from Fashion for life, it's an incredible charity event for Cancer with so many designers on board making amazing creations for such a worthy cause. There's a lot to say about this but i'll keep it as brief as possible and you can gather more info from  THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

So here's the low down, there are over 200 stores participating over 10 sims all individually named which include a hunt, gacha's and unique sale items created for the event. There is also an entertainment sim in which to have a bit of fun and socialise, what reason have you got to not take part?

Today I'm opting for skins by Hush which can be found at  Dream seekers zeit  Hush has 4 make- up different skins in the 'Amy' range, each one has 6 different skin tone, 3 brow & 2 cleavage options. There's also a modifiable shape and eyelashes in each pack. I've picked out 3 different makes ups each with a different tone for you to see.

 From left to right :

Glossy grape in cocoa
Kiss me blue in honey     500L each by Hush > > Fashion for life
Tangerine kiss in sugar

The eyes are Hypnoteyes in mercury, a hunt item which comes in a pack of 4 for 50L by Silken moon which can be found on Dream seekers Momentum