Friday, April 20, 2018

Fantasy Faire's Arrival

Early one spring morning, the mists began to lift. Ethana rose with them. Through the long year her world had slept, or so it was thought. Each year it returned, changed, whether by its travels through the mists, or the other realms it graced. She was glad to be back...
Each evolution was a surprise, the form the earth beneath her feet would take, the colour of the sky, it was all new. Emerging from the mists was a revelation in every sense, the Fairelanders could be altered along with their surroundings, viewing their new world with new eyes. Such had been Ethana's choice this time. Opening her eyes to see a soft shimmering haze replacing the mists, gentle strains of music resolving into the calming lap of cool water against stone.
Walking around the calm and quiet of her new world, she stumbled upon evidence of its heart and purpose, and the name her new surroundings had taken. "Compassion..." she murmured, her voice melding with the whispering from the willows all around. The air around her echoed with it, seeming to come from all sides, a comforting embrace.
"Compassion..." she murmured again, "That feels right." She span on the spot, seeing more and more, taking in the domed buildings, the towering statue, the multitude of lilipads. Spinning and dancing,  her new body delighting with each movement, each sight, each feeling. This was the beauty of the Fairelands. As much as they transformed in their appearance, and the Fairelanders along with them, they were forever unchanged in spirit, heart and purpose. Come and join them. They are waiting to welcome you home. 

Itttssss thhhhheeeee MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR. The Fantasy Faire is back!
Celebrating its tenth year, Fantasy Faire 2018 is the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, roleplayers and performers in the virtual world. From Thursday, April 19 to Sunday April 29, treat yourself to eleven days of shopping, dance and theater performances, DJ parties, auctions, questing, Literary Festival, fantasy art, events and roleplaying as thousands of Second Life residents and creators bring their own visions together to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer.

In addition to ten shopping regions, there’s also five whole Fairelands dedicated to various Faire events from Memorial Garden to the Fairelands Quest, from Literary Festival to Performance Stages, from Art Galleries to the Worldling Collection. This brings the Fairelands count of 2018 into fifteen sims, just waiting for you to come and explore them.

All items are 100% donation to Relay for Life unless otherwise stated. 

Hair:  :[P]:- Gilded Fae Hair [Female]  - FREE -
Part of the amazing Female low lag avatar (Male also available) available near each SIMs TP point, and at the Plastik store in Pools of Ethuil
Skin: Carrie's Lingerie - CB~The Lavender Fairy Skin  L$ 299
Beautiful skin, with subtle delicate glittery adornments. Comes in a system skin (Huzzah - as I don't have a mesh head) and Omega appliers for all your mesh parts. (Shown here on Maitreya Lara body).
Headchain: !TLB - Ryu Headchain  L$ 150
Lovely headchain - chain on both sides, one's just obscured by hair. Comes with a HUD so you can choose from 8 different jewel colours and three different metals. Severina
Lingerie: Carrie's Lingerie - CB~Camille Lavender  L$ 299
Delicate lacy lingerie in system clothing layers and an Omega applier for the mesh bodied.
Harness:  +Psycho Barbie+ [Fallen Angel Harness - RFL]  L$ 150
Super pretty while offering an edgy look this harness comes complete with leather feathered wings. Pack comes with options for Freya, Isis, Lara, SLink Hourglass and Physique and Venus. Three colours of metal adornments controlled via HUD. The Bazaar Dungeon
Leg Harness: +Psycho Barbie+ [Rogue Leg Harness - RFL]  L$ 150
More mesh goodness - these are so pretty and the RFL colour is amazing with a delicate pattern. Pack comes with options for each of the mesh bodies as above, and again, you can choose from three different metals for the grommets. The Bazaar Dungeon
Ring: EF: Lovecraft Ring  L$ 99
Pretty little sucker. Gettit? Lovely little tentacle ring. Athenaeum Arcana
Nails: Dark Passions - FatPack - Sleek & Somber L$ 290
Ten fantastic colour options - appliers for nails - HUD driven for both finger and toenails!

Images taken in Willows of Nienna one of the sims of the Fantasy Faire

Monday, April 16, 2018

Blogger Challenge : I remember


One of the blogger challenges from the Fantasy Faire is "I remember". Thinking back across Faires past. Back in 2014 I started making little videos - didnt manage to get all of the sims that year, as like an idiot I saved the files on top of each other, and then they were gone. 
Each year I walk the sims and capture what I can of their beauty before they fade into the mists. Capture them so we can look back on them and remember. 
The mists will recede again on the 19th, and we can all help make a difference, enjoying the beauty while raising money for Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society.

Music :
Nocturne in B flat minor, Op. 9 no. 1 - Copyright Free Public Domain from
Nocturne in C minor, Op. 48 no. 1 - Copyright Free Public Domain from
Nocturnes, Op. 32 - No. 1. Nocturne in B major - Copyright Free Public Domain from

Thursday, April 5, 2018


Day's done... the sun, while not gone exactly, was bowing out for a few hours below the horizon. Down on the farm the fete had been a big success. Usually the end of the summer party was the money spinner, people from nearby towns visiting to snap up jars filled to the brim with sunshine masquerading as jewel toned fruits. Success could be measured in so many ways, tonight they would celebrate the end of the first round of lambing, weeks of sleepless nights would pause, if only for a day or two. The barn was decorated, bunting strung across the hayloft, high above the temporarily peaceful stalls. Headlights swang and dipped from the hills, approaching through the twilight. The music was starting... Time to head in and dance.

The night had been long, but had passed in moments, each one sheared from the next by the blade of light cascading from a mirrorball. Heartbeats resounded with the the throbbing pulse of disco music, steam and smoke obscured the night above as it had been obliterated from below by the strobing dancefloor. Last call had come and gone, lights flickered on as the sun began to rise. Walking the cobbles in a Capote redux, she needed coffee...

The subway trains always ran on time. Always. Far easier than navigating the surface street traffic, so often in a snarl of red lights and exhaust fumes. Many found the rumbling relaxing, some commuters even tied on notes, their journey so sophorific, 'Please wake me at Hibiya'... The convenience was one thing, getting where she needed to go quickly, smoothly; even if it was often more crowded than anyone liked, despite each person being in their own world soundtracks piped in through their earphones. She missed the sky. Some days there was no sight she would rather see, no music she would rather hear than the click clack of heels against concrete. Those days, she walked.

Shoetopia! Could there be a more magical place? (Well, yes, but not until the 19th...)
A SIMfull of shoe stalls for both men and women throughout April. Plus, now there's not 107 people on SIM you can get in and shop at your leisure!

Down on the farm:
Boots: riding boots cocoa   L$ 190.
These boots come with two versions, to fit SLink or Maitreya
Shorts - +REDRUM+ High Strappy Shorts in Denim (part of 3 pack 'Play' in different fabrics) L$ 199
Shirt - Gawk : White tummy shirt L$ 180

Disco Diva:
Heels:  !Rebel Hope - Amanda Mesh Heels Brown  L$195.
These heels come with versions for Belleza, Maitreya and SLink. A HUD offers four different options for the colour of the insole, and the elastic.
Shorts - +REDRUM+ High Strappy Shorts in Gold (part of 3 pack 'Disco' in different fabrics) L$ 199

Subway or Strut:
Heels: ::SG:: Feye Shoes - SLINK   L $240.
These heels offer four different metals for the heels, and eleven different colours for the shoes and laces, all HUD driven.
Shorts - +REDRUM+ High Strappy Shorts in Leather (part of 3 pack 'Goth' in different fabrics) L$ 199

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Mad Easter

It was that time of year. The chills of winter around the globe were fading. All over the world, the grip of ice, so tight for so long, was loosening. Shoots forced their way ever upward, no care or regard for concrete or stone. Life found a way. Just like clockwork. And just like clockwork, something else was ticking. The nerve by his eye.
The fade had released him.
All around the town, soft heavy footfalls. The easy creak of wicker. Long, low, rattling breaths. This winter had been longer than planned. He had fallen asleep in the summer, and had slept through springs not warm enough to reach him. Now he was awake, and the eggs he placed around the city would make up for the springs he missed. Shiny and colourful, drenched in blood they could charm those lucky, or unlucky enough to find them.
Too late...
He saw you...

Now you gotta go dance with him

Madpeas Mad Easter Egg Hunt is on! 
For the low low price of L$100 you can get yourself the Hunt HUD, attach the egg basket if you feel it, and follow the little blue dots to find the eggs. Be ready for many eggcellent puns! Each egg you find is worth a number of points, tracked by your HUD, which can be eggschanged (see what I did there) for a variety of prizes back at the hunt start point. There are different levels of prize, 1000 points etc - all the way up to the main prize, at 5000 points - which will unlock when the grand total of points achieved reaches the magic number. Once you have found all the eggs in the area, click the ? on your HUD to be taken to the next SIM with eggs. Note the arrows on the compass wheel which tell you if the egg is above or below you! Its a lot of fun, with new eggs being added all the time. Hunt until April 5th.
At the hunt startpoint there are also some very fun MESH avatars to buy... like Mr Bun, who comes complete with his snazzy waistcoat, and three fur colour options from Abranimations, Grey - shown here, Black, and Pink for L$ 450.
Pictures taken in CoLA - with eggs of Mr Bun's own design - Crack them open and you get more RP than chocolate. I already ate the chocolate. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Twisted Atlantis

Adella was perplexed. Months and months of her younger sister whinging on about the wonders of the world above, as if it was indeed heaven, had driven her to distraction, and this excursion of her own.

She just didn't get it. There was freedom up in the dry, she had been told. She didn't feel it, she felt trapped. Up here the people were tied into ruffs and puffed sleeves and hosiery, so close, so confined. It had taken longer than she cared to remember to find the seamstress, the talent which make silk feel and flow like water. Now it was all she could bear to wear.

Walking was a challenge, heels were a nightmare, so she kept her feet bare, needing at least to feel the grass, soil or stone beneath her feet. She was still searching for wonders. Her sister had talked non-stop of the palace, the parties, the glamour and glitz. These... she had seen. People flashing as much as any fishscale ever had in an attempt to disguise their true nature. It was exhausting. She would change things.

Even above the tide, her fins could flash in the moonlight, her will tugged at the tide. She wanted to show the flighty people of the land true freedom, found only under the waves. As the moon waxed to fullness, the swell of the sea would come. Atlantis would soon be a new realm in the deep.

Twisted Spring 2018!
This is the 10th Annual Spring Hunt edition of the hardest hunt in Second Life. Atlantis is the theme, and there are almost 80 stores in which to pull your hair out as you search for the ever spinning cube of torment. All this is topped of with the ever maddening TWISTED ENDGAME - can you finish?
Find more info, and SLurls to the stores on the official website here: Twisted Hunt

Hair:  :::Sn@tch Emma Hair (MERMAID):::
Comes with  HUD so you can choose your hair colours!
Skin: [NM] - Angelic - Cleavage - Principalities
Male and female gifts - each containing the skin, with multiple appliers for all your mesh needs - most importantly, also includes the system skin - for those of us without mesh bodies / heads / hands etc
Shoulders:   .:S.C:. Glass Shoulder Spikes - Sea Glass -
Lovely deadly looking spikes! Lionfish!
Dress: (RP) Sea Sorceress - Hourglass
Gorgeous mesh dress, different sizes and premade for various mesh bodies included!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

For the Love of the Devil - Pt 2

This was interesting...
Neon glowed, soft and red in the darkness; giving the space the feeling of internal, if not infernal warmth. Stepping through the door from the street marked a change, more than location, a change of state.
Though separated from the busy street outside by mere millimetres of glass and aluminium, the space, soft and warm was otherworldly. A gentle scent caught her attention. Looking around she could see no cause, though with each step the scent bloomed, earthy and fulsome. A gentle tickle at her neck explained all. Under the strange light, the tiny plantlet in her necklace was flourishing.
There were others there... had been others there, though she could not see them, she could feel them. Feel the effect they had had on this place, and how it had affected them in turn.
That was it... the cables on the floor, sockets and plugs, traced to outlets which were unconnected, and yet the lights still glowed. The power was coming from within, it was created by all who cared to come.

2 days remaining at the fabulous fundraising event For the Love of the Devil!  
Taxi :   For the Love of the Devil

Hair :  .Olive. the Robin Hair - Color Fades     L$ 395
Horns : DOUX - Demon hairstyle [Naturals]  L$ 149
Facepaint : Nightmare :: Bad Wolf Set   L$ 150
Necklace : :[P]:- Hydropine Jewelry & Rezzable:// Jungle  L$ 199
This set includes two necklaces and earrings!
Dress : [Cynful] The Oh! Dress - Devilish Purple  L$ 299
Beautiful ombre. Dress also includes chain embellisments, colour change via HUD - or removable - as shown here. 
Shoes : NX-Nardcotix Liz Stiletto Devil  L$ 250
Colour change via HUD, 6 different colourblend options!
Scene : /anxiety/ devil  L$ 149