Saturday, May 9, 2020

Fantasy Faire 2020 - Out of this World

Across aeons there had been whisperings, wonderings, all over the worlds.
                       Whence came we?
                                                                                                              Wither goeth we?
The words themselves had changed over time of course, but the sentiment remained. All those blessed with sentience, which was of course just about everything, had thought, spoken, or screamed the question into the void.
Out there in the void, the powers that be shifted, they were always listening.

Aethera drifted through the limitless heavens, eyes and ears alert for the change. There was a moment for each planet, each civilisation when they achieved a coming together, with the questioning voices coalescing into one. The blue planet called to her now, unremarkable, though pretty with its pattern of greens, browns and blue. The chorus had begun years ago, a few disparate souls echoing through the vacuum, like pinpricks of light their presence tickled her skin, catching her attention. 
Over time these echos multiplied, spinning through space, dancing and winding together to encircle the planet, drifting off to form an enticing cord. It was time. Aethera grasped it. There was no knowing where they would end up, there was just one guarantee. Having come together as one, with one positive goal, whatever came next would be better than anything they had seen before.

We are coming to the end of the Fantasy Faire 2020. There is still time to shop! So far, the Fantasy Faire 2020 has relayed L$17,434,340 ($69,737) by the end of the sixteenth Faire day.
Read that again. L$17,434,340. That's $69,737!
Mind. Blown. Go on. Please. Make this even more amazing. Spend those Lindens to raise real life money to fight cancer. Relay for Life!!!

All items listed are 100% donation to Relay for Life.

Antlers : Jinx : Cervine Antlers - Fine -
Hair : Raven Bell - Nereid Hair
Auxentios’ Pass
Skin : Fallen Gods Inc. - Expanding Universe [xx]+FGInc.+ Psychic Opals NB
Eyes :  !TLB - Lyric Eyes/Green
DP - Koffin Nails - Maitreya HUD - Fantasy Flutter Keys
Lamented Fens
Globe : Boudoir - Holding Earth
Outfit : The Annex - Kimama - Black

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The Bard Queen's Garden - Quest at the Fantasy Faire 2020

The Queen's Garden had been busier than usual lately. Hestia had felt the presence of first one, then another. More and more, coming in pairs and groups, until the essence of thousands of souls drifted through the leaves, sparkling in the morning dew. Something had called them thither, as a guardian Hestia was sure she should know what... "Must have been too long trimming the henbane..." she mused to herself, "Can't for the life of me remember..."

It had something to do with the time of year, always as the bluebells were in bloom the people appeared. Year on year, some of them felt familiar. She had never actually seen them of course, the garden existed on countless planes, it was often more difficult to find anyone you were looking for than it was to avoid them. Wandering along the twisting paths her gaze swept the curves of the stream, attention caught by jugs and pots left out unattended. "What on earth?" 
This incongruity was milder than previous years... a small, distant chime of memory began. "Things out of place... bluebells in bloom... Strange things, strange souls. Old souls, new souls... things out of place, people out of..." Hestia snapped her fingers as understanding clicked. "The Quest!" 
There had been no looming dread, no worry and whispers among the Fairefolk as in previous years, the garden had been blooming with more beauty than ever, and here was the cause. The quest was not having to rescue or rebuild, it had taken a new form, thanks to the Bard Queen. Now these thousands of souls were helping the garden to grow, and new life was bursting from all sides.

The Fairelands Quest! Each year a Fairelands Wide search, guided by a helpful HUD, and video messages fom the Bard Queen herself. You can find the HUDs at the TP point of each Fairelands SIM - including a deluxe HUD which contains quest outfits for males and females for just L$350, 100% of which is a donation to Relay for Life. Given the AVALANCHE of gifts from the amazing and generous Fairelands creators you receive on completing the quest, the indepth rummage through SIMs letting you find amazing nooks and crannies you may otherwise have missed, and the camaraderie you build with others also searching, this may just be the best purchase you can make at the Faire.

All items listed are 100% donation to Relay for Life

Halo :  :[P]:- Boen Halo [Thin-Sparkle] RFL
Sirens Lore
Hair :  Raven Bell - Umbriel Hair [Crystal] and Head Sparkles
Auxentios’ Pass
Skin : ND/MD Boo BLUSH
Tattoo :  :[ET]: Wisps - Fantasy
Eyes:  A.D.D.Andel! Galaxy Eyes- RFL
Outfit :  MALified - The Bard Queen
Nails :  DP - Koffin Nails - Maitreya HUD - Fantasy Flutter Keys
Lamented Fens
Staff :  :[P]:- Tsubome Staff [Static Right] RFL
Sirens Lore

Monday, May 4, 2020

Why I Relay - Fantasy Faire 2020

The rumours were true.

The Unweaver had been at work in the world again. Rarely sighted, particularly in these lands where all the beings were so aware, so vigilant. Actions and reactions, events and occurances in the wider world rippled and echoed even here. To Saya, these whispers and rumbles were more tangible. Awaking one morning, a pinprick of light danced across her eyes with the movement of the sun. Light, where there should only have been the comforting regularity of shade, her wings blocking the morning glare. Over the years this pin prick had grown, the threads around it fraying, loosening, coming apart.

Patching and darning had helped for a long time, kept Saya aloft, able to soar across their skies. Each repair took time, some worked better than others. She had long since stopped sewing and embroidering herself, finding each needling created myriad new holes, each capable in turn of damaging her fabric further. Secure in the knowledge that others were working hard, day and night, all over the worlds to find new methods of truly mending what had been damaged, Saya was free to hunt The Unweaver itself. Walking paths well trodden, flying over rough ground, ever searching, ever seeking. Across strange lands she talked with beings, read their reseach, followed their maps. She met those touched by The Unweaver, who had found ways of reworking and remaking, revoking its effects completely. She wept and celebrated with those whose loved ones had been lost. Each encounter was draining. Each encounter was rejuvenating. Each encounter confirmed her understanding and belief, even when she was alone, there were countless souls with her.

Each year, this is the Blogger Challenge that gets to me. The Fantasy Faire is such a big deal for me, I'm proud and blessed to be part of it. It's a visual delight, the people are kind, talented and fun. Running around an ever increasing number of sims, frantically clicking, shopping, listing, landmarking, oohing, aahing etc etc... It's a riot. SO much fun. Then along comes this challenge. Why I Relay. It all just stops. It forces me to refocus, not on the beauty and the shiny, but on the reason behind it all. That's what, without fail every year, makes me cry. Crying is not a bad thing! Feeling the sadness of loss is a conduit to other memories. The sadness is mine. The joys, experiences and love are things shared with those I've lost. Life is hectic, and taking the time to remember can be hard.

So I will do this. Every year. I will take the time to remember, I'll focus on the loss, tears will fall. It is a small small price to pay for the chance to truly remember the people, the joys, experiences and love we shared. I will remember and relive times with Marion, with Helen, with Lesleigh. I will think of those who have beaten, or are living with cancer. I will text. I will make calls. I will reach out. I will be there. And just like that, knowing and feeling all of these things, I can type these words. I'll dry my eyes, and, more likely than not, I'll do another round of the Faire and shop some more.

Doing a little bit, alongside everyone else, we make change. We raise real money to further research into beating cancer. We move forward, and we will do this until there is no Unweaver. No cancer that can't be cured. And then, we'll do it again anyway. Coz like I said... it is SO much fun.

Vyl x

Items shown are 100% donation to Relay for Life.

Hair : AnalogDog - Yoli - Variety
Hair Stick : *Naminoke*Torii HairStick #B-FF2020
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Tattoo : Ab.Fab Lumeria tattoo
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Spirit Valley of Kuruk
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Gloves : CKit Falconry  - Leather Riding Gloves_Female_512
Agra Adara
Wings : ::Static:: DaVinci Faewing {Icharus}
Auxentios’ Pass
Poses : Astalianda - Zodiac Fire Signs and Water Signs Pose Sets

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Strange seas - Fantasy Faire 2020

"Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me..."

Signing on to sail the seven seas had had no such siren's call. Neither had it been the Queen's shilling slipped into her flagon of ale, nor the cosh, bind and drag of the press-gang. It had been stranger than that. Twelve moons past, she frowned at the memory, had it been twelve moons, or twenty four? Elora span the novelty globe slowly, not wanting to disturb the bottles hidden within. There had been trading calls at so many markets since that she had begun to lose track, despite their incredible differences. One had flown aloft, higher than the crow's nest of any vessel, powered by some strange crackling blue aurora. Another had been deep, deep within the earth, caverns and caves lit sparsely by flaming torches and in places by an unearthly glow from banks of twisting toadstools. It had been in one, both, or more of these that she had met The Mooshki, and heard their tales of lands more distant than any she had visited to date.

The search had begun following those meetings. Strange seas, with stranger tides. Exploration had taken the ship to lands more bizarre than those on the ship's novelty globe. New charts were plotted, those areas which had once held nought but dragons were sketched, mapped and defined. There was a sadness to this, the loss of mystery. There was excitement, the discovery of the new. They had found so much, and shared their treasures with the world. They hadn't found what they were searching for yet, but with each journey they were getting closer. It was time again to set sail.

More goodies from the fabulous Fantasy Faire! Stop by and shop - get some of these goodies! All items listed are 100% donation to Relay for Life, raising money for cancer research. Where's the downside? Don't waste time looking for one, you have shopping to do!

Hair : AnalogDog - Sinai - Variety
Skin :  Ab.Fab skins&Fantasy - Eir Amethyst Skin-Cleavage-BOM
Eyes :  !TLB - Lyric Eyes/Green
Tattoo : Stardust - Elora - Purple Tattoo 100%
Outfit : Belle Epoque - Anne - FF20 (Maitreya)
Sirens Lore
Boots : lassitude & ennui  - Reverie boots - purple (Maitreya)

Monday, April 27, 2020

A Quiet Time - Fantasy Faire 2020

The streets were quiet.
They had been quiet for days...
Days? No, Cerys' foot nudged the drift of detritus forming a strange high tide line along the cracked pavement. It had been a good while longer than that.

The people had receded, retreating back into their places of sanctuary.
Alarms had sounded, voices had blared, some speaking sense, others quite the opposite.
Some had learned what others had already known, they were not the masters of their own universe.
Some would never learn. Others held onto hope that even this wouldn't matter.
Cerys gazed out into the fenced off remainder of wilderness in the midst of the city and wondered what it had been like, when such things happened in the past. Were they better off now? Better able to cope?

There were comforts to be found even in the links of that chain of thought. Particularly among the trees, with the soft sounds of nature awakening all around. Each day there was this escape, normalcy rebranded as freedom for one precious hour. Technology, crtiticised for so long, by so many, for isolating and desensitizing, was bringing people together. People were reaching out to those they had not sought for years. New ways of communicating were bringing people together, even while they were apart. Individuals and groups undervalued and marginalised in the day to day, were in this day, today, showing their inexpressible worth by keeping the true neccessities of life going.

By keeping apart, while reaching out; focusing on what we have, and those we love, we can get through this. 

The Fantasy Faire is a wonderful escape from reality. The reason we do it, the heart of it all, is so embedded in reality as to make it inescapable. We do this to raise money to further cancer research. We do this because in this virtual world, this second life where we are free to do anything and be anything we want, we still want to help make things better here in the real world. So please. While you are indoors, if you are feeling trapped, or isolated, double click that icon. Step into another world. Buy something beautiful that makes you smile. Think of the difference you are making, to the world. 

Items shown are 100% donation to Relay for Life

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Necklace : [ riseDesign ] RFL Rock On Necklace
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Tattoo : GERMINAL - Cracked Reality Tattoo
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Dragonfly : =EagleDesigns= Dragonfly Friend - Orange Red
Top : Grumble - Summer Heat Cami
Agra Adara
Pants :  Trinity Clothing - Cane's Grunge Overalls
Melusina’s Depths

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Fantasy Faire 2020 - Revelation

The sands shifted as the spring breeze swirled into existence, chasing the last of the clinging frosts from the dunes. Grain tumbled over grain; a slip swelling into a landslide, uncovering what had remained buried for decades. The glimmer of crystal, a shining drop of blue amidst the sand. Emerging from the depths of the earth's clinging confinement, Arala stepped forth, pulling her staff free behind her.

"So dry... so barren..."
She coughed, the dust rattling loose as thoughts from the dark slowly coalesced. Understanding of what had happened dawned, her anger and disappointment grew. Grumbling to herself she looked around, poking here and there at the dunes with the base of her staff.
"It must be around here somewhere!"
The gentle touch of the breeze flowed over her, carrying with it the answer.
"Oh... It's me."

Arala began to climb. She had been looking for a reason, an actual revelation to explain her own.
She remembered the decline, the loss.
Her deminishment, through no fault of her own. There had been fault, but in this moment, it no longer seemed to matter. She was again. Conscious and present. It could mean only one thing. There was a place for her in the world again, all she had to do was take it. All things change, nothing lasts forever, neither joy nor pain. Life would return to the barren wastes, she would be the one to bring it. Her light grip tightened around her staff, as she smiled, rain began to fall.

It's BAAAAAAAAAAAACK! Fantasy Faire Time! And already I have typoed Fantasy as Fantasty and have had to change it. This happens EVERY year.
Anyway... clears throat and puts on a boxing match announcer voice...
It's back. It's bigger than ever. It's EIGHTEEN sims of amazing creations, wonderful people spending their money not only to get mindbogglingly gorgeous stuff, but to benefit the world by supporting the cause of fighting cancer. I'm so excited. Get down there. Be amazing. Join the shopping, the events, the community. The real revelation is that the answers will come from us.

Items shown are sold as 100% donations for Relay for Life.
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Melusina’s Depths
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Gown : Mishmash Fusion - Dark Siren Gown - Purple - Maitreya
Lamented Fens
Staff : Jinx : Spirit Moon Staff

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Wishing - A Midas Tale. Fantasy Faire 2019

What would you want, if you could have anything?
A seductive question, perhaps the most enticing combination of word or thought that could be conjured. Once asked, it captivated; either by focus and endless longing, or through purposeful, eternal avoidance through fear of what may, or may not be possible.
Midas had certainly thought himself lucky, blessed by the gods with a touch that turned all to gold. The gold delighted him, what more could anyone wish for? No worries could plague him, all financial concerns a thing of the past, he and his family were all set for life. Xenia, the eternal honoured practice of opening hearth and home to any guest had gained him this prize. The gods however, took their pleasure in not only punishing those who flouted ancient laws, but in toying with those who did all in their power to follow them. Midas had gone first to his rose garden, touching each bloom in turn, until the bushes sagged under the weight of his riches. A brushed kiss on his daughter's cheek, the loving clasp of his wife's hand and his family were worth more than all the wealth of the town, their true value lost forever.
What could you want, when offered everything, other than some guarantee that what you already had wouldn't be taken away? Or, if what you truly wanted was for something to be taken away, that it wouldn't be visited on those closest to your heart to appease some deity's twisted sense of humour in a cosmic joke? Wishing for more wishes was forbidden of course, though people were still sure to waste their opportunity by asking. Whatever was asked for was granted, but this. The consequences, good or bad were unknowable in advance, even to the one granting the request. What was best, what was safest, what could do the most harm, the most good? There was no knowing, no guarantee in wishing. Would it better serve the worlds if there were no wishing? Wishing stemmed from hope, its painful double edge cut dreams into tatters while opening doors. Hope fuelled wishing, from Midas to the modern day. Those who granted them, mostly by now grown out of impish mischief, could only hold to that which gave their power. The heart of it all. Hope.

Hope. We have it. The Fantasy Faire has been, and for a short while longer will continue to be, amazing. Hope and the goodness within people has raised over $60,000. Thats USD. Over TEN MILLION LINDENS. That L$250 here and there, that one big purchase of a skin, or a build for a thousand or more - it all adds up. It is all adding up. It is adding up to improving your life inworld. To improving life in the really real world, for people fighting for their lives. Keep going. Keep relaying. You are the ones granting wishes. You are bringing hope.

(Oh and don't worry too much about Midas, he was granted a further boon by the gods and all he'd turned to gold was returned to him as it had been, including his wife and daughter!)

All pictures taken in Fantasy Faire Sim Midas

Hair : !!Firelight!! Rigged FItMesh Hair - Fatpack - Irene Gen2+
Sanguinely Garden
Veil :  Dreaming Thicket - Dianthus Veil - Pomegrana Gold (Transparent)
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Twilight Spring
Necklace :  [HarshLands] FF X Necklace - ULTRA RARE - Demon
Light of Valoth
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Bracelet : .AiShA. Kraken Bracelet Ring Gold
Shoes : (*<*) 1313 Mockingbird Lane Evie Sandals
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