Thursday, May 4, 2023

Fantasy Faire - Why I Relay 2023

The soaring towers of the citadel in their sombre granite sheens did not speak of welcome. Their sturdiness and sky piercing grandeur gave the correct air of dependability and beneficent authority, but welcome? No. Thats's where I come in. Follow me, we'll head inside.

Come on in, follow me, no need to stand on ceremony here! I know it looks grand, but soon enough these soaring vaults of stone will feel as familiar as your own home. That's the way, follow the path.

You feel like you have been searching for something all this time? Worry not, my dear new friend, that's why you have found yourself here. There's long been the call within to do something, something which struggled to find a place, a name, a focus. Here you can find it, here it's been waiting.

There's a fellowship that's been calling, in voices unmatched. Singing together through wires and bursts of light, across oceans and through the quiet mists, always searching, always reaching, always welcoming. You felt the call, you've suffered, lost, taken action, hoped. You've read and you've listened, and now you are here, whether your path was labyrinthine or direct. Here you have found a family, a home. Voices and hearts, souls caring for one another deeply, though they may never have met, other than here; in this magical, ephemeral place. A society, a people with one goal, of which you are now part. A beautiful goal, one of hope for the world, to rid it of a life changing, life stealing disease. 
Here you are, in fellowship, in hope, in love. You never leave, this place and its people will always be with you, and you with them, all of us doing our part, all of us fighting this fight together.

Each year the Faireland blogger challenge of "Why I Relay" is just that, a challenge. For me, its always like nothing seems enough, no words can encapsulate, no image could convey the depth of feeling, the power of meaning that this event brings. For those we have lost to cancer, for those living with it, and fighting against it. For those who fear it, and what it may mean for themselves or those they love. For those in quiet rooms, in busy labs, in clinics and wards, in homes in workplaces. To fight against this disease is a standard, not moral but intrinsic nontheless. To fight and stand against it with such beauty and fellowship as is demonstrated year on year by the Fantasy Faire, by creators, world builders and shoppers, by dancers, actors, scripters... the list goes on and on. You are all amazing.
If you can, join us at the Fantasy Faire in SecondLife. Meet the people, feel the love. Fight this fight with us. 

Images taken in Faireland SIM Szystrum Synod

Items featured are available at the Fantasy Faire, and are donation items, raising money for Relay for Life.

Hovering Whisps : 3rd Eye Perceptions - Shine Whisps ( Light Fantasy )
The Shimmering Fen

Halo : [Cubic Cherry] {Innocence} halo Aether touch
Szystrum Synod

Hair :  KMH - Hair F227 Rigged
Spirits Crossing

Eyes :  [n.a.p] [not a peep] Starburst Eyes - 13

Horns :  Schelm :) FF005 - fantasy sheep horn [FAT]

Tattoo :   *Find the Fish* - The Moon Tattoo Full

Outfit :  :[P&E]:- [Petrichor] - Saina Short [Lara]

Sandals : Tentacio - Celestial sandal wings

Friday, April 28, 2023

Fallen Star - Fantasy Faire 2023

 Something... something was missing.

People had noticed of course, though not too many just yet. There were always those more observant, those whose eyes turned most often to the firmament; seeking guidance, tracing patterns, wishing... Now there were whispers among the wishes, murmurs from the mapmakers and something not quite grumbling from those who used the stars as their guide. Something was definitely missing, a patch of darkness above where a speck of brilliance had long gleamed.

Something was missing from the darkness of the night sky, because something had become someone. Someone had looked down for as long as eyes had looked up, someone had seen, and wanted a closer look. Taking form as something so comparatively small had been a challenge, she was taking very careful steps with her new feet, lest she sink through the surface of this enticing world.

Her choice of form was inspired entirely by the new sights which dazzled her eyes, as she in her turn had inspired others for aeons gone by. Travelling through the lands opening up before her, tones, light and shade never experienced threatened to overwhelm her senses. Everywhere flowers burst into bloom, their petals unfathomably smooth and cool against the nascent touch of her fingertips. Music and voices lilted and rose, a wave of welcome to ears accustomed to the fury of fire and storm.

She could barely wait to explore the beautiful world, able to linger only so long in each place, desperate to take it all in. Voices and fellowship called her forward, drawing her into a strange dance of warmth she'd thought left far behind. Before too long, she would return to the her place, a light in the darkness; for now, she would revel in the lights she found right here.

Aaaaannnd we're back! The Fantasy Faire is here once again! Thousands of souls coming together in rememberance and hope, making the world more beautiful while doing the most beautiful thing - helping others. Raising money to contribute to the fight against all cancers. Items blogged are donation items, with proceeds going to Relay for Life - The American Cancer Society. So come and explore, shop and enjoy some time in the beautiful worlds created for you, to make our world better.

Hair: Raven Bell - Magnolia Hair F ~Shimmer~
Szystrum Synod
Skin: Moth&Moon - Maitreya - HAZE - Cleavage 2
Earrings: *KD* Soul earrings


Necklace: [DB] Drunken Brokkr - Fithril Chest Jewelry - FF special

Gown: Belle Epoque - Athena Dress RFL (Maitreya)

Staff: Simply Shelby - Moon Staff - Purple/Pink

These pictures taken in the Fantasy Faire Sim : Glimmering Meadows

Sunday, May 1, 2022

The Chrysalis Gardener - Fantasy Faire 2022

It was peaceful in the chrysalis gardens in the quiet of the night...

It could be mistaken, by a casual observer, to be too quiet. Especially should that casual observer have read far too many mystery novels lately, and there had been such, lurking around the gateways, tapping lightly, in varying rhythms on the wooden walkways. More people than ever seemed to be out in the night, looking for something. The regular soundtrack of the gloaming continued, the soft footfall and swish of silk adding familiarity and depth to each novel tap, rattle and voice.
Each step sent familiar vibrations through the trees, the soft scent of flowers spreading, carried on each drift of the warming air. In these gardens, flowers were not the focus, being neither planted nor tended. High on walkways strung between ancient boughs, such scents came only from the gardeners themselves. An odd garden, where nights were often warmer than the day.

This was a place where nature's magic was distilled. Existing almost everywhere, often beaten back by the regulation of concrete and brick, nature flowed like a river. Rivers ran to places such as this. Here, in the world of instars and metamorphoses, change was possible like nowhere else. Light dripped, caught in strands hanging on the air like thread. The most delicate silk turned to armour stronger than steel. Life shifted, changing form so completely that none who hadn't seen it would ever truly believe it was possible, believing instead it to be some clever trick, an act of misdirection.

Wings fluttered, drying in the ever swirling currents of air warmed by their fellows still dancing and fighting free of their protective homes. The chrysalis gardens shimmered, reflected in millions of compound eyes. 
The Chrysalis Gardens is just one of the beautiful SIMs making up The Fantasy Faire 2022. It's as dreamy and magical as it looks here, and of course, there are shops aplenty where you can buy amazing items, including those available at each store where 100% of the purchase price is donated directly to Relay for Life, benefitting the American Cancer Society.
All items listed below are 100% donation to Relay for Life.

Hair: KMH - Hair F163 Rigged(M)
Bassett Town

Skin : Mindgardens Creations! Star Mesh - Blue
Living Echoes

Tattoo:  [AERTH] Moon Tears Body Tattoo MAGENTA

Butterfly Mask: DREAMCATCHER // Mystic Butterfly 01
Necturn Moon

Necklace:  Poet's Heart - Lunar Necklace
Mythspire Ridge

Ear Cuffs:  Schelm :) FF004 - Wire elf ear cuffs- Fantasy -F
The Chrysalis Gardens

Eyes:  [not.a.peep] Anomalous Eyes - 07
Bassett Town

Dress:  Thimblewytch ~SWD~ Colors of Cancer Gown
The Hunros Mine

Heels:  [Mil*Mil] Lace_up Heels-Peach

Staff: Bloom Staff - Polearm
Living Echoes

Monday, April 25, 2022

Spring Awakening - Fantasy Faire 2022

There was something in the air...
Something in the earth. Something shifting, from the swirl of magma far below to the patterns traced by skylarks chasing through the twilight sky.

In the caves beneath the pristine surface of Tenpyo the vibrations of the change could be seen in the flickering of the candles, now swaying almost imperceptibly in the ancient lanterns. The ripples of the waters told the tale of the shift, not only the turn of the season, but something deeper, as meaningful as winter melting to spring, fresh signs of life anew.

Selene had held the light of the moon in the palm of her hand, in these days and nights of spring it now warmed, glowed with more than its usual reflected light. This warmth came from the source of the vibration felt throughout nature, the addition to the blossoming of spring which had come and gone for so many years before. Now was the time to emerge into the daylight, to a world rendered anew through the power behind this new feeling. A world summoned, crafted and created by hope.

This was a world much changed of late. A world in which new terrors had overtaken those of old, though the old fears remained, lurking and gnawing at those they could reach. These fears, old and new, were brought to a new light each season, each day, each chime of the clock. Hope remained. Hope grew. Hope filled the worlds and wrought them, changing old patterns, forging new pathways, uncovering the way. The shift came from the people of the world, from those facing the fears. From those who had loved, and lost, and refused to let that be the end. For those fighting, caring, healing, challenging the ways things had always been. Those gnawing teeth would be made to loosen. The bite so dreaded be soothed and heal. Those who were lost will always be remembered, hope carrying their names into the light.

It's here! The Fantasy Faire has returned to bring hope and light to the world once again. We've been through so much since last we met, Covid continues. War rages. We are losing so much while fighting so hard. In these times of uncertainty, fear and dispair, this is a beacon of hope. The Fantasy Faire does what it has always done, it brings light. Something to look forward to, something to enjoy, which actually does you good, in addition to it a c t u a l l y d o i n g g o o d !!! Seriously folks, raising money for Relay for Life, the American Cancer Society, does real tangible good in the world. It brings relief to those suffering, it supports those toiling to find new treatments, it funds the searches for cures. This is a highlight, the heart and soul of my calendar, where not only can I make my life more interesting and fun through the beautiful creations of talented artists, I, and you can make a real difference to those facing, and fighting cancer. So please, take some time and take a break from the negatives of reality if you can. Dip into the light, life and beauty of the Fantasy Faire. Help people you will never meet. You may never know how much you mean to them, but believe it from me, they thank you.

The Fantasy Faire is live and kicking, so many beautiful SIMs, so many amazing creators, so many beautiful things to buy!

All items shown are 100% donation to Relay for Life - American Cancer Society

Halo : Air_Amaho halo_Purple_CM
The Chrysalis Gardens

Hair :  KMH - Hair F195 Rigged(L)
Bassett Town

Skin :   .:S:. [G3] Dantela [F20] Lianna: Standard: Brows

Eyes :  Oiche // Elemental Dragon Eyes [Water]
Living Echoes

Top :  !dM Ines - LARA Collar, Feathers, Harness **FF2022**

Belt & Skirt : Mishmash Fusion - Grave Dancer Sparkle  - Red -

Orb : Jinx : Necturn Moon Hand Orb - Honey -
Necturn Moon

Sunday, May 9, 2021

The Rift - Fantasy Faire 2021

This shot had been a year in the making. A year since the last midnight black wing had cut through the skies over the Rift. It's aim was not to kill, far from it. The arrow had to fly high enough, with enough force that the glinting obsidian tip could pierce the clouds which massed above.

The gloaming never quite chased away, even on the days when the pale light from above the clouds managed to filter through. The world had adapted, in some cases thrived. The ever swelling canopies of gigantic fungi were proof positive of that. A quirk of nature, or of the power swelling once again from the Rift, these uncategorisable creatures had begun to glow, providing a shifting light of their own.

The shot hit true, from the heights a shaft of light penetrated the gloom, catching in the waiting crystal. Cascading down through each crystal, the beam of light illuminated the Rift once again.

Once again - apologies for the short story - but think of the reading time you have saved so you can go and shop at the Faire! All items listed are available at the Fantasy Faire, 100% Donation to Relay for Life - The American Cancer Society.

Horns: :: ANTAYA :: Glowing horns "Asura"
:: ANTAYA :: (Faire Store in Tempest Bay)

Skin: Lumae - LeLutka Amesha - Maitreya MYSTIC - Mid Cleavage
LUMAE (Faire Store in The Amethyst Rift)

Pauldrons : [-e-] Womans Leather Pauldrons
Elven Forest (Faire Store in Khol Dracys)

Tattoo:  Endless-Pain – morrigan tattoo –
Endless Pain Tattoos (Faire Store in Somniatoris Arx)

Skirt: [NC] - Bloody/Black Skirt - Maitreya
[NC] – Noble Creations (Faire Store in Tempest Bay)

 Boots: [QE] Bellona Boots Maitreya (Part of an outfit!)
[QE] Designs (Faire Store in Tempest Bay)

Bow: CKF RavenSoul_Wings1 Bow
CKit Falconry (Faire Store in Khol Dracys)


Images taken in Fantasy Faire Sim The Amethyst Rift

Dragons from the Depths

Down in the caverns you could hear the rumblings of the world above. Over aeons the remains of lives lived in the light worked their way down, their bones finding life anew in the softly phosphorescing flora that bloomed down in the dark.

It was a rare experience to visit the realms above, caught between shock and fascination at seeing bones in their most lifeline form, a giant skeleton resting peacefully, easing its way into the earth.

She kept the fear, bottled around her neck, always within reach should it be needed. Here in these lands she faced the unexpected, searching, following the pull that had enticed her out from the dark. The vital missing component from the depths, life itself. Up here, following the bones, she found it. Powerful. Dangerous. Wonderfully alive.

Once again - apologies for the short story! All items shown are available at the Fantasy Faire - all 100% donation to Relay for Life - the American Cancer Society. Please go, shop, help save lives!

Horns:  *Rainbow Sundae* Forest Horns - Special Edition Purple 1   
Rainbow Sundae (Faire Store in J’adoube)

Hair:  KMH - Hair F163 Rigged
KMH (Faire Store in J’adoube)

Skin:  Stix ~ Inara B CALM [SOYLENT]
Stix (Faire Store in Mithlumen)

Eyes: A.D.D.Andel! Doe Eyes- RFL 3
A.D.D. Andel (Faire Store in A’Dracunas)

Necklace: !TLB - Potion Necklace/Fear
!TLB (Faire Store in Khol Dracys)

Top: [The Forge] Drina Bodice, Black. Maitreya.
[TF] – Tamiron Forge (Faire Store in Tempest Bay)

Skirt:  AtaMe - Maga Skirt Maitreya Black
AtaMe (Faire Store in J’adoube)

Tattoo:  GERMINAL - LAMIA FEET tattoo faded
GERMINAL (Faire Store in Somniatoris Arx)


Images taken in Fantasy Faire Sims Adracunas, Ostara and Khol Dracys

Chasing Dragons - Fantasy Faire 2021

  Chasing Dragons

Across the realms the dragons danced, rarely seen by the eye of a human, in the fairelands, they were safe to show themselves.

Even here, the chase was on. Not for the hoard they undoubtedly had hidden away, but for the fun of it. It took speed and dexterity, and, of course, you had to find them first.

The game wasn't over when a dragon was 'caught', they could turn to stone, shine in precious metal, or disappear in a puff of their own smoke. The best fun could come with a riddle, or rare indeed, should the dragon be in a playful mood, a chase of their own. Are you readly to fly?

My apologies for the lack of any indepth story - the same will be the case for all of the looks I'm posting today. RL has well and truly made its presence felt, and even though it's MAY and the sun should be shining, we've had more snow! The Look: All items are available at the Fantasy Faire - which has a few days left to run - and are 100% Donation to Relay For Life - the American Cancer Society.


Hair:  .EscalateD. Loida / Duo ~busty NOT RFL - however the Colour HUD to give these marvellous tones is! .EscalateD. Black Fantasies Universal HUD  .EscalateD. (Faire Store in The Amethyst Rift)

Skin:  Ab.Fab Daenerys Nightshade Skin HDPRO Cleavage-BOM  Ab.Fab Skins&Fantasy (Faire Store in Isles of Tarrin)

Eyes:  .:S:. Lunar Eyes - Firestarter - BoM     .:Soul:. (Faire Store in Scrimshaw Warrens)

Earrings:  Butanik83 - Savior's Earrings       Butanik83 (Faire Store in Yin Yang)

Outfit : ::GB:: Cross obi tops (Maitreya) Lavender, ::GB:: Gauntlets (Maitreya) Lavender, ::GB:: Off tops hakama (Maitreya) Lavender        GABRIEL (Faire Store in Yin Yang

Nails: VENGE - Fantasy Faire Stiletto Nail Applier      VENGE (Faire Store in Valhalla)

Poses: Astalianda Freyja Poses        Astalianda (& The Critter Corner) (Faire Store in Valhalla)


Pictures taken in Fantasy Faire 2021 SIM YinYang