Friday, July 1, 2011

Welcome to the Eclectic Equations Headquarters

Spending some time with walking through the fields in summer. Being dressed in a short dress which fits perfectly to the sky.
Standing in the weat
In the evening it is time to wear something which is a bit warmer. A long comfy tunic combined with cotton trousers to avoid getting bitten by vermins.
Eclectic Tunic
With the 1000st post on Eclectic Equations it is time to invite our headquarters. They are a great place to hand out and of course there are some goodies for our readers there. 22769 created an outfit for guys and one for girls as gift for the Eclectic Equations readers. The one for the guys is a blue sweater with flowers on the front. It comes with blue white stripped cotton trousers. For women there is a blue dress which could either be worn with long or short arms. In the middle it has a pattern in black. The sleeves are sculpted and mod. The set contains also the blue white stripped trousers and it is possible to wear the dress as tucked in shirt as well. A:S:S created a purple tunic as gift. It has sculpted sleeves as well and the bottom is also sculpted. The tunic is unisex and it is no problem to make it fit the avatar.
Eclectic goodies

Beside the gift from 22769 and A:S:S there are also three shapes as gift for our readers in the headquarters. Those have been created for the switch your genderchallenge.
shapes full

Left: 22769~ casual couture [homme] EE Headquarter (0 L$)
Middle: A:S:S - Woodstock tunic - purple EE Headquarter (0 L$)
Right: 22769~ casual couture [femme] EE Headquarter (0 L$)

Shapes: Switch your gender for 0 Linden shapes created by Dagmar Haiku, Storm Torvalar and Sian Pearl. They are all available in the Eclectic Equations Headquarters for 0 L$.

In Which Sian Returns to the Last of Earth

They sent me here to dance. They programmed me to dance and sent me here. But no one is here. The programming has me now, threaded into my mind. I must dance for my audience. My audience is not here. I cannot dance. I must. My audience is not here.

I can only wait, helpless, my thoughts trapped in this loop, until someone comes, and I may dance for them.


Sian wears:
Outfit: [Defectiva] Original Sin: Pride L$450
Boots: [Abyss] Stompers (Silver) L$200

Thursday, June 30, 2011


Even Eclectic Equations are bound to eventually have a quantifiable amount. Today it is 1000. Today we have written 1000 entries about things we like. We have enthusiastically blogged about clothes, jewelery, items for tinies, furniture, skins, hair, weapons, paws, ears, and eyes. We have happily used Eclectic Equations as our excuse to admiringly gaze at our avatars for hours, experiment ruthlessly with windlight settings, play with photo manipulations, and experience a range of poses from some of the most talented posemakers in the grid, all in the name of business. Because of the continued support of our readership, we have been awarded amazing opportunities to share our love for Second Life and all the wonderful items people create in it daily. Simply saying thank you doesn't seem enough to express our gratitude for all the fun we have had, but it is a perfect place to start.
Fauna Omen Sian
We want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support, designers and readers alike. Eclectic Equations is celebrating this milestone because of each and everyone one of you. We would especially like to thank Manuel Ormindale and Paco Pooley for their continuous help, feedback and constant friendship. Manuel and Paco are responsible for our logo and the design of the blog. It is safe to say we would not be the same without their contributions.
Storm Dagmar
With our 1000th post we would also like to announce the opening of our inworld headquarters. If you are a member of our inworld group you will find gifts from designers there. The headquarters was donated by Photos Nikolaidis the owner of a:s:s. Thank you so much for giving us a home!

Once more we extend our appreciation to everyone who has contributed to the success of Eclectic Equations. It is our hope that EE will stay as it for another 1000 entries. Allowing us to continue to share our SL adventures by blogging the creations and places we like through stories, poems, and what ever else gets into our minds.

Fauna Moonwall, Omen Zero, Sian Pearl, Storm Torvalar and Dagmar Haiku

Last day of SGB Summer Festa!

Anton loved being at the beach. The sounds the sand made when he walked on it. The wind in his hair. It was just perfect in his opinion. But he did not like being around other people. So he did not enjoy time at the beach for a long time. He sat at home, bored, and thought of the beach. When the sun painted patterns on the desk he suddenly had an idea about how to create awesome paintings just by using the sunlight. He spend the whole summer on developing the technique and at the end of the summer he had a well working company. Anton made a lot of money and was able to buy his own island where he spend now the summer alone. He never invented something again but he also did not need to do so.
alone at the beach
The SGB Summer Festa ends today so its time to run there to grab all the freebies and cheapies there. All three tops on the lower picture are freebies from that festa. To take part you need to join the SGB Group and to touch the Discount ticket giver. Wearing the ticked on the hud you click on the free items to get them or to be able to buy the reduced items for the special price. The trousers are all from 22769. The ones at the left and right side are new skatertrousers from that store. They look like being made of cord. The trousers come with a belt which could be worn or not. They are very sporty and the cuffs of the trousers could be resized. The one in the middle belongs to the ultimate jeans series from 22769. Those come also with a resizeable belt. I like the shading and the texturing of those jeans very much as well as the cut of it.
some free tops with great trousers from 22769

Top: [pivaaca] -Homme- Stripe Shirt *Green* (o L$)
Trousers: 22769~casual couture[homme] Skater Capri : Brown (110 L$)
Top: ::c.A.:: Halterneck Camisole "SGB" (o L$)
Trousers: 22769 Denims [Ulitmate Jeans] (70L$)
Top:[pivaaca] -Homme- Stripe Shirt *Blue* (o L$)
Trousers: 22769~casual couture[homme] Skater Capri : Black (110 L$)

[eternal salvation]

"Your sins are too great to be forgiven by me, my voivode... there is only one way that might lead your soul to redemption, and that is fighting under the cross", the toothless priest had told him almost a year ago. And this had been reason enough for him to stand there now, veiled by the autumnal morning's thick fog billowing out of the forest's depth as if it was a freshly dug grave, his red-glowing hues focused on the lines of the heathen enemy trying to make their way through the river Arges. Yes, he would fight... for a free Wallachia and the eternal salvation of his soul.
His blackened armour was already waiting for him.

[eternal salvation]

I'm always looking out for outfits that tickle my nocturnal taste and are, due to their versatility, not only wearable for roleplay, but also a win when it comes to mixing and matching them with other pieces of my wardrobe. Bare Rose is usually a true treasure chest when it comes to that, and so I had to pick up the 'Spellbound of Darkness-set to immediately add it to my collection. It's a complete outfit that even comes with a pair of shoes, and the sculpted- and prim-parts are easy to fit even on slender avatars. As shown in the picture, the feathered collar has a variety of 5 colours to pick from: black, purple, red, blue and pink (not shown). All in all, a stunning piece of work that is low-price and also transferable, so you can gift it to your friends!

Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ - Vincent February
Hair: TRUTH - Lourdes
Eyes: REPULSE - Undead Eyes (free at the DSN-hunt)
Beard: -dD- Beards - Rodrigo
Freckles: L.Fauna - 2.0 Tattoo [Full Body Freckles] (currently on sale)

Outfit: ::: B@R ::: - Spellbound of Darkness

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Strawberry picking


I've been absolutely loving watching Wimbledon and I have been rooting for Andy Murray of course but who can't love Roger Federa?! ...anyway getting sidetracked slightly - what association do you have with Wimbledon - other than the tennis that is? yes strawberries! and what cutie little strawberries items do I have for you!

In my last post I gushed about that wonderful store Natural, and since I picked up a few items here, I thought i'd share some with you. The shoes, bag, socks, hairbow & necklace are all part of the strawberry theme package for a tiny 30L would you believe! there's also a strawberry covered dress with the package too, however I felt it was a little too much strawberry overkill for one outfit.

so instead  I opted for this rather delightful summery ensemble from 22769. It comprises of the layered shirt pretty frilly trimmed top & belt which is wonderfully feminine and summery & perfect for strawberry picking,  if you didn't get tickets for Wimbledon that is.

Hair: 100L - Lala - long dark > Kik
Skin: 10L - Moxie > Bare sensual
Skirt, belt & top: 220L - spring skirt outfit > 22769
Bag, shoes, necklace, hairbow & socks: 30L - strawberry girl > Natural

In Which Sian Overdresses Somewhat

Outfit (includes shoes and all colour variations): [Bare Rose] Laticia L$170

Monday, June 27, 2011

And it feels like summer!


For the first time in weeks it actually feels like summer! Ok I'm British we like to talk about the weather! so I guess that is what inspired this picture. Last week Margaux Dufaux blogger at Freebiefashionista asked "what is your must have summer item" to which I piped up "wedgie sandals!" and it's true my favourites are from J's and the Fae wedgies from Pixel mode but was I thrilled when I saw these little beauties as a group gift at BWC club to add to the summer must haves!  - great place to hang out too!

And it feels like summer

Had to do a little close up shot so that you would be able to appreciate the jewelry a little better. I just adore these earrings that are little birds in a cage from Natural, how fabulously creative! I came across this store when doing the black Butler hunt Oh and it has the cutest little items it's a gem of a store in my opinion & lots of bargains to be had, so i'm sure i'll be blogging more things from that store! Just need my picnic basket , a good book and off we go......

Hair & hat: 0L gift > Holic
Skin: 0L zombie popcorn hunt item > Natural beauty
Glasses: 0L group gift > The fashion garret
Dress & T.shirt : 99L - Gretel dress for TOSL weekly theme > ISON
Leggings: Formerly a gift at J.E.M but no longer available i'm afraid.
Shoes: 0L group gift > BWC Club
Earrings: 0L luckyboard item > +::+Natural+::+
Blue bracelets: 0L - Indian bangle set - blue > Yak & yeti
Silver bracelets: 0L TOSL hunt item > U&R Dogs
Bag: 0L luckyboard > Mezzo