Thursday, June 30, 2011


Even Eclectic Equations are bound to eventually have a quantifiable amount. Today it is 1000. Today we have written 1000 entries about things we like. We have enthusiastically blogged about clothes, jewelery, items for tinies, furniture, skins, hair, weapons, paws, ears, and eyes. We have happily used Eclectic Equations as our excuse to admiringly gaze at our avatars for hours, experiment ruthlessly with windlight settings, play with photo manipulations, and experience a range of poses from some of the most talented posemakers in the grid, all in the name of business. Because of the continued support of our readership, we have been awarded amazing opportunities to share our love for Second Life and all the wonderful items people create in it daily. Simply saying thank you doesn't seem enough to express our gratitude for all the fun we have had, but it is a perfect place to start.
Fauna Omen Sian
We want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support, designers and readers alike. Eclectic Equations is celebrating this milestone because of each and everyone one of you. We would especially like to thank Manuel Ormindale and Paco Pooley for their continuous help, feedback and constant friendship. Manuel and Paco are responsible for our logo and the design of the blog. It is safe to say we would not be the same without their contributions.
Storm Dagmar
With our 1000th post we would also like to announce the opening of our inworld headquarters. If you are a member of our inworld group you will find gifts from designers there. The headquarters was donated by Photos Nikolaidis the owner of a:s:s. Thank you so much for giving us a home!

Once more we extend our appreciation to everyone who has contributed to the success of Eclectic Equations. It is our hope that EE will stay as it for another 1000 entries. Allowing us to continue to share our SL adventures by blogging the creations and places we like through stories, poems, and what ever else gets into our minds.

Fauna Moonwall, Omen Zero, Sian Pearl, Storm Torvalar and Dagmar Haiku


  1. congratulations guys - to the next, let's say, 10.000 posts :-))

  2. raises a glass of beer :-) to the next 1000 Blogposts and funny, lovley stories show us the beauty of second life.

    Feel hugged you crazy bunch :-))