Thursday, April 23, 2015

Light in the Darkness - Fantasy Faire 2015

Sunbeams filtered down through the lush green canopy, warming the woodland carpet of mosses and ferns. These daylight hours were precious, the woods around the settlement friendly and welcoming, she could walk for hours along pathways, through glades, away from the work of the town. Away from needlework, away from the soot blackened range, away from the cares of totting up household accounts. Sylvia came here, as so many others did while the sun shone, to enjoy the quiet, to relax and enjoy her freedom.

All with a care for their own safety left the woods before sundown...
Sylvia had reasons to linger through the twilight, staying in the woods past sunset, past moonrise. Her safety mattered of course, but much less to her than her freedom. She had some during the day, but that freedom was held in check. In the moonlight she could run swift as any deer, her antlers brushing leaves and twigs aside. Those in the town feared what lurked in the darkness, she sought it out. Bow and arrows in hand she followed traces and tracks, hunting down the malevolence wherever it tried to hide. Through thicket and in the depths of gorges she would search, always her aim, to keep her freedom, and allow others theirs. 4

This is it! The mists have lifted, revealing the Fantasy Faire 2015! 
If there is one event you go to this year - take my advice, make this it. Thirteen outstandingly beautiful SIMs, the very best designers in SL, all with one aim. Relay for Life. 
Cancer affects so many people, every single step towards ending this disease for good is worthwhile. At the Fantasy Faire, you can help in this fight. Each creator has vendors with the proceeds going direct to Relay for Life. 
These amazing people are so generous with their talent - be generous with your L$, raise money for this most worthwhile of causes - and get some excellent stuff! It's all win!

Tiara : .: Fujiwara's World :. Heart tiara ~ Silver RFL
Earring : Rainy Fey Creations - Dragon bead Earring - Cape Amethyst
Spires of Andolys
Necklace :  OtherSkin - Cured - Relay For Life 2015 - Female -
Shape and Skin : .:Soul:. Davina - (F4) Violent - Toned.
Not a RFL item itself, but the 'Kissers' appliers which go with this skin certainly are!
Ichi-go Ichi-e
Gown :  ::Bite&Claw:: Suriya - Fern
Spires of Andolys

Antlers : *~*HopScotch*~* Wild one Antlers
Horns :  :{Oak & Elm}: RFL Velvet rose horns (branched/nose)
Tangleshimmer Grove
Forehead adornment : Lilith's Den - Tilaka -Scorpio
Cuff :  The Dark Fae : Slither Cuffs Copper
Spires of Andolys
Outfit :  Feyline Fashions - FF* Ranger Serra Forest outfit
Sylvan of Spells