Friday, March 23, 2012

Daydreams of you


Oh I  did get rather excited when Photos Nikolaidis on Plurk allowed us a sneak preview of his release for La Venta eventa for A.S.S and then said it was available, so I had to rush straight there and grab it. I love the romanticism of this outfit and it just so happens to be my all time favourite colour too. It's on pre- release now and available at a ridiculously super bargain price of 75L in store for this weekend. I knew exactly what I would wear with it the moment I saw it, yes my flora boots from Lassitude & ennui which compliment this opulent outfit entirely. And so we have perfectly feminized menswear, well so I think at least :D ....*goes off to daydream* Oh I do love a romantic daydream I do!

Hair: 220L - ION307 - black > Boon
Outfit: 75L - Louis in green > A.S.S
Boots: 280L - Flora boots - cream > Lassitude & ennui

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Divine Blues

She used to be a member of the Sapphire Tribe, she remembered that very well. Many, many aeons before her world had been vivid, happy and busy… she could hear the voices of men and women and children every evening she climbed up on top of the Tower, in order to taste a bit of everyday life before she had to commence night service, as usual. She had been taken from her family in order to serve the Goddess at the tender age of a hundred and fifty years… oh yes, she still remembered the excruciating pain. Her mother and siblings had been inconsolable… or so she thought, as she hadn’t talked to them any more. Rubbing shoulders with „ordinary” folk wasn’t permitted to the Selected One. 

Blue Moon
She was carefully educated by the Elders, and after five hundred years of apprenticeship she was allowed to raise the Moon all alone for the first time. She still got goosebumps at the memory of that very special night. Then… something went wrong. Slowly, yet without any doubt whatsoever. At first, she noticed that the evening buzz and humming and chattering of the city became weaker day by day. People just disappeared from the streets, the murmuring sounds seemed to grow dimmer, and dimmer yet. Then, one evening… all she could hear from the Tower was silence. 

Moon Priestess
She was shocked… but she remembered she had taken a solemn oath to serve the Goddess and raise the Moon each and every night, until Death decided to come for her. She was alone, her only company were the memories and the ghosts of the past, yet she climbed up on top of the Tower, and silently whispered an ancient prayer before she touched the chilly globe. „Raise, Moon, and spread your rays... I shall always be here to welcome you when your duty is done.”

Dress: MysticHope „Bellanya Blue & Aqua” - Lucky Chair prize (0 L$). You need to be a member of the MysticHope group, but it’s free to join and Kira Lavendel is very generous indeed with the gifts. There are several chairs in the shop, both for men and women, and there are many prizes on each chair, so go and try your luck.
Boots: FJ Design Foxy Boots – it is a formal hunt gift, currently available in the shop for 499 L$.
Necklace: Talevin’s Designs „Beaded Blue Triple Moon” Necklace - Lucky Chair prize (0 L$).
Skin: PixyStix „Her Beauty”- The Beauty & The Freak Hunt gift (0 L$). The hunt is on until March 24th.
Eyes: Tribal Soul „Magnus” Eyes in Black (35 L$).
Ears: InSpired Designs „Celestial Elf” Ears - Take Back The Night Hunt gift (0 L$). The hunt is on until March 31st.
Hair: $Ganked$ „Lovely Hair” in Charcoal – fatpack of 5 shades, available on the Marketplace (200 L$).
Wings: Destiny’s Designs „Spring Fae Wings” - Depraved Spring Madness 2 Hunt gift (0 L$). The hunt is on until April 15th. 
Nails: Sterling Artistry „Raindrops Light” (it’s a former monthly freebie, the currently available „French Cloud” manicure is very similar - 10 L$). 
Poses: Magnifique Poses Model Pose No. 1 in the first picture (it is a formal hunt gift, and I’m sorry but I can’t tell if it makes part of any currently available model pose pack); Del May „Virgo” in the second picture, it’s a Twisted Arcane Hunt extra gift (0 L$). The hunt is on until March 31st. 

The pictures were taken at Pteron.

Stars that appear as beads


It's a bugger when you're a blogger and your computer just doesn't want to play! I'm in the process of raising funds for a new one though and so hope to be blogging at full capacity some time soon, but for now I have to work around an unstable viewer and horrible glitches. My main concern is not being able to see mesh, which is fine for most part but annoying at times such as today when I put on my lovely new Stardust hair by Pomme d'Amour only to realise that the little 'beads in my hair which I didn't notice on the vendor pic are in fact cute little mesh stars & it really does look a lot lovelier with stars so don't take my word for it go take a peek.

Hair: 120L - Stardust - sparkle blonde > Pomme D'Amour
Skin: 790L -  Sophia - Coffee - shiny lips > Beauty code
Shirt: 50L - Classic blouse > !1MM
Jeans: 70L - Pocket denims > !1MM
Boots: 0L - Curvy kick boots - Depraved spring madness hunt item > Duh
Bag: 0L - Ribbon bag - valentine special > Zephyr
Belt: was a Fashion Garret special but there's a whole host similar belts > Pepper

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Hunt Madness

Spring had finally sprung!
Crawling out of the darkness of the winter, at last the short frosty or gloomy days and the long icy nights were banished to memory as green shoots of new life emerged.
The grumbling of the dark months, wrapped up to the neck with thick woolens, so comfy, yet so cumbersome was over, she pushed those to the back of her closet, and kicked the warm scarves and hats under the bed. Sunlight, warm Spring sunlight was flooding through the window, it was time to step outside, and feel the soft new grass under her feet.
Tying up her hair, she picked through clothes selected as part of a hopeful dream back in the winter, thrilling at the lightness of the fabrics, and their promise of long happy days relaxing outdoors. She slipped into a dress, itself the colour of sunshine, unable to prevent a smile as its flowers seemed to smile back.                                                       DSM2 Throwing the door wide she ran outside, bare feet on the lush grass. The scent of daisies drifted lightly on the air, calling her to the bench in the sun, its planters thick with blooms. Stretching out, she relished the sun and its warmth on her skin, and settled back on the cushion, a soft sigh escaping her lips as swallows flitted overhead.

DSM1 Another week, another Hunt! 
The Depraved Nation Spring Madness hunt is gridwide, and contains some amazing stores, items included here are among the prizes you can expect. There are around 150 stores, and the hunt is running until April 15th, the hunt prizes are free to buy. SLurls to all the stores in order, and hints (yes Hints - manna from heaven after the Twisted). 
Prize items are mostly for females, but there are unisex and male prizes from quite a few stores, and with items as varied as skins and shapes, poses, clothes, furniture and buildings. Those listed here are all prizes from the hunt - with the exception of the hair - also available free as a group gift - details below.

Skin     : S u g a r : Summer Afternoon Teaparty -C- :2:
Shape     Waffle! Sienna Shape
Tattoo     S (and) P Body Shop - Depraved Mind Tattoo
Eyes     [kirei] Oasis Blue - Eye-
Dress     [ SAKIDE ] Plumeria Dress Yellow
Necklace     Trident Astrolabe Pendant [Silver/Sapphire]
Pose (Image 1)    PicMe Poses    PM - DSM 2.0 hunt pose 5
Wall Decal     Sharkfin Landscapes   Swallows back in Spring Wall Decal
Bench    L'aize Dayz   LD Planter seat

Hair   (Not in the DSM Hunt - but current free group gift, available by hitting the subscribo in store)
[Shag] - Pretty Please - vodka

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Simple chic

I love this clean cut smart casual look which is centered around these delicious unisex shirts were a new release at 22769 this weekend just passed. There are 10 colours to choose from and at only 45L why not have them all! I'm still gushing over the hairs at handmade isn't this one so chic? and I'll briefly mention the bag before I dash off to RL yes that pesky thing that gets in the way! it's currently a luckyboard grab and has shoulder or hand held options, OH and you can change the colour to black too if you so please.

Hair: 80L - Carol on Kut > Handmade
Skin:0L - Group gift - Noemi  > Wow skins
Shirt: 45L - Preppy shirt - beige > 22769
Jeans: To be released soon at > 22769
Shoes: 35L - Gacha item - yuyu flats  > :)BCC.
Bag: 0L - luckyboard item > Septem essentials 

[your free underoos for march]

[free for march]
It's March, and this, my lovelies, means it's time for a new, gorgeous freebie from VITAMEN! This time you can get not only one, but 6 different Japanese loincloths. That's right, the traditional kind that quite much reminds of a thong and will show off your bubbly buttocks. The colours you can win are brown, black, blue, plum, green and a red-tone (shown in the picture), and the silky looking fabric has a pattern of small cherry blossoms. The loincloth is fully sculpted, resize-scripted and comes with a realistic looking bulge for your viewing pleasure :) The Lucky Board changes every 5 minutes, including wildcard rounds. Good luck!

Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ - Andrej Moka (previous TDR-item)
Hair: [] - Khan Hair
Eyes: .:Hermony:. - MP Eyes - Smog

Tattoo: *ES* - Koi Warrior - Tattoo Unisex
Underwear: VITAMEN - Roku-Shaku Fundoshi - Azuki-Iro (free Lucky Board item for March)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Tick Tock

„If I can’t scratch my nose in a second, I’m going to die on this spot” – thought Clicketina Tock, and wriggled her nose anxiously. But when you are Universal Vice Manager of Time, you cannot just jump around and do somersaults. You accidentally push an hourglass attached to your dress, and the people living in Australia, Peru or Luxemburg realise that there’s something seriously wrong with time. A second ago they were eating lunch and suddenly it’s deep night, or they were slumbering comfortably and now there’s midday sunshine pouring into the bedroom. „Damned Chronos!” – thought Clicketina angrily. After hundreds of thousands of years of service, her boss suddenly decided to go on holidays… and, given that the length of his accrued vacation time was about fifty thousand years, Clicketina wasn’t expecting to see her boss very soon.
„How dared he leave me here, all on my own!” – grumbled Clicketina silently. „He had a great assistant, me, and now I don’t even have a third-class candidate for temporary apprenticeship to help me, and my nose itches like hell!” Clicketina tried to resist, but the itch was stronger. She started sneezing… and the people in Australia, Peru and Luxemburg fell out of their beds or dropped their spoons and looked around in utter confusion. „This is the end of the world!” – some people thought anxiously… while it was only Clicketina Tock rubbing her nose with a beatific smile on her face, and she felt she was the happiest creature in this wide, endless Universe.
The „Fashion for Life” shopping event is on until March 20th, and my fellow bloggers have already shown you many beautiful items from the fair. The splendid „It’s Time…” gown-hair combo was created by Mirja Mills for EMO-tions, and it’s available exclusively at the fair – so I suggest you hurry, because each and every Linden you pay for it is spent for a truly good cause.

Outfit: EMO-tions „It’s Time…”, including the hair and hat – „Fashion for Life” exclusive item (300 L$).
Skin: Style by Kira „Lulu” skin in „Steampunk Bronze” - Steam6 Hunt gift (0 L$).
Lipstick: Gugu Dada „Tigress” - Steam6 Hunt gift (0 L$).
Eyes: Sterling Artistry Feral Eyes in „Embers” (65 L$, the 6-pair pack is 260 L$).
Nails: Sterling Artistry „Gold Silk” (10 L$).
Pose: Sterling Artistry Emoting Hands No. 5 in the first picture (30 L$ for a single pose and 250 L$ for the 10-pose pack), Glitterati Long Hair 4 in the second picture (it was a formal hunt gift, now the single poses are available for 50 L$ and the 10-pose pack is 250 L$).

The pictures were taken at Hazardous, the latest build of Wendy Xeno.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fashion For Life 2012

For her, as usual, the darkness was everywhere, the flashbulbs bursting all around lit her beautifully, but showed her nothing of those watching.
Not that it mattered, it was her they had come to see, and she was there to be seen after all. No mere red carpet, this was the runway of the year, all eyes were on her.
Against the spangled backdrop, the red of her hair stood out like a splash of freshly spilled blood, its motion as she moved, as fluid as the sanguine liquid it resembled, carried the illusion further. As the cameras clicked, the whispers began..
                           "Who is she wearing?"
                                                        "The cut of the silk, so daring, so new, so now!"
The soft voices of the fashion and gossip reporters were soon drowned out, along with the scratches of sharp pencils on paper, frantically sketching the dress. The louder, hoarser voices of the photographers
covered all others with shouts for her attention, trying to make her turn this way, then that, looking for the shot that would bring their money for the year.
Dropping a hip, slouching a shoulder, she gave them what they wanted, the midnight blue of the silk caressing her every curve. The designer's skill cut the cloth so it shone under the lights, careful and intricate pleats added drama to the gown,  the sections woven finer gave movement even as she posed. She would never pose for long, this brief outing was all it would take for the gown to become the sensation it was designed to be.
Crossing her arms across her chest, as if in some fundamental move of protection, she had their attention, this had not happened before. All sounds died away as she parted her lips, preparing to speak in her low voice, one that carried through the crowds...

   "In all of the darkness, there is a light shining. The light is people doing what they can to help."

AZUL Fashion For Life 

This is the -Azul- Marcela gown, in Sapphire, a colour exclusively available at the Fashion For Life 2012 event.
As a dress, it is truly beautiful, the colour is rich, and accented with black on the pleats. It involves a system skirt, which usually would have me sighing and resigning it to the 'will never wear' pit at the bottom of my invent. System skirts never work with my shape, and I do hate to change my shape.
For this, however, the creators have very helpfully included a notecard with details of shape measurements to make the system skirt look its best. So, here, the ass is a lot smaller than usual, and I'm a bit knock-kneed (though you can't tell). Most importantly, even with the suggested alterations, it still looked like me. Big plus. 
The biggest plus, of course, is that as part of the Fashion For Life event, the proceeds from the sale go to the American Cancer Society. Fighting cancer, bit by bit, in each and every country is a goal everyone can get behind.

Dress : -Azul- Marcela in Sapphire, exclusive to Fashion For Life 2012

Other items of note
Hair : (r)M ~ Hair No.09 (f) Brocade Red
Nails : Rozoregalia *Gemma*Ring&Nail/3*(F):Ring&Nail1