Saturday, October 15, 2011

Beings in the mist

The days at which the fog lifted were rare. Eideann did not care about this anyways. She knew that the beings which hid in the dust were most likely more afraid of her than she of them. As child she flipped when starting to see all the creatures but she soon figured out that they only saw her when she directly looked at them. Some of them tried to steal energy from her others just wanted to talk with her. She usually killed the ones who wanted her energy and for the others she wore a blindfold.
Henna Coat II
The henna jackets from Miamai just look great. This one is the black version of it. It looks like a normal elegant jacket with short tails on the back and the options to wear a feather collar. They consist of a jacket layer which keeps the bits covered and primparts for the jacket, sleeves and for the feathers. It can be worn with and without the feathers. All the prim parts are mod. The other items have all been blogged some time ago. But I have to admit that I really like the combination of the tattoo and the hair and so I used them again. The blindfold has been in a gatcha at the fashion fest it might be not available anymore. But illusions sells a very pretty one too. The thong belongs to a complete set thats why it is so expensive but there might be stores which sell single thongs.

Jacket: Miamai_Henna Jacket Black (450 L$)
Tattoo: +Fallen Gods Inc.+ CATACLYSM (550 L$)
Blindfold: Schoen: [Black] Satin Blindfold
Boots: *COCO*_Knee-HighBoots (190 L$)
Thong: !dM deviousMind: "MmeChatouille" *Black* (750$)
Hair: (red)Mint ~ Hair No.09 (F) ( r e d s ) (350 L$ for pack with 3 tones or 2700 for the fatpack)
Pose: Purple Poses : 303 (10 L$)


The lunar phase was perfect. Xylia had spend some nights on building the voodoo doll. The spells would have worked as well at an other time but being able to use the full power of the moon was of course better. For the ritual she allready had put some blood into her face. Now she only needed to wait for the night.
Zombiepopcorn I
The 5th round of the zombie popcorn hunt started yesterday and as always the prices are amazing. The green hair comes from Iren. It has a resize script and the cut is nice. Belote has the dress with the fitting stockings as huntgift. It comes on several layers. Virtual Insanity made a piercing for the lip which has pretty textures. The skin is a huntgift from the Plastik in the macabre hunt which ends today. There is also a male skin in the gift and the female one comes with several cleavage options. The set also contains blood on the tattoo layer. The tattoo on the neck is the gift from Needful Things. The boots are available at death row designs. Epic made this very cute Voodoo doll backpack.

Zombiepopcorn II

Backpack: *Epic* Gift Box {Zombie Popcorn Hunt 5 Prize} (0 L$)
Hair: [IREN]-Mortisha- ZombiePopcornHunt (0 L$)
Skin: :[The Plastik]:-Wear Me-Macabre Hunt (0 L$)
Piercing: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] ZP HUNT GIFT Oct 2011 (0 L$)
Tattoo: ::LEO-NT:: BEWARE OF ME [tattoo] ZombiePopcorn Hunt (0 L$)
Dress and Stockings: Belote - ZombiePopcornHunt (0 L$)
Boots: death row designs : bootslazyregbrown MP (190 L$)

Poses: Pulling Strings and Purple Poses
The picture has been taken at Emergency Broadcast System.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

[you may leave... this way]

[you may leave... this way]

This extraordinary collar is a creation from Indyra Originals for the Tropicalia Bazaar and available for a mere 150 L$. It comes in two versions: a regular fit and one for a short neck, and is also resize scripted. The leather- and latex-textures look so real that you think you might hear it squeak when rubbing your finger over the surface, and I especially adore the vibrant red of the roses and the detailed side lacing. -Glam Affair- is participating The Dressing Room again and offers a special edition of their luscious Gio skin, a darker tone with a contrasting orange eye make-up. Since this picture has been post-processed, please try a demo before buying!

On Raven

Skin: -Glam Affair- - Gio Dark - Arancio
Eyes: negaposi - ELFIN EYES - Darkmatter
Collar: Indyra Originals-Indy&Co. - La Belle Epoque'
Pasties: *HD* - Hearts (different colours free in store)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

[murnau's creature]

[murnau's creature]

"Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau... whatcha sayin'? Ya dun know him? Ye-ah, then you're possibly one of those sparkling, baby-makin' wannabees who's neva heard 'bout Ma'am Rice or The Symphony of Horror, eh? Let me do away with sum... misapprehensions, now thatche tied up and havin' lots of time to listen to me anyway: there is no thing such as sparkling vampires, ma friend, all that's left of us once we step into da sunlight's either a puddle of gooey flesh or a fuckin' pile of stinking ashes... and yer not really into hot smexing when yer thang's deader than dead either. Blood's whatche desire and are cravin' for... what we are craving for... and we dun really care how we're getting it either. Like rabid animals the hunger's drivin' us, and over da centuries, we care less and less 'bout your stupid human affairs, ethics and morals and... sorrows.
But enough of da lesson now, too many words wasted on stupid people always make me far too hungry..."

Halloween is just around the corner, and many of us use this time to dress up and put together more extraordinary outfits and costumes. I've decided on a more classical vampire look tonight, the Nosferatu himself, you might say, first depictured with those claw-like hands, the pointy ears and showing fangs in Murnau's brilliant vampire movie from 1922. Ears and fangs are from Schadenfreude, while the stunning claws come from [ni.Ju] and are a real bargain, available at the 4.44.444-event that celebrates Free*Style's 4th birthday (until October, 14th). They come entirely in white, or white with black tips, and in several hand sizes for your convenience, and if you fancy a black version, you can find it in the mainstore. My pants, though hardly to be seen in the pic, are the gorgeous new release from Lapointe & Bastchild Designs, that comes in a plain, black leather version (biker style) or in a variety of colourful horror prints.

Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ - Vincent Blood Thirst
Ears: Schadenfreude - Mer-elf Ears
Eyes: REPULSE - Inferno Eyes
Fangs: Schadenfreude - Fangs 1: Longer & Narrower
Claws: [ni.Ju]- White Claws (at 4.44.444)
Pants: .:L&B:. - S'Wear "Biker" mens leather pants
Clawmarks: REPULSE - Lacerated Full Body Tattoo

Monday, October 10, 2011

Homes with heart

Something really horrible must have happened in the hospital. Sira was able to feel the fear of the building through her pawpads. Not that she cared. Fear was something others had she only felt the echos of emotions. But she was really good in this. She had been hired by the union against supernatural attacks (UASA) around 200 years ago and spend her life with investigating incidents. Usually those incidents included a lot of dead humans.
Redhead I
Today she had to examine an old hospital. The walls looked like they had been coloured with blood instead of wall paint. The pattern was intresting like somebody would have wanted to set some bloody spotlights. Sira had been surprised when she recognized that the lights still worked. But she had to laugh when they started to flickr. Ghosts were never really creative in finding new ways to scare people. Her eyes widened when she saw in a moment of darkness the blood float over one of the walls. There was something which was way older and powerful than the ghosts.
Redhead II
Within some seconds she got rid of all her clothing. She would need all of her skin to figure out what exactly was going on. The black flames seemed to move over her body while she crept on her toes through the building. From time to time she touched a wall. They were soaked in fear and in pain. Sira knew that as long as her body was covered in black flames she wouldn t be in danger but her senses were strained in concentration. Finally she found what she was searching. A human would have seen smoke raising from her hand and disappearing in a wall while she pushed her hand into the building closing her fingers around the little thing in it. The house had a heart. Sira parted her red lips and took a bite. Food always helped to solve problems.
Redhead III
It was not possible to resist the white coat and the fitting trousers from trap. The patterns on both are just too awesome. The jacket has a texture which lets it look like it would have a braid in the middle of the whole backside. In the front it looks like there would be some inlaid work made out of cloth. Similar patterns have been used for the trousers. Those have flares which are closed with straps on the side. The coat and the trousers are available in several colours and contain primparts for males and females. The red hair comes from red mint. It has a soft bun at the side so that the hair fall over the shoulder. Its possible to resize the hair until it also fits small avatars and some of the streaks are flexi which lets it look great when the avatar moves. The black tattoo is available at Fallen Gods Inc. it looks like lines covering the whole body. The tattoo is tintable to it is possible to adjust it in a way which fits optimal to the skin. In the pack are allready several versions of it and it is included in versions for males and ones for females. The pose on the 1st and the 3rd picture come from Purple Poses. The one on the 2nd picture comes from Captivitiy.

Hair: (red)Mint ~ Hair No.09 (F) ( r e d s ) (350 L$ for pack with 3 tones or 2700 for the fatpack)
Tattoo: +Fallen Gods Inc.+ CATACLYSM (550 L$)
Coat: [][]Trap[][] Spiked Coat White (300 L$)
Trousers: [][]Trap[][] Spiked Pants White (200 L$)

1st & 3rd: Purple Poses : 371 & 344 (10 L$ for one pose)
2nd: [Captivity Co] Imani set (60 L$ for one pose)

The pictures have been taken at Siden.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

[colourful quickie]

[colourful quickie]

Something colourful and squeaky while the sun is hiding most of the time these days! I found this multicoloured hairstyle from *BC322 at the Marketplace, where you can snatch it up for merely 1 L$, and it goes pretty well with the rainbow-shaded braces from ::Squeek!" that you can find at the fabulous 4.44.444 event which runs until Oct, 14th. There is a total of 9 different shades included in the pack and also an additional, subtle smiling-attachment so you can show your shiny new braces off well!

As for the double v-necks, they are A:S:S's contribution to the La Venta Eventa event and will be available in store afterwards. If you don't play Glitch, you might be a bit lost when it comes to the prints, even though I consider them funny even without the background knowledge. There is 8 different prints available each for the gals and boys, so make sure to pick your favourites (and join the game!). I'm off to stroke my sprouts now.

Hair: *BC322 - Rainbow cotton Blue
Braces: ::Squeek!:: - Braces
V-Necks: A:S:S - Glitchy Tee's

Never can tell

It took a while till they found the room they wanted to finish. The house was allready giant. Way bigger than they had planed to build it. But it was just for training. Their aims were way bigger. They wanted to manage to build a house which would cross the sandar. The biggest river in the whole country. It was the last step to become the head magicians of the empire. But they needed to train it. So it was time for the 368th room. They started the dance. First the room was just a shimmering square around them. This was the most difficult part. As long as it wasn't physical they had to levitate and to dance at the same time. But after creating 367 rooms together their bodies moved in a perfect rhythm together. After a while they were able to feel the floor under their feet. Things seemed to go well. They hoped that they would only need to create around 400 more buildings until they would be ready for their masterpiece. Housing shortage was a problem nobody had heared of in the country where they lived.
Dancing I
The disco hunt is still going on but will end soon (at Oct. 15th). This pose is one of the gifts in it. It comes from Captivity and it is just amazing that its possible to recreate the dancing scene from pulp fiction with it. Bare feet are essential for that scene so the primfeet from slink fit perfectly. Although those ones have slightly longer toenails and also pawpads under the feet so that they are just perfect for roleplay. The feet are of course tintable and so are the toenails. Its also possible to turn off the pawpads as for example a demon might not have them while a werewolf of course needs them. The exotix feet are on the backside of the vendor with the normal feet. The jacket on him comes from Gentleman as well as her trousers. The jacket also includes a white shirt. Gentleman is a great store for well textured clothes for men. The white tucked shirt belongs to a set from phoenix rising. They sell everything for 25 L$ or lower there. The hair on him comes from Sadistic Hacker, which is an awesome store for anime like hair and the hair on her comes from Wasabi Pills, which is an awesome store for fantasy and just cute hair.

Pose: [Captivity Co.] Never can tell (0 L$ Discohunt)

On Konrad:
Feet: SLink Jolie Pied Exotix for Men Medium (600 L$)
Trousers: M_Distressed_Leather_Pants (300 L$)
Jacket and Top: [Gentleman] Spirit-Jacket (345 L$)
Hair: *Sadistic Hacker* Saku Hair (180 L$ for one colour or 1500 L$ for the fatpack)

On Dagmar
Feet: SLink Jolie Pied Exotix for Women Medium (600 L$)
Trousers: {Gentleman} (they belong to a set 140 L$)
Top: -Phoenix Rising- Risk Femme (Red) (25 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Mimi Hair - (1500 L$ fatpack 250 L$ colour pack)