Friday, March 2, 2012


If a human would have had the chance to watch it, he would have maybe seen it move. But no human ever made it into its realm. Most likely it did not even know that humans existed. Some time ago it had heard about trees and even more time ago it had heard about stones. It liked the idea of both. And after it had thought long enough about it a tree and a stone had appeared. The stone was comfy. Not that it had a decent idea about the meaning of comfy it more liked to sit on the stone. From time to time the lights on its wings glowed a bit brighter then they faded again.
Waiting one II
Then it knew that its time was a bit closer. Every dying light was a dying god. When the last one would have died it would have to create new ones. But at the moment it was enough to be the creator of a tree and a stone.
Waiting one I

The poseprop with the tree and the stone is the festival of sin item from Studio Sidhe. Its inspired by Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot. The prop contains two poses. With its pure design its great for very graphical picturs. Kinzart is one of the most important stores when it comes to furry avatars. So its amazing that they take part in the current round of the twisted hunt which started yesterday. Their huntgift are six dragon avatars. Each of them comes in a male and a female version. The colours are limited and only available in the hunt. Its one of the rare chances to get an avatar from that store for free. Of course the quality is amazing. The shading is well done and the design just beautiful. Some parts of the dragon are made of nonrigged mesh. This might be also a great opportunity for creators of clothing as its possible to check with such an avatar if your clothes also work on furry avatars.
The dragons

Avatars: Kinzart Kreetures : riftdragon (0 L$ Twisted Hunt there are 6 available)
Poseprop: :+:Sudio Sidhe:+: ...And We're Waiting... - 2 scene pose prop (50 L$ sold at the Festival of Sin)
Poses on the picture with all the avatars: Purple Poses (10 L$ each)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Frozen Socks

The air was hot and warm. It was an other day at which the air conditioner did not work. Sandra did not care. She stayed in bed, playing with her hair and reading. There was nothing else to do for her. It was summer and way too hot to move. Strangely enough Sarah was wearing socks. They were pink and comfy. And she had put them into the fridge for some hours. Now they were cooling her feet.
Festival of sin sloth
After the last page she slipped out of the bed. The story had been good. It had been about demons and how they influenced people. After starting to read she had not been able to stop. The maincharacter was trying to found a school in the middle of a dschungle. He was the son of unbelieveable rich parents and wanted to do something good with all the money he owned. But there were always obsctacles. Sometimes a wall wasn't stable or the roof had a leak. Instead of giving up the man tried harder and harder and finally started to listen to the shaman of one of the tribes whose children were supposed to become pupils in the school. The shaman made him take part in their rites and ceremonies. First everything seemed to be just fine but the rites became darker and darker but as the construction of the school seemed to proceed the young heir kept taking part in them. At the end it turned out that the whole tribe prayed to old gods with unspeakable names. The heir tried to flee but the shaman bound one of his gods to him so that he became possessed. Sarah was still pondering about the end of the story. It seemed like the young man became normal again. But then there was a description of his shadow behaving in an odd way. Anyways it was time to get a new pair of iced socks.
Festival of sin sloth II
The current round of the Zombiepopcorn brand event will end soon. So its time to hurry to get the items. Quarantine made mesh socks. Those are rigged to the feet. They look pretty comfy and might be a great item for a pj party. The makeup comes from pin me down and is sold in th same event. There are several versions of it in the pack. Koketka made the dress with the dots. The sculpted skirt is mod. The mesh hair comes from Wasabi Pills. Its called dragon and available for males and females. The sloth room is a fesival of sin item from Vaughan's house of curiosities. It has 44 prims and is mod. There are more fitting items to it available. Its a great prop for picturs and all parts are very well made. The bed comes from mudhoney. Its scripted and available in an adult and a pg version.
Festival of sin sloth III

Dress: Koketka-Cocktail dress (120 L$ sold at Zombiepopcorn brand)
Makeup: PMD - Makeup Set 7 - For ZombiePopcorn Brand (99 L$ sold at Zombiepopcorn brand)
Socks: - Quarantine- Pink Mesh Turley Socks (50 L$ sold at Zombiepopcorn brand)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Dragon Mesh Hair (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack)
Skin: Amacci ~ Liane Skin (Puder) - Fat-Pack 1-12 (950L$ for one skin or 2900 L$ for the fatpack sold at the Festival of Sin) (sold at the Festival of Sin)
Earrings: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] TAN LAN EARRINGS (179 L$ one colour, 650 L$ Fatpack sold at the Festival of Sin)
Bed: MudHoney Taylor Bed (550L$ in the PG 700 L$ in the Adult version sold at the Festival of Sin)
Room: Vaughan's house of curiosities. apt. 306 :: ROOM (198L$ sold at the Festival of Sin)
Pose: aDORKable Poses: Legs (50 L$ one pose sold at the Festival of Sin)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Valentines Day gone wrong

It could have been a great valentines day. At least in Cupid's opinion. He wanted to fly around and shoot arrows at people and spread the love. And of course his victims were not supposed to see him. At this special day he was even supposed to bring love to a fairy. Unfortunatly he had no clue that it was Sarina whom he planed to make happy. Sarina liked violence.
Being a supernatural being the fairy saw when Cupid came closer to her. In her opinion no other beings than fairies, insects and birds should be allowed to fly - some dragons allready had found out that she was not willing to make any exception - she had spend some time watching him. That he was carrying a bow and arrows did not improve her opinion about Cupid. It was clear that he was a suspect. And then he dared to shoot an arrow in her direction. Sarina had to act. There was only a fast move of her hand needed to catch the arrow before it hit her. With a flap of her wings flew to Cupid and grabbed his arm. Then she started to poke him with his own arrow. His whimpering sounded like music in her pointy ears. It made all excited and for some moments she did not concentrate so the maltreated one managed to flee. Sarina was annoyed in her excitement she had bitten on her lips and they were bleeding now. But at least she had managed to gain an arrow. The behaviour of her next prey would surprise her.
Amour gone wrong II
Evie's closet takes part in the Gallery Gift shop again. This time their item is a fairy gown in violet and fitting wings. It has sculpted belly sleeves and there are lacy sleeves for the upper arm as well. Those remind a bit on petals. The Top looks like it would be laced and ends in a skirt which looks like having been made of silk. A very nice detail are the laced cuffs for the wrists. Those are worn under the sleeves. All items are mod. The blush and the arrow are two more items from the Gallery Gift shop. The arrow comes from Down Down Down. It is non copy and a nice gift. The blush comes from Umeboshi. The set contains three blushs for the tattoo layer. The pose used for the pictures comes from evolve. The set where it belongs to has the name valentine. The background comes from a skybox I sell on the marketplace. The name of my store is Spessart. It has a footprint of 20 m x 20 m and consists of 17 prims.
Amour gone wrong

Gown: *Evie's Closet* Tuala Gown (500 L$ Sold at the Gallery Gift Shop)
Blush: [UMEBOSHI] AI Blush Set -TGGS ED- (80 L$ Sold at the Gallery Gift Shop)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Sybille2 Mesh Hair (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack)
Skin: [Aura] Helena - Milk - tangled (200 L$ sold at the festival of sin)
Arrow: DDD_Emotional arrow(t) (100 L$ Sold at the Gallery Gift Shop)
Pose: .evolve.valentine.bag. (35 L$ for one Pose)
Skybox: Spessart Skybox VI (149 L$)

Fashioncentric & Spessart


I recently joined the Fashioncentric group which is new to me and I want to share it with you too! There are many group notices that inform you of latest releases, events & competitions and if that's not exciting enough there's  is a room in which to pick up some fabulous weekly freebies! but what I'm looking forward to is the forthcoming hunt that starts on the 1st April which I shall be covering nearer the time. Check the OFFICIAL WEBSITE for more details.

Next what is exciting to me is that my dearest fellow blogger Dagmar Haiku has started building skyboxes one of which I have in my picture, Dagmar knew i'd be excited about the pinkness and that I am! they're inexpensive & I think she's done a great job so please do go take a peek at her marketplace store (link below)

Hair: 100L - Hair/3 - black > Slow loris
Skin: 0L - Gilyn bitter full by ::DS:: @  > Fashioncentric
Skirt & shirt:0L -  Danielle set by ::j:: @ > Fashioncentric
Jacket: I've only gone & clicked on the wrong folder to wear & wore the wrong jacket this is a previous hunt item no longer available but similar & the one I should have worn can be found here > SMS
Scarf: 290L -  drape neck scarf - animus arantiacus by Zeerys @ > Back to Black event
Tights: 0L - Group gift > !1MM
Shoes: 0L - Bordello glitter pumps - red by Pia @ > Fashioncentric
Earrings: 0L - glitter hoops by beauty code @ > Fashioncentric
Skybox: 49L - Skybox VII (hall stand not included) > Spessart

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stones and Candy

Her hair had the colour of candy. And she also reminded of something very sweet. Some people had compared her with candyfloss. She always giggled on a very kind and cute way when they did this. But hidden behind the mask, she showed all others, she despised people for thinking this way. But it helped her to get what she wanted.
Festival of Sin happy
Of course, she had fought to be seen as smart as she was but it seemed like people were not really willing to change their opinion. It made her first angry but after a while she saw no reason not to gain as much as she could from this and gave up. She used her smartness to build an imperium. An imperium of stones. From farmers she bought stones they found on their fields and after those had been cleaned - the stones not the farmers although those sometimes also could have needed a cleaning - she sold them as decoration to the owners of big gardens. It was worth the efford it was surprising what some people were willing to pay for a stone. So she could buy herself a nice home. It was simple and surprisingly enough for some there wasn't anything in it which reminded on candyfloss.
Festival of Sin happy II
The festival of sin offers way more than just lust. LouLou & Co. made a wonderful gluttony themed headband. It has many little sweets on top of it and comes in three sizes. Its amazing how many details it has. Happy is a great store for the lovers of classical clothes. For the festival of sin they made a cute blouse with pretty bell formed sleves. The elegant pants are also belong to the festival of sin items from Happy.
The skybox on the upper pictures is the festival of sin item from Trompe Loeil. Its called "The Ka'u Beach". It mainly consists of mesh and is full furnitshed but leaves enough room for own decorations. The skybox has a garden with a pool and a livingroom, bedroom and a bathroom. The footprint is 54m x 29 m and the landimpact nearly 300. The hair is meshhair from Wasabi Pills. As the both Wasabi Pills creators wanted to avoid an argument the Sybille Hair is available in two versions. This is version 2. The set includes a version for avatar with bigger boobs and a normal one. The Boudoir mules from Lassitude & Ennui are an other mesh item, but they are being sold at the festival of sin. The shoes are available in several colour. It is also possible to wear them in a version where only the toes belong to the shoes and the rest of the feet of the avatar are visible, but I prefered the version where the complete foot is made of mesh. It is amazing how much better feet look which are made of mesh than normal primfeet. The colours look way more like skin. The toenails of the feet are tintable with the same hud which is also being used to tint the skin.
The pose on the upper pictures belongs to the envy me set from Hopscotch. The one on the lower are from the pencil set from Adorkable poses, its a set which is being made for pencil skirts but its great for elegant trousers as well. What I really like is that the creator included the mirrored poses. Both come also from the festival of sin.
Festival of sin Happy III

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Sybille2 Mesh Hair (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack)
Top:{Happy} Timeless Beauty Blouse (Sky) (120 L$ sold at the Festival of Sin)
Pants: {Happy} Preen Pants (Toast) (189 L$ sold at the Festival of Sin)
Skin: [Aura] Helena - Milk - used (200 L$ sold at the festival of sin)
Shoes: lassitude & ennui MESH Boudoir mules - black (350 L$ sold at the Festival of Sin)
Headdress: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Headband :: GLUCOSE :: (200 L$ sold at the Festival of Sin)

Skybox: Trompe Loeil - The Ka'u Beach Skybox (999 L$ sold at the Festival of Sin)
1st and 2nd Picture: *~*HopScotch*~* Envy me (200 L$ for 6 poses sold at the Festival of Sin)
Link3rd: aDORKable Poses: Pencil II Dork (50 L$ one pose sold at the Festival of Sin)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Roll on pay day!

It's a bargain find blog post that's what! I blummin well love all these things and need say no more on the subject... other than i'm skint, it's payday next week but hey look at these super finds! though I'd better just mention the shoes, they were a free gift at the SGB anniversary festa by Roly Poly and were available when I put the outfit together, however when I went back to grab the slurl today they seem to have been removed & I checked all the Roly Poly stores but couldn't find any, sorry folks - hate it when that happens :(

Hair: 280L -  wm0003 - brown > Boon
Skin: 0L -  Nell > Mother Goose's
Dress: 0L - Luckyboard item > Yome shoujo
Socks: 0L -  watabi green > Muu workshop

Just a hint of colour

Primarily I based this outfit upon the skin of which I chose to blog as I find it interesting. I've only once before blogged a drow skin as quite frankly I don't find that they really differ a great deal, however this one stood out to me and I love the impact of the contrasting colour of the make up. Yes I do realise that they are designed with a fantasy theme in mind but hey this is SL and anything goes.

 So next came the hair and belt and then and then and then! I was lucky enough to get a preview of the brand new release of fabulous coat ranges from 22769 which have an animal skin/fur theme. I really couldn't decide between Zebra or reptile so it had to be decided between by the toss of a coin and so reptile won! Isn't it divine glamour?! the coats are being released today so go take a peek!

Now I should also mention that there is currently a 3 day sale event going on at Vero Modero on selected boots and shoes, the boots I wear are not part of the sale but there are some other great bargains to be had so go take a look. P.s you may notice there is a red box on the corner of the vendor for these boots it might just be a hunt gift...shhh......

Hair: 0L - Akami - by MADesigns @ > Savoir hair
Skin: 800L -  Sandra cendre- Automne - tan > Katsucide
Coat:120L - Reptile cape coat > 22769
Sweater dress: 50L - Dreamy winter sweater dress - white > Alexohol
Leggings: 60L - Skelly leggings - white > su.vida
Boots: 260L -  Tekme grey wool boots > Vero Modero
Belt: 1L - low waist belt - orange - gacha item > Chuculet