Sunday, February 26, 2012

Just a hint of colour

Primarily I based this outfit upon the skin of which I chose to blog as I find it interesting. I've only once before blogged a drow skin as quite frankly I don't find that they really differ a great deal, however this one stood out to me and I love the impact of the contrasting colour of the make up. Yes I do realise that they are designed with a fantasy theme in mind but hey this is SL and anything goes.

 So next came the hair and belt and then and then and then! I was lucky enough to get a preview of the brand new release of fabulous coat ranges from 22769 which have an animal skin/fur theme. I really couldn't decide between Zebra or reptile so it had to be decided between by the toss of a coin and so reptile won! Isn't it divine glamour?! the coats are being released today so go take a peek!

Now I should also mention that there is currently a 3 day sale event going on at Vero Modero on selected boots and shoes, the boots I wear are not part of the sale but there are some other great bargains to be had so go take a look. P.s you may notice there is a red box on the corner of the vendor for these boots it might just be a hunt gift...shhh......

Hair: 0L - Akami - by MADesigns @ > Savoir hair
Skin: 800L -  Sandra cendre- Automne - tan > Katsucide
Coat:120L - Reptile cape coat > 22769
Sweater dress: 50L - Dreamy winter sweater dress - white > Alexohol
Leggings: 60L - Skelly leggings - white > su.vida
Boots: 260L -  Tekme grey wool boots > Vero Modero
Belt: 1L - low waist belt - orange - gacha item > Chuculet

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