Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jaunty jaunty jaunty

22769 have rebuilt their store. Its now more open and looks bigger although they are still at the same place. And they take part in the jaunty sale, a sale for guys. All the items in the sale are at 49 Linden.
22769 have two sets in the sale one with brown knickebocker (thats the name of thouse trousers in german i have no clue if they have that name also in english).
Outfit: 22769 jaunty sale outfit 2 (49 Linden)

And a outfit with a red scarf, pinstriped trousers and a ethnic top. I think those outfits are much to nice to be only for guys.
The textures of the top are really great. And it fits very well to other trousers.
Outfit: 22769 jaunty sale outfit 1 (49 Linden)

22769 is also taking part in the tropicana hunt. Their gift is a black hawaii shirt and fitting trousers.
Outfit: 22769 Tropicana Huntgift (0 Linden)

Stepping time

Sitting at home and trying to learn a song by heart. But that was really boring so i grabbed my hat and cane.
And jumped onto the desk.
And started to step.
But then i looked down at the desk and saw many little holes.
So i decided to go out and explore a bit. So i put on the uniform i stole lately took my phaser and walked into the mountains. I decided to tell my mate that a cat with peglegs caused the holes in the table. And also that i fought her and made her go away.

No Strings attached takes part in two hunts this month in the zombie popcorn hunt and in the Hollywood Walk of Fame Hunt. The Fred Astaire poses on the upper pictures are all from the Hollywood Walk of Fame hunt. They are well made as all the poses from No Strings attached and i had a lot of fun to play with them. The James Tiberius Kirk outfit is from 22769 and also from the HWOF Hunt. The outfit on the first pictures is from the jaunty sale from the same store. The shoes and socks are from Tyranny Designs. Its the second anniversary of Tyranny so they have a lot of free items hidden in their store.

Poses: 'NSA' - Fred Astaire (HWOF prize)
Outfit for the dance: 22769 jaunty sale outfit 2 (49 Linden)
Shoes and socks: .::TD:: As the crow (full outfit) (0 Linden at the moment)
Startrek uniform: 22769 HWOF-hunt - William Shatner

Fashion freak!

I visited a glorious store today, full of unique designs. I loved every one of them and decided to show you some of what is on offer at #Soleil#
This summery gown (below) is called 'Little Miss Sunshine' and comes complete with the gorgeous hair flower, and a partical attachment of little dandelion seeds (wishes).
I gotta admit, i felt like a princess walking around wearing this!
Beautifully made, and a bargain at 200L.
I teamed this up with the green stilleto's from Multiple Personality Designs and these cost just 1L, and come in every color possible...all 1L each!

The black and white dress (Above) is a dollarbie from Soleil also.. one not to be missed. Pick up the other two dollarbies while you are there named 'Musette' and 'Thankyou Gift'

The outfit on the left, i completely fell with. This came with dress and hat/veil and costs a kind 350L.
Aptly named 'Sole eater' it made me feel somewhat dark and mysterious.
Again, i teamed this ensemble with black stilletto's from Multiple Personalty Designs costing 1L.
So many great designs in this store, so grab the the taxi and see what you might find!
*Hugs&Happy weekend!*

Blonde hair (top left) from YunA'sHair - 0L - group gift

Lust hair (top right) from Magika - 0L - Friday 13th Gift - look under ladder at landing point

Friday, August 13, 2010

Weired meetings in the mountains

When wandering through the mountains i met a piper. Well she was more playing kind of a flute. Curious i asked her what she is doing. She gasps "im late i wake all for the spring". Raising an eyebrow i wanted to mention that it is nearly autum. But she allready was on her way. Jumping through the hills in her thorn boots and playing the flute.
Dress: Grim Bros. little green doll dress (0 Linden No strings Attached hunt)
Boots: Caverna obscura : Hazard Boots (0 Linden Lucky board)
Flute: Satoko's instruments : Satoko's Tumnus Flute Set (0 Linden Lucky chair)

Luxory Hunt 2 starting

Fighting with Ponder from Stylesucks for a belt. Its the gift from Stylesucks in the Luxory Hunt 2. The hunt started today and will end at the 12th September. You will find the stores which take part in the hunt at the huntblog.Belt: - true style SUCKER Leather-Belt (girls shape) (0 Linden Hunt gift)
Top: - BOUND PART 2 (69 Linden)
Trousers: [DIAPOP] jeans green :: low rise (113 Linden)

22769 organized the hunt and also have an awesome gift in it. A golf outfit. It comes with brown trousers and a pink sweater with white collar. Its great for playing golf. The trousers are sporty enough to be able to run away after destroying the window of the neighbours.
Outfit: 22769 Luxory Hunt 2 gift (0 Linden Hunt gift)

Casual days

Don't you just love when you are just sort of 'roaming' around the grid, and you find the cutest store, with the cutest creations? Well today was my lucky day!
I wandered into a great little place called Les Petits Details and found some lovely items there, and numerous freebies and dollarbies!
Lets take a little look shall we?
So here i am wearing the dollarbie called 'gray silk salopet' and this is a group only dollarbie. The whole ensemble is great for a casual, laid-back look. This can be found outside the store where you will find 4 different gift bags of surprises!
Then take a little stroll inside the store and notice the simply gorgeous designs, and the prices are so very reasonable.
You will not only find clothes here, but eyelashes, poses and more.
I could not resist buying a pair of the lashes as they are just so well made and unusual... easy to fit also. The lashes in the picture here in particular are name 'colored rose' and cost a mere 40L.
The green eyes are also a freebie from the store, and you will receive other colors along with these ones.
The pose i have used is one of 4 free poses given free..
All in all... a thumbs up from me! Definatly worth a visit :))

Taxi to 'Les Petits Details'

Lucky Tyranny

A friend gave me a teleport to a lucky chair today. It was the chair at the store of Tyranny at the Bazar of Gor. So i won a nice oldschool looking dress. It comes with bangles and kneepads.
Dress: Tyranny D. {Hobo-esque} - Larma (0 Linden Lucky chair)

Then suddenly the other chair turned also to D and i quickly sat down. When opening the box i was surprised because of winning really lovely shoes. They look like being made for a nice grandmother. I love the bows on the back. And the lace is just great.
Shoes: .::TD::. Grandma's House Shoes -Bed Pan (0 Linden Lucky chair)


((:bleh:)) Zebra Dress (pink)

Hot to trot.

((:bleh:)) is a wonderful new freestore in Virtulo.  I absolutely loved visiting this boutique--it's cute, and the clothes are made with love and care.

An LM at the bottom, after we take a look at some of the pretty you can find.  Leave a donation for the store owner to show her some love.

((:bleh:)) Dinosaur Top

((:bleh:)) Dress - Pink Flowers (leggings not included)

((:bleh:)) Dress 01

Yes, everything is 0L.  Go now.

Feeling a little blue

I logged into SL today, and happened across this yummy skin from Glance I love finding nice surprises like this, the green eyeshadow is just gorgeous, and highly defined cheekbones. Perfect! Look for the little pair of black sunglasses at landing point, buy for 0L,..and its yours!

Chichickie hair so often give out lovely gifts in their subscribo, and this blue princess hair is a gift from them for reaching 5k members. The gift includes this hair in all colors, and they also threw a western hat!

The necklace is a freebie from Earthstones They have quite a few freebies, and also group gifts (group membership being 250L)

The fabulous blue flowy dress is also another freebie, can be found from AZUL as a group gift, perfect for any cocktail party,... Enjoy!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Aren't ya gonna frisk me?" ~Breathless Mahoney

It took a few tries to get the L$500 Gift Card from Fierce Designs' Midnight Mania board but I knew exactly what I wanted to spend it on as soon as I received it. And because I couldn't make up my mind on which pattern to get, I decided to purchase the double-breasted coat in both "Temptation" (red brocade) and "Business Time" (pinstripe). The coat is priced at L$349 but a definite steal with the Gift Card. You can combine this coat with nearly anything in your wardrobe. The silhouette is a little aggresive with padded shoulders but balanced with a soft and feminine satin belt. It's streamlined, refined, and classy - an amazingly versatile peice. Dag and I decided to wear the coats with nothing more than our favorite Stiletto Moody heels and accessorized with firearms ;) Girls in long coats and big guns. A volatile combination indeed.

Pics Below:
Left: Xelyn is wearing Fierce Fashion's "Temptation" Trench
Right: Dagmar is wearing Fierce Fashion's "Business Time"
Fierce Designs Main Store

Foundations for Wardrobe, Part I

Leggings: I made them! 0L
Boots: Gasqhe Kaesha Ankle Boots, 0L
Necklace: Shiny Things Knotted Bead Strand (modded to black color), 1L
Glasses: Leah Posh Sunglasses, 0L

Let's talk basics.

Basics, simple clothing items and accessories used to spruce up your wardrobe, help add a personal touch to whatever you wear. They're like a solid foundation upon which you can build a house.  Without a basic wardrobe, your seasonal dresses and ensembles would make you look just like anyone else who bought the same fabulous new outfit you did.

What is part of this wardrobe?  Think leggings, jeans, shoes, belts, jewelery, purses, watches, cardigans, and jackets.  Things you can layer on top of, things you can use with outfits over and over to add your own style.

When shopping for a basic wardrobe, keep the colors simple and the textures to a minimum.  You want blacks, whites, greys and browns so they can pair easily with other items.  You also don't want your outfit to be loaded with too many prints or colors, or else anyone who looks at you will visually reject what they see.

The next few entries I write will cover a few items to incorporate into your SL closet, along with where you can find them. Feel free to share your own finds in the comment section.


: Professional Female Jacket (in inventory), 0L 
Belt: Rocker Female Belt (in inventory), 0L  
Necklace: Chuculet Ina Pearl (Cream), 5L (Yes, this necklace has been blogged to death, but when you find a good string of pearls, you find a good string of pearls.)
Dress: *{Bp}* Abstract Greyscale Mini Dress, 0L

This outfit was put together by finding cheap things and modding them, along with borrowing heavily from your default wardrobe library. The Professional Female jacket, for example, I edited to have it remain open instead of buttoned up.  The BP Abstract Greyscale dress is normally a beautiful display of whites and greys, but to make it a simple black dress, I edited the whole thing.

Until next time.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Short and sexy

Sassy has a dress for the nonshy on the midnight mania. It looks like being made of black jeans with a lot of torn parts. Dress: ~Sassy!~ Trouble - black denim (0 Linden Midnight mania)

At the same place you could win an other short dress. Its yellow/berry with some smaller 70ties patterns.
Dress: ~Sassy!~ Hippie Chick - Boxy (0 Linden lucky chair)

You could get many free kimonos in second life. But normaly those are decent long ones. So i was quite glad when winning this brown red kimono. It comes with a big bow on the obi. And its possible to turn the obi around so that the bow is on the back.
Kimono: amoon kimono ladys (0 Linden Lucky board but you need to join the a moon group to be able to win)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

gifts from caverna obscura

Standing proud on the deck because of all the precious things i managed to get at Caverna obscura. For example this pirate outfit. You could either wear it with long or short pants or with a jacket or without jacket and there is also a skirt included.
Outfit: Caverna obscura : Pirate Girl Outfit box (0 Linden Lucky board)

The pink dress is great for jumping through the hills and singing songs.
For example "Spring im faster than you" or "Winter you are a looser" songs.
Outfit: Caverna obscura : Gift Faerie Outfit Box (0 Linden Lucky board)

Also great it this armour. It comes with many parts. The prim parts even come in a normal and in a low prim version. This might be rather useful for roleplayers.
Outfit: Caverna obscura : Rogue Warrior Armor set Box (0 Linden Lucky board)

in black leather

A friend asked me to slap a midnight mania board at Phoenix design because she wanted to win a armour very much. So i went there and wanted to have the armour too. Its a black leather armour comming with lots of attachments like a purse and a belt. The hair i found at savoir hair when helping some newbies. Outfit: *PD/BLACK Equestrienne *Clothes (0 Linden midnight mania board)
Hair: Savoir Hair - Curious Kitties (0 Linden)

Show me on the doll has an other great item at their midnight mania board on the bad blood sim. Its a black parasol which looks made like being partly made of bones.
Parasol: [SMOTD] The Tainted Taxidermist - Parasol (0 Linden midnight mania)
Outfit: *+*JILL*+*BnW (0 Linden lucky board)

black and white gifts

Perse has a great subscribtion gift. Its a black and white dress with black stockings. The dress floats very nice. Its worth to visit that store not only because of that gift. They have some very unique shoes there and also the dresses do not look like average stuff.Dress: -Perse- Ludique subscribe gift (0 Linden)
Alchemy immortalis has an other 24 hour gift today. Its a pretty bracelet. In the middle of the bracelet two hands hold a red gem.
Bracelet: ) AI ( Amaranthus "Arcana" Celtic Wrist Talisman (0 Linden today)

Prepared for the fight

Standing around and planing to do some mischief. So i went to the river and thought of swimming. But then i was insecure because of the armour and decided to stay dry.
Its the second anniversary of the Feudal Nippon sim. And because of that the Scavenger Hunt is taking place at this sim.
You have to search for 21 coins. The hunt is also intresting for guys as in the coins is always a female and a male part of the outfit. There are also boots included but i didn t manage to make them fit correctly so i wore my usual boots for the outfit.
Im very glad that a friend told me about that hunt. So i found a nice roleplay sim and had a lot of fun during the hunt. I met some of the people who roleplay there and they all have been rather friendly. So its a hunt which is not only nice because of the gifts.
Outfit: (F) Kotora Nippon Samura (0 Linden Hunt items)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hair romance

Ania found a blond visitor at her island. It was a blond girl. Having a braid around her head. She seemed to watch the sea.
Ania wasn`t sad when the girl started to walk away.
I won the blond hair on the grou lucky board at heart softens. Then i went to visit Ania to show them to her. She recomented to change my outfit and then made the pictures. The hair has an intresting cut. There is a braid wraped around the head. And a little tail on the head. Im not sure if its possible to have such a hairstyle in reallife but with some little helpers it might be possibe.
The dress is a romantic black white dress from L.C. Fashion . It has wide sleeves and the skirt looks a bit transparent and floats. I like it very much.

Hair: .+*HS*+. Group LB Hair ::CUST:: Mesh (0 Linden lucky board)
Dress: *LC* cocktail Gown Lyesas -white (190 Linden)

Driving in my car

Spending time with driving around in the living room and hopeing that it won`t smell later. I had to play with the go kart when seeing the bus on the [arnadi] subscriber gift. The shirt comes in a version for men and one for women.
Top: [arnadi] - Tshirt Mistery Machine (0 Linden subscriber gift)
Trousers: Capris: 22769 checkered capri jeans vendor (unisex) (7Linden)