Friday, August 13, 2010

Casual days

Don't you just love when you are just sort of 'roaming' around the grid, and you find the cutest store, with the cutest creations? Well today was my lucky day!
I wandered into a great little place called Les Petits Details and found some lovely items there, and numerous freebies and dollarbies!
Lets take a little look shall we?
So here i am wearing the dollarbie called 'gray silk salopet' and this is a group only dollarbie. The whole ensemble is great for a casual, laid-back look. This can be found outside the store where you will find 4 different gift bags of surprises!
Then take a little stroll inside the store and notice the simply gorgeous designs, and the prices are so very reasonable.
You will not only find clothes here, but eyelashes, poses and more.
I could not resist buying a pair of the lashes as they are just so well made and unusual... easy to fit also. The lashes in the picture here in particular are name 'colored rose' and cost a mere 40L.
The green eyes are also a freebie from the store, and you will receive other colors along with these ones.
The pose i have used is one of 4 free poses given free..
All in all... a thumbs up from me! Definatly worth a visit :))

Taxi to 'Les Petits Details'

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