Saturday, May 14, 2011

A touch of Vintage skate N surf


It's not all skimpies in this Skate N surf hunt no! check out this beautiful vintage style bathing suit by 22769, it comes with the lovely flower for your hair for too. What I love about this bathing suit is it's versatility, not only is it a bathing costume, but you can wear it as a corset to team up with trousers or capris, or with a skirt and some jewelry for a classy evening look. Today though I'm sticking with the beach theme, and so I teamed it up with this fabulous crochet poncho which is the latest group gift from Vita's Boudoir. Don't forget you can get your landmarks and hints for the Skate N surf hunt > Here .

Hair: 50L - Me -  sandy blonde > [69]
shape: 0L lana shape Skate N surf item > Cs shapes
Bathing suit & hair flower: 0L Skate N surf hunt item > 22769
Poncho: 0L group gift > Vita's Boudoir
shoes: 400L real toe tassel wedge sandal - Beige > J's

More Skate N surf


Oh here I am again with more from that fabulous skate N surf hunt! now I really must tell you about these lil shells , oh sure they look so pretty, but what you don't know about them is that they have lots of lovely relaxing sounds of the sea with them clever!! oh and on my previous post I demonstrated a pose from but I didn't tell you that not only are these individuals pose , but pose balls and a pose stand with animations too, see these designers are really putting a lot of thought & effort into their hunt items!

Vest, shorts & sneakers: 0L skate N surf hunt item > Stilecht
Shells , starfish & beach torch: 0L skate N surf hunt item > Fearless nation ptsd support
Pose: 0L skate N surf hunt item > SocialANGtz


Oh so you thought this hunt was just going to be about bikini's & boardies? ho ho no! look at these marvelous items from FIN! There are 12 in this hunt gift in total all of an exotic beach theme, I tried to cram as many into the pic as I could. Oh anyone for a early evening surf?

Wetsuit: 0L skate N surf hunt item > Subversion
Surfboard & pose: 0L skate & surf hunt item (female version) > Magnifique
Rocks, flowers, grass, trees, lantern, parasol: 0L skate N surf hunt item > FIN

Skate N surf hunt

Skate & surf

Ok everybody the Skate N surf hunt starts today so get your skates on! or skateboard or even surfboard! lol. There some absolutely amazing items in this hunt I've got so much to post! eeeek! find our more Here where the landmarks & hints are also you can join the inworld group for more information & help.Oh just so you know, you're searching for a surfboard.

This is is the best unisex hunt i've ever experienced, with many stores offering both male & female options. I will post more of the items from the hunt , but first I wanted start with this great shape from CS Shapes, only once have I ever changed shape for a blog post, but I love the Lana shape so much that I may have to perminently keep this shape it's so perfectly proportioned! and also shows of this cute bikini from Splendeurs surfwear to the finest! so a great place to start!

Hair: 100L Chinatsu - Onyx >D!va
Shape: 0L- skate N surf hunt item Lana shape  > CS shapes
Bikini: 0L skate N surf hunt item  > Splendeurs surfwear
Bracelet: 0L skate N surf hunt item cascading ripples bracelet > Frippery
Sunglasses: 0L from Maschienwerk  please note that this store seems to be in the process of moving
Feet: 99L delicious trotters > Skifija
Pose: 0L- skate N surf hunt item > SocialANGtz

[poetically framed]

When checking on one of my favourite eye-stores, Poetic Colours, I stumbled over their new, gorgeous freebie, the Moroccan Nights eyes. With a colour palette of different shades of blue and purple and their gorgeous reflections, they're truly a must have! You get a bright and a darker version in the pack, plus optional prim-attachments for light effects.

[poetically framed]

Eyes: Poetic Colors - Moroccan Nights - Freebie Eyes

Happy RezDay Likka House!

So if you haven't checked out Likka yet, shame on you! You've got such great outfits just merely a hop skip and a jump away! With prices WORTH that jump! Its a rez day sale over there, and let me tell you, these outfits are hooooot! And quite snazzy too. I've taken the liberty to photo a few of the outfits awaiting you!

<span class=

<span class=
And here we have Dolothy, a nice little striped top with a long and very swishy skirt. Comes with a cute little choker and a broach to add that little dab of sophistication.

<span class=
Ahh Blanca, who can't help but look innocent and pure as the driven snow in this frock. Its topped with bell sleeves and lace in all the right places! And topped with a pair of wings found in the same store!

Last but not least my favorite of the outfits I've shown. It might be the pink checkered top, or the adorable top hat, but this outfit has it all dark gothy feel with class.

All photos were taken with
Skin: Plush(Gothic 0-Classic) 50L - Sn@tch
Hair: Kalea in Wild card colors Blueberry, Blizzard and Candy. 250L for the pack from Exile
Shoes: Refined 175L from Favole
Shape: Personally tweaked for that personal touch.
Outfits: All outfits were 25L each, except the wings in Blanca which were 5L from Likka House

Friday, May 13, 2011

[white and gold]

Your favourite club announces a 'toga party' as an upcoming event? You are involved in roleplay and need something to show your legs off? Or do you simply need a breezy garment for spring and the upcoming summer? Search no more, since Bare Rose offers this nice toga for free! It comes in male and female version and consists of shirt, glitchpants, skirt, socks and a sculpted knot to fix it on your shoulder, and you can find it in their freebie corner next to the landing point.

[white and gold]

Also free during May, and also in the colours white and gold is this beautiful underwear freebie from VITAMEN. So sexy that you just want to roll around on the floor and enjoy the feeling of tight fabric on your skin. :)

[white and gold]

Toga: ::: B@R ::: - Free Toga
Underwear: VITAMEN - Monthly Freebie on May2011

Shopping Spree!

Hi Folks! My name is Zorah and I'm new to writing on a blog. Pristine new, so I was really nervous about writing my first blog, and I've been flitting from store to store shopping, taking pictures and having a blast! Granted my linden account wants to do mean things to me right about now, but I feel confident enough to share some of my pictures with you! Funny how that works!

Vengeful Threads
Skin:Bliss in Nude from - 350L Heartsick
Shape: I make my own shapes (and I pass them out, just ask!)
Hair: Nasty II in Plum - 245L Emo-Tions
Outfit: Rave'N'Star-UltraViolet - 600L Vengeful Threads
Shoes: Rave'N'Star-Ultraviolet - 600L Vengeful Threads
This outfit is one of my goofy favorites from Vengeful Threads, its got a really unique look and comes with everything shown here except the skin, shape, eyes and hair.

Pixel Dolls
Skin:Bliss in Nude from - 350L Heartsick
Shape: I make my own shapes (and I pass them out, just ask!)
Hair: Talia/BlackCherry - 250L Exile
Outfit: Fade brocade dress Violet - 0L!! Yeah FREE! PixelDolls
Shoes: Prestige boots Black Suede - 875L Bax Coen
Another one of my favorite stores has this lovely gem FREE! It comes with the dress in Jacket/Shirt/Undershirt layers, and the bottom in pants and underpants! And the skirt isn't one of those little prims stuck between your legs, its an actual sculpted skirt which looks rather nice! And to complete the look is my Baxies, which are one of my favorite accessories!

Had to repost, silly blogger!

The golden ones

They were sitting on their favourite rock. Close their fins lightly moved by the water. They belonged to the same kin. The marvelous and rare golden merrows. It was not recognizeable but they belonged to the fastest swimmers. Their tailfins were so strong that they were able to jump like a dolphin. And they were agressive. Sometimes they dealt with other mer but this was seldom. Their kin lived in flat water only about five metres deep so they dealt more often with humans. The beaches in the area where they lived were normaly empty, only sometimes tourists, who had no clue about what was hiding under the calm surface of the sea, were missed. If the merrows were lucky those tourists had waterproof cameras. They really liked taking pictures of each other.
22769 takes part in the supernatural hunt. As one of the owners of this store likes spending time as merrow they made those wonderful avatars as huntgift. The avatars come with skin, shape, eyes, the outfit and even an animation overrider. Of course it is also possible to use your shape with the outfit. The colours of the fins are very lovely. The idea to make fins to replace the hair is great. It lets the avatars look much more like merrows might look.
I found the pose in a store called Yaya Creaciones. It is worth to have a look at this store as they have many couple poses and they are surprisingly unexpensive.
Underwater love

Avatars: 22769 supernatural huntgift (0 L$)
Pose: * Yaya Creaciones * : Animate Mermaid Hug (10 L$)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Crazy birds

Sticking out the tongue to a bird which is always trying to build its nest in front of the window. But it did not help. The bird supposed there woud be food on the tongue and flipped out even more. Sometimes its not a really smart idea to have a tattoed tongue.
tongue is out
Dimbula has new skins on their lucky boards. This pretty one with the yellow/orange lips and makeup is one of them. The tongue is a huntgift at Glue Ink in the where is hunt. In this hunt you have to search for a donut. As the tongue is scripted it is possible to change the tattoo on the skin or to wear it without the tattoo. Bukka put this stripped sweater on their lucky chair. The lower part is scripted and could be worn long or short. On the picture is the short one. Poison has always great gifts on their midnight mania board. This jeans are currently on the board. They are unisex and look torn and bleached.
Blue stripes

Skin: :::Dimbula Rose::: ToxicHoney skin/LB (0 L$ Lucky board)
Tongue: [:Where is...:::Donut::::] #35 [GLUE INK] (0 L$ Where Is Hunt)
Top: [BUKKA]border shirt ::navy&white:: lucky box (0 L$ Lucky board)
Trousers: Poison Bleach jeans (0 L$ Midnight Mania)
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Women's Sneaker Boots - Black Out (20 L$)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Waiting by the fountain at midnight


I look pretty fed up of waiting by this fountain too don't I? and still to be there at midnight! and why would a lady be doing such a thing?  the mind boggles doesn't it , well answers on a postcard please i'd be most interested to see some possible explanations hehe.

I love this rather bohemian look, the top, skirt & bracelets are all part of one outfit at Paris Metro I just adore the colour & texture of the skirt. The store is awash with pretty dresses & gowns, there is currently a lovely purple gown subscribo gift too. The store will be having a great promotion at the moment too where all outfits are set to 200L!! go grab some now! this one is usually set at 600L.

Loving this hair at the moment which available  at [69] for 50L for a limited period only in blonde though, other colours available at 300L. Oh and to complete the look a new scarf! you know I have a penchant for scarves and I couldn't love these new lacey ones at artME more!

Hair: 50L Olivia -  sandy blonde > [69]
Scarf: 150L - summer scarf - roseknit > artME
Outfit: 200L Bohemian Rhapsody > Paris Metro
Ring: 0L subscribo/group gift ( look in history) > Villena
Fountain: Comes with 2 sweet loveseat style benches > Zoe's garden

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Lord of the last tower

In the morning Kaokash spend his time with watching the horizon. He was worried but not afraid. Fear was one of the feelings he would never experience. The elf would have been hurt if somebody would have compared him with a honeybadger - if he would have known about the honeybadger - as he was fearless but he cared deeply about the things which happened around him and more important he never killed to eat.
Kaokash was the Lord of the last tower. Beyond the northern border of his lands was the red marsh. The marsh was not reigned and odd beings like the black koronor lived there (the black koronor lived there until he argued with Kaokash about the Wave–particle duality). In his youth centuries ago he had explored those lands but as his sister who was supposed to reign got slayed in a battle he had to return. Nobody had supposed that Kaokash would manage to end the fights his Sister was involved in. All knew about his lack in fear but it was known that lack in fear would only help to end fights not to keep the peace which could only be earned with smart diplomacy.
It was hard for the elf who had never planed to spend his time on mainly one place. But somehow he managed to deal with the rituals and the balls his new position brought to him.
This did not affect the state of his mind in this night. When they supposed he wouldn t listen his servants whispered about him. Kaokash knew it and he also knew that there was no way out of his misery. He would need to marry the daughter of the Lord of the first tower. There was no way out if it. When he saw the top of the sail of her ship at the horizon he needed to lean against the tower slowly he started to get an idea of the meaning of the word fear.
The elf lord
Wasabi Pills released yesterday their white death armor.Its a armor which covers the whole body. The horns for the head come for three attachment points. Some parts of the armor look like being made of skulls others seem to have been created out of metal. Maybe thats why nobody ever found the corpse of the black koronor. All the parts come with a resize script so its easy to make the armour fit. The hair is the maeve hair from the same store. It is surprising how well it goes on a male avatar.
The shape is the declan shape from CS*shapes. Its a shape which goes well for a hero and has a good size in my opinion.
The skin I used has been on the lucky fortune teller at fallen gods inc. sometime ago. There are similar ones available there now. The crystal faery skins.
The elf wears the forest elf eyes from sterling artistry. Those are big and fit well to an elf.
Death armor
Armor: /Wasabi Pills/ White Death Armor (1200 L$)
Shape: DECLAN Shape [CS Shapes] (749 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Maeve Hair - (250 L$ for one colour pack or 1500 L$ for all colours)
Skin: CRYSTAL +Fallen Gods Inc.+ male Fortunes Edition (former lucky fortune teller gift similar skins available for 990 L$)
Blue dots on the skin: Skinthesis - Bioluminous Spots - Abyss (30 L$ tattoo layer)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry : sa_ForestElfEyes_NinuiBlue (50 L$)

Dressed wrong

Amalia always wanted to spend her holidays at the beach. She loved to spend a lot of time sleeping in the warm sand while her skin became tan. But this time she somehow got into the wrong plane and landed in the mountains. She was not really happy. The landscape was great and the weather was too but there was no beach and she only could spend her time wandering. But she only had dresses for the beach with her. So she spend her time running up and down the mountains to avoid to freeze.

Schön released an other dress which is free in second life but put out free with the intent that the ones who get it donate in real life to help those who are suffering in Japan. Its a short summery outfit with a bikini like top and a short skirt. The skirt is made of three primparts. The texture of the dress looks metalic.
freezing in the mountains
Outfit: ::Schoen:: Holiday (ask real-world donation item) (0L$)
Boots: -Perse- Ascot Boots (249$ or 1799$ for the fatpack with 10 colours)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Out shopping


I'm always out shopping for great items as you know, yet got a little sidetracked today and became part of a Flash mob, do read about it for your amusement and a great free unisex jacket! so I was out for a nice party dress, but picked up these little beauties along the way. Can you believe this amazing skin is on a luckychair, look at those lips , I even want to kiss me!

 The glasses are a group gift with full perms so you can adapt them to your liking. This jacket is amazing isn't it?! I love the style but the detail, that's what I love about Vero Modero stuff the incredible detail, but it's also transferable (non copy) so a great place to but some gifties for your dearest. Oh and what did I have in my shopping bags? this lovely dress below and the rest? well you'll have to find out....soon... ;P

Tiger dress

Hair: 0L Group luckyboard > Heart softens
Skin: 0L Luckychair - Lae skin > the oBscene
Glasses: 0L Group gift - retro glasses > Urban warehouse
Jacket: 300L - glad jacket - brown > Vero Modero
Top: 0L - jingisukan t-shirt > Sheep door
Jeans: 250L NW jeans two tone > Vero Modero
Shoes: 0L   >Peephole

Dress: 600L - tiger dress > Vero modero
Shoes: 149L - Andromeda heels > Skifija

Stealing flowers

Standing in the forest and making plans. This time the plan is to get the biggest flower of the forest to win the best daughter at mothers day competition. But unfortunatly its a day too late so its important to get a really big present and this flower looks just like it would fit.
hippie top and sidhe jeans front
Studio Sidhe and Acid and Mala take both part at culture shock. Culture shock is donation event organized by CHIC Management. The stores which take part in it created special items for the event. The raised money will support the work of Médecins Sans Frontières. Culture shock will end at May 22th.
hippie top and sidhe jeans back
Acid & Mala sell some cute hippie like outfits at culture shock. This short top goes well with the jeans from Studio Sidhe which have also been created for culture shock. The trousers are available in many colours and fit men as well as women. I like it a lot that the designer also put glitch socks into the packet. The pants come on the pants and on the undies layer. They are mod so its possible to make them shorter if its needed to wear the ones on the pants layer in boots without the flares looking out of the boot.
Sidhe jeans
Top: .:A&M:. Boho Chic Mini Top - Orange-Red - (50 L$) Culture Shock'11
Jeans: :+:SS:+: Unisex Jeans (each 100 L$) (sold at Culture Shock)