Sunday, May 8, 2011

Stealing flowers

Standing in the forest and making plans. This time the plan is to get the biggest flower of the forest to win the best daughter at mothers day competition. But unfortunatly its a day too late so its important to get a really big present and this flower looks just like it would fit.
hippie top and sidhe jeans front
Studio Sidhe and Acid and Mala take both part at culture shock. Culture shock is donation event organized by CHIC Management. The stores which take part in it created special items for the event. The raised money will support the work of Médecins Sans Frontières. Culture shock will end at May 22th.
hippie top and sidhe jeans back
Acid & Mala sell some cute hippie like outfits at culture shock. This short top goes well with the jeans from Studio Sidhe which have also been created for culture shock. The trousers are available in many colours and fit men as well as women. I like it a lot that the designer also put glitch socks into the packet. The pants come on the pants and on the undies layer. They are mod so its possible to make them shorter if its needed to wear the ones on the pants layer in boots without the flares looking out of the boot.
Sidhe jeans
Top: .:A&M:. Boho Chic Mini Top - Orange-Red - (50 L$) Culture Shock'11
Jeans: :+:SS:+: Unisex Jeans (each 100 L$) (sold at Culture Shock)

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