Saturday, November 26, 2011

[vintage vixen]

[vintage vixen]

Vintage Fair is still running until Dec 3rd, and now that the enthusiastic masses have mostly vanished, it's actually possible to move around without crashing or relying on cam-shopping, so take your chance and hop over to admire the various brand's offers and what they consider to be 'vintage'. There is a wide variety of items to be found, from 1920's flapper dresses to 80's sequin chic, full outfits, hair and accessories - everything your fashionista/-o heart needs to be happy!

22769 is having a booth at the fair as well, with both female and male items to pick from. Shown in the picture is the devine, crimson-coloured 'Red Roses Dress' that's adorned with beautifully sculpted flowers along the neckline and down the side. Purrfect 10's Rose Heels are a perfect match in this case! To give the rather classy look a slight twist, Raven's wearing A:S:S DeLuxe's latest release, a fascinator that uses thick bolts to hold it on your head, keeping it screwed to your skull. Made from silver, with accents of pearls and moonstones and albino peacock feathers it makes an unusual and lightly freaky addition to your wardrobe.

On Raven:

Skin: -Glam Affair - Gio Natural skin - Fall/Winter
Hair: Tukinowaguma - Hairbase White
Nails: [Mandala] - [FEMALE NAIL PALETTE 2/LONG]
Dress: 22769 ~ [femme] red roses dress (at Vintage Fair)
Shoes: P10 - Serenity Rose Heels
Fascinator: A:S:S DeLuxe - Screw me (in frost)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Stand out in pixels



Indeed  isn't that what we want to do, stand out in the pixels! make your fashion statement, that's the most wonderful thing about SL fashion. We don't have to worry about body hang ups or what's appropriate for age and as such can wear absolutely anything we like!

I'm totally into these new 'jeggings' at Love - not quite jeans, not really leggings but they're fabulously tight and can be worn on their own or under a skirt as jeans or as leggings - great!

Now here are some freebie gifts that you simply must grab. Firstly the skin in the 'Diamond is mine' hunt (more details can be found HERE you're looking for a diamond hint is next to new skin)  It's from Jesylilo which is always quality and has fabulous tones. The eyeshadow is a lovely green shade which cannot be seen in my pics as i'm wearing shades which also happen to be another great group gift from Le Poppycock.

These amazing boots are also a group gift at Gabriel and come in men and womens sizes. The top is a group gift from Nudolu and comes in 5 colours! not often you get a fatpack as a gift is it?

Skin: 0L - Anana skin Diamond is mine hunt item > JeSyLiLo
Hair: 35L - gacha item > Heart softens
Jacket: 125L -  Casual blazer - pink stripes cuffs > Love
Top: 0L - Group gift > NuDoLu
Jeggings: 60L - Silver twill jeggings > Love
Boots & belt : 0L - Group gifts > Gabriel
Sunglasses: 0L - lucky leopard - group gift > Le Poppycock

Gallery Opening

It was always the same. She ate too much at gallery openings. Now she was not able to take any pictures because her hands were covered with chocolate. It was really tricky to be a reporter.
Insane Focus exhibition
Many events are going on today. One of them will be the opening party of the Insane/Focus exhibition at Lust4Art. Moolfryt Klang and Loviathar Hellman show pictures they took on their travels. They are intense and definitly worth to have a look at. Its even possible to buy them so that you can decorate their home with them. As Loviathar Hellman is the owner of Virtual/Insanity she built a gift for the opening party. Its the keychain with the camera. The opening party starts at 11 am SLT today. Club Industry DJ Demonica Bade will float the sim with some great music. The shirt is the current 22769 groupgift. Its included in a male and a female version and comes even with pants. The shirt goes well with the current temperatures as it is very warm. Today is a black friday sale going on. The Abyss sells those leather pants there for 100L$. They are also sold in a version for guys there. Beside the Abyss some other brands tak part in the sale. To go there you need to join thewarehouse group.
Some days ago was my rezzday. The cookie belongs to the Rez day gift from Concrete Flowers. There are some more munchies included into it.

Camera: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] THE PHOTOGRAPHER KeyChain - Red&Black (0 L$ will be a gift at the Insane/Focus vernissage at 11 am SLT 25th Nov. 2011)
Cookie: CONCRETE FLOWERS- CHOC DISC PASTRY (0 L$ if its your rez day)
Top: 22769 GROUPGIFT November 2011 (0 L$)
Trousers: theabyss F_Distressed_Leather_Pants (100 L$ at the Warehouse Sale)

The pose used for the picture comes from Purple Poses.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

[feeding accident]

[feeding accident]

Every now and then it happens, I swear it wasn't on purpose! Never would I stain my brand new underwear from VITAMEN, their monthly freebie for November, intentionally... but in this case, he simply struggled too much. Time for a shower!

Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ - Vincent February
Hair: [LeLutka] - OSCAR
Eyes: REPULSE - Undead Eyes
Beard: -Sorry.Asia- Facial Hairs (9 + 16)

Blood: REPULSE - Bloodbath Full Body Tattoo
Underwear: VITAMEN - Monthly Freebie for November (free)

Pose: Glitterati

A taste of SL & a splash of the black market


Picnik collage

There are some truly spectacular exclusive creations that have been released recently and I want to share just a few. Firstly I've always been a fan of Dreamscapes creations and I can't be enthusiastic enough about this weeks releases for The Taste of SL event (more details found at HERE) all the furnishings are part of the event so do be quick to bag a bargain! The Fireplace with cage books & candles are on offer but if you wear your TOSL group tag you will get  'Frames & more' free!

Next I want to gush lots about the skirt! I can without any hesitation say that this is the most beautiful, wonder skirt that I've ever owned in SL. I know that mesh can produce such incredible creations however try as I might I just cannot see mesh, regardless of what viewer I use & I was utterly convinced that this skirt by 22769 was mesh. I'm thrilled to say it isn't!! I can wear it! it has such a vintage feel to it with the most fabulous William Morris style print. It also has a high waist band (not best illustrated in my pics I have to say) and what's more is you can detach the bottom prim to make a pretty parachute style knee length skirt ..ahhhhhh fantastic!! It's only available until 13th December though as it's an exclusive design for The Black market event.

Skin: 0L - Luckyboard item - Ulika > Mother Goose's
Hair: 88L - Soft by Elikatira [e] @> Collabor88
Top: 0L - group gift  - Morning waits - green > tulip
Skirt: 100L - High waisted skirt - By 22769 @ > The Black Market
Jewelry: 0L (bracelet, necklae & headband) - group gifts > Fairy tail
Furnishings: 99L -The Old fireplace   > Dreamscapes Art Gallery
Pose: 10L - from the Elvira set > Purple poses

All shapes in my blog posts are from CS Shapes

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

On the hunt

The direction of the wind was perfect. Zoraster curled his lips to a grin, it would be a good hunt. He had caught the woman a day ago. She was perfect, so willing to fight and so unwilling to be a victim. And now she had managed to escape. It would be an other jolly night. Zoraster felt how his heart started to beat faster. Good toys were so rare and he loved hunting a lot. Sometimes hunting was more fun than the things he hunted the humans for. He hoped that this one would manage to escape more often. It was always so lovely to see the fear in their eyes when he managed to catch them again and he always managed to get them.
On the hunt II
There are not only items for females sold at ZombiePopcorn Brand. The shirt from Razorblade Jacket is one of those. Its black with a mothprint. The shirt comes on all layers and the prim part has a resizescript. If its needed its also possible to edit the primpart with the normal edit menu. The wristbands are an other Zombiepopcorn brand item. They come from [bubble] the set also contains bands for the upper arms and a little backpack. The backpack looks better on a female avatar but the leatherbands fit also to males and as they have a resizescript its quite comfy to make them fit. The riding boots come from hoorenbeek. The set contains the boots for males and females. The jeans come from Culto. They are available in several colours.
Culto trousers and more
Shirt: =Razorblade Jacket= Sepultus Shirt (39 L$ sold at ZombiePopcorn Brand)
Wristlets: [ bubble ] Survivor Bag & Straps (195 L$ sold at ZombiePopcorn Brand)
Jeans: *CULTO* Nile Jeans Black (69 L$)
Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] Riding Boots - Black (520 L$)
Tattoo: +Fallen Gods Inc.+ CATACLYSM (550 L$)
Hair: Magika // Veruka II (199L$ for colour pack or 499 L$ for all colours)
Shape: Zero Shape modded (0 L$ Eclectic Equations Headquater)
Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Zero Halloween Gift bald (0 L$)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry : sa_DragonEyes_LemonLime (65 L$)

Poses: Pulling Strings Poses & Animations

Monday, November 21, 2011

Zero II

It has been a while since the switch your gender for 0 Linden challenge started. So I thought it would be nice to put again a male avatar for 0 Linden together. This time he looks a bit darker. The skin is the Halloween gift from Tableau Vivant. It was a groupgift and ist still available inside the store but of course it is needed to be a member of the group to be able to receive it. The skins from Tableau Vivant are very good so its a great chance to get a first impression of the quality of their work. Dura moved and because of this they also put out a gift. As Dura is a store for hair its of course also hair. The gift contains three colours of the hair. The one on the picture is the black one. Sterling Artistry gives out a gift every month. The eyes are their current one. It is amazing which depth the designer reaches in the texturing of the eyes. At the moment the menstuff hunt is going on. Of course 22769 takes part in that hunt. Their gift is are trousers with a fitting top and scarf. I really like the colours of the items. The trousers are bellybutton ones with very nicely sculpted primparts. The scarf is wrapped tight around the neck while some of frings lay on the shoulder and on the chest. The top comes on all layers and the trousers on the normal trousers layer. The tattoo is an other gift from the menstuff hunt. It comes from V3 and is contained in three tones. The sneakers from ordinary have been blogged in the zero post. The shape is a modded version of the zero shape. The base version of it is available in the Eclectic Equations headquarter.
The "switch your gender for 0 Linden" flickr group still exists, so if you like to take part in this challenge post the avatars you put together, for 0 Linden, there.
Zero II
Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Zero Halloween Gift bald (0 L$)
Hair: Dura celebration Gift(Black) (0 L$)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry : sa_eyes_NovemberShadow (0 L$)
Tattoo: v3 Tattoo - BioMech - Menstuff Hunt 2011 Exclusive - FADED (0 L$)
Clothes: 22769 ~ [homme] Menstuff 3 Huntgift (0 L$)
Shoes: *ordinary* Pickgiftsneaker (0 L$)
Shape: Zero Shape modded (0 L$ Eclectic Equations Headquater)

Pose: Purple Poses

Sunday, November 20, 2011

For the love of wool & leather

make up
I'm in love with new releases at Love especially the cowlneck scarves. I a penchant for scarves it has to be said and I especially appreciate the range of print textures on these scarves, sometimes we need a nice pattern to jazz up a plain outfit not just a choice of colours rather than a plain scarf with colour options. The leather skirt is also a new release which I had fun mixing up with the wool tights & Jumper.

The Classic Ugg boots are also a new release from Skifija. As usual with Skifija footwear they come a colour change hud and so your Ugg boots will colour match any outfit that you wear. Unfortunately Goran (the mastermind behind Skifija) has discovered recently that some of his items have been copybotted and sold on the Marketplace. It's tricky to know whether your items are legitimate when you buy them from the marketplace and so I know in future that I shall go straight to store instead!

Skin: 99L - Tatyana skin by Krasota @ > XYROOM (available until 1st December)
Jumper: 0L - Luckyboard item > Pesca
Skirt: 100L - crackled leather skirt > Love
Scarf: 75L - Cowlneck scarf - geometric2 > Love
Tights: 0L - Knit tights - Pink > amato
Boots: 299L - UGG Classic  > Skifija

Cookie Spy

The heat was nearly not bearable anymore but Ella was not willing to take off her gloves with the pretty decorations around her arms. She was now for a while in the city but still she hadn't met the guy she needed to contact about the news. So she did not want that anybody could see the implants she had in her arms. But of course all could see the strings in her face. Luckily they supposed that it would be only makeup. But she used them to send messages. So she sat regularly at the beach and stared to the sea the lines in her face glowing in turns. Sending messages about the quality of cookies to the cookie mafia.
Apocalypse shirt II
Elly is in the current round of items at zombie popcornbrand. They made a shirt for it which says "I survived the apocalypse and all I got was this fucking T-Shirt". It comes on all layers and there is also a plain version without the text included. The bird on the wire makeup comes from Captivity Co. a store I thought which would have only great poses but they also make intresting make-ups and clothes. At the Virtual Insanity sim is at the moment a sale called "November Breeze" going on. The asia choker with the red pendant is in that sale but there are many more items. As Virtual/Insanity is a great store for accessories its worth to use the chance to visit the sale. The very cute shorts and the gloves with the wristdecorations come from a store with the name *CULTO*. I found it some days ago and their items are all very cute. The pants come on the trouser layer. There are four versions of the pants included in the set, with a white or with a black string and each of those with a normal and a lowrise cut. The prim parts are included in a version with and one without resizescript. The gloves with the wristbands are available in many colours and just lovely. Their primparts also contain a resizescript.
Apocalypse shirt I

T-shirt: elly::post.apocalypticT [Zombie Popcorn] (50 L$)
Choker: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] ASIA Choker (62 L$ November breeze item normaly 125 L$)
Makeup: [Ca.Co] V.C.C- Bird on a Wire (50 L$)
Pants: *CULTO* Kiba Puffy Shorts_Rumbles (90 L$)
Wristwarmers: *CULTO* Undisclosed Bracelet_BlackCotton (69 L$)
Boots: death row designs : - bootslazyregblue (190 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Chloe Hair (1500 L$ fatpack 250 L$ colour pack)

The pictures have been taken at S.I.C. using poses from Purple Poses. Their poses cost 10 L$ each pose.

On a circus theme

Vero Modero currently has a Circus themed range of outfits which has just been launched . They have a real  classic vintage feel to them and of course are wonderfully dramatic reflecting the theatrics of  a good old fasioned Circus perfectly. Here are a small selection of my favourites from the collection.

Circus 3

Skin: 0L - Horang - Luckyboard item > Mother Goose's
Outfit: 500L - Alii - white >  Vero Modero
Boots: 260L - Turin boots - Red > Vero Modero


Skin: 800L - Jenny -  Red bronze > Al Vulo
Hair: 200L - Persuasion - Black > Alice project
Dress: 500L - Helter Set - Red >  Vero Modero
Boots: 0L - part of the Twilight hunt item > Lovecats
Pose: 10L - From the Magda set > Purple poses


Skin: 800L - Jenny - Red bronze > Al Vulo
Outfit: 650L - Eda gown - black >  Vero Modero
Hair: 200L - Persuasion - black > Alice project
Pose: 10L - From the Magda set > Purple poses

All shapes used in my blog posts are from > CS Shapes