Friday, November 25, 2011

Gallery Opening

It was always the same. She ate too much at gallery openings. Now she was not able to take any pictures because her hands were covered with chocolate. It was really tricky to be a reporter.
Insane Focus exhibition
Many events are going on today. One of them will be the opening party of the Insane/Focus exhibition at Lust4Art. Moolfryt Klang and Loviathar Hellman show pictures they took on their travels. They are intense and definitly worth to have a look at. Its even possible to buy them so that you can decorate their home with them. As Loviathar Hellman is the owner of Virtual/Insanity she built a gift for the opening party. Its the keychain with the camera. The opening party starts at 11 am SLT today. Club Industry DJ Demonica Bade will float the sim with some great music. The shirt is the current 22769 groupgift. Its included in a male and a female version and comes even with pants. The shirt goes well with the current temperatures as it is very warm. Today is a black friday sale going on. The Abyss sells those leather pants there for 100L$. They are also sold in a version for guys there. Beside the Abyss some other brands tak part in the sale. To go there you need to join thewarehouse group.
Some days ago was my rezzday. The cookie belongs to the Rez day gift from Concrete Flowers. There are some more munchies included into it.

Camera: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] THE PHOTOGRAPHER KeyChain - Red&Black (0 L$ will be a gift at the Insane/Focus vernissage at 11 am SLT 25th Nov. 2011)
Cookie: CONCRETE FLOWERS- CHOC DISC PASTRY (0 L$ if its your rez day)
Top: 22769 GROUPGIFT November 2011 (0 L$)
Trousers: theabyss F_Distressed_Leather_Pants (100 L$ at the Warehouse Sale)

The pose used for the picture comes from Purple Poses.

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