Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentines playtime with 22769

Hopping over rings at a playground i found at a new german shop called 22769. This playground is really fun. They also got stuff like a canon which shoots you over the whole sim and a trampoline there. And they got a valentines hunt. On the sign is written that the hunt starts at the 12th but i found the gifts today.

There are two outfits. One for females which even comes with a little hat. And very very sweet socks.

Outfit: 22769 - valentinegift_for_her (0 Linden - Hunt gift)
Shoes: i don t talk about them

And one for guys also with a hat. I took off the hat because it didn t fit me but i think on a bigger head it will look great.

Outfit: 22769 - valentinegift_for_him (0 Linden - Hunt gift)
Shoes: blogged before from the cupid heart hunt

Looking a bit around i couldn t resist a pair of gloves and a coat and a pinstriped trouser. Or more my love for steampunk came out and i bought this:

Outfit: 22769 steampunk outfit stella (480 Linden)
Boots: BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather (i think about 800 Linden)