Saturday, March 31, 2018

Mad Easter

It was that time of year. The chills of winter around the globe were fading. All over the world, the grip of ice, so tight for so long, was loosening. Shoots forced their way ever upward, no care or regard for concrete or stone. Life found a way. Just like clockwork. And just like clockwork, something else was ticking. The nerve by his eye.
The fade had released him.
All around the town, soft heavy footfalls. The easy creak of wicker. Long, low, rattling breaths. This winter had been longer than planned. He had fallen asleep in the summer, and had slept through springs not warm enough to reach him. Now he was awake, and the eggs he placed around the city would make up for the springs he missed. Shiny and colourful, drenched in blood they could charm those lucky, or unlucky enough to find them.
Too late...
He saw you...

Now you gotta go dance with him

Madpeas Mad Easter Egg Hunt is on! 
For the low low price of L$100 you can get yourself the Hunt HUD, attach the egg basket if you feel it, and follow the little blue dots to find the eggs. Be ready for many eggcellent puns! Each egg you find is worth a number of points, tracked by your HUD, which can be eggschanged (see what I did there) for a variety of prizes back at the hunt start point. There are different levels of prize, 1000 points etc - all the way up to the main prize, at 5000 points - which will unlock when the grand total of points achieved reaches the magic number. Once you have found all the eggs in the area, click the ? on your HUD to be taken to the next SIM with eggs. Note the arrows on the compass wheel which tell you if the egg is above or below you! Its a lot of fun, with new eggs being added all the time. Hunt until April 5th.
At the hunt startpoint there are also some very fun MESH avatars to buy... like Mr Bun, who comes complete with his snazzy waistcoat, and three fur colour options from Abranimations, Grey - shown here, Black, and Pink for L$ 450.
Pictures taken in CoLA - with eggs of Mr Bun's own design - Crack them open and you get more RP than chocolate. I already ate the chocolate.