Saturday, June 5, 2010

Strawberry fields

When her grandchildren found the picture she stroked her hair back and smiled. Oh yes i remember that moment. I was with some friends at a strawberry festival. It was at a very pretty place next to a huge lake in green meadows. I think it was Randy who made this picture of me when i ate this strawberry. I still have the taste in my mouth. But then her grandchildren asked "what is a strawberry?" and a tear ran down her cheek.
Strawberry: ::SPLIT PEA:: Strawberry for your Mouth (1 Linden at the Lark Strawberry festival)

At the strawberry festival i also found those cute tops. They are from Lark. I like it that they are rather playful but still elegant. So they are cute but not sweet sugar cute.

Top left: Lark - Navajo Blouse (0 Linden Strawberry festival gift)
Top right: Lark - Prarie Blouse (0 Linden Strawberry festival gift)
Trousers: * [DIAPOP] jeans green ::low rise:: (113 Linden)
Shoes with legwarmers: * [DIAPOP] * pointe* (160 Linden)

Without having planed it i also won a wonderful dress at the lucky board at lark. I didn t expect that and im very glad about it.
Dress: Lark - Leaf Dress - Cardinal (0 Linden Lucky board)

Catching Stars

Hunting is fun when the items are hidden not so tricky and if there are no fake gifts and so on. So I loved doing the shooting star hunt. I think i needed about maybe an hour to do that hunt which goes through 20 japanese stores. You search for a star which jumpes around and when you are near it you have to try to catch it by writing catch in channel 7 (/7 catch). I found it as best solution to copy /7 catch and to paste it as quickly as possible when standing near the star. As the hunt is quite easy i decided to post only the startpoint which is here.

The prizes of the hunt are quite nice. For example those outfits. The hair are also items from the hunt as well as the skin in the middle.
The last hunt item is the best in my opinion. Its a very well made chair. The textures are great and it has 9 positions to sit.
On the picture of the chair i wear this great dress. I blogged it some month before but i still love it so i thought it might be a good idea to show it again.
Dress: Orquidea RL collection dress Style1 (200 Linden)

Poses: NSA : Posey poses (150 Linden per set)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Eating cupcake at Deviance

In one of the best hunts i ever did i won this blue bell dress at Deviance. Yesterday i was also at Deviance and had some cupcake there. So in some of the cupcakes i ate i found little gifts. And one of them was the dress out of that hunt.
Dress: * Deviance * - Blue Belle (Rose Red revisited)

Going on eating i found those pirate outfits. They come without shoes but the floor was cold so i pounced a lady who was standing next to me and stole her shoes. Arrrr
Outfit left: * Deviance * - Pirate Mate (Pink)
Outfit right: * Deviance * - Pirate Mate (teal)

After so much food i felt the need to go for a walk. So i tried doing the bluebird hunt. But it was too tricky so i only found the skateboard but on a lucky board i won a jacket. Depressed i decided to eat more. In the next piece i found trousers.
Jacket: >KAGUYAHIME< Jerseys! (lucky board)
Trousers: * Deviance *- Kitty Stampede Jeans (Dark Blue & Faded)

So i thought well one last bite and won this black outfit. When recognizing being nearly naked i uses my new wings and flew home as fast as possible.

Outfit: * Deviance * - Demon's Mistress (black & white)

For this blog i used the wonderful *Posey* poses from No Strings Attached. Im very excited about those poses as they are well made and the one i used for the blue belle dress is quite unique in my opinion. They are available in a normal and a mirrored version each set for 150 Linden.

Birthday at the dock

Its my birthday today so i was quite happy to get a very great gift with the help of a midnight mania board. Its a dock.
It could rezz a lot of items. Even comfy chairs.
And its possible to have a talk with friends while swimming.
Or to cuddle with some friends.
I was rather surprised when getting this dock through a midnight mania board. It has a great rezzer so it has between 10 and 41 prims. Included are lots of single poses and also the possibility to cuddle as couple. To sit on the deck you have to choose to sit on the smaller cloth at the ladder. If you want to rezz something touch the big cloth which lays over one of the pillars for 4 seconds.

Deck: CORBIN COAGE CREATIONS : The old worn Dock (899 Linden or Midnight mania board)

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I decided to renovate our flat so i got myself a stepladder. When i started to climb onto it everything was fine.
Also when i moved the picture a bit around.
But somehow it was not really a good idea to do the renovation in high heels. So i fell off the ladder.
After some moments of whimpering, i started to pose on the ladder.
But when i saw myself in the window i decided to do some sports. So i started some situps with the help of the ladder.
Then i trained my arms.
At the end i was very exhausted and needed a rest.
I love the new stepladder props from *FD* Poses. Those ladders are good looking and they contain six poses. On the pictures i also wear the new tube tops from foxxy designs. They are rather sweet and come in many colours. I like the olive one with the strawberry coloured patterns at the top and the bottom best.

The Stepladders are sold in many colours. For the pictures with the little story i used the one in metal. But they are also available in Black, Oak and Beachwood. I like the beachwood one best and that one is on sale for 50 Linden until 6th of June. The green tube top is also on sale till that day so it only costs 10 Linden. I need to mention, that the designer of the Top is one of those smart ones who sell their stuff on all layers.

Of course guys have also a thing for renovating and ladders in general. So there is also a version for guys available. Not of the tube tops but of the ladders. So the sitting poses are different and of course guys do not pose sexy - well some do - but they like to show off. So there is that cool Handstand pose in the version for the guys instead of the sexy posing pose.

Ladder: *FD POSES* Stepladder (250 Linden copy perms.)
Tops: Foxxy Design : Tube Top - sold in olive, pink, lilac, blue and green (85 Linden)

Trousers: * [DIAPOP] * jeans blu scuro ::low rise:: (113 Linden)
Legwarmers: * [DIAPOP] * pointe black legwarmer (belong to flats and cost with the shoes 160 Linden)
Antlers: * [DIAPOP] * antlers ::dutch orange:: (Gatcha 30 Linden)
Highheels: * [DIAPOP] * :kitsch'ily zebra's (150 Linden)
Flats: Ingenue :: Audrei :: Raven ( 225 Lindens)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Two freebies

When seeing a friend walk around with bare skin only wearing suspenders i got a big suspenders/braces envy. So when i found this in a hunt i was quite glad. The suspenders come on the jacket layer so its easy to wear them with some tattoos.
Outfit: DeeTaleZ Pants Men tweed pants grey (Hunt gift in the THO - Hunt)

Today i was at Kabuki and saw that this posechair is still on the midnight mania board. I planed once to use it to blog the fiery outfit from lnl but the pose is not really made to blog fashion.
Chair: *Kabuki *~* I'm Your *~* (Midnight mania 0 Linden)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The invasive reporter

Ignatia Erasia was quite insecure when she saw the small dragon with a teddy on a stick. It run to her bowed and growled: "greetings humble lady im Investus Investigativ and im going to interview today". It also mumbled something about older and much larger friends and eating lasses. So Ignatia had no other possibility than allowing the dragon to interview her. But she decided to tell him that she is a spy and not working in the circus what would have been the truth. Ignatia handed Investus some pictures of herself. Investus looked at the pictures and started to ask questions.
Outfit: Eret!ka : Gothic Lolita (60 Linden)

Investus: Why do you have a scar on that picture? How did you get it and why so much lipstick in such a red?
Ignatia: Well .. that scar. Thats an ugly story. I was asked to spy out a bunch of hippies. But they did take some really ugly drugs and one of them got rather agressive and wanted to stab me with a knive. I was able to defend myself but in a second i was distracted he cut through my face im really glad that i still have both eys.
Investus: And why the make-up? Or is it something you do not want to talk about?
Ignatia bites on her lip and finally she says that in the time she had been with the hippies she didn`t dare to wear any makeup so when being away from them she was very needy to wear lipstick.
(If she would have said the truth she would have spoken about a massive argument about the ownership of a pencil)
Skin: Skin Eret!ka Giselle Dark --red lipstick and scar (800 Linden)

Investus: This picture is intresting, have you been among artists so that you put on such a makeup?
Ignatia nods.
Ignatia: Yes i was asked to investigate international Art smuggling to get into the art scene i used very special makeup. You also see my eyebrows on the picture i took care that they look as elegant as possible.
(Of course nobody would have asked Ignatia to investigate anything. She was bored and played with makeup)
Skin: Eret!ka---> Chiyo Geisha bicolor (800 Linden)

Investus: Oh that looks dangerous what have you done?
Ignatia: This was after a dangerous Job. I went to a old ruin to find a hidden diamond. But suddenly i got attacked by a group of semi intelligent Monkeys. One of them hit me with a rock on my forehead. When the wound got swen blood run into my eyes and from there over my cheeks.
(The truth is, Ignatia had fallen from a elephant and hurt her forehead)
Skin: Gift: Skin Eret!ka---> Isis Obscure (Lucky board 0 Linden)

Investus: Why did your skin become so tan?
Ignatia: I was sent to africa to find out something there. A diamond mine had some troubles. So i had a special treatment by secret scientists. The only thing i could say about that is that many melanin was used.
(Of course she wasn t in africa, she had the idea to spend ages in the sunstudio)

Skin: h. Eret!ka---> Isis Tan skin -Scar- 08 (800 Linden)

Investus: The scar on that picture looks a bit older. Why the strange painting at the eye?
Ignatia: Oh this was maybe one of the most dangerousts job i ever had. In africa there was a sect which was problematic. So i had to join it to find out what was really going on. To join i had to hurt myself. So i cut my forehead. The makeup was kind of a badge.

(Same as the last one. Too much time in the sunstudio and falling onto stairs and painting the face to make people look at the eye and not the scar)
Skin: l. Eret!ka---> Isis Tan skin -scar & tear- 10 (800 Linden)

Investus: Was that after the sect?
Ignatia: No, as you see i don t have the scar on my forehead. It was an other job in africa. This time i was asked to find things out about some terrorists. Unfortunatly they found out my real identity well you could see the results on the picture.

(Too much sunstudio and balancing on a pole and falling down)
Skin: g. Eret!ka---> Isis Tan skin -wound- 07 (800 Linden)
Investus: This looks really strange. Why did you paint your face like that?
Ignatia: There was a motor bike gang which was smuggling drugs. I managed to join them. What i found out there was very useful. I can`t say more about that.
(She wanted to play a clown in the circus but had drunken a lot so she was not really good in dealing with the make-up)

Skin: Skin Eret!ka---> The Crow (Lucky board 0 Linden)

Investus: Oh an other big scar. What adventure made you have it?
Ignatia: This one was my own fault. I had to jump out of a window. And before going into the building i didn`t investigate which plants grew around it. So i hurt myself at a bush. Dirt got into the wound and well i had some problems with it but now its fine. It still hurts but i m sure it will heal soon.

(This was nearly the truth. Fact is that she had the brilliant idea to sneak into the house of her married lover to destroy the underwear of his wife. When the family of her lover got home she had to flee rather fast and hurt herself in a bush.)
Skin Eret!ka---> Isis Pale Great scar (800 Linden)

The Skins from Eret!ka are all very well made. I like the colours the builder uses and the idea of making lots of skins with scars. Its worth to visit the store. The dress on the pictures is from the discount section. It has been a groupgift. All the outfits i got from there have been rather well made. That means with good working resize scripts. The shop also has a big Lady Gaga section so if you are a fan of that singer its worth to take a look at the store.

Yay Tomoto groupgift

Jumping around nearly shocked because of the new tomoto groupgift. The group has now around 500 member so tomo decided to give out this great gift to the groupmembers.
It is hidden in the new store but very easy to find. Its cute as everything from tomoto. But i suppose it looks better on a less pale skin. It comes with modifiable prim parts so its possible to make the dress fit very large or very small avis.
Dress: Tomoto : Tomoto, 500 (groupgift 0 Linden)
Paws: Ruru@Tear [Snow Strawberry]-Boots (20 minutes camping)
Skin: Sanu : Sylph skin (between 200 and 300 linden)