Saturday, December 5, 2015

Decking the halls

"Santa baby; slip a sable under the tree, for me..." Home alone this weekend, she could sing all she liked. Far from being a disney princess; the ones she had heard about anyway, those who sang or whistled and creatures of the forest showed up to do their housework. When she sang, they showed up alright, but tended to leave her home messier than they found it.
Rudi was one who always came to play for the holidays. She could never commit to plans on Christmas eve for some reason, but would show up late on the big day itself, pressing her shining nose to the window, looking for her Christmas dinner of spiced oats.
The 24th was still a way off, there was enough time between her decorating and all the training Rudi always seemed to start doing in the winter to take a day to relax. Warmed all the more by the fresh snow falling outside and the lights on the tree. She'd found the box of silly hats, and It's a Wonderful Life was just starting. It was going to be a great day.

More Madpea headgear from Tannenbaum Holiday Market

Raymond the Raving Reindeer - he has a very... flashing nose
Frosty Flurry Flake - Your own snow globe, with a snowman and a snowstorm in it!
Twinkly Twisty Tree - real glowing lights!

Other items worn:
Skin : :[P]:- Immortalia Skin-Femme:// Ambrogino
Lips : La Malvada Mujer - Anna Lipstick- N5
Hair : Magika [Hair L] Early Christmas
Snowflake tattoo : +REDRUM+ Snow Time Tattoo Full Body
Dress : :[P]:- Desdemona Dress and Halter in Rose

Other items shown:
Skybox : llorisen // mimi
Reindeer : Baffle! Caribou
Green Garland : C&F Elegance Garland
Tree : !! Follow US !! Christmas '13 Vintage tree
Rug : .aisling. FakeBearRug.Coll.White
Card Garland : Boudoir - Vintage Christmas Card Garland 1

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Christmas is coming to Peatonville

Everyone all over the world loved Christmas, the lights, the decorations, the magic of it all. In the sleepy hollow of Peatonville, there was more to worry about than a Grinch on a hilltop. It wasn't that magic was any more real there than anywhere else; just that some of the residents believed it was. Santas aplenty roamed the streets, red spattered snow marking where they met, and fought for the right to wear the hat. For most it was better to stay indoors, where the worst they were likely to come down with was a bad case of tinselitis. For those who believed, they had to be out there in the magic. As snow fell from the darkness of the winter sky, strains of music could be heard. They came from sewers, dank alleys and abandoned buildings, delicate tunes drifting from their hats, their millinery for the season defining who they were. Just don't call her a nut-cracker...

Aaaaarrgghhh!!! Epic apologies for the absence, my hard drive died and it's taken so long to get back that I've missed nearly all of November! Here's a combination of Peatonville Asylum and Madpea's offerings at the Tannenbaum Holiday Event 2015.
You have just two days left to take on Peatonville Asylum

Hat : MadPea Nutty Nutcracker Chase Hat
The nutcrackers on the top of the hat chase each other around the lit up tree when you type or automatically if you choose. It also has music you can toggle on/off.
Tannenbaum Holiday Event 2015
Tattoo :  Chocolate Atelier   Begga *Black* Tattoo Faded [Tattoo]
Necklace : [meadowWorks] Shaman Fetish Necklace S (fem)
Abandoned Lighthouse : irrie's { Dollhouse } Abandoned lighthouse
Peatonville Asylum

Monday, October 26, 2015

Back in Peatonville

Things in the asylum had been rocky for a while.
Between the break-ins, the breakouts, the funding cuts and scandals, some nights you'd struggle to fit a cigarette paper between the psyches of staff and inmates. They had come up with plans of course, processes to differentiate the groups. It should have been so easy. It wasn't.
There were conscientious staff here once. They did their best, within the limited knowledge and understanding of their time to ease the suffering of those in their care. Decades, and centuries past as it was. Peatonville had closed, reopened as a sanatorium, a tuberculosis centre, a retreat for 'overworked' wives... even those times were gone. Shut up behind mouldering boards it became an oubliette, the end of the road for cases kept quiet by the media, for those too dangerous and corruptive to be allowed near 'ordinary' criminals. What staff there were couldn't be trusted.

They couldn't be trusted with anything, least of all keeping themselves safe. All the plans put in place by  shadowy figures in wood panelled offices far away fell to pieces in the face of reality... the reality of Peatonville was that reality was fluid, no fixed thing, impossible to control by logical thought. The tattoos identifying each employee were worked under the skin of inmates beneath the flickering light of ageing incandescents, dripping with rust all the while. Uniforms fell with their wearers, to be picked up by bloodsmeared hands...

Peatonville Asylum launched on the 8th October
This is the return of one of Madpeas' most successful games to date, updated and reduxed for 2015!

This is a hud based grid-wide adventure game. To play, you buy a HUD - Bronze, Silver and Gold levels available - and are then required to visit 25 vendor locations to complete the quest. Silver and Gold level players are rewarded with prizes when completing the game. Much more to come from this!

Hair : Exile::Twisted Firestarter (female)
Mask : ~Chimeric Fashions~ Snarling Asylum Mask (Dark)
Tattoo :  Chocolate Atelier   Begga *Black* Tattoo Faded [Tattoo]
Light : [Bentham Manor] Urban Light Fitting W/Flickering

Start your adventure here...
Peatonville Asylum

Friday, September 4, 2015

Climbing the tower

Her heels rang against the ageing metal, the soft swish of her gown did little to break the silence of the Paris dawn, but the heels were another story, all three hundred and forty seven steps...
There was no argument that the premier étage was a remarkable location for an early morning fashion shoot; the light was beautiful, the crowds still fast asleep in their beds.
All she needed now was for the photographer to find the perfect angle, the right balance of light and shadow. Then she could kick off those heels and run back down the stairs, to find a café au lait and a croissant.

 ::PARIS DISTRICT:: Fashion Event-
PARIS DISTRICT is a monthly event hosted by the owner of Paris 1900 and 2000.
27 creators of all kinds : clothes, hair, shoes, and more in a Parisian setting offering a gentle, relaxed atmosphere in which to shop.

Skin : DS'ELLES-Skin CERISE-Porcelaine- Eyebrows BRUN
Beautiful skin as ever from DS'Elles. Once you have the appliers for one skintone - you are set for any other skin you buy in that tone. Bargain! The skin comes with four brow colour options, and one no-brow. 
Gown :  !:Lybra:! Aurelie (EM) White
Amazing gown. We are all used to everything we see in SL being a 'texture', some of us may even have experimented with texturing our own builds or designs. This gown is one of the few items I've seen in SL which really gives a feeling of tactile texture. The design feels so 3D its hard to believe its just a picture, it feels like devoré.

 Other items shown :
Hair :   pr!tty - Ariel - {Medium Roots}
Eyes :  DS'ELLES -EYES Prunelle bleu violet
Tattoo :  Letis Tattoo :: Agilkia :: 35%
Hands and Feet :  Slink Avatar Enhancement V2.1
Shoes : POMPOSITY - Evil Bunnie M'Lady Shoes - Black

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

More Enchantment...

I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,
And all I ask is the tides flow and stars to light my eye;
And my fins flick at the wind’s song and the white waves shaking,
And a grey mist on the sea’s face, and a grey dawn breaking.
I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide
Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied;
And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying,
And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea-gulls crying.
I must go down to the seas again, to the vagrant gypsy life,
To the gull’s way and the whale’s way where the wind’s like a whetted knife;
And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover,
And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long night’s over.

More from Enchantment!

Hair : +Spellbound+ Sirena // Chapter III : Magic:   L$ 350
Skin : Essences - Ariel02 *medium01* brunette.  L$ 199
Eyes : Clemmm - Unwanted Fog  L$ 73
Bikini : FDD Stories *Little Mermaid* Top and Bottoms in Black - separate gacha wins L$ 75 per try.

(My apologies to John Masefield ^^)

Saturday, August 22, 2015


The sands in the shallows were soft, the water warmed by penetrating sunbeams rippling across the low forest of kelp, shifting and rippling in the gentle tide.
Naia liked to spend the early morning hours in the pale blue light; resting, letting the exertions of the night and the depths ease out of her muscles and mind.
Even now, she faced away from the shallows, away from the safety of the city with its temples, homes, and schools; to where the light and warmth met the drop off. Naia appreciated the work of all those behind her, as they relied on her and her companions. As she had grown her childhood fascination with the deep had become an obsession; her silver colouring made her an ideal candidate for the Guardians. Now daily, she built her strength in the safety of sunlight, preparing for the excitement of new discovery and dangers in the deep.

Enchantment is a quarterly shopping event with a fairytale theme. The fairytale chosen for this round is The Little Mermaid. Creators design exclusive items matching the chosen fairytale. There is a hunt, with exclusive gifts, all you have to do is find all the shells. Info and hints are available at the landing point. There is also a fairytale ball, costume contests and photo contests, as well as live performances, and art showcases. Enchantment is open from August 14th until September 4th. 


Skin : Essences - Ariel02 *medium01* brunette. L$ 199
Hair : .Olive. the Pearl Hair - Color Fades L$ 340
Eyes : Clemmm - Unwanted Fog  L$ 73
Makeup : .ARISE. Mermaid Mask / Green:  L$ 99
Mer Body : ALEGRIA Metal Mermaid Body Silver (V) L$ 300

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Sail away...

Frances had had an unusual summer so far. Work had mercifully come to an end, she had always worked long hours, for little pay or recognition, summer was her own, her chance to be catch up and rest. She had looked forward to getting all the little jobs done, reading, walking in the park. The first morning of summer had dawned with a warm golden light, even as the letter which would cast such a shadow over the following weeks fell through the letterbox onto the welcome mat.
The letter spoke of the death of her Grandfather, also her namesake. She couldn't understand. Over the years the family had drifted apart, as so often they did, but they had always come together during the holidays, out at the shore. This made no sense. Died and cremated before she had been informed? She had been bequeathed all his possessions, his apartment, from the folds of paper taken from the envelope fell a key.
It had been a longer darker journey from that day to this thank she cared to remember. Her eyes had been opened to sights and scenes she had never considered possible in the course of a normal life. As it turned out, there was no such thing, and there never had been. She had made it through, and now, relaxation had very much been earned. And so Frances took what had come to her in stages, let go of the bad, kept hold of the good; loosing the mainsail to catch the breeze, the Madpea sailed off into the sunset.

Madpeas newest venture The Collection is open! As you may expect from those insane legumes, its a point and click adventure, sending you across the grid chasing clues and objects - and this time - no demonic chickens!
There are 3 levels of entry, HUDs which can be bought for differing amounts, L$ 100, L$ 300 and L$ 800 leading to different ranges of prizes. There is a start zone, and end zone and 13 stops along the way at some of SL's best known and most awesome creator's locations.
Your starting point can be found here:

Prizes shown :
Boat : Bandit - Madpea
A fully fledged sailing boat, take to SL's seven seas in this beauty! Comes with a manual and a guide to SIMs to get started, ahoy mateys!
Tattoo : [White~Widow] Steppin'
Two versions - comes with just about every applier you can think of!
Bikini : Sepph Fashion - Knitted Bikini and Shorts
This one's got the girls and the boys covered, here the boys shorts are shown with the bikini top.

Also shown :
Skin : Ds'Elles Aline in Neva
From the FAD shopping event FAD
4 colors available in this beautiful skin (porcelaine , neva , colorado, java). Appliers available!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wayward Carnival

At the Wayward Carnival the sun was shining, iridescent scales glinted on the seahorses circling the carousel. Soft music drifted in dreamy waves from brass pipes, enticing people from gardens and shore.
Meri had ridden in circles for hours. She was always on the beach before dawn had fully lit the sky, that morning had heard the music, and followed its strains. Crowds had built up around her, the Carnival was so popular when it came. Now as she climbed down from her mount, happy to let others take a spin, she found herself dizzied by the change.
She stood between two of the fine seahorses, a hand resting on the reins of each, steadying herself as much as the riders, the gossamer material of her skirt fluttered with the motion of the ride.
As soon as she could see straight, she would venture along the shore front, the boardwalk resounded with thousands of feet, happy voices raised in exclamation at the pretty stands and stalls. Shrieks of joy came from the field, flung from those on far wilder rides than the carousel. There was so much to see and to enjoy. The Wayward Carnival came just once a year, she would have to enjoy it while it lasted.

The Wayward Carnival from Wayward Events is sponsored by Alchemist, Cheeky Pea, Little Branch, NYU, Pink Acid & Soy. The SIM contains stalls featuring work from some of SLs best creators and designers, as well as carnival rides and activities for you to enjoy. The event runs until 30th July. 

Wayward Carnival

Skin : [PXL] Shara NAT Carnival ~ Makeup02 L$ 499
Skin appliers :  [PXL] Slink Body Mesh NAT applier  L$ 250
Top : {amiable} Shoulder Frilled Bow Top_White/Purple.  L$ 100
Skirt : {Reverie} -Dream On- Black Skirt  L$ 250
Lower tattoo : .Things.- Fehu Tattoo (includes appliers)  L$ 169
Shoes : *League* Vintage T-Bar Pumps -Turquoise.  L$ 325

Monday, July 20, 2015

Hair Fair 2015 - Part 2


phoenix roxanne_001
:::Phoenix::: Roxane Hair Black/Whites: L$ 250
20% Donation to Wigs for Kids
18 HUD controlled colours, different sizes and fitmesh versions

ti harmony pack 3_001
::TI:: Harmony Hair - Pack3: L$ 270
My apologies - I totally missed the donation amount here!
Hair, and Hair for Bewbs versions. Three colours for the metal head chains included. 7 colours controlled by HUD.

tameless uma fades_001
Tameless Uma - Fades: L$ 249
20% Donation to Wigs for Kids
Hair, and Hair for Bewbs. Hairbases for days, there's LOADS. HUD controlled Fades, Streaks Fades, Streaks Fantasy and Streaks Naturals.

zaela peyton - zealot_001
Zalea - Peyton - Zealot Pack L$ 849
40% Donation to Wigs for Kids
36 HUD driven colours. 36!!!

blueberry ida unicorn_001
Blueberry - Ida - Hair Design - Unicorns L$ 250
100% Donation to Wigs for Kids
Hair comes in small, medium and large sizes. 40 truly beautiful fade shades.

e desta redheads this one
[e] Desta - Redheads... L$ 285.
15% Donation to Wigs for Kids
I love a designer who makes the colour of the hair worn on the ad visible! This fabulous hair comes with 12 colours, AND 8 ombres.

The dress worn in all of my Hair Fair pics is from The Plastik's new satellite store.
 :[P]:- Helenius Dress:// Kora

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hair Fair 2015 Part 1

The Hair Fair is celebrating it's 10th anniversary! Four Sims of fabulous hair, with SL's best designers showcasing their art, and their generosity. Many hairs available at the fair donate a percentage of the purchase price to Wigs for Kids who for over 30 years have been providing Hair Replacement Systems and support for children who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy, radiation therapy, Alopecia, Trichotillomania, burns and other medical issues at no cost to children or their families. A fantastic cause. You can read more about the charity here, wigsforkids and go shopping here! (Blonde and Brunette today, Redhead and Noirette to follow.)

Hair Fair - Blonde

prItty ariel_001
pr!tty - Ariel - {Reds} L$ 200
15% Donation to Wigs for Kids
Comes with roots and no roots versions (roots shown) two HUDS giving 12 colour options
ohmai omakase with fishbone accessoory_001
!Ohmai Salon: Omakase [Rainbow Brites] L$ 200
30% Donation to Wigs for Kids
The fishy is animated, and wiggles from time to time - and is removable if a mobile fish skeleton in your hair is not your thing (you weirdo) - 7 hairbases included, hair in rigged and unrigged mesh. HUD controls the seven available colours.
little bones potion L_001
little bones. Potion - DipDye&Fades L$ 300
20% Donation to Wigs for Kids
Hair in two sizes, with additional versions to fit the larger bewb. 15 of little bones beautiful colour fades in the HUD.

And from the Brunette Sim...

Hair Fair - Brunette
wasabi pills clove storm_002 /Wasabi Pills/ Clove Mesh Hair - Blacks Pack L$ 250 I'm sorry when I was at the hairfair I didn't see signs for donation amounts in the booth - and now its so crowded I cannae get in to check! The hair is beautiful - as ever, four tones, four hairbases, two styles for differing bewb sizes, and a HUD to change the colour of the hair clips.
lamb bernice ink worn with zibska gift incl eyecolour 11_001
Hair : !lamb. Bernice (Mesh) - Ink - a GIFT at the Hairfair Beautiful short hair - very flapper! This gift from !Lamb contains this hair in seven colours!
Accessories : Zisbka - Aiah headpiece, collar, shoulder. Joss Eyeshadow - GIFTS at the Hairfair Fabulous accessories in this gift, colour change via included HUD. There are 12, yes, 12 eyeshadow colours included!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Water's song

Between the church and the river,
My love waits for me to stand and deliver
Every promise that I've ever made
I want to keep them now 
And I am not afraid  
I won't let you go
 Even when you run all the way home
 I won't let you go
 I won't let you go. Oh no Between the church and the river
 My love gives to me, she makes me a giver
 I am so full of this light
 It lives in my stomach
 And feeds me all through the night  
I won't let you go 
I know you think you're safer on your own 
I won't let you go 
I won't let you go. Oh no....

Shape : DS'ELLES Shape Gloria Taille Small
Shape comes in 5 sizes, all the same height.
Skin colour pack includes No brows, Red, Blonde and Brown brows. Also all these options with liner. Colorado is a lovely tanned tone, Gloria is also available in Java, Neva and Porcelaine tones.
Available at the FAD event here FAD
Tattoo : Endless Pain - Equilibrium
Tattoo comes as a tattoo layer, also appliers for Belleza, TMP, Omega, Maitreya, Lolas and Slink 
Hair : Magika [Hair] Reading (Colourpack 3)
Dress : :[P]:- Ragnhild Dress ://Yoryn
From Plastik's new satellite store, the dress comes in 5 sizes, and features the usual incredible detail you can expect!
Bikini : :[P]:- Zara Bikini :// Reptile
5 sizes for this set also, the snakeskin print is great, and I love the metal accents.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Burn it down

13 The city burned around her as she stood on her usual perch, the column gatepost of the Bloodbank lot. So much had changed here in the years since the fall through the rift, buildings had come and go, only some had made it this far unscathed, or with any whiff of their original function, and even these were now cracking and crumbling in the heat of the flames. 14 From here, she could see all roads leading to the bank. High enough up to feel more free, out of any crowds that may gather, but keeping these well within sarcasm range, and certainly able to reach most visitors with the flick of a well aimed peanut. The city had been through a lot lately, what with the giant psychotic squid, its squidlings and the flood that had ensued. Floods were nothing new, the city even smelled a little fresher for a while, and at least this time, flames had followed, burning away sludgy residue. 15 She felt no fear of the flames, though many citizens had fled. Fire had been her pain relief, her saviour, had kept the shreds of her sanity safe from the howling horrors at the core of her mind. What would come next, she could only imagine, and enjoy the rare sensation of warmth on her skin. 

Apologies, current RP logs are saved on my home PC - so ya'll have to make do with some of Vyl's musings on the destruction of the City of Lost Angels. There are many things I hope will stay in the new build - the Addams Family Garden of Eden Nudes that have always graced the bar, be it The Last Round - or The Zodiac. Obviously the Taxi! In CoLA, the graffiti often provides the most succinct and profound life lessons - whether it's 'improvements' Vyl scribbled over other factions' posters, or the longer lasting... Just remember folks;
The cake is a lie.
and Lost Angels will always be the place where the weak are killed, and eaten.

Hair :  Magika - Today
Skin : : S u g a r : Cry My Heart Out -C- :3:
Blood :  +REDRUM+ +Give Me More+
Shirt :   +REDRUM+  Baphomet T-Shirt Grey
Pants :  Blueberry - Ross - Leather Pants
Hands and Feet : Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High V2.1
Shoes :  [Miseria] Slayer Platforms - Blood

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mainlining - The Bank Manager

10 Vyl “Speaking of… have You donated lately Xen?”
Xen tilted his head to the side a little. “No…I havent"
Vyl tsked softly “That needs remedied”
Xen took a step back “Well when someone tells me what it is used for... I will consider it"
Vyl smiled “It’s used like all the other blood we take in there.. for transfusions in the med centres across the city.”
Xen nods "and you have no fear of the blood being used for less good causes?" he eyed her closely, remembering his blood being forcibly taken and used in some potions
Vyl’s smile turned into a grin. “I have no fear of most things.. and absolutely none where it comes to the bank.”she paused, “C'mon then Xen.. even if I don’t get yer shirt off ya'll at least have to roll yer sleeve up.”
Xen laughed "Well Vyl you know what that would take." Chuckling he followed her into the bank, removing his coat once inside.
Vyl whistled "The stripper"
Xen dangled his coat before twirling it, then tossing it across to Vyl
Vyl sidestepped it as she went to the counter, laughing as she collected another donor kit "Im not a coat rack.. and yer gonna need to roll up that sleeve.."
Xen smiled “And there I thought it was all inclusive” he pulled off his gloves before rolling up his sleeve
Vyl ripped open the kit, checking the contents briefly. Bending she hung the IV bag on the lowest hook of the stand, connecting the tubing as she spoke.. "So... nice as possible? Or do ya want to see how far away I can be and still hit the vein with the needle?" 11 Xen eyed her a little warily "Just do as you normally would, I have no preference.”
Vyl chuckled softly, connecting the needle to the end of the tubing. "Very well, gimme yer arm then." Xen raised his arm, stretching it a little, looking down to watch Vyl take it in her grasp
Vyl traced the cold tip of her forefinger across the skin at the crook of Xen’s elbow, her blood calling to his, starting with a tingling sensation, she called it to rise to the surface, the red cells flowing within pushing higher, as if trying to meet her touch. "Dont expect this from any other phlebotomist here.. anyone else doesn’t follow protocol and I’ll flay them.."
Xen nodded, “I meant to ask you last night about lycans, do they always leave one in each of their areas? You know when they go walkies…”
Vyl shook her head "Not at all times.. depends who’s around when.. and wanting to do what where.." she bent her head to his arm, lips parting she licked over the skin covering the now raised vein, setting it tingling with numbness before she tilted her head, piercing the vessel with a single fang. Withdrawing she slid the needle into the puncture, securing it in place with tape from the pack.
Xen opened and closed his fist, watching Vyl trace her fingers along a vein, relaxing back into the chair aware of the needle but more interested in the procedure.
Vyl straightend slowly, running her tongue across the bloodied fang. "Feel alright?"
Xen looked at the needle, eyes following the tube running to the collector "Feels fine, thanks"
Vyl pulled the papers from the pack.. "Time for the questionnaire…Race?"
Xen grinned “Now? I'm a little busy you know and would probably beat you"
Vyl smiled sweetly and reached out, flicking the IV line, checking it was flowing properly, but also making the needle jump a bit in Xen’s arm..
Xen winced "Vampire"
Vyl chuckled again “Good good.. all reasonable so far.. now, do ya know yer bloodtype?"
Xen curls his fingers a little as the needle jumps "No, I usually take it, not give it." 12 Vyl nodded.. "You know how to test? I’ll be testing this… but for future reference?"
Xen tilted his head to one side "Yes?"
Vyl mimicked the motion “Yes? That a question or a confirmation? Xen shrugged “A question. "
Vyl nodded “Ah… I’ll walk you through it sometime then...” she tapped the form with her pen “Any known ailments or diseases?
Xen looks at his healing hands " only to Arch Angels" he muttered.. “but none other than that which I know of"
Vyl nodded "Burns clearing up alright?"
Xen sighed “Yeah the comfrey paste has helped. I may be able to stop wearing the gloves soon."
Vyl eyed the filling bloodbag.. "Arm feelin' alright still?"
Xen flexed his fingers again “A little tingling but so far so good "
Vyl chuckled softly "Well good.. wouldn’t want people think I damage donors.."
Xen laughed “As if you would" he shook his head “You know down lost beach two nights ago there were about 12 of the lycans, recognised a couple of them."
Vyl thought back.. "Wedding.."
Xen smirked “I wondered why they were all dressed up, that would explain it
Vyl grinned "Can happen, even with them" bending her head to his arm again she placed her tongue flat over the needle, peeling away the securing tape and easing the needle free of the flesh. Slowly licking over the puncture, she healed it without leaving a mark.
Xen smiled and raised his arm, turning it slightly to look at the healed wound, nodding with pleased approval. "You do a good job of that…"
Vyl grinned as she straightened, snapping the valve on the IV and lifting the bag from the low hook. "Well practiced..."

Donation RP - Timeless for Vyl, the Bloodbank Manager. She can make it easy, or hard, depending entirely on your tastes, and the amusement it might bring her. In a city that rarely gets through an hour, never mind a night without spilling blood, the only means for the wounded to be 'topped up' is the Bank. She takes it seriously... that said, she might have managed to find some mouldy cookies for the donors, but more than likely, some fresh meat. Just don't look to close at the tattoo on the skin...

Hair : (r)M ~ Hair No.09(F) ~ Brocade Red
Skin : : S u g a r : Cry My Heart Out -C- :3:
Blood :  +REDRUM+  +Give Me More+
Coat :  [CIVVIES] "Debaucher"
Stockings :  *Sheer* Stockings 26: Torn Semi-Opaque Black
Shoes :  N-core TEMPTATION XtremeHeel II "Galaxy"

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The dealer's sideline...

Vyl tilted her head, following the track of the departing ‘transformer’, slowly turning back to look at Mzzy, unusually chilled out for being in the city and looking a bit weird.. "How are ya darlin?" even her voice sounded slower and more measured than usual, almost warped by time in its lethargy.
Mzzy watched the thing clunk away and laughed gently nodding to Vyl, "I'm ok..." she paused looking around the city, a glimmer of sadness in her eyes, like a piece of her was missing but she still smiled, "Ya i'm good thank you Ancien." she chuckled turning the attention from herself, "Tell me a story Ancien... You look beautiful by the way."
Vyl’s forehead crinkled into a frown of confusion. Emotions and empathy were things from which she had gone to great lengths to remove herself, the sadness her friends eyes was something she noted as a difference from the norm, but could not relate to any further. She went with a change of topic, gesturing at the newly acquired marks on her face.. "Story... hrm... well, unlike Ab's first guess, it's not that I used too much fake tan.." she smiled softly, all her words and movements still languid.. "Just a little experiment gone awry... new mixtures I test on myself; no point endangering others, or letting them have all the fun..."
Mzzy chuckled hearing what Ab's guess was and shook her head, "Well you know I think it looks beautiful." she didn't want to pry on what the experiment was, especially not when they were in public either. "As long as your safe though Ancien?" it was a question, Mzzy cared for and protected those she loved and Vyl was one of them. Emotions ran high in Mzzy unlike a lot of vamps, but unlike her fellow empaths she could also control them easier the older she got.
Vyl nodded, a soft smile gradually curling her lips, exposing her fangs "Peachy keen.." for once the public space, the surrounding buildings and people werent giving her the usual tense baseline she always carried in the city.. "Just as soon as the intended effects of this little mixture wear off” she laughed slowly, “The unexpected sideeffects may also.." reaching up she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, her eyes following the movement of her hand as though it was something alien.. "I do have other things.." she paused for a long while, continuing without seeming to have noticed she had skipped several beats "well tested things… just needing a final brush up. If you would be interested in helping me out?"

Mzzy smiled back at Vyl, the tips of her own fangs showing slightly as she noticed how unusually relaxed Vyl was. Not that it was a bad thing of course. She scratched the side of her head gently and pursed her lips and thought for a moment about Vyl's proposition. "Hmmm depends, am I going to grow a third arm or something Ancien?"
Vyl chuckled, reaching slowly to the book on the chain round her neck, easing the catch, and letting a small packet fall from it into her palm before securing the book again.. "Not a chance of it..." she murmured, her voice still oddly warped in time. "These are all old favourites, not new experiments.. I just need to see how people like ‘em nowadays..." she held out the small package, wrapped in thin leather and dangling from the strip of hide securing it. Swinging from side to side in her grip, movement through the air seemed unnaturally slow… "Interested?"
Mzzy watched Vyl's every move with great interest, but also cautiously. After a moment of watching the slow swinging motion of the small package she nodded gently, "ok... I'm in... but only because, well because I'm feeling lucky." she said and chuckled. "When do we start?"
Vyl 's grin slowly widened as she let go of the strip of hide. As soon as it left her grasp, the package fell at a normal speed for Mzzy to catch.. "Punk?" she chuckled again, "All the instructions are in the parcel, along with the samples to test... just do what you can.. and be sure to let me know how things go. It's a test after all, I need to know the results whatever happens.. ok?"

Mzzy chuckled, "Punk indeed" and reached out taking the little parcel. She opened it slowly, curiously peeking inside, counting three glass vials of some black glittering powder, then closed it just as fast and stuffed it in her backpack quickly nodding. "I guess I'll go home and read the instructions then see how I go. I'll be sure to write you a full report Ancien."
Vyl smiled and nodded, the movement exaggerated and slow; the effects of what she had taken as an experimental new mixture nights ago still held her in their grip.. "Try and let me know in person as well darlin... consider me a picky chef who likes to talk to the diners after their meal.."
Mzzy nodded, "Most certainly, I'll do both." she smiled then turned on her heels to head home, "Be ahh... safe Ancien, I'll report back to you in a couple of days." she frowned gently deep in though about what she was getting herself in to, but the emotional state Mzzy was in lately made her not really care and take risks willingly and easily.
Vyl languidly wiggled her fingers "Be well darlin.. and enjoy.." long after her friend had departed, she nodded in a slow movement toward the leather wrap she still saw before her, held in Mzzy’s hand "That was always one of my favourites..."

More year spanning RP here! Vyl's been running a sideline business from near enough the beginning, always willing to help out citizens of the City of Lost Angels with mind expanding concoctions (and poisons). Mzzy, one of the fabulous victims in the last RP posted still loves me enough after carving her up to intimidate J to try out some of my wares. This look and snippet of roleplay come to you from 2011.

Hair : [rQ]Grin~SOIL/CHERRY
Skin :  [rQ]Tan@TYPE.o1-B.o1 (lightBROW)
Face tattoo : AQ face tattoo *Plash* v2
Blood :  +REDRUM+ BLOOD  +Give Me More+
Shirt : Gawk! Black Sheer Casual Shirt
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Coup de grace

Vyl hovered in the darkness, waiting and watching. She had grown weary of the lack of success her messengers had had in drawing him out; compounding what she saw as his cowardice in not facing her, regardless of what she did to those he called family, or what she had them do... She had waited. Watching always here or when she was off cutting, burning, breaking and terrorising the minds of his friends; feeding from them, replenishing her strength, waiting for him to emerge. As he finally did, she smiled in the darkness, lips parting over long elapid fangs. Keeping to the shadows, floating noiselessly a small distance above the ground. Flexing her fingers her gaze focused on the back of his head. All her concentration on J and his tense as an animal in the seconds before running at prey she growled... "The time has finally come…"
J emerged from his home with a stretch, he had locked himself in his lab with the idea of resolving the riddle of the dagger once and for all...and with Vyl on the loose in mental shambles, he felt it was a better use of his time. Someone from the family would deal with the lunatic and save him from wasting his own power on it. It wasn't long after he set foot out the door that he felt a chill and began scanning the area. He knew the chill had little or nothing to do with the weather. He thought he heard a low growl nearby and he tensed as he pondered popping back into the lab to grab something useful to stave off any intruder. He mumbled to himself "You still around crazy lady...nobody done locked you up yet?" as he felt the darkness creeping over his skin like a foul breeze.
Vyl floated along behind him, eyes seeming to bore into the back of his head so intense was her gaze... moving between him and the door he had exited, she had no desire to wait should he make a run back to his lair. The leather restraints, all that was left of the straightjacket she had been bound in, touched down lightly on the ground as she hovered.. catching the murmur on the still air she mimiced his accent.. her knowledge of J, even in this state she was now in, was enhanced by what she had been told by those she had power over, those she had hurt to draw him out, those he failed to protect and who now served her.. "Non mon lâche... aint nobody done locked me up yet... " softly moving up and down through the air, the leather of the restraints tapped lightly on the ground, a sound echoed by the drip of blood from her eyes.. "Aint nobody done tried too hard to neither.. guess you just aint so important to them.." her voice never much more than a growl carried the weight of her hatred.. the darkness pooling around her and spreading out towards him, the malice and fury flowing like a wave.. "As they are unimportant to you... as aint done nothing to end their sufferin..."
J leaned back as he began to mumble a defensive charm, unsure of her intent and seeing she had no weapons but unsure of her magical possibilities. He had never seen such total madness in any other than a Malkavian and they were at least a bit more humorous to deal with. "I don't need any of what you is selling crazy lady" he said trying to back up but bumping into the railing instead, still hesitating to unleash anything offensive with so many irreplaceable items near the line of potential destruction.
Vyl dragged a hand along the wall as she floated closer, her clawlike nails digging in... scratching the surface with a jarring noise, the action sharpening the talons as she moved. Her voice now a low rumbling growl that seemed to reverberate in the air around him as she spoke.. "Don't need? You already bought what you will receive..." she tilted her head to one side, eyes burning black into his as she took in his mumbling, the retreat into the barrier, the look in his eyes. Her anger bubbled just below the surface, the hatred and the need to hurt.. the thirst for vengeance... malice crackled in the air around her, the emotion not something she would ever normally display seemed to take on a physical presence in its potency..."Now comes the time to pay..."
J felt her closing in and let himself fall back over the railing attempting some sort of graceful landing almost 15 feet below. He knew he may be able to escape his property via the dungeon tunnel that he had connecting to the sewers, or at worst he would have a clear line of sight on her without blasting his own front door. His backflip was not exactly flawless and he landed on his ass shortly after his feet contacted the ground...the momentum a bit too much to halt. He swore as he fumbled to regain composure trying to get to the hatch in the ground before she could get to him...
Vyl flowed over the railing after J as he tumbled backwards, her hands, about to raise toward him continued their movement, balancing her form as she moved through the air with purpose, more flight than falling. An animalistic hint to her movements, something of the stoop of a bird of prey as she plummeted toward him... a wave of cold darkness forming from the hatred exuding from her would hit him before she reached the ground... she had been interrogating his friends and family.. trying to discover what meant anything to him. The darkness that had stilled to stony statues Leo, Mzzy and others at the slightest touch poured out around him, over him... the low distant screaming that marked its coming would resound in the air as she hovered over J, the darkness pulling at his thoughts like threads, drawing them out to bolster her belief that he cared for his current surroundings.. his dwelling... presumably an eternal’s collection of valuables and true treasures... treasures true to him... flashes of its destruction would start to flicker before his eyes.. faint at first... like a distant screen through smoke that was beginning to clear...
J stumbled as he tried to back into the hatch leading down when he felt the wave wash over him. He could hear screams from familiar voices, Leo, Mzzy... he knew she had harmed them, he had heard as much...he hoped staying out of the city would help but it didn't. Now he could hear them screaming in his was very disturbing and he felt helpless at the shrieking in his ears. He felt vertigo as the visions came it was like someone playing a movie with the wrong audio track to it. It confused his mind terribly and he stumbled again, the defensive measures were to keep off physical attacks, the mental attacks caught him off guard. The visions became disturbingly real and he could see his lab, the fire from the oven leaping out and catching other materials into a blaze....the flames licking up the walls making their way towards all the precious tomes...hundreds of years worth of knowledge now in peril. The feeling of his own scream lumping in his throat as he heard the sound of breaking glass in his mind's visions...the display cases with the priceless magical artefacts...he gasped aloud as the visions in his mind paralysed him, washing out the surrounding reality as the smell of burning antique rosewood from the telescope entered into this nightmare...this private hell being unleashed on his mind. A small voice from his dealing with the black arts of voodoun was struggling to yell through the clutter... that this was an illusion and to snap out of it...but the evil and the insanity Vyl was casting off was much stronger than his previous encounters with mental attacks.... his brain struggled against the sounds and the visions as a red tear streaked his cheek at the losses he was witnessing in his mind.
Reaching out a hand toward him as he lay prone, the leather restraint dangling still from the last remains of the straightjacket, the metal woven between the sheets of its hide giving it weight as it brushes against him… the skin of her hand as her fingertips brushed through the bloody trail on his cheek was rough... the old blood of her victims left to dry there as a warning to all comers… the touch itself was soft.. a deadly caress as she smeared his blood, a weapon more powerful even than her insanity she moved her hand away... rubbing the blood between her fingers...
J could see the images and as the pain increased it was as if he was locked in place and unable to do anything about what he saw happening. As the frustration and rage built to the point of overflow, he instinctively went to an extreme to deal with the fire he saw in his visions...calling forth an elemental blast of cold, snow, frost and ice in a very messy and unorganized fashion. This blast, however, was not confined to his mind and would end up coming into contact with everything in front of him at the moment including her…
Vyl was indeed blown back by the torrent of cold, the snow and shards of ice, knocking her floating legs out from underneath her.. the blast that was called forth to battle the flames J saw in his mind had shown there miliseconds before the blast hit out into reality, too late to do anything about getting out of the way, just enough to curl her hand, wet with his blood, into a tight fist, the other reaching out for his shoulder, fighting to hold on against the wave of cold, sharp ice cutting into her flesh. The consciousness that spread around him was unaffected by the cold, as much as it battered her physical frame as she fought to grasp his shoulder, anchoring her. Fuelled more by hate than by blood now, her clenched fist drew back before powering forward in the direction of his temple as he struggled to get away...
J felt the blow smash into his head and it sent the world spinning, so he was now even more unsure of the border between reality and the visions in his mind. He lay sprawled on the ground trying to process why the cold blast didn’t have the effect he expected on the flames in his mind…some still burned, some things were far more charred then he imagined possible in the timeframe. The darkness and screams getting stronger and louder as Vyl was over him in such close proximity though his consciousness flickered.
Vyl pulled back her hand, watching J fall to the ground, no longer struggling to get away. Her vision was oddly split; seeing him on the ground, but also seeing what he saw. Flickering faster they began to form a steady moving image... seeing through his mind as the darkness pressed deeper she saw her own approach and smiled at the rightness of it. Floating lower she fell to her knees while remaining aloft, reaching out a hand and working it into his hair, lifting him up, tilting his head back in the same movement. She had been starving herself for weeks in preparation... never drinking more than was necessary to stave off frenzy in all that time, saving her thirst and her malice for this, for him. Those poor souls she had fed from could have warned J what was coming... but they were far away now, all help was far too far away. Twisting her grip in his hair, tugging on the strands, pulling the most painful nerves by the temple to yank him back into clearer consciousness, this was not something she would let him miss. His throat exposed, she lowered her own head, lips parting over fangs, ready to sink them into his throat, tearing the flesh rather than piercing it delicately, her bite more animal than refined. For all it was feral, it was effective. The wound deep, cutting into the jugular. Blood spurted into her mouth, too much to contain, splashed across her skin and his, running in rivulets onto the sodden ground below. It felt all too soon that she released the pressure of her bite, letting J slump back to the ground. Slowly she traced her hands through his blood on her skin. Anyone who had watched her taking a donation at the Bank knew her affinity for blood, had seen her calling it, summoning it to join her own through all the layers of flesh. In the controlled environment, it was useful tool, making a donation as painless as possible. One of her oldest weapons had become a tool to serve the greater good of the Coven, now, in its true form she called out to the blood in J’s body, the song of her own drawing it nearer. Drenched in his vitae already the link was strong. Dark bruises bloomed like evil flowers under his skin as the blood answered the call, moving to the surface. Once again floating over him, she began turning in the air, her head flying back in a scream of exaltation as droplets of blood worked out of every one of J’s pores, soaking his clothing, rising to meet her, turning the air around them to a red mist.

This was the culmination of months of RP in the City of Lost Angels. This was Vyl's look from June to October 2010. Long standing character traits were sparked by some craziness or other leading to members of the Coven being locked up together in their base, a hotel with all amenities, but for a time, no working exits. Vyl does not cope well in confined spaces, poor J made the mistake of jokingly telling her he knew how to get out. In her mind, this made the whole situation, her plummet back into insanity and all the pain that followed, his fault. There was a LOT of fun to get to this point, and a lot more after! I hope you enjoyed it, it is one of my favourites, I loved every minute of RPing this out with the fabulous people who took part, and can't thank them enough In case you were worried, J survived, traumatised just as Vyl planned. I'm not quite sure if he's forgiven her yet, probably best not to...

Hair : Boudoir - Irena black tentacles and Irena white
Skin : [Exodus] Glossy black drow skin
Straight Jacket : Rotten Toe - Straight Jacket
Skirt : "Shifty Owl" Camala in Red