Friday, May 7, 2010

Groupgifts from D Design

D Design is a small store for women's and men's fashion. The clothes which are sold there are very elegant. And its possible to get some of those dresses for free. For example this blue dress. Its possible to wear it with long skirt at the backside or without.
Dress: D-DESIGN Free Memb. Gift 2010-May (Groupgift 0 Linden)

I suppose im a bit to short for this dress but the textures on the top are so lovely that i needed to show the dress. As the blue dress the skirt comes with a resize script, so its possible to shorten the skirt (or to make it bigger).
Dress: D-DESIGN Free Memb. Gift 2010-March ccopy (Groupgift 0 Linden)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Getting dressed - with pulling strings

When i woke i was still a bit sleepy.
So i stretched myself to wake.
Outfit: ~*RunoRuno*~ Y Dress Tee (0 Linden)
Poses: Pulling Strings - Morning Stretch pose series - all poses (Lucky chair 0 Linden)

I got me a warm pullover and hot coffee to wake faster. But somehow i lost balance.
And struggled hard not to fall.
Wild waving with the arms didn`t help.
At the end i landed on the floor and spilled the coffee over the pullover.
Outfit: ~*RunoRuno*~ Bulky Sweater (50 Linden)
Poses: Pulling Strings -We All Fall Down pose series - all poses (Lucky chair 0 Linden)

After getting rid of the wet pullover i started with a bit sport.
My feet started to get cold so i grabbed some old slippers before going on.

I also wrapped my hair in two buns to keep it out of my face.
I finished my wake up sports with some push-ups and started to think of what to wear.
Outfit: ~*RunoRuno*~ Black Sateen (0 Linden)
Poses: Pulling Strings : Feel the BURN poseball set (group gift) (Subscriber gift 0 Linden)

First i tryed a white linnen dress.
Dress: ~*RunoRuno*~ Dress #07 Linen

Then i thought of a body with a shirt over it but decided that it was much to short.
Outfit: ~*RunoRuno*~ Teetee and ~*RunoRuno*~ Black Sateen (both 0 Linden)

Then i tried a knit shirt with a knit skirt.
Outfit: ~*RunoRuno*~ Knit Pullover Black and ~*RunoRuno*~ Knit Skirt Black (Both 0 Linden)

But finally i decided to wear a dress i had for ages. I thought it would look better with open hair so i opened the buns again.
But i decided to change shoes because boots are more comfy than high heels.
Outfit: ~*RunoRuno*~ Tube Dress (0 Linden)
Poses: Pulling Strings : Flapper! pose series - all poses (Lucky chair 0 Linden)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mixed freebies

Finally i managed to get the throne from the ruru@tear lucky board. Its an attachment so you could use for audience where ever and whenever you like. Throne: Ruru@Tear-[MarmeloChair]
Outfit: blogged

This dress is the may Miamai Group Gift. As it is a bit short i wore it with pasties. Those are from deviousbeauty but some days ago i blogged cheaper ones from = FORSAKEN=.
Dress: Miamai_Amanda_MayGroup Gift (0 Linden)

And last but not least some of the blueblood lucky chair dresses. I like the teal one best.
Dresses: +++BB+++ Mirna (Lucky board)

Parts from the dragonhunt

from a dragon point of view.

As dragon i dislike this dress. Being surrounded by dragons means that your skirt might steal your cookies. So its better to keep the dress in the closet to avoid loss of cookies.
Dress: [LI] Dragon Lady Box 050110 DH #054

I also dislike this dress. It looks good but it seems to be made of dragonskin. So i know now finally where uncle gladoriel rashingtooth went. The humans made a dress out of him. Very very cruel. It nearly makes me cry (its also kind of cynical to take part on a hunt which should honor the dragons and use their skin for a dress).
Dress: ***SteamBound*** Dragonskin (Hunt gift 0 Linden)

As dragon i like this gown. Its very colourful, has a crown which looks also good on the hoard and the name of the store where it comes from is great. La Belle Dame Sans Merci thats rather long but wonderful.
Dress: La Belle Dame Sans Merci : Dragon Queen Gown for the Dragon Hunt (Hunt gift 0 Linden)

As dragon im not so sure about this cloak. It says hatchling cloak but its a bit to big. But i love the green. And i tested it secretly at my human avatar there it fits perfectly.
Coat: Atea Avatars : Hatchie Cloak --Emerald Green (Hunt gift 0 Linden)

The official site for the hunt is here: Dragon hunt

Luxory Hunt

This month a hunt at the luxory sims is going on. As 22769 - one of my favourite shops - have their mainstore on one of those sims i hunted a bit.

This is the outfit from 22769 its a tux. The collar comes in lots of different versions tie, bowtie, open without tie, closed. But i like the version without shirt best. (On men i think the one with the bowtie is best)
Outfit: 22769 LUXORY HUNT gift (O Linden)

In the 4th store of the hunt i got this dress. I really like it. The skirt has a good length and the ornaments of the design are well used.
Dress: Fashion Point Marrakesh Dress (0 Linden)

This wristlet makes me grin. Its from stylesucks and this is also written on the leather of the wristlet.
Wristlet: stylesucks - GIFTBOX Luxory Hunt (0 Linden)

The official site of the hunt is here: Luxory Hunt

Waiting for Yoshimi

and searching for pink colour so that she is willing to battle me.
This mech is the gift from the hunt at sick and sick5. The hunt is exhausting, the sims are big and chaotic but also worth seeing. You hunt for 10 databoxes (5 on sick and 5 on sick5). You only need to touch them and then you ll get a part of the mech.

I do not really know much about mechs but in my opinion it looks good.
The mech comes with a hud. It allows to activate a sword and a machine gune. Here a picture of the muzzle flash.
Mech: S.I.C_MC778 (Hunt item)

A for those who didn`t understand the posttitle. Here is a link.