Saturday, April 3, 2010

5th Element outfit

A dirty town, old, crowded and full of slums. But there is she in her white fighting suit. Flexible, covering all bits and very very useful.
This outfit is fun. Its called Element Neko and is of course made in thought of the film "the 5ht element". It comes with red hair but as its longer than the hair in the film, i used this red hair from clawtooth for the pictures.
Outfit: Envious Creations: Neko Element (Lucky chair gift or 99 Linden when you don`t want to wait)
Hair: CBC: Good Morning - Peeled Carrots (group gift long time ago)

The wolf strikes back

Steven and i had some fun with the poses from No Strings Attached (NAS) i found at the posefair. Both outfits we used have been blogged before. Here the little red riding hood outfit and there the werwolf avatar.

Once upon a time the wolf came to little red riding hood. "I have seen a shop with a bargain sale. The clothes have been very cute and nearly free", he told her. Little red riding hood started to jump up and down excited. "Where is it?" she asked.
Pose: 'NSA' - My Valentine (Posefair gift)
"Follow me" answered the wolf and eager on the clothes little red riding hood followed him.
After having walked some time she started to whimper "my feet hurt, you scratched me with your claws".
Pose: 'NSA' - With Me (Posefair gift)
It started to get dark and Little Red riding hood was still not able to see any shops. "Are you sure that this is the right direction?" she asked the wolf. The Wolf laughed, grabbed her, threw her over his shoulder and ran away with her. Even when she hit his nose it didn t make him put her down. He just rubbed his nose laughed and carried her away.
Pose: 'NSA' - Put Me Down! (Posefair gift)

Stop the thief

Oh, no a Cat burglar has entered an appartment and is now stealing all the pretty and expensive things.

Outfit and Pose: 'MIME' SWAG! - DEL MAY & UGLY DUCK (Posefair gift)
(The outfit is really great its just a skin, it comes with great poses and with that sack for stealing things - the other poses are Mime poses i liked them but of course i like the stealing and sneaky one best)

But two asian dressed fighters are getting ready to stop the thief.
Left: Lika Ruby - Kungfu Suit (Creators Pavilion Gift)
Right: the ancient tree kimono shop : Make Him over hunt gift
Pose: Baffle! Feel (Posefair gift 1 Linden)

Oh what happens now. The fighters prefer to cuddle instead of fighting the thief ... what will happen? Will somebody stop the cat burglar?
Pose: 'NSA' - Held (posefair gift)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

White gloves and red roses

I have fallen in love today. With those white gloves. Now i carry a rose between my lips. And a mask on my face do hide my blush.
The gloves are great. I never saw so elegant ones in second life before. I love the little bow on them. Here a closer picture.
Gloves: Indyra Originals-ICON Lifestyle Fashion District Hunt : Kidskin gloves (1 Linden)
Rose: M&MM - Rose in mouth (Gift 0 Linden)
Mask: Illusions : *~*Le Fleur Mask (295 Linden)
Dress: * *ICING* Femme en Noir (295 Linden)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry : StarlightEyes_EthericOrchid (50 Linden)

No flowers in the hair ...

but a rose between the lips. Jumping around gladly in a wonderful dress from Zaara and it cost only some minutes searching in their Store on the ICON sim. This is the dress from the side. I love the cut.
Dress: ICON Lifestyle Fashion District Hunt, {Zaara}

This is an other gift from Zaara in that store. It still fits after having eaten a lot of cookies as the belt isn`t a prim one. So you could eat as much as you like and it still fits.

Outfit: Zaara : Mala *freebie*

Black Mamba

Aeon Crystal showed me her store Crayon Design today. There she sells this elegant black gown. It comes with a resize script and she scripted it herself. She told me that she usually makes all the scripts she needs herself. In my opinion this is rather impressive. The dress is unique it has a nice attatchment at the chest. I like it that it has only one holder, i always like it when dresses are a bit asymetric. Of course its also possible to wear the dress without the holder.
Dress: Crayon Design : Black Mamba (44 Linden)

In a corner of her store Aeon gives those red high heels away as gift. Normaly i like it better when high heels have straps, as somehow feet look a bit strange in sl (sometimes also in rl) but those look great without straps.
Highheels: Crayon Design: red highheels w ribbon (Easter gift 0 Linden)
Dress: ICON Lifestyle Fashion District Hunt ~Mashooka~ (Hunt gift 0 Linden)

I like boys - and i m sure they like my hotpants

When looking around i found this cute outfit in a store. Its very simple. But i love the cute hotpants. They are very short and im sure they are combinable with lots of other tops.Outfit: kiss store gift: elite i like boys (0 Linden)
Boots: Bax (i suppose thats enough information)
Skin: Skinthesis-Mindi-Pale-Samhain '09 LE (Lucky chair)
Sword: blogged before

As the weather isn t becoming much better, coats are still needed. This is a gift from Okidoki in the Mad March Hare hunt. Its still there but as it says March i would hurry to get the coat. In the gift is also a silver version of the coat for men.
Coat: Okidoki : Vintage PeaCoat for Him & Her (0 Linden Huntgift)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Opening gift from 22769

The Guys from 22769 have moved. And because of that they give away a opening gift for five days starting at the 1st of April. The new store is bigger so it should be more easy to find everything. When being there i also saw a bargain sale. The items in that sale are reduced so you only have to pay 80% of the original price.
So here a picture of the top of the gift. Its green with a nice patern on the middle part (im not glad with the picture i made of it).
Here a picture of the complete outfit. It consists of a top, a sweartshirt which is wrapped around the hips, and jeans. I always like the jeans from 22769. Their textures are well made.
Outfit: 22769 shoppingbag 5 day flagshipstore gift (free from 1st - 5th of April 2010)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Playing with freebies and demos and gifts and just playing

Standing at my new island, wearing demo hair, a red nothing and giant boots from a midnight mania board. The being on my shoulder is a little panther. Its trans but not copy. So if anybody likes to have it send me an im and the first one gets it as i have so many animals. I don' t know anymore how to finance their food. The hair is from Clawtooth and quite nice but as i ll never buy short or blond hair i thought well hey show a picture of the demo it looks even funny. Its worth to visit Clawtooth, the hair is unique and the music in the store is great.
The outfit is a groupgift. Its very well made even at my avi the shoulder bow was placed perfectly without any adjustment.
Outfit: *Lunas boutique* Wraped Birthday Gift Outfit (Groupgift)
Panther: * - Deutsche Gesten.:: Funtastica :: Panther animiert und mit sounds / BOX (Midnight mania)
Boots: ! .:::: Brazilian Style ::::. :A4 Jeans Boot (Midnight mania)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry : sa_MistyEyes_MistyDew (Spring Showers Hunt gift)
Demohair: Clawtooth: The Seas Met - Starlet blonde (DEMO)

Happy Birthday Rikoyan

Today is the birthday of rikoyan Destiny the owner and designer of ruru@pino and ruru@tear. So she gives out a lovely gift to her customers. *Yay*
So she gives out a lovely gift to her customers. This lovely headdress.
Outfit: Ruru@Pino [SourGrape] (CBH Item should be available till tomorrow 0 Linden)
Headdress: Ruru@Pino [Heureux anniversaire ;*)] (0 Linden)

I made the picture in the lovely garden at Ruru@Pino. Its worth to visit it.

Waiting for Alice and some more

Oh how i love the midnight mania at SR Leatherwerkx. This week they got a wonderful gown in it. The Queen of hearts dress. Its simply stunning, has great textures and the resize script works. It comes with a crown and fitting shoes. The underwear made me grin. So just hurry and slap the board.
Dress: SR Leatherwerkx : Queen of Hearts (Midnight mania normaly sold for 750 Linden i think)

This green gown was on the Midnight mania board at Cloverleaf. Its no copy but trans so if any man reads this blog, if you ever wanted to make your beloved one a gift and didn t want to pay money for it go there and slap the board and give the dress to your girlfriend as gift. The parrot was in an other midnight mania. If you touch it by mistake it starts to make lots of noise, touching it again will stop it. It flys around the avatar from time to time. And its also trans and not copy.
Dress: Cloverleaf: Evening Rose Gown ~jade~ (Midnight mania board, else 150 Linden)
Parrot: * - Deutsche Gesten.:: Funtastica ::.: Frecher Papagei animiert & Sound /Box (Midnight mania)

Elvenbreath has an easter store hunt. In it you could search for three easter eggs. Egg 3 contains this gown. Its very pretty but im sure it will look better on taller avis. On mine it looks like i either ate to much or like im pregnant. If you wear wings in roleplay you ll have to make a copy of the skirt and attatch it on an other attatchment point as its normaly attatched on the spine. So it took off my wings.
Dress: ~Elvenbreath~ Easter Egg 3 of 3 (0 Linden)