Thursday, April 1, 2010

Black Mamba

Aeon Crystal showed me her store Crayon Design today. There she sells this elegant black gown. It comes with a resize script and she scripted it herself. She told me that she usually makes all the scripts she needs herself. In my opinion this is rather impressive. The dress is unique it has a nice attatchment at the chest. I like it that it has only one holder, i always like it when dresses are a bit asymetric. Of course its also possible to wear the dress without the holder.
Dress: Crayon Design : Black Mamba (44 Linden)

In a corner of her store Aeon gives those red high heels away as gift. Normaly i like it better when high heels have straps, as somehow feet look a bit strange in sl (sometimes also in rl) but those look great without straps.
Highheels: Crayon Design: red highheels w ribbon (Easter gift 0 Linden)
Dress: ICON Lifestyle Fashion District Hunt ~Mashooka~ (Hunt gift 0 Linden)

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