Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Green Mire

a The mire had many moods, many colours and many names. Each person visiting, day tripping, fishing or camping saw it in their own way. It appeared different to them because it was. f Straying from the path was dangerous, so read the signs, rotten and tilted along the edge of the road. Hardtop disintegrated into gravel and gave way to mud. Pathways diverted here and there, some strewn with shotgun shells, others with candy wrappers. The one she had chosen that day led through dappled sunlight, rotten boards beneath her feet took her to the hammock. c Long hours Athena had spent in the hammock that day, as the sun moved across the sky, crickets chirped in the grasses, and toads joined in chorus from the marsh. As dusk fell, and noises of others in the area faded away she moved, following the last of the light. d On the far side of the marshy peninsular stone statues moved, the low grinding sound of their motion vibrating through the mire. In the distance, shouts came, youthful voices of exultation echoed through the trees, then silence caused her to turn. b Following the direction from where the last shouts had come, Athena passed what she took as their camp site, a tent, and a boat, two sleeping bags, so small. Following the path up the hill, small footprints in the mud, chasing, chasing the silence. Over the rise, and there was the hollow. Glowing with some otherworldly light. Who could resist? She had to descend into it, had to find out... e Madpeas are here again!

The Green Mire is another immersive adventure playground, this time set in a truly beautiful marshy woodland. There's nooks and crannies to explore, and part one of a storyline to follow, with more promised on the way. For this section of the game, you will need to have sounds on! Bring your camera, and bring your break, you will need both.

Athena wears:
Skin : DeeTaleZ Skin DELICIOUS Skin Shanice No.4 CARAMEL L$ 199
Deetalez is retiring the Delicious skin range to make room for new skins at their mainstore, so have put these beauties for sale at a discounted price. These skins are so so pretty, each tone option comes with different versions, normal, freckles, eyeliner and cheekbones. 
Appliers for Slink feet L$ 210
Hair : TRUTH  - Tyr - Colours L$ 250
Beautiful hair from Truth. Normal, and two options for those with mesh bewbs to avoid conflicts! HUD for this 'colours' pack has 33, yes that's right 33 colour options!
Eyes : TheSkinShop - Reflect  Green Pack  L$ 275
I'll be using these again! Really pretty, great texture to the iris. Here shown wearing 'Amazona'.
Tattoo : +REDRUM+ Moth Tattoo L$ 119
This mothstrewn tattoo features fabulous detailing of the Hawk or Sphinx moth. It includes 5 different colours for you to choose from, here shown wearing the 'Grey'.
Top : =Razorblade Jacket= Criss Cross Tank /// Aqua  L$ 149
Fantastic tones to this Aqua / Teal MESH top
Razorblade Jacket
Pants : Yasum *MESH*Capri Joggers* L$ 250
These excellent pants were bought at the recent Fashion For Life event, raising money to fight cancer through Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society. 100% of the price of this item was donated straight to the charity. You can find the mainstore here...
Shoes : Essenz - Detroit (Black) L$ 280
Again a purchase from Fashion for Life - the fabulous shoes are fast becoming a firm favourite. Perfect for your high Slink feet!