Friday, February 15, 2013

Touch me...

I love Tainted. I love Soft Cell. I love doing the Tainted Love hunt while listening to Soft Cell. You can try it too! All the way to the end of February. A gridwide hunt, taking in close to 80 stores, where the prizes you can find celebrate the antithesis of all those cute mass produced Valentine cards with overpriced chocolates and wilting roses. Love as obsession, love as pain, loving someone to death...

Here are some of my highlights...


:Little Pricks:, The Little Bat, Bliensen + MaiTai, Corvus, Aeva//Heartsick


Nomine, [ bubble ], :Little Pricks:, Boudoir, :::insanya:::, Bliensen + MaiTai, ezura,  Aeva//Heartsick

+REDRUM+,  [Exiled Inc.], Love Zombie, Bliensen + MaiTai, Pure Poison, *~{Frick}, Heartsick

+REDRUM+, Kita's Sideshow, Bliensen + MaiTai, Impish, Pure Poison, Heartsick, *~{Frick}, Senzafine, The Elegant Goth

Each prize is L$ 1 to buy. If that puts you off, you gotta be nuts. No way round that. Nearly EIGHTY items for under L$80. The mind boggles! Skins, shape, eyes, clothes and stuff!!! You can find all the details, SLurls and hints on the website here...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love Hurts

As the day of the Saint rolled closer and closer, love was in the air. Valentine had never set foot here, few would by choice. Few, but some. The darker alleyways are sometimes the best places for some lovers to meet, after all, who would look to find them both there?

1 The demon and the angel had met there once by chance, many years before. The alleyway had grown no cleaner over time, though at least the body of the one whose soul each had come to claim that fateful night had gone. Food no doubt for the rats which scurried ceaselessly between crates and trashcans. Love like this was not something that could be explained, too close to hate as it was. They should loathe each other, and certainly, each felt nothing but repulsion for all the other stood for. Despite all of this, love was what it was.
Whenever good and evil came together, there was bound to be violence. Angels would do all they could to be good and fair, and Demons likewise to be destructive and evil. Violent passion drew them back there each time, despite the inevitable pain that would follow.  Far from these opposites of feeling, emotion and nature cancelling each other out to some even keel, sparks would fly, and blood would flow.
Each time they met, there would be love. At each meeting; pain. The cycle continuing on and on throughout the ages.  As they loved each other, the Angel would give up his heart, and the Demon, she would eat it...

Oh Valentines... Death as love. How fitting for these latest releases!
Shown above, we have +REDRUM+ Love Thief - Stolen Heart - which is a two person set, the prize at +REDRUM+ in the current Tainted Love Hunt (which when I get round to hunting out all the prizes, there should be another post about).  Its L$1 until the end of the month, and comprises in its two sets - which are transferable for you and your love - blood for the arms, blood for the face, a chest wound, sticky out tongues, and a heart to bite on! You can find all the details about the ultimate anti-twee hunt here...
Here is also the latest release from S U G A R! That's right, after so many of us crying, complaining and whinging because she wanted to have an enjoyable life, she came back! *grins*  This is a reload of perhaps my all time favourite skin - Cry My Heart Out - and it's a Group Gift!  There are five skintones, each with standard, with teeth, and a total of three cleavage options. If you were lucky enough to get the previous Cry My Heart Out skin - you might just love this lipglossey do-over!

Also shown:

On the Demon:
Hair : Magika - Early (03)
Top : [ SAKIDE ] Insanely Cute Dress White
Skirt : ..:::C&M DEsignS:::.. Emanuelle*Pure White Feather*Skirt
Pasties : [Plastik]-Bandaids - Cirrus
Wings : Material Squirrel  - Ezriel
Nails : +ROZOREGALIA+- Gemma

On the Angel:
Skin :  Akeruka  - Antonio
Hair :  *Dura-Boys&Girls*20 (black)
Tattoo :  +REDRUM+ Leopard Tattoo
Horns :  [][]Trap[][] Obsidian Crown
Vest : +REDRUM+ - 'Punk' Denim Vest
Jeans : +REDRUM+ Grandpa's Jeans Grey

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Drip Drip Drip – MadPea „Love Potion 9.9” Hunt

She was a nameless water fairy... better to say, she was Waterdrop No. 451900564778, assigned to service in the tiny well of a small village. Her work was boring. People came to the well, they filled their buckets and jugs, the women were chatting for a minute or two, then everyone went to do whatever they were supposed to do. Waterdrop No. 451900564778 remained there, in the bottom of the well, all alone. Until, one day, she got an idea.
Drip Drip
The next morning the inhabitants of the village gathered around the well that dried out overnight. The women were crying, and the men were loudly discussing ideas about what to do. “We should dig another well!” – someone said. Then someone else suggested they should clean the well they already had, and a third someone came up with the idea that they should appoint a permanent guardian to it... at which they suddenly heard a tiny “glug”. The water was back. Waterdrop No. 451900564778 let the villagers know, in no unequivocal terms, that she preferred company.
Water Fae
I think that the current MadPea hunt, “Love Potion 9.9”, is the best one ever organised until now. The storyline is entertaining, the clues are excellent (a big thank you and many, many compliments go to Elizabeth Tinsley, the mastermind behind the hunt!), the objects you have to collect are different in each shop, the endgame is anything but boring, and the gifts are... wow. So there’s only one thing that remains, you running to the starting point and buying the HUD for 50 L$, then just enjoy the trip! You have time until March 14th.

As to the gifts... where to start? This time I’m showing you the „Water Fae” outfit by Fantavatar & Moonstruck, which is amazing. The hairpiece and the shoulder pad textures are animated so water actually circulates around your limbs and you do look like a walking rivulet! The pretty necklace by *Amaranthus* also holds a surprise, just click on the locket and you’ll see. :)

Outfit: Fantavatar & Moonstruck „Water Fae Female” – MadPea Hunt prize.
Necklace: *Amaranthus* „Tied Locket” - MadPea Hunt prize.
Skin: Niekra’s Dreams “Frost Elf Skin” – Fantasy Hunt prize (1 L$). The hunt is on until February 21st.
Eyes: IKON Lucid Eyes “Optimism” – February group gift (0 L$). It’s free to join the group.
Poses: HelaMiyo “Dandy” - 50 L$ for one pose, the 10-pose pack costs 400 L$.