Saturday, March 12, 2011


She was now alone at the island for three years and it was still irritating sometimes. But it seemed like there was no other possibility or way to deal with the things she caused. She wished so much just to be a normal being. Although she had not really an idea how to define normal. Everyday she wore the necklace with the strange symbol. It had been a gift from her parents but not to make her look pretty. It actually contained a charm which kept others away from her.
moonchild at the lake
She had been born by a human mother but she had been more created than she would be the result of love. Her parents wanted to have a moonchild and they got one. But wishes like that should not be fullfilled. Still exhausted from the rites which had been needed to be performed to get a moonchild her mother became insane during the birth. Getting in contact with somebody who was moonbound and not earthbound was to much for her although she was only 24. So her father tried to raise her but soon he recognized that things around her started to change. Plants started to get leaves in strange colours and when he recognized that his skin started to glow lightly he sent her away on the island. She cried and plead not wanting to be alone. It was his fault that she was like she was and so she demanded from him to stay with her. But although he loved his daughter he loved power more than her he was allready experimenting with an other woman to create a being which might give him the powers his first born daughter could not give. So she had to go. The island was pretty but with the time the plants started to change. They started to glow and the leaves of the trees made strange alluring sounds. She spend her time with wandering around or reading books which came with the boxes of food her father let drop by helicopters every week. But one week ago she had found out that one of the mushrooms had started to talk.
moonchild in the meadows
This outfit from The looking glass is called moonchild. This reminded me on the book by crowley with the same title. I wonder how such a being might feel among all the "normal" humans. There is also a great song by fields of the nephilim which has the title moonchild.
The outfit could be worn on several ways. It comes with a jacket which could be used as jacket or as vest. The trousers could be worn with flares (made of prims) or not. And there is a skirt included in the set as well. The textures which have been used and created for this outfit are amazing. Small elegant patterns in shades of purple. All the parts are non copy but trans so this is an outfit which could be used as gift very easily. I had to resize the skirt and the belt a bit as well as the sleeves of the jacket. The primparts come without a resizescript but those are easily to resize so it is not really needed.
The pictures for this post (well not the ones with the white/grey background) have all been taken at The Looking Glass, where this outfit is also sold. The shop with the clothes is on the top of the hill. But you could also get the most of the plants which you could see on the pictures as well on that sim. They are sold in a a building in the north west of the sim. Its a great place to explore and wonderful for pictures.
moonchild the looking glass
Outfit: The Looking Glass - MoonChild (650$)

In dollarbie heaven

Well these daily dollarbies at The Vinyl Cafe are fantastic , but oh my! todays is by far my favourite. I love love love it! It's just my kind of thing. I adore the ruffle on the blouse, which has wonderful movement as you walk along, but it's only on offer for today at 1L so be quick if you want to take advantage of this offer.My next super deal is the boots, I've become a super fan of Skifija store whose items I have blogged previously. They are high quality items and a steal at  L149, but members of the group get an exclusive of 50% discount every Friday! which is a good enough excuse for me to increase my shoe collection, and as we all know you can never have too many shoes!

Hair with hat: Free luckyboard item > W&Y
Outfit: L$1 Daily dollarbie ( includes blouse & skirt )  > Vinyl cafe addicts
Corset: L$25 > Phoenix rising
Tights: Free valentine gift ( look in subscribo history ) > Jane
Boots: L$149 - Absinth ankle boots > Skifija
Bag: Free valentine group gift > G.Field

Smoking in a jacket

Smoking a cigar while thinking about which pictures might fit best at the walls. And not being worried at all about the consequences smoking might have for the health. Being able to smoke rings is a good reason to be proud too.
As much as i dislike smoking in real life i love to smoke in second life. I love elegant cigarette holders, impressive cigars and sloppy cigarettes which hang out of the mouth. And in second life all of this is possible with having to cough, causing cancer and getting smelly hair. So my avatar smokes without feeling guilty at all (as dragon its also natural to smoke). This cigar comes from the gentleman store. It has several kinds of smokes which could be activated, rings, smoke which gets blown out of the mouth or nose or for the intensive smoker it is even possible to smoke out of the ears.
The jacket is the hunt gift from schoen in the fashion for life hunt. I had to look around a bit till i found it. The huntitems in this hunt cost between 10-100Linden. It comes with several versions of the prim parts so it was not needed to adjust it. The texture is quite unique and it goes very well with black.
I think i blog the rest of the outfit quite often, i really like it. Its from devious mind and normaly for dancing on a stage or to lay around on a pretty red couch.
hunt jacket with something completly different
Jacket: (::Schoen:: Leopard Jacket (Ladies) (fashion for life hunt) (50$)
Cigar: was a huntgift a lont time ago from Gentleman but they sell similar ones at NikotiN for 399$
Outfit: !dM deviousMind: "MmeChatouille" *Black* (750$)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Women in Uniform

She always wanted to be the captain of the ship. So she worked hard and finally she managed it. And her new uniform was just great. But even greater was the cabin she got now. It was big and it even had a window. Unfortunatly she had to tidy it herself. But that was a doable task.
fierce first mate
Fierce has released some uniform like and very hot outfits. As my avatar is not the tallest i used a shape from for the pictures. The uniforms could be lot of fun. For example for playing a bit mean female police officer. The outfit even comes with a truncheon so its easy to beat annoying people a bit. The police uniform could be worn either with a belt or with the skirt like on the picture. The officer outfit on the upper picture is a skintight white dress with fitting boots and a hat. Of course the police outfit also comes with boots.
fierce police uniform
Upper picture: Fierce**The Officer (female) (299$)
Lower picture: Fierce**Arrested (female) police uniform (325$)
Shape: Shine : Lana (500$ comes with the skin on the police picture)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

St Patrick's Gift 8

Fashion Label

Aphrodite Dress St Patrick
Full set includes: dress, hat, shoes, hair [50% off 450L]

Aphrodite Tux St Patrick
Full Set includes: pants, hair, shirt, jacket [750L]

Thank you to the lovely Marina, and my dear and sweet friend Draggy who helped me to do this post


[pure and free]

Some March-freebies I found for you on my travels around the grid.♥

[pure and free]

Ears: +ROZOREGALIA+ - *Gemma*EARRING0.5+Ear (groupgift - joining fee!)
Necklace: ::GB:: - two-strand necklace (groupgift in store)
Underwear: VITAMEN - Monthly Freebie March (free in store)
Bald with sideburns: *Plume* - Hairbase - Special (previously free)

A fine romance? [8]

Petunia in her fury had sought her revenge. That evening she planned to enter Gascons bedroom again, with the intention of shredding his clothes, she did  not expect to find the jewels. She was so taken back by their captivating beauty that she did not hear someone enter the house. When alerted by this presence, she panicked and threw the jewels into her pocket, then ran.

To calm her nerves she had needed a stiff drink, and so made her way to Cafe Guerbois. It was there that she met Pascal and had become great friends. He was a sweet  generous man, he always knew how to make her laugh, and that was the very  distraction that she needed right now. However Pascal was not on duty that evening, and Auguste was always at hand to help a damsel in distress. And so with a generous helping of liquor and flattery, Petunia fell into Augustes bed , like so many women had done before her.

 Petunia had confessed all to Auguste, and as a collector of fine things Auguste saw an opportunity to add to his collection. It didn't take much for him to convince her to part with the jewels. He told her that he would take care of everything.

Still uneasy about her part in the crime, Petunia confessed all to Pascal. Knowing Auguste as he did, he expressed his concern that Auguste may use the jewels as a form of blackmail, and so they agreed that they must get the jewels back and dispose of them as soon as possible. It was the very same day in which an out of town artist had come to Cafe Guerbois to work on a commission piece for Auguste.

Hair with hat: Free group gift ( look in notices ) > Anaphora
Cardigan: Free group luckyboard > Honey kitty
Vest: Free intrinsic vest- blush > Jane
Scarf: L$20  pack of 7 > Mother goose
Skirt: Free Moolto hunt item > Les petit details
Shoes: $L10 > Donna Flora

A fine romance? [7]

She had been horrified at the thought of wearing stolen goods, and immediately reported the matter to the police. It was to be an extensive investigation, which meant that she was forbidden to leave Paris until the thief was caught, as she too was a suspect in the crime.

Gascon knew that she had no part in the theft, as the family heirlooms had gone missing a year before she arrived. With dwindling funds and no work on the horizon, Gascon kindly offered her work at the Restaurant, and a small room to rent, until the investigation was over.

She was grateful for this generosity , and worked hard and long hours. Her hard work had been noted, and earned her the respect of her co-workers, the customers seemed to take to her too, they adored to hear the stories of her travels She relished her new position, for the first time in her life, she felt part of something. She'd always been more than happy to be a free spirit, but had somehow always felt an observer of other people's lives, someone on the outside looking in., but here she felt like she was on the inside and she liked that feeling.

She felt mixed emotions, as the investigation reached  it's conclusion. Relief that she was no longer a suspect, and that the jewels were able to be returned to their rightful owner, sadness at knowing that the arrangement that she had at the restaurant must now come to an end, and shock at who was involved in the crime.

It turned out that the thief was a woman by the name of Petunia Pooley. She was a dancer at Le Moulin Rouge next door who had taken quite a shine to Gascon, they had become friends , but she had mistaken his attention. One evening she had slipped into Gascons bedroom, and prepared to seduce him. He was quite shocked by her brazen approach , and ordered her out of his room. It was this humiliation that made her seek her revenge, but that was only the start of it......

Hair: Free group gift > W&Y
Hair bow: Free gift - 3 pack-  passion fruit > Boom
Dress: L$1 - so many styles  @> Enkys dollar store
Scarf: $L20 for 7 pack > Mother goose
Bag: Free group gift > Tokidoki

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In my finest

Here I am in my two current favourite items. First the skirt, I adore this skirt for so many reason, yes the texture is fabulous, but what I love most is the shape, I can honestly say that this is THE best skirt I've ever had!. The way it is designed, makes so that no matter how I stand or walk, my bottom never shows through, now that is quite something if you ask me! I'm sure you'll all agree that nearly every skirt or dress you've ever had, flexi or non-flexi reveals your legs or bottom at some point, well not this one, you really truly have to have it to appreciate what I'm saying.

Next is the shoes! aww shoes! I love them, and again I have to say that these are the best shoes I've ever had, again due to clever design!. I love the shape and style, but what I adore about them is the versatility. There are so many options with these shoes, that you need never buy another pair, well not for a long time hehe. Never before have I found a pair of shoes that makes it so easy to match my skin colour perfectly, but also the amount of options is fantastic. You can change the look in so many ways, the fabric (116 colours available to choose from), the sole, the jewelry and toe colour. I don't think I ever want to take them off!

Hair & Hat: Free group gift > Heart softens
Jacket & sash: L$25 - Stacies strength > Phoenix rising
Skirt: L$10 march into spring hunt item ( skirt part only worn here) > 22769
Shoes: L$149 - Andromeda heels > Skifija

[with or without you]

Since natural tones always remind me of the countryside, I took the bus to Mikrokosmos to find a matching background for my picture for Luna's blogger challenge - whose colour is ecru this week. Mikrokosmos is a beautiful, little spot out in the green, reminding me pretty much in the Mediterranean area with its garden and fields and the beautiful architecture, a place of golden sunlight, silence and solitude. A place that invites you to dangle your legs on one of the wooden fences and stare down the dusty road, waiting for your lost love to return...

[with or without you]

Skin: .:Hermony:. - Kriz ST1 - Goatee
Hair: Analog Dog - Kia
Eyes: Poetic Colours - Spring Meadow
Beard: -dD- Beards - Leon

Belt: { Kari } - Classic Ink Belt
Shirt: *Connors* - CountryBoy
Pants: ::LikeA:: - Denim Camouflage
Tattoo: **Dr.Ink** - Lily (store closed, IM Gargoyle Gloom for stuff)
Necklace: A:S:S - Dawn Necklace

Inspiring song: Embrio - With or without you (cover)

Lost french fries

Pouting at a crime scene after some poor french fries with ketchup got spread all over the floor. Its just mean to do something like that. At least none of the ketchup made its way onto the white shirt.
near a crime scene
I spend some time wandering around and found some freebies. Sometimes those shopping sims with all the little stores are just great to find new stores and it was like this this time. The blue dress on the left is a subscriber gift from : Avenir ::. The subscribers of got at xmas and it is still in the subscriber. The dress comes with a blue wrapped skirt which is worn with a lace skirt over it. The white shirt is also a subscriber gift. You get it for subscribing at Mary's Closet. The blue trousers are a dollarbie from NoiRiLiCiouS. They come with a resize script so it is possible to make them fit if they are too large or to small without swearing while standing on a posestand. The black dress is also a groupgift. I think it should be normaly worn like an empire dress. But that lets my avatar always look so pregnant. So i moved the skirt a bit down. The stockings are a hunt gift from in the i need dollar hunt.
three free outfits

Left: :: Avenir :: December 2010 Group Gift (0$ Subscriber gift)
Top: Mary's Closet ;; Group Gift (0$ Subscriber gift)
Trousers: Denim Baggy Shorts NoiRiLiCiouS (1$)
Right: (Slow Kitchen)Fancy_dot_swing_dress (0$ Group gift)
Tights: I need a Dollar Hunt - Shania's Sock shop (1$)

Skin: APHRODITE +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Equilibrium (Fortunes Edition) (0$ lucky fortunes teller)

Orient Express

Stretching after having sat a long time on a very comfy sofa in one of the most famous trains of the world, the Orient Express.
in the orient express
This skybox from [-BLUE SKY-] is created with the great idea to transport the feeling of riding a train into second life. It consists of a big box and a train inside of that box. On the inner wall of the box there are animated textures which move around the train so sitting or standing inside of the train it feels like you would be the one who moves. The idea is simple but very impressing in my opinion. I also love the textures which have been used inside of the train. The blue carpet and the wall texture are stunning. The train has a dining room for two persons and two cabins. One of the cabin has a table the other one does not. The furniture is not linked to the train so you could simply remove it and place different furniture if you do not like it. The sofas in the cabins have several animations. The whole skybox has 176 prims and a size of 50 m x 10 m. It comes in a version with and one without trainsounds. In my opinion it is great for taking pictures in it. The Orient Express Skybox will be for a week on the [-BLUE SKY-] Lucky board from 10 March.

The outfit i used for the picturs is free and consists of huntitems and luckyboard gifts. The necklace is the hunt for roleplay gift from cogoo. It comes with a resizescript. I won the skin on the heartsick luckyboard. In the box are several versions of it (with cleavage and without). The dress is an other lucky board item, i won it at Tart. The leggins, the v-neck top and the pink flats are all gifts in the march into spring hunt.
orient express skybox
Skybox: [-BLUE SKY-] "Orient Express Train Skybox" (0$ Luckyboard starting 10th march)

Blue Dress: TART Nikita - blue (0$ Lucky board)
Pink Flats: MIS Hunt Gift - [A.D.D. Andel!]
Leggins and Top: MIS Hunt Gift - [SOMAPOP]
Necklace: H4RP2 #63 - [[[ COGOO ]]]
Skin: HeartSick : Spirit : Harmony : Jewel (0$ Lucky board)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dandelion Goddess

Arene was not the best fertility goddess. As much as she enjoyed to walk through the meadows and to spread fertility she was not really good in it. The only flowers which appeared under her feet were dandelions. On a good day she managed to let a daisy grow but normaly the only thing her feet managed were dandelions. She also always forgot her cornucopia.
fertility goddess 1
Arene never cared much about the humans. She stayed in the meadows walking around and spreading dandelions. She had tried to visit some parks but the gardeners always did their best to chase her away. It made her unglad but somehow she understood that they did not want to have dandelions between their highly awarded tulips and roses.
But one day she got attracted by a smell she had never smelled before. Not needing food she had never eaten something before but now her attention got caught by something round made of flour with chocolate chips in it. The fertility goddess grabbed the cookie and before knowing what she did, she put it into her mouth. Her knees became weak when her tongue got in contact with the chocolate chip cookie and she needed to sit down. Closing her eyes she savoured the taste. Waves of sensations ran through her body it was undescribable. Shivering she finally managed to chew and to swallow the cookie but the process had changed her.
goddess discovering cookies
To calm down again Arene walked to the beach. The goddess normaly used to walk fast and elegant but now she was only able to walk slowly, she even needed to hold herself at a stone from time to time. But she made it to the water. Sorting her throughts she stared into the waves then made a surprised face when feeling something strange under her. She had started to spread cookies with her feet instead of dandelions.
fertility goddess 2

Fallen Gods has released new fertility goddess themed skins. And the lucky fortune teller is back. The price is the ANHUR skin for men and for woman the APHRODITE skin. Both skins have a big piece of colour over one eye and come with tintable eyebrows. Of course they look great and are well made.
The lucky fortune teller at fallen gods is always funny. Although its maybe not the best place to visit with a boyfriend or girlfriend, it might have bad consequences if you only get a soulconnection of 30%. But on the other hand if you are single you could maybe meet your true love there. It is only a bit strange if you find out that you have more than one true love.
The outfit i used for this entry is the Dragon Slayer outfit from Ezura in teal. I blogged the black version some time ago.

Skin: APHRODITE +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Equilibrium (Fortunes Edition) (0$ male skin included in the set which is winable at the lucky fortunes teller)
Outfit: + ezura + Dragon Slayer *Teal Set (488$)

St Patrick's Gift 7

Fashion Label

Dress with hat: Purple Moon Creations [group gift, L$50 join fee]
Shoes: Pink Label [Old group gift]
Hair: Black Maria [some other group gift at the store]


JustB... March Sale

During the month of march a selection of colors and items have been reduce to L$10 at JustB. After the sale the items will be remove from the store.
Don't miss the color sale. Great quality stuffs for a very reasonable prize!!!
Enjoy it!!

Fashion Label

Shirt JustB [March Color Sale L10]
Pants {SM} [Old freebie, no longer available]
Shoes Noya [already blogged]
Hair Mustache [Brie in blond]


Monday, March 7, 2011

St Patrick's Gift 6: A lovely set...

I was looking around the grind, trying to find something new and beautifull enough to show you all, about St Patrick... and lucky me i found this lovely table...
And yes, a big smile was draw in my face, from ear to ear.
It was sooo much posibilities... each one of the sits have two napkings on the table, one big and one small where glasses suppouse to be. If you click on it, a menu will appear asking you what type of meal you like to rezz, the same happen with the beverages,
And if this is not enough for you, guess what, it cames with texture change, so yes, you have a bazillion posibilities to do with this lovely set.

Furniture label

St Patricks romantic table for two: Aphrodite Shop [LS750, but belive me they are WORTHLY]

Thanks to Marina you're awesome


St Patrick's Gift 5

Fashion Label

Dress: Ange [group gift, join here and check the notices]
Boots: Vinyl Cafe [group gift, join the group and click here]
Hair: Truth [old gift]
Skin: Curio [non free]

St Patrick's Gift 4: A new version of green teal

Fashion Label

Pants and boots: Atooly [Gift for Fist Pump L$0]
Pose: lmb [gift for Fist Pump L$o]

This is what you're looking guys... a sculpted heart...


Shoes, something that girls love!!!!

Which girl doesn't love shoes??
Well i have to admited in real life i am the owner of 85 pair of shoes, but my second life shoe collection goes over the 500 pieces. A dream come true.. but you will never have enough shoes, do you? lol

Recently i was looking for a nice pair of red shoes, to match some outfit i was trying to put together, so i went to the marketplace and lucky me. I found NOYA.
NOYA is the cutest and sexiest shop that offer you incredible shoes that are not only great quality, but not that expensive...
And the best part for what you pay you not only receive a pair of shoes, but a cute outfit to match the outfit. Great isn't?

Fashion Label...

Noya Impact Red Outfit with Extreme High Heels
Hair Elikatira
Skin Curio

Noya Trinidad Pure White Outfit with shoes [L$150]
Hair Dura
Skin Belleza

Right now the store is located only at marketplace, here the link...... NOYA

Thanks to Noya, you're the sweetest...

Cold Beach

Standing at the beach and having some problems with the umbrella because of the wind. The weather is a bit annoying and causes cold hands which is even more annoying. At least there aren t too many waves so it is still possible to check the makeup by using the water as mirror.

Some time ago Virtual / Insanity made a really cool frog bag for a hunt. I still like that bag a lot and now they created a bag which looks similar but with a different picture on it. This time its some skulls instead of a frog. Which is a good thing because i think that a girl with a skull bag gets more kisses than one with a frog bag. The purple shirt is a hunt gift in the march into spring hunt. It comes from somapop. Poses with a prop are very good for pictures so i like the new umbrella poses from just a pose a lot. It is possible to change the texture of the umbrella and the set includes the poses, the poses with umbrellas and umbrellas which could be worn with ao.
Umbrella bag and soma

Bag: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] ODDBALL Shoulder Bag (120$)
Umbrella: {Just A Pose} Harlequin Umbrella (99$ (hurry its on sale on TOSL and that ended allready)
Top: [SP] br3z top plum (0$ MIS huntgift)
Trousers: A:S:S - Zipper pants - black (75 $)

I took the picture on one of the blake sea sims. Its a great area and worth a visit.


In the evening she dived into the air. Everyday she managed to spend a bit longer out of the water. It was exciting. When starting she only managed to stay a few seconds out of the water but now she could stand half an hour at the shore. Feeling the air moving her hair and enjoying the feeling of the sunbeams only filtered by clouds.
Corral gown
Caverna Obscura has always great items on the lucky boards. And i wished so much that i would manage to win this Coral gown. I was lucky but not because of waiting, the Caverna Obscura group is very nice and often somebody posts the letters of the lucky board in the groupchat so i got a teleport and won. Thank you so much girls.

The gown itself is wonderfully textured so that it looks like corals. On the skirt are shells and those are also on the upper parts of the sleeves. The skirt has two layers one with the coral texture and under it is a layer of lace. The lower part at the sleeves (around the hands) is also made in this way.
Caverna Spider dress
This spiderweb dress is also on the Caverna Obsucra lucky board at the moment. It is open at the sides and very sensual. The primparts of the skirt float nicely and are sheer. My knowledge about drow roleplay is not the best but i suppose that every admirer of Lloth might look good in this gown. The textures of the shiny stones of the systemlayer parts are also extremly well made, but thats not really surprising as the textures from Caverna Obscura are usually great.
dreaming in the sea

Gown: Caverna Obscura: Coral Reef Gown 2.0 box (0$ Group Lucky board)
Dress: Diamond Webs Gown ~BLACK~ by Caverna Obscura (0$ Group Lucky board)

The Caverna Obscura group is a group for the customers of Caverna Obscura so it is not a group with an open enrolement. To join you need to have bought an item from Caverna Obscura for at least 250$. Send the transaction information to Elvina Ewing the owner of Caverna Obscura and she will add you to the group.

I took the pictures at two sims i really like. The one with the spiderweb dress has been taken at Cape CoLA. It belongs to the Lost Angels sim chain. As the people who live there shoot before talking if they do not know the ones who are on that sim it might be better not to go there.
The pictures of the Coral Gown have been taken on a friends sim. It is a wonderful tropical sim. Normaly im not a big fan of those as there are so many of them but this one is just great. Very well made with beaches, a underwater house and i also saw a great waterfall. The sim is named L'atoll d'Arsene et Missy, Eternal Sun. You could visit it but keep in mind that it is a private sim and a home of somebody.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Corset & crown

Corsets are so versatile, you can wear them with trousers, a skirt, over a shirt or top, but today I've decided to wear mine all on it's own - well almost on it's own, with knickers of course! I called to Antebellum,  only to realise that the place is closing and having a sale, whereby all corsets are now LS1, so it's my suggestion you go down there and pick up these bargains while you can!

For all your corset needs > Antebellum
Boots: Free Moolto hunt item >  lover's playground

What better to wear with your corset than this exquisite jewelry set with comprises of earrings, necklace and bracelet. The details really is so amazing and delicate. It reminds me somewhat of Caesars Corona and I must say,  I  do feel like a queen wearing it!

Jewelry set: L$1,250 - Euphoria gold > Skifija