Monday, March 7, 2011

Shoes, something that girls love!!!!

Which girl doesn't love shoes??
Well i have to admited in real life i am the owner of 85 pair of shoes, but my second life shoe collection goes over the 500 pieces. A dream come true.. but you will never have enough shoes, do you? lol

Recently i was looking for a nice pair of red shoes, to match some outfit i was trying to put together, so i went to the marketplace and lucky me. I found NOYA.
NOYA is the cutest and sexiest shop that offer you incredible shoes that are not only great quality, but not that expensive...
And the best part for what you pay you not only receive a pair of shoes, but a cute outfit to match the outfit. Great isn't?

Fashion Label...

Noya Impact Red Outfit with Extreme High Heels
Hair Elikatira
Skin Curio

Noya Trinidad Pure White Outfit with shoes [L$150]
Hair Dura
Skin Belleza

Right now the store is located only at marketplace, here the link...... NOYA

Thanks to Noya, you're the sweetest...

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