Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ghost Ship

Ira was pondering. The ship was there - again. It seemed to appear once a year. And something on the island changed every time. This year the ship brought pelicans. Ira was not sure if she should be happy or annoyed about this. She loved birds and they looked good between flowers. But what would they eat? It was always so tricky with all the ghostanimals the ship brought.
With shawl and boots
I love simple, sophisticated outfits. The shirt and shawl come from Zaara, which is a store for amazing clothing for both genders. The texturing of both is amazing. The shawl is made of 7 prims and the loose parts of it move when the avatar moves. In my opinion it is a good thing to have one or two shawls just to add a detail to a very simple outfit. The shawl is mod so it is possible to make it bigger or smaller if that is needed. The blouse is sheer with some decorating seams on it. Because of the shawl over it, its not needed to wear a bra under it but without shawl it might be better to do so. It comes on on all layers so its possible to wear a jacket over it and of course a bra under it. The trousers are available at Phoenix Rising. Everything there is 25 L$ or less and the items are normaly well made (I only had sometimes the problem that it wasn't possible to mod primparts). The boots come from Coco. They have laces wrapped around them and consist of an upper and a lower part. Both parts are resizeable with the help of a hud. They go well with the thight pants but could also be combined with hotpants or short skirts. Because of their look it might be possible to use them also on several kinds of roleplay sim.

Shawl: Zaara : Pashmina Shawl *almost black* (190 L$)
Shirt: Zaara : Isis Shirt *pitch* (135 L$)
Jeans: -Phoenix Rising- Mona Pants (Grey) (25 L$)
Boots: *COCO*_Knee-HighBoots (190 L$ at the moment there is a sale going on)

The picture has been taken at Zweet ZurroundingZ a very beautiful sim Dexton Donogal showed to me. The pose comes from No String Attached.

Tomboy chic

So I've had bohemian chic, now I'm having tomboy chic if there is even such a thing? I love this look to me it's more kind of tomboy feminine. I say that because tomboy suggest a little bit too masculine for my liking. The outfit from Vero Modero is certainly very feminine and there is such a massive range of colours to choose from that you'll find yourself wanting more than one! I love the halter neck look and this may sound odd but I especially like the detail on the bow at the back, some times those little details really make the difference.

Love the hair too it's certainly one of those must have items, and don't I look just a little bit mischievous wearing my cigarette armbrace & slingshot legbrace great fun unisex free gifts at Iren. Perhaps a little bit Lara Croft but not so energetic, I think my tomboy chic is more about lazing on the grass shooting apples of the trees than leaping into action.

Hair: 88L - [e] ( elikatira) changes - brown 09 @ > Collabor88
Skin: 800L - Melina - tan  green 05 > [katsuide]
Top & skirt: 350L - Asian windy set - blue > Vero Modero
Boots: 0L -  Don Q boots > Santo
belt: 180L - white studded belt > Eden
Leg brace: 0L - gift -  sling shot > Iren
Arm brace: 0L - gift > Iren

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Smart Casual

I think just about everyone has gone a little crazy over the current Coco sale and it's no wonder when such fantastic quality items are half price! lets just say I've bought enough to keep me happy for a while but what I especially liked out of all my new purchases there was these Cargo shorts.

They are a much baggier fit for women's shorts than i've seen in SL and I actually think they make a great unisex item. They'd look great with sneakers or ballet pumps but today I fancied dressing them up slightly for a more smart casual look which I think actually works really well. I really love these wedge pumps from BM , loving the ruffle straps of the ruffled top from birdy too.

Yaki & Yeti jewelry is always a winner with me but I really ought to mention the hair which I think is wonderful and would also look amazing with a gown or more formal attire. I picked it up at Savoir hair, there's a notecard with the hair that says Darkerside hairs are only available now on the marketplace,. Having been so impressed with this one I was eager to check out more however sadly there doesn't even appear to be any available, after looking at the creators profile it would appear that other things have become more important, being the most adorable little baby boy and quite right too! well I'm still thrilled to have been able to get this hair that's for sure!

Hair: 0L - Vintage - black by darkerside @ > Savoir hair
Skin: 800L - Sandra - tan dark shadows > [Katsucide]
Necklace: 0L  -  Tibetan pendant - yak bone >  Yak & Yeti
Top: 95L - Ruffled top - Brown > {birdy}
Shorts 100L - cargo shorts - safari > Coco designs
Shoes: 0L - Luckyboard item > Baby monkey
Bangles: 0L - tibetan jewelry > Yak & Yeti

Earth Rise

The smell of the smoke floated through the air as everyday and earthrise. Kathrin was alone on the plattform as normaly at this time. And she smoked. Sometimes people were annoyed by her behaviour. The atmosphere on the moon had only reached a state which allowed humans to walk around without using a respirator.
Black uniform III
But she had been born on the moon as first. It hadn't been planed of course. Not by the governments at least. Her parents had been among the astronauts who were choosen to start setting up everything on the moon to allow settlers to move there when the atmosphere would be thick enough for humans. Their colleagues never understood how Kathrin's parents had managed to go through the psychological tests. Of course the mooncolony was a try to gain peace between the two big state unions. Kathrine's father belonged to the European-American Confederation while her mother was an astronaut of the Sima Yan. The Sima Yan was the union of the african states and China. After the People's Republic of China had increased their influence on the african continent the states there started to orientate themself at chinese culture and finally they formed an union with China which was called after the famous Emperor of Wu. The conflicts between both alliances were massive. Luckily the elites of the European-American Confederation as well as the leaders of the Sima Yan sent their children to the same schools in switzerland, the only neutral country. So Kathrine's parents met first in a boarding school in the alps.
The parents of Katherine's father both worked in most secret scientific research projects. So Katherine's father knew while he was still in school that there would be a project to turn the moon into an area where people would be able to live. From his parents he knew as well that the project would be too expensive so that the alliances would work together. The leaders of both were afraid of riots which would most likely arrise because of the depleted soils. Hunger always seemed to lead to riots. So they hoped that they would manage to gain minerals from the moon to feed the billions of hungry humans. Knowing for years about the upcomming mission Katherine's parents managed to be prepared perfectly. Of course their families were surprised that they wanted to work with their hands instead of becomming diplomats, which would have been the normal career for them. But on the other hand they would be useful for their families to gain more influence. At least their families thought so. Katherine's parents had other plans - they wanted to see each other again. And they wanted to find a way to avoid being seperated again as it happened to them after they finished school. Katherine was their solution. Because of her they were not able to return to earth. Being born on the moon her bones were to weak to deal with the higher gravitation of the motherplanet of her parents. She was the first born moonie but at the same time the only prisoner in a giant cell. Nobody really knew what to do with her. Her parents only needed each other. Of course they loved her but their love for each other was so big that there was not really enough space for a child inbetween. So Katharina spend her time with watching films or wandering around. She had supposed that her parents would leave the moon when she would be older but not wanting to meet their families again - which were absolutly not happy about Katharina's existence - they stayed. One of the scientists who worked on the moon was sorry for the bored and lonely girl. So he started to teach her how to cultivate plants. It turned out that she was really talented. She managed to find good spots for plants and she was brilliant in mixing the gens of plants in a way which allowed them to grow in the sandy soil of the moon. It only made her a bit arrogant. So if somebody asked her why she was smoking she always told the people that she was only burning oxygen which wouldn't exist without her.
Black uniform I
I always adored the engineer boots from Coco on men. When going to have a look at their sale, which is currently going on, I recognized that they were also available for women. Of course I needed to have them. They are great. The bootleg is wide so that the shoe might make cool sounds while walking - which are not inbuild as far as I saw which is awesome - and is pretty comfy. The leathertextures are stunning. The boots come with a resize hud so that both have always the same size when resizing them while wearing both boots. If your avatar has two feet with different sizes you have to take off one boot while resizing the other. There are many great items available at Coco so its worth to visit that sale for more than boots. The uniform comes from C'est la vie. It is made to fit women as well as slender men. I guess the ones who wear that uniform should look a bit androgyn. But I might be wrong about that. All I can say about it is I love the design and it was easy to make it fit. Even the hat is mod and it is possible to make it smaller. The set comes with two kinds of pants one for guys and one for girls and I love the pointy shoulders. The black nails come of course from Virtual/Insanity. They have the possibility to show swearwords on top of them. When visiting the grandparents its possible to turn the texture into plainblack instead of having things like "fuck" written on top of them. The nails come in three different sizes. The hair on the upper pictures is new and from Wasabi Pills. It has a short cut at the front while the long hair of the rest is wrapped together. It could be worn either with or without pearls. When worn with pearls the hair includes a lot of tinting possiblities for those. The cigarette holder comes from nikotin. It includes a hud which allows to smoke on many ways. The cigarettes, cigars and pipes from that store are all very well made. And allow to blow smoke even out of the ears.
The captain

Clothes: ::C'est la vie !::Captain uniform(black) (350 L$)
Boots: *COCO*_EngineerBoots_Black (250 L$ at the moment)Link
Nails: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] BAD WORDS Black Nails (120 L$)
Hair:LinkUpper pictures: /Wasabi Pills/ Eve Hair (250 L$ for one colour 1500 L$ for the fatpack)
Last picture: /Wasabi Pills/ Kiki Act II Hair (250 L$ for one colour 1500 L$ for the fatpack)
Cigarette: [NikotiN] Cig'_Lady_Black/Black (v.3) (299 L$)

The poses were a wild mix. Im not sure if I remember all storenames correctly but I think I used: Gitterati, Sterling Artistry, LAP and niqotine poses. There might have also been { Just A Pose } among them. The pictures have been taken at Insilico.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bohemian chic


I really like the bohemian look and so was utterly thrilled to have won an outfit on the luckboards at GO! whilst I was out shopping now that is one store with fabulous vibrant colours. I am only wearing the skirt but there is also a bell sleeved top to match, however I already knew I had some items in my inventory that I wanted to team it with.

You have to love this sexy tube top from Lucca it's a prim top so if you don't want to bare too much flesh you can wear a vest layer underneath for a completely different layered look without compromising any detail on the tube top. Th item has been made for Depraved dealers so it won't be available for long so grab it quick!

  The necklace from finesmith looks like it was designed for this whole outfit I really like the individuality of Finesmith jewelry. I did go to the store to try and find the price of the necklace (which comes with matching earrings) however both stores are so huge that after 15 minutes of searching I decided to call it quits but have provided a slurl to the store - sorry it's not the exact location of the item though.

Hair: 0L - Luckyboard item > Heart softens
Skin: 10L - Gloria4 - > Devine perfection
Top: 75L for a pack of 2 - my egyptian flow 2 by Lucca @ > Depraved dealers
Skirt: 0L - Luckboard item > GO!
Necklace:  Flora's shimmering dreams necklace > Finesmith Designs
Parasol & pose:   Geisha umbrella pose 4  > Magnifique

Sunday, August 21, 2011


NX-74/7PQ was in love. It was the only logical conclusion she managed to find. She was not sure if she should be happy or confused so the cyborg decided to have both emotions. NX-74/7PQ had not supposed to feel those feelings anymore. She had been a victim of the 3rd imperial war. When being asked if she would be willing to be transformed into a cyborg she had been more than willing and there hadn't been much left of her human body anyways. The scientists were always surprised how well she was able to deal with her cybernetic parts and even more about how well she dealt with the pain. Of course none of them ever talked so much with her to find out that she had given birth to three children. And the pain she had gone through at every birth had been way more intense than having to deal with new limbs.
Cyborg I
But now she was in love and did not know what to do. On the one hand it was painful but on the other hand it was a great feeling. Should she tell him about her feelings or not? She prefered to keep her emotions for herself. On the other hand he was a cyborg like her. NX-74/7PQ found herself giggling like a 14 year old girl. She had given up most of her human body but did that mean that she also had to give up her human emotions? She hardly remembered her old name she had given it up as well as the nightmares of her children. Although most of her body was cybernetic she still ate normal food and to her big surprise the other cyborg seemed to search for her company. She found out that his name was MR-X47/11Q. Some time later as they were on a mission together to save some alien artefacts he told her that his name was Peter. Hers was Anne.
Cyborg II
The creativity people share in second life is amazing. Sometimes there are items which are simply surprising in the quality of the textures. The items from ND/MD definitly belong into this category. The store sells all kinds of skins, shapes and more. The suit, the facemask, the shape and the boots come from their Scifi line. As written before the quality of the textures is stunning. The suit has many details and the metal looks like polished metal should look. The suit comes on the undies, socks, undershirt and gloves layer. So its possible to wear other layers over it for example a jacket to take care that all cybernetic parts are kept warm. The boots come with two kinds of bootlegs a bigger and a smaller one. They go of course perfectly with the suit and although they have high heels they are stable enough for any adventure in outerspace. The mask connects perfectly with the suit. And also the connection lines of the parts of the suit are nearly not visible which shows very well how impressive the quality of the designs from ND/MD is. The suit is sold in many versions. The store also sells cyborg skins and the items are not only available for women. There are versions for men as well - and of course the boots for them aren't high heels. The hair is the Vicky Hair from Wasabi Pills. To let it look a bit more cyborgish I put the glow on 0.2 and the shinyness on low. I would never have had such an idea myself but the creator of the suit told me that it would look great, so I tested it and had to agree. As skin I used Posy Pale Kitty from Adam n Eve.
Cyborg III
Suit: ND/MD : Galaxia SILVER SUIT (990 L$)
Facemask: ND/MD Galaxia Silver Mask (340 L$)
Shape: ND/MD GALAXIA Silvermoon Shape (640 L$)
Skin: Adam n Eve Skins - Posy Pale - Kitty Bewbs (1000 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Vicky Hair (250 L$ one colour pack 1500 L$ for all colours)

The poses come from Niqotine Poses, this store was one of the most amazing posestores ever. I use their poses quite often but do not mention that they come from that store as the store is closed.They sold great fighting poses, wonderfully naughty couple poses, girlish girly poses and more. The pictures have been taken at Tochigi Japan Cybercity a great sim Sian recommented to me.

Yet more pink!

Think pink

It's easy to create a look that you love with so many great designs out there, I love to see how other people put outfits together too. When i'm out & about shopping I often see people and think wow that look is so cool! that's what I love most about SL the creative freedom that it gives you.

My inspiration for this look was from a an image I saw with a kaleidoscope of varying tones of the same colour. Pinks & purples I love and so it was natural for me to adore this skirt  - a new release at J.E.M It's  has this great satin effect to it  - yes I'll have the teal one too if you don't mind!

 I've been desperate to get these shoes on since I picked them up from Fir & Mna at the fifty linden friday event which I knew instantly that I wanted to wear with these tights that I grabbed at the store amato that I told you about in my last post - see I told you there was some great things to be had there!

It's always  tricky and often too late to blog the flf items as that but I always list their current price after the event. Guess what?,  I went back to check and the shoes are still available at 50L so get down there a.s.a.p there are black & red in both men & womens sizes ...what are you waiting for?! go!

Hair: 225L - Bunny - babelicious brunettes > sugarsmack
Hat: 10L - blossom hat > +::+Natural+::+
Skin: 800L - yummy - tan skin j10 > JeSyLiLo
Jacket: 0L - luckyboard item > Y&R
Neckbow: 190L  - bow good times necklace > Royal blue
Skirt: 100L   Bell's skirt - dark > J.E.M
Vest: 0L - intrinsic vest - eggplant > Jane
Tights: 0L - gift > amato
Shoes: 50L - Ashford brogues - red > Fir & Mna
Ring: 199L   - Arabaesque ring - black pearl > Bewildebeest
Bag: 230L - Roman bag - lavender > House of fox