Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ange ou Démon

There were always two paths, sometime more, but never less. Not before you had chosen, or had been chosen. Fate or destiny may decide, but there was always a choice to be made at the start. Up or Down is too simplistic, as both are everywhere. Paths divert, the roads may meet again.

Mzzy Angel tat Ange chose the light. It shone from her eyes, and from her very soul. She could not shift her gaze from it, nor did she wish to. In the light she saw the world, all of the good in it, in everyone. As she walked her path, having made her choice, she felt the darkness that surrounded, and did not mind. She was nothing without it. There could be no light without dark. As she held the light in her hands, she was grateful for the path she was on, and that there were others who had chosen differently.
Angel tatt rear demon tatt Démon chose the darker path. Hers was the way of shadows, darkness guided her every step, and led her toward her goals. All the light she saw and felt from others in and out of the world, that pressed against her and her works just made them all the clearer. Darkness defined Light, as Light defined Darkness. The path was easy for her, it had been her choice, and suited her perfectly, she grew into it, taking joy from each step, forever pushing the balance.
demon tatt rear Here we have two new releases from the ✚REDRUM✚ store.
Unlike most of her designs, these are not hand drawn by Mzzy, but are an amalgamation of traditional etchings, scripts and pictagrams. Well suited for anyone playing an Angel or Demon, or anything inbetween. From what I hear, there will be an inworld store soon! For now, you can find these on Marketplace for 199L each.

Also shown...
Skin : : S u g a r :  -C- :2: Over The Rainbow - This had been up for sale at the SYS event in June, something I just noticed near the end of the month, and now sadly we are in July and all the skins for the event have changed. I really hope it will be made available again somehow along with the others S u g a r had up for grabs, and not just because I have posts lined up about em!
Hair : ^;^CaTwA^;^ TNT Roots/White
Eyes : REPULSE - Mystic Eyes (Violet)
Top : .::[NerdMonkey*Clothes] - [R!ch B!tch White Top]::.
Skirt : .::[NerdMonkey*Clothes] - [BassGirl White $kirt]::.
Pose and prop candle : *elymode* Contemplation poses & candle - Posefair gift 2012

Skin : [Plastik]-Aquamer-Gills-Koiberry This might be an old skin, I looked around at Plastik to see if it was still available, and I'm not 100% sure. The colouring is just beautiful, all the little scales. There are many there that are close and worth a look if this exact skin and shade isn't available!
Hair : >TRUTH< Bree  - crow  (Upper section only worn here)
Eyes : REPULSE - Mystic Eyes (Red)
Pasties : [Plastik]-Bandaids-F-J-Betty
Pants and hooves : *Epic* Sho-low Danger Pants {Coal}
Horns : /Wasabi Pills/ Inferno Horns  As shown by Dagmar in her Dances with Demons post - here the tint is the darkest grey.