Monday, January 26, 2015

The not so little mermaid

1 Ariel had taken a gamble, she had known it at the time but in the heat of the moment, with passion and the dream of a new life blurring her vision as she gazed across the wave rocked surface of the sea; she had not cared. Giving everything up for love was the thread running through all the tales shared with her friends in school. The others, so strong and determined, had found their romance close to home, or so she understood. Only recently had she tasted what they may have long known, the disintegration and re-imagining of what life meant through one look, one sight, of the one face. 2 She had gone to the wise woman, not for advice - this she had refused to hear. Her voice had been taken, part-price of her wish. She had risen to the surface, swum to shore to find him. Each step on the feet which had replaced her fins was fire, was the rasping stab of knives, the tearing bite of the shark but she carried on. She found him in his palace by the sea. For the first time he saw her, and they danced, they danced, pain and joy welling tears in her eyes. These tears in time washed away the illusion, as they fell at each dance. This new world had accepted her, a great beauty, welcome at the court. His heart loved another, he danced with her for sport. She would not do as she was commanded, she would not dance for their wedding, she would return to the world without pain, beneath the tide. 3 In time, so the wise woman promised, her beautiful tail would return, and again she would sing. 

Utterly unplanned we are mer bound on the blog this week! There must be a cosmic plan (or at least it's mer season in SL?) I've been delving around The Fantasy Collective - a bi-monthly shopping event with an ever changing fantasy theme - this round it's all about the Mer.
The Fantasy Collective

Hair :  [RA] Jewel Hair - Ombres  L$ 275
Lovely hair with 8 HUD driven colour options can be worn with or without the decorative chopsticks.
Dress :  Valentina E. - Siren Gown Seaweed  L$ 285
Amazing ombre colour fade and texture to this beautifully shaped dress.
Mer outfit : LUAS - SIA ROSE. L$ 99
Highly detailed shell and pearl outfit - all pieces can be moved / resized to fit perfectly.

When I was scouting out locations I visited the RP SIM of the Deep Canyon Mers (third image above). Here while I was looking around one of the SIM owners, Chastity Starspear, arrived, and invited me on a proper tour - in a seahorse drawn carriage no less! The SIM has an established history, with many locations worth investigating - please feel free to check it out!

Deep Canyon Mers