Friday, December 31, 2010

Dressed in blue

Looking proud after having managed to find a way from the Castle to the other side of the river without getting wet. And still being dressed perfectly in blue. The dress is the new gift on the Mystic Sky lucky chair. That means well made textures and a great cut of the top. The blue which has been choosen for the dress is very pretty. The top looks like being made of silk. The skirt could be worn in a slimmer and a wider version. This means that also the belt comes in a two versions. The outfit is perfect for fantasy roleplay. Its great that it looks elegant and sexy as the same time.
Dress: ~Mystic Sky~ Raven Gown: Blue (0 Linden Lucky chair)


Standing winged in the white. The japanese looking skin is a lucky board gift from Dimbula Rose. The makeup is just great. The fitting wings are a subscriber gift from . The lingerie from deviousmind fits just perfectly to the skin and the wings. Skin: :::Dimbula Rose::: Japanesque skin02_LB (0 Linden Luckyboard)
Wings: Skinthesis - Sky Dancer Wings - Merry Christmas! (0 Linden Subscriber gift)
Outfit: deviousMind: deviousBeauty : MmeChatouille black (750 Linden)

The picture was taken by Ania. And i can't express how much i like it.

Ready for the party

Being dressed for the silvester party. But somehow the plane seems to be a bit late. The dresses from icing are just perfect for a party. They are elegant and classy. And the quality of the textures is amazing. The upper dress is one of my favourite dresses from Icing. Its named Holiday Party and that name fits perfectly. The dress comes with lace under the skirt and a big fur collar. The dress in burgundy on the left side exposes the shoulders more. It could be worn with a skirt in tealength or as ballroom gown. The flowers at the hip are lovely. The dress on the right somehow reminds me on ships and sailors. Its elegant but also works for just going to the supermarket to get some fresh apples.
Left: *ICING* Temptation (295 Linden)
Middle: *ICING* Holiday Party (295 Linden)
Right: *ICING* Goodnight Kiss (265 Linden)

In the grey

So many amazing freebies around at the moment that even I am struggling to keep up! Love love love these herringbone chinos from Gato. They are 3/4 length and come with red cuffs at the bottom, which match the red belt,  but as I am wearing boots in this pic you cannot see that.

Trousers: Free Subscribo gift > Gato
Hair: with hat: Free group gift > Amacci hairs
Top: Free > Hn Factory
Scarf & boots : Free >  Look under the tree for many gifts

Femme fatale

Pretty in pink I love this outfit, even if the dress is rather revealing and barely covers my modesty! It is an opening gift at La Femme which has a a very creative vintage feel with much attention to detail.  I also adore the fluffy socks which usually comes with a black sock layer, although I removed them on this occasion.

Dress: Free opening gift > La Femme couture
Shoes: Madville Mommy & me flats Group gift/lucky board item > Baby Monkey
Socks: Pink fur socks L$50 > IZM
Hair: Carrie - moody brown L$250 >

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mini hunt @ Indie Rose

Indie Rose currently has a mini Christmas hunt going on. There are 10 little present boxes to find scattered around the stalls outside the store. In these boxes you can find varying colours the 2  items above. I adore the cowl neck jumper that I am wearing in the first picture, which I am wearing as a dress but which looks fabulous with tights, jeans or trousers. This is my favourite colour of the coat which comes in different colours but with the same classic gingham print. More wonderful freebies yey!

Picture 1
Jumper/sweater/dress: free hunt item > Indie Rose
Hat: Free group gift > Luce

Picture 2
coat:Free hunt item > Indie Rose

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hero in love

A hero waiting for her training. She was secretly in love with her sparring partner. But he always lost in the fights against her. So she trained and trained with him hopeing that he would manage to beat her one day so that she could tell him that she loves him. I love this armour although i doubt that it protects much. But it keeps the shoulders warm and looks great. It comes with a resize script in all parts and the knee protectors are just cute. The armour comes also with boots and a helmet but for this picture i used boots from dragansVarg.

Armour: Kotora Nippon Samurai (700 Linden)
Boots:!! DragansVarg !! *imrae* armor boots flat (490 Linden)
Tattoo: ::::HORI-MUTO ::::KURIKARA-MONMON (750 Linden)
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. Lewrence 2_LB1 (0 Linden lucky board)

New from Lika Ruby

Walking perfectly dressed through little china. The dresses are the latest release from Lika Ruby.
As all outfits from that store they look like a great mix between elegance and sexyness.
The colours they come in fit very well to the theme. And the collar and the sleeves are just cute.
Its amazing, that the skirt looks so great. That seems to be caused by the prim skirts which are made on a different way than primskirts from other stores which offer that kind of dress.
The dresses are available in six colours. And as they are the latest release the price for the dress is reduced at the moment. As seeable on the picture the skirt is really well made. Its mod so its possible to make the dress fit smaller avatars. The gloves are also a great idea. Worn with them the dress looks warmer and of course its also possible to wear the dress without the gloves.
1: +Lika Ruby+ china dress long(purple) (280$)
2: +Lika Ruby+ china dress long(green) (280$)
3: +Lika Ruby+ china dress long(black) (280$)
4: +Lika Ruby+ china dress long(white) (280$)
5: +Lika Ruby+ china dress long(aqua) (280$)
6: +Lika Ruby+ china dress long(peach) (280$)

Or +Lika Ruby+china dress long-(FAT)vivid (purple, aqua, peach) (560$) +Lika Ruby+china dress long-(FAT)mono (white, green, black) (560$)

look of the day

I haven't made a look of the day post for ages. So here a current one. The most important part of the outfit are the socks in my opinion. They are unique with the little bugs and flowers. The dress comes from lika ruby and is worn on two layers. The jacket comes from mnk it could be worn with long, middle and short sleeves. And the cane with animations comes of course from CI. Socks: Art & Fun outfit socks (0 Linden lucky board or you buy it for 200 or 300$)
Dress: +LR china dress-st (dress and mesh 180$)
Cane: ## CI ## Victorian Cane AO (350 Linden)
Jacket: MNK : FurFur_jacket(black)**nikukyu** (200 Linden)

Monday, December 27, 2010


Exploring an elegant city being more or less perfectly dressed for that. The sim where i took that picture is named Metropolitan Commonwealth of Nem. It reminds me on old comics and an anime i liked very much, Robotic Angel. Lika Ruby has opened a new mainstore. The brown dress with the flowerpattern and the chessbox pattern is the opening gift. Its amazing that it could look great to put flowers over such a chessbox pattern. It could be either worn very short or in a longer version. The collar comes in two versions either with buttons or without. The blue scarf is a groupgift from zeery. Zeery is a store which has some really great colourful items. Tops, Scarfs and stuff like that. Its worth to visit it.

Dress: +Lika Ruby+ Opening Gift dress (0 $ groupgift)
Scarf: {Zeerys } Unreleased Special Scarf [] Color Blind (S) (0 $ groupgift till silvester)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Look of the day

I haven't made a look of the day post for ages. So here a current one. The most important part of the outfit are the socks in my opinion. They are unique with the little bugs and flowers. The dress comes from lika ruby and is worn on two layers. The jacket comes from mnk it could be worn with long, middle and short sleeves. And the cane with animations comes of course from CI. Socks: Art & Fun outfit socks (0 Linden lucky board or you buy it for 200 or 300$)
Dress: +LR china dress-st (dress and mesh 180$)
Cane: ## CI ## Victorian Cane AO (350 Linden)
Jacket: MNK : FurFur_jacket(black)**nikukyu** (200 Linden)

[silenced by green]

You kiss me
a whisper, green as
the leaves above our heads
a taste of spring and meadowy life is
what you seed on my lips
before you

[silenced by green]

It's the 8th week of lovely Luna's blogger challenge 52WoC and I bet you can guess the colour even without me mentioning it. Since I didn't feel very festive this year, you're not getting a christmas-related picture, but one that speaks of temporary loss and the delicate, little plant called hope - hope that the bliss of love will return soon, just as spring returns from its hibernation below snow and ice each year.

Skin: Nuuna's Skins - Male Black Green
Eyes: ::: LPD ::: - Creature Eyes - Burnish (Emerald)
Hair: :KM: - Mash Wolf No1

Shirt: *Linc* - Button Down Shirt Black
Necklace: [MANDALA] - Luck Necklace

'Fur' the love of fashion

It's all about Fur at the moment and I have too many fur items to choose from! but i've been waiting ages to wear this skirt which happens to be part of a dress. whilst I love dress as an item in it's own right I do love to mix things up a little.

Skirt: part of circus dress on a lucky board > Zenith fashions
Top: Black fur sweater on a lucky board > Awram Viie
Hair : Lauren in Charcoal - Group gift free  >  Maitreya            
Socks: Group gift free ( rose )  >C'est la vie
Shoes:  Summer ballet flats in purple 1L  formerly Phoneix rising  >  Ashoka Eales
Belt: 1L gacha item ( hot pink) > Chuculet

Friday, December 24, 2010

Puttin on the ritz

I'm so excited about blogging great fashion for Look what the cat brought! I have been a follower of the blog for a while, and whilst I don't look to imitate Dagmars creative writing, I hope to fetch a creative mix, as a self confessed freebie hunter I like to mix and match different aspects of other outfits to make them look like something completey different. For my first post the outfit I have chosen I feel is loosely based on a 1930's style, with the monochrome  geometric skirt and cute monochrome top it does look like a dress but is in fact 2 seperates!
  Top  is  free! > The secret store ( just dicovered that the store is in the process of moving since i posted this blog so you won't find the top here currently...sorry keep your eyes peeled though!)
Skirt 1L > Awram Viie
Shoes  lucky chair > P3 Shoes
Hair free > Truth

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dancing Goddess

Today she used let others call her Marie Rozier. Her colleagues at the french cabaret thought all that she would need everyday two hours to put the golden colour on her skin. Secretly they all hoped she would thell them how she managed to put the colour so even on her skin. Marie wasn't able to give any makeup advise. She didn't even have a real skin. Centuries ago she had been turned into a half - goddess. Her task was to watch over the forest, to change the weather lightly so that all plant would grow and her former tribe would prosper.
The transforming was more than painful. And indeed her humanbody died while she was put into liquid gold which floated into every pore of her skin. Marie had not been forced to do this but she had been tricked. The priests told her that she would become as mighty as a normal god and would also live in their plane. It was true that she could reach the plane of the gods of her people but being there hurt even more than the ritual she beared.
Her first act as new born goddess was to kill the priests. That made her feel a bit better but it didn't help the people she had belonged to.
First she avoided helping the forest. She spend time on wandering and bathing and swimming. Her body was heavy but she was a bit like a golem made of gold without the annoying sides of being a golem. She had no master and also no need to carry paper in her mouth.
Soon she wasn't able not to help. She helped a tree grow. Moved a cloud a bit closer and found out that she was able to talk with all the animals. She liked talking with birds best.
They told her everything she needed to know. If hunters broke her laws, if somewhere was an ill animal who needed a quick death the birds knew it and told it to her.
When dancing on the pole being watched by men, she would have killed when being on the top of her power she felt envy on the priests she had killed so long time ago. That was the real curse of being a half goddesss. She was not able to die, although the time she was needed was long ago.
The golden skins belong to the IRRADIATE Skins from Fallen Gods inc. As the electric ones they are available in 10 colours. Those skins reminded me on Inca and all their painful rituals and their gold and on the jungle. But as seen the skin works also for a dancer. Or for a character i could not even think of. The skins are great, they look even better with the glow attachments and its fun to wear them. The pictures have been taken on the grendels children sim, its a very pretty place its only a bit annoying that people shoot all the time on you.
The leaf lingerie comes from a store for mainly fantasy clothing (and lingerie) named Chaospire. The set is rather well textured. It is no copy but trans so its maybe even a nice late gift for christmas as the store is having a 50% sale till end of December.
The poses used in this blog entry come mainly from No Strings Attached.

Skins: IRRADIATE xx +Fallen Gods Inc.+ GOLD (990 Linden one skin, 5600 Linden for the fatpack with 10 skins and a facetattoo)
Outfit: Chaospire "Woodnymph" Complete Fantasy Outfit (600$ at the moment 300$)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Milky was a rather annoying fairy. She was always searching for her one true love. Unfortunatly she thought that everything could be her true love. So she managed to make a farmer nearly insane because she fell deeply in love to his appletree. Milky spend hours dancing around the appletree or pretending that she was reading near it only to gain the attention of the tree. When the farmer send his daughter to pick the apples she was chased away by Milky as the fairy supposed that the daughter would be also intrested in the apple tree. The farmer was really angry and went to a witch who told him to tell Milky that her true love is a snowflake and that the appletree allready is in love with the cherrytree. The farmer followed the witches advise. So Milky started spending all her winters dancing through the snow trying to get in contact to the snowflakes but none of them ever answered.
Material Squirrel have a christmas hunt going on in their store. You search for christmas gifts which contail pretty wings which look like being made of a mix of snowflakes and lichen. I like them a lot although i doubt that i will ever use them in roleplay. The wings come with the material squirrel wing hud. That means they got x-cite touch, you could choose if they should flap or not and change the size and the wingspan.
The dress is a *G-field* subscriber gift. Its very pretty but a bit cold in winter.
Wings: Material Squirrel Gift - Winter Night Wings (0 $ Hunt gift)
Dress: *GF* GroupGift :: Holiday Dress Pack (0$ Subscriber gift and you could still get it)


Today i went to the garden to check if the plants could still deal with the winter. And i had a new visitor. An not very smart young lady who was always talking about "brains". As she was waving all the time with a pretty sharp knive i supposed that she might work for a butcher. The neighbours told me that they are waiting for the delivery from the butcher. Luckily I have a key for their house so i was able to let the nice young lady in the neighbours house. I m sure she and the kids of the neighbours will have a nice time with playing jolly games before the parents come home and she could hand out the packet. Today i spend some time on visiting stores i hadn't visited for a while. Next Yabusaka - a great store for jewlery - i won this dress and the bolero on the camping chairs of a shop named mayuki nozaki. The facemask is a freebie from the marketplace. I love how well it goes with the innocent green dress. It comes with smoking eyes. The Knife belongs to a dollarbie from a store named Losthaven. Its an awesome dollarbie a pack of items which could be used in roleplay. The contained items are very different and could be used in different kinds of roleplay (torch in fantasy, maglite in science fiction). And there are not only props contained it comes also with many static poses.

Facemask and eyes: Nothing SKULLFACE Tattoo and skull smoke eyes (0 $)
Knife: [LH] Survival Prop Knife (1$ the set contains much more )
Dress: (Gift)*mayuki nozaki* Flower Dress-Liru-Light green (0$ 10mins camping)
Bolero: (Gift)*mayuki nozaki* Wool Bolero-Gray-Package (0$ 10mins camping)
Shoes: Ingenue :: Nina :: Candy Cane :: Merry Christmas! (1 or 0 $ i forgot it)

Thanks to the fellow roleplayer who has been so nice to show me the roleplay props and made me buy them. They are awesome.

Late Snowflake experience

I guess that Snowflake experience will end soon. After different people very often told me to go there i finally went to the sim, enjoyed the missing lag and hunted a bit. The quality of the hunt items is great. So here some stuff i found.
Those items are mainly gifts from the snowflake experience hunt. You simply need to search for candy canes. Most of them aren't even hidden.

Top: TSE Hunt - [.::ODB::.] (I eat yellow snow shirt)
Trousers: TSE Hunt - {paper.doll}
Top: TSE Hunt - [Sassy Kitty Designs]
Trousers: 22769 ~ casual couture Christmas (suede jacket outfit) (99 Linden)
Top: TSE Hunt - [Babycakes]
Skirt: ::JZ:: The Snowflake Experience Giftie <3
4: .::HN::. Knit Turtleneck Dress

Legwarmers and shoes: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] .:* CHRISTMAS HUNT *:. Giftie ^-^

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gifts from Elizabeth

Elizabeth Tinsley must be the most patient person i know. She loves to build wonderful jewlery with many many details. And her creations are all unique. Either with funny creatures like her halloween sets or just wonderful like the flower wristlets, earrings and necklaces she builds. I m not able to imagine how patient somebody must be who is able to build a necklace using more than 200 (sculpted) prims. I would go crazy when doing something like that.
Beside being creative Elizabeth is also very nice and friendly and has a big heart. It needs to be added that she is also witty and helps in unique situations like when i need a quick language help when being roleplaying and not able to understand some slang words or do not know the meaning of a figure of speech. To keep it short i would definitly call her a friend (i would say even she is a great friend but that might make her blush).
This year she is going to give great gifts for christmas. From now until Saturday, December 25, 2010 people could come to her store - Frippery - and choose their favourite piece. Then they could send Elizabeth a notecard with the name of the piece and the person who would like it for christmas. As all her items are no copy but trans this means its even possible to gift the gift from Elizabeth somebody else.
Here a link to all the posts which have been tagged with Frippery As seeable on the picture Elizabeth is a very cute and nice Woman so if you desperatly want to spend time with her instead of getting one of the pieces, she built, its also possible to write her a notecard asking if she would like to come iceskating with you.
So if you d like to visit Elizabeth's store here is the link to Frippery.

Walking through snow

Wandering throught the garden searching for a hill which might be high enough to slide down from it. The green dress is the x-mas gift from the delectable doll. There are little lights on the skirt which even blink. The boots, the earmuffs and the gloves are the subscribergift from spellbound. Spellbound is a great store for fantasy outfits and the owner is as nice as the items are wellmade. Dress: ~TDD~ Subscribo Holiday 2010 Gift (0$)
This golden dress is the subscriber gift from Miamai. It comes with a big fur collar and also a big skirt.
To all those christmas dresses fits this wonderful headdress from the frippery lucky board. Its made of three strings with pearls and a leaf at every side.
Headdress: Frippery: ET~Deck the Halls (and All That Rot) Hair Ornament (0 Linden Lucky board)
Dress: Miamai_Golden Xmas_GroupGift (0$ Subscriber gift)
Boots, Earmuffs and gloves: SpellBound Holiday Gift (0 $ Subscribergift)

Oh dear Deer

Cuddling with a dear deer friend while makeing evil plans. As the dear deer friend seems to suppose that it is cuddling with an other deer this suit needs to be abused to attract more deers or maybe reindeers? Its worth to try it. The deer suit is a gift from evie's closet. Its a funny suit and i suppose its a great roleplay item. I have allready some plans about how to (ab)use it. It should fit more or less human avatar as it is modifiable.
Outfit: *Evie's Closet* Reindeer Days Winter Outfit Fun! (0 Linden gift)

Ice skating

Spending some time with iceskating. But as being really brilliant in it and a even better in bragging about it nobody wanted to come with me. So having to skate all alone. At least that means that nobody could disturb me.
The wonderful purple iceskating dress is a lucky board item from evie's closet. As a decent iceskating dress it is very short. The dress could be worn either with stockings or without and has the option to wear it with long sleeves. The name of the dress is Elizabeth, which reminds me on an other Oubliette Girl - Elizabeth Tinsley, the owner of Frippery - who created fitting jewlery to the Elizabeth dresses. The Jewlery is available in silver and in gold as i like silver much more than gold here a picture of the silver version. The set includes earrings, a necklace and a wristlet.
Jewlery: Frippery : ET~The Faerie Queene - Silver/Plum (400 Linden)

Here a picture of the iceskating dress worn with long arms. Worn this way you wear kind of a jacket made of the same material as the dress over the dress. The pose in the front was made by a third Oubliette-Girl, Milly Santos. She owns No Strings Attached my favourite store for poses as she has so great ideas.

Dress: *Evie's Closet* Elizabeth Skating Outfit - Purple (0 Linden lucky board)
Pose in the front: 'NSA' - Dagmar Elegante (35$ for one pose or 150$ for the set)

The pictures on the ice have been taken with the KAMI-HITOE Iceskating ao (that store is also known for making the best mermaid aos). The ao is also available on the Oubliette sim. Its a great ao. For example on the picture below is the crouch move shown.

AO: :KH: Ice Skate AO (700 Linden)

Monday, December 20, 2010

[chaos in cerise]

They had blocked the end of the street with their cars already, well-knowing that this gathering of hybrids would most likely end up in violence; which wasn't intended, but the emotions on both sides leaned towards flying into a rage when it came to the subject of equality. There would be blood and pain and possibly imprisonment - but he didn't care when he made his way through the barriers to join his friends.
The fight for rights hadn't - and would never be - an easy one.

[chaos in cherise]

Luna Jubilee made me search my inventory for 'cerise'... and then for 'red', and in the end for 'pink'. Here's the outcome, shiny and not even covered in blood.
I promise.

Skin: [-B-] - Fate II / Fair / #o3
Eyes: Ibanez Eyes - Bastet - Kitty Pink
Hair: [-B-] - Danny

Jacket: [ hoorenbeek ] - Leather Blazer
Shirt: A:S:S - Extra long sleeve shirts
Pants: A:S:S - NF Jeans
Shoes: *DECO* - Test Boots

Horns: Illusions - *~*Cylindriculus Horns (old gift)
Belt: Rawdolls - Juxtabelt~B
Scarf: Action - Unisex Sniffle Scarf Skull

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday gifts

Last week i blogged the latest Halcali items. Today that store opened its new mainstore. There the Halcali groupmembers could get this red sweater as opening gift. The sweater looks like being knitted and comes in a version for women and for men.Sweater: Halcali:::OPENING GROUP GIFT (0 Linden)

Aliza Karu sent out this skin today as groupgift. Its a goth x-mas skin with many x-mas tattoos on it. The white collar comes from Virtual/Insanity. Its white which is kind of special for such an item, haas many spikes and a cross hanging down from it. Its copy and mod.
Skin: [Aliza Karu] Christmas Skin goth (0 Linden groupgift)

New at the Couturiers Loft

There are some new items available in the Courtiersloft. For example this brown jacket with a belt and fitting jeans. The shirt under the jacket could also be worn without the jacket.The skin on the picture is also from the loft. Its tan and comes with very pink lipstick and much eyeshadow. The purple boots come from magnifico. They have an inbuild ao and if they don't fit you you could simply send the designer a message asking her to costumize them for you. I should have done that as my avatar is rather small (only 1,81m in the edit appreance screen!!) compared to other avatars. So im sure the boots will look fine on avatars which have the normal height of second life avatars. The moons on the side could be tinted with the help of a script.
Skin: *Mayden couture* - Josiane Skin ("The couturies Loft") (80 Linden)
Boots: [m] Envy Rouge Boots purple "couturies loft" (100 Linden)
Outfit:22769 ~ casual couture Christmas (suede jacket outfit) (99 Linden)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stunning Elegance

Standing on the lost bridge in the Omega Point sim and wearing some of the wonderful and impressive gowns which are available at KWZ a store in that sim.

The first one is a dress made of black lace. It comes with a hud which has a bow on the top. The body is covered with lace in flower patterns while there is a feathercollar around the neck and wristlets around the arms. Dress: KWZ Lace hood A (550 Linden)

This copper gown has lots of big frills. They are around the wrists, the dress and depending how you wear the gown they are also around the neck. The texture of the gown reminds me always a bit on weapons or at least something metalic. the top is cut out so that there is a lot skin uncovered but all the bits are covered.
Dress: KWZ Omaga Female Skull Red (550 Linden)

This is the dark version of the upper copper gown. This time with the collar instead of the cape. Its amazing how the texture of the skirt looks like it would be dimensional. Under the skirt are two less wide skirts hidden. So that you could wear for example those together with the coat. Which is much more comfy while fighting than wearing a whole gown.
Dress: KWZ Omaga Female Skull Black (550 Linden)