Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Milky was a rather annoying fairy. She was always searching for her one true love. Unfortunatly she thought that everything could be her true love. So she managed to make a farmer nearly insane because she fell deeply in love to his appletree. Milky spend hours dancing around the appletree or pretending that she was reading near it only to gain the attention of the tree. When the farmer send his daughter to pick the apples she was chased away by Milky as the fairy supposed that the daughter would be also intrested in the apple tree. The farmer was really angry and went to a witch who told him to tell Milky that her true love is a snowflake and that the appletree allready is in love with the cherrytree. The farmer followed the witches advise. So Milky started spending all her winters dancing through the snow trying to get in contact to the snowflakes but none of them ever answered.
Material Squirrel have a christmas hunt going on in their store. You search for christmas gifts which contail pretty wings which look like being made of a mix of snowflakes and lichen. I like them a lot although i doubt that i will ever use them in roleplay. The wings come with the material squirrel wing hud. That means they got x-cite touch, you could choose if they should flap or not and change the size and the wingspan.
The dress is a *G-field* subscriber gift. Its very pretty but a bit cold in winter.
Wings: Material Squirrel Gift - Winter Night Wings (0 $ Hunt gift)
Dress: *GF* GroupGift :: Holiday Dress Pack (0$ Subscriber gift and you could still get it)

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