Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hearts and blue Chairs

At the moment the Cupid Heart Hunt is going on. Id like to show some of the hunt gifts.

Some dogs like chocolate. This outfit contains some chocolate so i had to recognize that it attracts wolfs. Or maybe he thought that there is a cat because of the boots. An other reason could be the munch pixie - food envy.
Outfit and shoes : Ruru@Tear [DOLCE] (Cupid heart hunt)
Right: Werewolf avatar from HYBRIDERA - The Silver (2499 Linden)

Glasses: $Dustarrz$ Hearts Glasses PK
Dress: *MIU* coco (platinum)
Leggins: +mocha+ - Sweet Twilight * 1/5
Socks: (Slow Kitchen)Innocent_lady_socks
Shoes: +mocha+ - Sweet Twilight * 5/5
Skin: Den-Dou Keiko ate the chocolate by stealth XD

Some time ago i wrote about the rocking chair and the catbed from Brat~[T] Designs . Now i won a house on their Midnight mania board and an other rocking chair. The house has only 77 Prims. Here some pictures of it.

The Fireplace is very nice. I made some chocolate on it.
Sitting on the blue rocking chair in front of the fire. The rocking chair is on the Midnight Mania board on the second floor of the shop. It has only few prims.
House: Brat~[T] Medieval Rustic House (Midnight Mania gift)
Chair: [M] Rocking Chair V2 Midday (Midnight Mania gift)

For those pictures i used an other gift from the Cupid Heart Hunt.
Dress: *ENCEMBLE*Cupid Heart Hunt*
Bowl and Whisk: *+N3F+* Cupid Heart Hunt Gifts
Nails: sa_manicure_0210_HeartWhiteOnRed (February Gifts at Sterling Artistry
Socks: (Slow Kitchen) Innocent_lady_socks
Skin: Den-Dou Keiko ate the chocolate by stealth XD

Lovelace has a nice subscriber gift. I have a thing for pinstripes so pinstripe underwear is definitly blogable.
Underwear: ** LoveLace 2010

For this blog i used the february gifts from Sterling Artistry Eyes. I wonder how the Owner of this shop always manages to make such great Eyes.

Eyes: sa_eyes_FebruaryIntricacy and sa_eyes_FebruaryRomance

And instead of concentrating only on one thing he made a hunt gift which made me laugh.

Chair: Sterling Artistry's Broken Heart Hunt gift!
Top: (Slow Kitchen)Innocent_lady_dress (Cupid Heart Hunt)
Trousers: *ENCEMBLE*for MeN #26*2/2*Cupid Heart Hunt*Panel

Last but not least a really cute Lucky chair gift. A tiny elephant avi. Its from the shop of Etharia Parrot. She once gave me that elephant cuddling toy which i love so much.
Avatar: Tiny Inc: tiny grey elephant avatar boxed (Lucky Chair gift)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Red Queen And White Queen And Alice And All

Oooooh i got some nice stuff for u today ^.^

Do u know about Ruru@Pino? The most amazing japanese shop full of glowy jewel-like clothes and accessories. And with a stunning rose garden where i went mad with a camera today hehe...

AND two lucky chairs YAYZ!

From one lucky chair at Ruru@Pino i got this most beautiful lolita dress, the workmanship is so lovely, its the MAZE dress. U will feel like a junior princess in this dress, i sure do! SO AWESUM *dies*:

Welcome To My Nightmare

From the other lucky chair at Ruru@Pino u can get this uber-faery words-fail-me-its-so-awesum set of wings, mini head-wings, rose headpiece and rose choker, the Monarch set, IT IS SO AWESUM IM DYING OF CUTENESS HERE:

Dark Fae

These wings have an amazing rose wreath at the back, and they do this little flutter and release a cascade of cute little green leaves... awwwww.... bless...... *dies of cuteness*

And im wearing a mega cute glowy butterfly bracelet, this is also from Ruru@Pino *here*, its a shop opening giftie though its now 10L since the shop has been open a while, totes gorgeous any time u wanna do white and innocent:

Not So Sweet

If im too cute for too long i get seasick. So i gess u have noticed my totally amazing dark-fae grunge skin which grounds my outfit back into some kind of proper goth credibility (to keep Alecks happy):

Dark Heart of the Rose

This uber-awesum skin is the latest Red Queen group gift, the Envy skin. U should join that group and get it now it is also to die for lol *dies of awesumness*.

And. See the white crystal flower necklace? It's free also at Ruru@Pino, group giftie i think, find it *here* along with some other freebies and cheapies.

Then there is the ZERO linden PA*N*DA dress that is a giftie at the same spot at Ruru@Pino with a real carnivale feel its so cute *dies....* nah i won't say it u get the idea lol:

Roll Up Roll Up

And this skin? Yeh i know its also to die for. Its one of my all time favie skins, the Feline skin from the late lamented Fleur skin emporium par excellence that is no more (though happily it has metamorphosed into the equally awesum 5th & Oxford). So, u can't get it any more i think. Maybe there is still an outlet shop for Fleur somewhere round?

i've died so many times during this post of cuteness and awesumness that its amazing i can still type my closing sentence really ^.~

But that's wot i'm gonna do... so bid u farewell and enjoy ^.^

(pssst! Don't miss the pose ball camp for a mystery item in the rose garden at Ruru@Pino! A mystery for u to solve since i haven't unpacked it yet ^.^ )

Monday, February 1, 2010

Magic & Romance Hunt

If you have enough of your roleplay dresses the Magic & Romance hunt is a hunt you should attend. The hunt runs from 1st of february till 7th of March. A lot of fantasy shops take part in it.
I'd like to show some of the hunt items.

First of all i want to start with Kouse's sanctum. There i found this nice gown. It comes in a short and a long version and is very pretty.

Dress: [K~*~S] Glimmer (Hunt Gift)

When looking for the Hunt item i did fall in love with a dress (it was green). On the picture i wear it without the sleeves.

Dress: [K~*~S] Mira - Gown - Dark Emerald (500 Linden)

At Mer-Elf (the hunt also starts there) i did get this gift. As the sim is adult there is an alternative starting point for the hunt.

Dress: *MEC*- Christina- Midnight Snow- Limited Edition (Hunt Gift)

This beautiful Gown is the gift at Mystic Sky. The staff was the gift at Elvenbreath.
Gown: ~Mystic Sky~ Samantha Gown: Purple (Hunt gift)
Staff: Elvenbreath: magic wand star

This dress reminded me on the Fables comics. Bluebelle and the unveiling of the secret what bluebelle wears under her dress. The dress comes with various versions of the flower basked, two versions of the stockings (blue and white) and even a shape. Its the hunt item at Deviance.
Dress: * Deviance * Blue Belle (Rose Red revisited) (M & R Hunt item)

Sunday, January 31, 2010

KWZ Omega Point

If there is one shop which really impresses me is the Shop at Omega Point. This is my favourite Dress from there. It goes well with a Aquatic Dragon Familiar.

Dress: KWZ Omaga Female Noir & Rouge (500 Linden)
Cigarette: Icing: Little Bit of Midnight - Cigarette Holder (the cigarette holder comes with a dress which costs 195 Linden)
Dragon: Hatched at Isle of Wyrms

But this Familiar is a bit talk active. Sometimes it makes me go insane. So i have to spend some time in a padded room.
Outfit: KWZ Miss Juliana red (450 Linden)

The outfits come with a hat and hair. There is always a blond and a black version of the hair.

Outfit : KWZ Miss Juliana black (450 Linden)

Left: KWZ Miss Juliana black (450 Linden)
Middle: KWZ Miss Juliana red (450 Linden)
Right: KWZ Miss Juliana yellow (450 Linden)

They also sell corsets this one was the one i liked best so i bought it. All corsets come with some kind of underskirt and tights.

Outfit: KWZ Corset C (260 Linden)

This is an other stunning dress from Omegapoint. Its huge and kind of majestic.
Dress: KWZ Anje black long (550 Linden)

And they got a freebie in their shop. And it looks great.
Dress: KWZ Omaga Female Steel (o Linden)

In this blog i used the Skin :GP: Moonbeam [Dark] Elf-Happy Holidays from Curio. It was a x-mas groupgift and to be honest i don' t want to know what it costs now.
And as always i did wear DragansVarg *imrae* Boots flat. I think they have been around 450 Linden.