Sunday, January 31, 2010

KWZ Omega Point

If there is one shop which really impresses me is the Shop at Omega Point. This is my favourite Dress from there. It goes well with a Aquatic Dragon Familiar.

Dress: KWZ Omaga Female Noir & Rouge (500 Linden)
Cigarette: Icing: Little Bit of Midnight - Cigarette Holder (the cigarette holder comes with a dress which costs 195 Linden)
Dragon: Hatched at Isle of Wyrms

But this Familiar is a bit talk active. Sometimes it makes me go insane. So i have to spend some time in a padded room.
Outfit: KWZ Miss Juliana red (450 Linden)

The outfits come with a hat and hair. There is always a blond and a black version of the hair.

Outfit : KWZ Miss Juliana black (450 Linden)

Left: KWZ Miss Juliana black (450 Linden)
Middle: KWZ Miss Juliana red (450 Linden)
Right: KWZ Miss Juliana yellow (450 Linden)

They also sell corsets this one was the one i liked best so i bought it. All corsets come with some kind of underskirt and tights.

Outfit: KWZ Corset C (260 Linden)

This is an other stunning dress from Omegapoint. Its huge and kind of majestic.
Dress: KWZ Anje black long (550 Linden)

And they got a freebie in their shop. And it looks great.
Dress: KWZ Omaga Female Steel (o Linden)

In this blog i used the Skin :GP: Moonbeam [Dark] Elf-Happy Holidays from Curio. It was a x-mas groupgift and to be honest i don' t want to know what it costs now.
And as always i did wear DragansVarg *imrae* Boots flat. I think they have been around 450 Linden.

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