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The wind was exactly like it should be. The perfect weather for sailing. It would be one of the days Violeta really would enjoy. And one of the days where she could show that a love for highheels, pretty bags and elegant dresses were nothing which kept one from being successful in a sport mainly men loved. It made her giggle when they asked her for her secrets. But of course she pretended to have none at all. A woman maybe would have recognized her trick but men were not able to do so. At least most of them. One of them had but Violeta was aware of her beauty and he wasn't able to resist her. Maybe it had been a bit much to marry him to keep him quiet but besides being a decent sailor he was also a good cook, and Violeta was a woman who loved good food as much as sport. At least that was what she told others as reason but her husband knew that she loved talking with him and a man who would not have been very attentive would not have managed to figure out her secret.
Lika Ruby dress
It was a secret which wasn't hard to figure out. Violeta always wore the same hairbow when going sailing. It was so useful. The bands helped her to figure out the direction and strength of the wind so she could sail without having to look at any technical instruments. And the little time she saved with that was allready helpful enough. And of course the fact that her male opponents reacted irrational as soon as they started to realize that Violeta was beating them again. An other benefit she had was the fact that she normaly always wore high heels. Only not when she was sailing, but being used to walk on the tips of her feet she was able to feel the movements of the ship very well. It amused her that only her husband had figured out that she was always wearing the same bow. But he soon started to help her to find bows like hers in different colours. He was proud on his wife and did not want that anybody could find out her secret.
Lika Ruby backside
The Invidia skinline is one of the latest releases from Mirror's Enigma. The skin is available in three skintones and several makeups. I liked the seven sins themed Envy bundle best. It contains five makeups and each of those in four versions (with hairbase, with cleavage, with hairbaise and cleavage and pure). The bundle contains also three shapes which have been made for the skin, two curvy ones in a smaller and a taller version and a special one which has also been used for the pictures. The eyes used in the pictures also belong to the skinbundle. The skins are great for a elegant look even with the massive eyeliner of the envy bundle. And its a warm elegance not a cold one. In combination with the shape they also go well for a sportive look.
Face TCR Skin
Lika Ruby is an awesome store when it comes to colourful and elegant asian dresses. The mika dresses are their first meshdresses. They are currently available in six colours - there is also one in the store as groupgift but that one isn't on the picture - and also in packs which contain three colours. The dress packs contain the dress in six sizes (xxs, xs, s, m, l, ll). The mesh is of course very wellmade. The dress itself is a halterless tight dress which is a bit shorter than tealength. Around the hips it has a big belt with a big pattern on it.The frills on the bottom of the dress are very pretty and make the whole design unique. The textures itself are great. Its impressive how the designer added all those realistic wrinkles. The blue dress amazes is especially amazing. The colour is so intense.
Details are often the icing of the candy and so the latest release from 22769 is important for the whole outfit. Its a clutchpurse made of mesh. It is available in several colours. As the dresses are all very colourful the clutch choosen to go with them has a zebra pattern. The hair used is all meshhair from Wasabi Pills. Its often very playful but cute and elegant hair. The poses on the first two pictures come from Purple Poses, the ones on the 3rd an the 4th from Adorkable Poses.
Lika Ruby mesh dresses

Dress 1st & 2nd Picture: +Lika Ruby+ Mika (white) (300 L$)
Dresses 4th Picture:
1: +Lika Ruby+ Mika (blue) (300 L$)
2: +Lika Ruby+ Mika (red) (300 L$)
3: +Lika Ruby+ Mika (purple) (300 L$)
4: +Lika Ruby+ Mika (gold) (300 L$)
5: +Lika Ruby+ Mika (black) (300 L$)
Skin, shape, eyes: [:Mirror's Enigma:] Invidia Light Brown Skintone (Envy Bundle) (500 L$ also available on the Marketplace)
Clutch: 22769 ~ [femme] clutch bag zebra [mesh] (80 L$)
Hair: 1st & 2nd Picture: /Wasabi Pills/ Sachiko Mesh Hair (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack)
Hair 4st Picture:
1: /Wasabi Pills/ Amandine Mesh Hair (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack)
2: /Wasabi Pills/ Sachiko Mesh Hair (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack)
3: /Wasabi Pills/ Ginger Mesh Hair (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack)
4: /Wasabi Pills/ Cherilyn Mesh Hair (250 L$ for colourpack 1500 L$ for fatpack)
5: /Wasabi Pills/ Kamiko Mesh Hair (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack)

Pose 1st & 2nd Picture: PURPLE POSES
Poses 3rd & 4th Picture: Adorkable Poses

[hairy spring affair]

[a hairy spring affair]

Spring is a bit indecisive here - after a couple of weeks that were hot enough to be summer weather already, it's grey and drizzling now, so I'm rather thankful for SL's more predictable seasons. And with spring being around, I usually get the urge to give my inventory and looks a make over... this time, it were these two hairstyles I simply had to add to my collection. The one on the left is one of booN's latest releases, an incredibly realistic looking pair of long dreadlocks - in mesh! Needless to say that I immediately fell in love and bought one of the darker colour packs that includes three shades: chocolate, which I'm wearing in the picture, black and purple. Please make sure you're trying the demo that's available in store for free.

The Creators Pavillion is having a spring sale right now (ending April 15th), and that's where I grabbed the hair on the right, a feathery and slightly messy style from the - to me - unknown store called [INK]. Even though it's not scripted, the manual resizing works quite easily, and there is a bunch of 6 shades to pick from for a mere 69 L$ each. Demos are available as well. Since *ARAI* is represented at the sale as well and offers some pieces of their collection at half price, the fresh looking and vibrantly coloured nylon parka in teal made it into my shopping cart, too. Due to both female and male attachments being included in the folder, it's even unisex! Swing by at the Creators Pavillion sale and give yourself (and your home, for there is also several deco- and furniture items available) a vernal make over!

Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ - Adam (dark)
Hair: booN - BMB103 hair chocolate RIGGED MESH
Hairbase: Miamai - Sideburn Point Brown
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (Paris Green)
Beard: Sorry.Asia - Facial Hairs (5) (store has closed)

Necklace: Ruchica - Antique Cabochon Necklace (green)

Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ - Adam (blonde)
Hair: [INK] Hair___TOME ::Blonde (at the Creators Pavillion Spring sale)
Eyes: .:Hermony:. - MP Eyes - Sky
Eyeliner: Stain Cosmetics - Eye definer (teal) (at the Narcissus' Room)

Jacket: *ARAI* - Nylon parka_blue (at the Creators Pavillion Spring sale)
Shirt: [Iruco] - Floret T (red)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Fashioncentric Hunt part: 2

The Fashioncentric Hi5 hunt starts tomorrow! and there are so many stores involved, it's a biggy! and so I am doing a series of blog posts to cover many items from the hunt. Check out a previous post HERE and official website with slurls and all participating stores HERE


If you missed my previous blog post about the Fashioncentric Hi5 hunt then take a look

1: Cocktail dress - spring flower (shoes not included) > Punky chicks

2:  Outfit - Pearls & lace dress - lilac > Matahari style

3: Hat: Partita a briscola > AD creations
    Outfit: Set for spring > [NN] designs  (shoes not included)

1: Top - red top part of  Toxxic belted top gift > [FIEND]  (shoes not included)
    Jeans - crack spring madness jeans > PEER
    Skin - Nuala pinot > Dulca secrets

2: Top - toxxic belted top blue > [FIEND] (shoes not included)
     Jeans - dark wash vintage jeans > Lopo
3: Sneakers - sunshine > Viviane fashion
    Outfit - toxxic belted top & leggings - red > [FIEND]

1: Female outfit > Cupcake clothing
    Skin - Nuala pinot > Dulce secrets

2: Cocktail dress - asian blue (also comes with prim skirt option, not shown) > Sweet distractions 
 (shoes not included)

3: Margarita II green dress  > Vextra fashions (shoes not included)

Fashioncentric Hi5 hunt

1: Trixie in purple > Inga wind clothing (this hunt item contains a mesh jacket that I have been unable to blog)

2: Barely visious plum > Psy's closet & creations

3: Dreams of black > Wild serenity

A Hunter's Life

Mysticina planned her look very carefully. She knew she must appear smashing, dazzling… but, first and foremost, intimidating. „Make those mortal worms tremble in awe and give you free way… yes, that’s it!” – she cackled softly, while she dabbed the dried dragon blood powder on her eyelids. Then she started working on her black mane until it looked as if she had just returned from a ruthless battle with orcs and trolls. „Excellent…” – Mysticina patted her wild locks with a satisfied half-smile. „… excellent.”
Casting Spells
Then, the outfit. Hard, cold silver and black silk. A belt that seemed to be fabricated from werewolf fangs… she particularly loved it. Ah, the terrified yet lustful glance of that boy, he might have been a servant or a pageboy, who almost run into a wall when he caught sight of her clad like this, majestically parading along the Main Street. 

Charming Darkness
Mysticina chuckled, and picked up the demon’s claw staff… yes, this had to be the final touch, the monster’s withered fingers still clutched around the lava globe he hadn’t been willing to give up to her. „Mmmmm… perfect, just perfect!” – Mysticina was very satisfied. „But now let’s go, the Spring sale starts in a quarter of an hour, the shops will be crammed with crazy people fighting over bargains, and I just have to get those lovely boots at half price!”

Outfit: EMO-tions „Mystique” - group gift (0 L$). Mirja Mills has just spoiled the EMO-tions group members with an entire wall of freebies in her shop at Hell’s End. You can find a bit of everything, men’s hair, women’s hair, entire outfits and even cute fantasy pigtails for Petites. You’ll appreciate her generosity even more if you realise that it’s free to join the group.
Staff: Talevin’s Designs „Demon Claw Staff” – MM Board prize (0 L$).
Hair: EMO-tions „Wicked!” - group gift (0 L$).
Skin: Abranimations/Ascend „Acantha” Gothic Skin. It was an Advent Calendar gift last year, now the skin is available at the Ascend shop (895 L$ for an individual skin, 2950 L$ for a set of eight).
Eyes: Sterling Artistry „Underworld Eyes” in Obsidian (65 L$, the 6-pair pack is 260 L$).
Nails: Sterling Artistry „Blazing Ruby” (10 L$).
Pose: No Strings Attached – Frankenfae (not available any more).

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Fashioncentric Hunt part 1

The Fashioncentric hi5 hunt is a grid wide hunt which runs from 1st - 30th April all hunt prizes are free, plus there is a weekly prize draw to win 1000L.  More details can be found on the official website HERE where you will find a list of participating stores. I intend to do a series of blog posts to cover many items included in the hunt but let's keep it simple here are some of the hunt prizes.


Dress: spring life dress > Mind games
Skin: Melanie make up 1 > Diamond Avatar

Outfit: Ballet rock  (does not include boots) > Lady Jayne designs
Skin: Melanie make 1 > Diamond Avatar

Dress: Paula (includes black pumps not shown) > Es stylez
Skin:  *aps* fairy (includes shape not shown in this pic) > Apparence skin & shapes

1:  Cute jeans outfit - pink  > Kruemeltz Design

2:  Outfit Albia Capalini

3: Lilac bikini > Tempting Sinsations


1: Year of the Dragon > [HT&DZ]

2:  Womens chopper boots > Drakke designs

3: Rockabilly Queen pin up pumps > Sexy Bish

4: Sizzle shoes - white > Shelly's

Picnik collage

1: Kristal set Stars

2: Orient express > Timeless jewels

3: Cerys collar > Zibska

4: Alexia colour change earrings > Phoebe piercing & more

Please note that all slurls in my Fashioncentric blogposts have not been checked out personally by myself  , they have either been provided or obtained from the designers profiles. Please check the  HUNT PAGE for  all slurls.

Lotus Demon

Rahrynn knew she had been dreaming of her mother again when she saw that one of the lotus flowers, that had just blossomed the day before, now looked withered and old. Lotus flowers were so very sensitive of the mood changes of their caretakers. They were magical plants and only qualified fairies were permitted to look after them… and Rahrynn was a very special fae gardener indeed.
Soft Lotus
She was born a demon and her mother trained her carefully for her future job. What Rahrynn’s mum didn’t have a clue about, though, was the secret dream of her daughter… luckily, because she’d have skinned Rahrynn alive if she had known. Rahrynn was obediently snatching souls and howling at crossroads, and she felt generally miserable… until a demon hunter caught her mother in a powerful trap. The next day Rahrynn sawed off her horns (dammit, the pain was terrible!) and applied for a job at the Central Office for Magyckal Gardening. The old warlock at the admissions desk looked at her with some suspicion, but applicants were rare and Rahrynn seemed very, very determined indeed.

Lotus Demon She had been a flower fairy ever since, and she was really good at her job… except those mornings when she found another dead flower and she knew she must have had another nightmare. „Oh Mum, please!” – Rahrynn begged silently. „You should see them, my dear lotus flowers, they are so very pretty… and I’m sure you’d learn how to love them. I’m expecting you back, Mum, by the way…”

Outfit: (Vanguard) „Venus” – part of the new collection by Rollyn Humphrey (150 L$). I confess I didn’t know about her shop until recently; now I’m quite impressed by the simple yet spectacular dresses she offers at a remarkably good price.
Jewellery: Finesmith „Joy” in Black. The main Finesmith shop at Blackliquid is being rebuilt for the time being, so I can’t tell you the exact price of the set.
Shoes: Stiletto Moody „Bare Marilyn” in Black (1200 L$).
Skin: PixyStix „Cupcake” – Supernatural 3 Hunt gift (0 L$). The hunt is on until March 31st.
Hair: Eshi Otawara „Lydia” Bun in Platinum. This particular hairstyle isn’t available any more - which is a pity -, but the quite similar „Large Bun” is currently on sale (200 L$ for one colour, 600 L$ for a pack of six colours).
Nails: Candy Nail „Long Nails” in Black (100 L$).
Eyes: Sterling Artistry „Underworld Eyes” in Andesine (65 L$, the 6-pair pack is 260 L$).
Poses: No Strings Attached „Frankenfae” in the first picture, Glitterati „Breast Cancer Awareness” in the second one. Neither poses are currently available, but there’s a consolation prize, too… Glitterati has a crazy sale, items with an original price of 500 L$ and up have been reduced to at least 50 % off; everything else is 100 L$. The offer is valid until the end of the Pose Fair.

The pictures were taken at Hazardous, the latest build of Wendy Xeno.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

For the boys...

Menswear fashion week March 23-31

He walked around the shadowy green room, tapping dexterous fingertips against his pale chin...
"What to wear, what to wear..."
Most days, his options felt limited. There wasn't much choice, although, perhaps this was for the best in his line of work. It had to be practical, had to hold all he might need. His vanity wasn't much, but it was there. To get into the places he had to, it helped to look the part, to blend with the fashionable crowd. Of course, once his work was done, he had to be able to get out again, he needed his tools.
Everything he needed was to hand. Pulling on the black combat trousers, their thick material would give some protection should he need it, and of course, their many pockets were invaluable. They passed as regular streetware, noone would ask any questions, and for this job, security weren't expecting anything... They wouldn't be checking too close. Patting the pockets, he felt the handle of the folded switchblade, the innocuous wooden pegs in another, the curl of thin wire, the lighter, his smokes..

Mens Fashion Week 1

Glancing in the mirror he eyed the face staring back at him from his chest, not so smart to have such a distinguishing mark, but he didn't care. He wasn't planning on getting caught, and the the kanji looked hot over his muscled abdomen. Working feet into the heavy but flexible work boots, he bent to lace them tightly. Straightening again, running a hand through his hair, styling it just so, he slid into the thick woolen knit jacket, its shape would comfortably hide what he was planning to take. Catching the fastening, and adjusting the collar before heading out into the night.

Mens Fashion Week 4 This week is Menswear Fashion Week, I was hoping to create a great look to show here, preferably made up from gifts available at the Menswear event itself. Admittedly, I'm not used to shopping for male items, when I've tried in the past, I've always been a bit disappointed about what was on offer - at least in the price range I could stretch to for photo set ideas. The event itself has some great stores, different styles on offer, covering skins and teeny pants to whole outfits. The underwear fashion show last night was something to behold! There are some free or 1L gifts in the stores, but not many, those that there are match the styles of the stores, not necessarily each other, so no full freeish look here unfortunately. But bits here and there add up!

Menswear Fashion Week 2012

Event items

Skin : AKERUKA  Damien Cyber Love  - Group gift skin 1L (250L group join fee) While there is a poster to hit for the skin at the event, it didn't work for me, so had to head to the mainstore.
Hair : SHAG Suedehead (obsidian) 250L
Pants and Boots :  ::GB:: Cargo Pants and Work boots  580L
Mainstore :
Jacket : =Zenith=Sweater Coat Rigged Mesh 2 color (shown here in Choco) FREE

Other items - if you like the style, check out the stores.
Shape  Fei's shape V2

Eyes :  Repulse - Living Dead (Blind) Large (hunt prize from Zombie Popcorn hunt)

Tattoo : Endless Pain Jack Hunt Tattoo (hunt prize from Jack Or Jill hunt)

Background : Watsoon Steampunk Ornate walls and ceiling textures (hunt prize from Steam 6 hunt - ongoing)

This is my happy face

Look how pleased I am with my new things! XYROOM has an amazing selection of discounted items at the moment & here is just a few of my favourites. Check out my new boots! aww god love Miel! One day I will own everything in that store. The boots are a new release and come in a variety of colours for men & women, I have opted for the naturals pack. As with everything I own from Miel they have colour change options for every aspect of the boot . To get  this look for yourself check out below.

Hair: 295L - Lauren - almond (nuts pack) > Maitreya
Skin: 89L - cookedjelly tan skin by Modish @ > XYROOM
Top: 80L - pullover hoodie by 1 hundred @ > XYROOM
Jeans: 90L - Dirty jeans - black by Poptart @ > XYROOM
Boots: 525L - Timber boots - natural pack  > Miel

Monday, March 26, 2012

Teen style


So of all people my son sets me a blogger challenge, he says "mum why don't you ever do a look for girls?" I don't ever intend to do child avatar I just don't sit comfortably with that, however it did get me thinking of looks for teens and this is my creation.

Granted sons response was not favourable but hey what does he know he's a boy! and I would totally dress this way if I were a teen, actually I probably did, come to think of it now I actually did own an outfit exactly like this *blushes* But anyway I enjoyed putting this look together and I think it would be rather fun to see more teen style out there on the blogs.

Just one thing of note, I am wearing a delightful skin from wow skins which is at the current weekly event 50L frenzy shop a thon - week starting 27th March. There are 2 colour make ups if you don't like to be as bold with blue eyeshadow.

Hair: 280L - BKR943 - Platinum > Boon
Skin: 50L - Lily 2 By wow skins @ > 50L frenzy shop-a-thon
Top: 69L - Mickey jacket - blue > JEM
Skirt: 0L - Luckyboard item > HNF * petit
Tights: 0L - Group gift > !1MM
Sneakers: 290L -chucks - black > Urbatik
Pose: 75L per pose - editorial > Epiphany

Sunday, March 25, 2012


The mission had been easy. She only had to go to the lost church and to steal a paper somebody had left there in a hole between the bricks of the wall. Of course there had been creatures sneaking around the building to keep beings away. Mirror salamanders which played tricks on the imagination so that people saw a boring officebuilding and other creatures. Trista had enough dragonblood to be able to see through all their tricks. And even more she was resistant against the effects of Sanravankraut. This herb which only was found in a hidden part of a german forest caused that all magical creatures fell asleep. All but dragons which made it to one of their prefered weapons. Trista normaly dried it to smoke it in a pipe, so that she could use the smoke to put creatures which acted not as seh wanted to sleep. At this mission the only problem was that she needed to keep the illusion of the office building up while the mirror salamanders were sleeping. Of course she was just stealing a message of one of her foes but friend or foe did not matter when it came to keeping the humans believe that there was no magic in the world.
Midnight hunter
The visual hunt is a not very long hunt with great gifts. Its inspired by asian popculture. The Visual Dynasty outfit from Gomun Horangi comes in a female and a male version. The primparts are mod. The dragon on the shoulderpad is a great detail. The facemask with the cat is a part of the huntgift from Bliensen + MaiTai. It also comes in a male and a female version. The other parts of the huntgift are the mask in a panda and a skull version. The Barbs &Blood Slouchie Digi Warmers paw pack which Epic sells at the Zombiepopcorn Brand contain also a version without paws. Those are very well combineable with prim or meshfeet. The hair being used for the picture is the ahiga hair from Wasabi Pills. Its a very special hair as its available in a version which is combat scripted. The pose being used is contained in the pipe from Rozoregalia. The picture has been taken at Fear Valley the latest addition to the City of Lost Angels Simchain.

Outfit: Visual Hunt 2012 ::]Gomun Horangi[:: Visual Dynasty (Visual huntgift 10 L$)
Mask: Bliensen + MaiTai - Le Masque - (Visual huntgift 10 L$)
Legwarmers: *Epic* -ZP- Barbs & Blood Slouchie Digi Warmers {Paw} (219 L$ sold at Zombie Popcorn Brand)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Ahiga Hair - (200 L$ for two colours, 1500 L$ fatpack -this one isn t combat scripted)

Location: Fear Valley