Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bodysuited & booted


I can't stop wearing this hair! it's amazing and check out this bodysuit which is the latest group gift at MONS which I loved as soon as I saw it, very sexy , very sassy and very adaptable too. You can wear it in so many ways with a skirt , jeans or on it's own but what I love most about it is that William Morris kind of pattern. It's an amazing print and cleverly used, it's such a bold print that you couldn't get away with using it on a full outfit, but as a well made bodysuit with that lace! genius, I really love it!

Well a bold outfit such as this deserves a bold skin. This skin is actually part of a builders pack available on the marketplace currently with 50% so if you're thinking of making skins or starting your own business I reckon take a look there are over 100 items in this pack.

To complete my look all I needed were some fabby boots and I'm never disappointed when I head down to skifija! The footwear always fits my feet so well! I'm sure you've all had a pair of boots where the foot just doesn't look like a proper foot (Dagmar knows what I mean we've had a boot debate hehe) well anyway you'll never have that problem at Skifija :))

Hair: 0L group gift > Exile
Skin: part of  builders pack Ashley skins > Munspain
Bodysuit: 0L - group gift > MONS
Boots: 199L sexy biker high heel boots > Skifija

Pondering about a ring

Rena was insecure. She was even very insecure. The proposal had been a big surprise and now she was not sure how to deal with it. So she sat down for a while. Her hands wandered up to her hairband and she played with it while her eyes wandered to the ring.
Pondering in a comfy chair
She never had seen a beautiful ring like this. It was so stunning. Her eyes followed all the tiny decorations at it. Rena admired the butterfly for some moments. Then she made a desicion. She did not want to give the engagment ring back. And then she thought that a guy who was able to choose such a nice ring might not be the worst. Of course he had been her boyfriend for only the last five years but at least there was still the possibility to divorce.
frippery hunt ring
After she pulled her hairband out of her locks she started to wonder about the question what kind of wedding gown she should wear. The question if Aunt Anna should sit next to Grandfather Tom at the wedding or better next to one of her friends, kept Rena's mind busy for the next hours.
dreaming on a comfy chair without hairband
L. Fauna released a new line of skins. They are called Lea. The skins come in several skintones (pale, tan and dark and in each of those in three different tones) and which is special every skinpack contains the skin in four different versions for different breast sizes. There are also fitting shapes to the skins available. The shapes and skins are very cute. Very useful is that there are several eyebrows are included. Those don't come on the tattoo layer. The designer put them onto the hair layer instead of that. This is very smart in my opinion as she also designed several makeups for the tattoo layer. So that users who use phoenix or an other viewer which only supports one tattoo layer don't have a problem. The shape I used for the pictures is also contained in the skinpack.
The outfit on the first picture comes from acid and mala. The set with the top contains also a dress. The trousers are the gift int he depraved summer nights hunt from the same store. Their texture is very well made and they are unisex. So might work well in the switch your gender for 0 linden challenge.
lea in bra
The hair is one of the latest releases from Wasabi Pills. It could be worn with or without the hairband. The look is very cute and the hairband has the option to be tinted in several colours so that it fits perfectly to every outfit. It is available in a wide range of colours. Very nice is also that the hair has less then 50 prims.
Lea some examples

Skins : L.Fauna Skins : Lea (1000 L$ per skintone)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Yumi Hair (250 L$ per colourpack, 1500 L$ for the fatpack)
Outfit on the first pics:
Top: .:A&M:. Smocked Dress&Shirt - Purple - SBS #72 (150L$)
Trousers: .:A&M:. I love my jeans - Unisex - Dark Blue - Ripped (Linkgift in the depraved Summer nights hunt)
Ring: Frippery~The Secret of Beauty [Ring] (0 L$ gift in the black buttler hunt)
Blue bikini on the 4th pic: Apricot Paws - Bow Bikini - Skate'N'Surf Blue (0 L$)
Eyes: Eyes: Sterling Artistry: sa_DragonEyes (60 L$)

[queen of the damned]

[queen of the damned]
"I told you... we would meet again."

Free - and I'm not kidding you - is this gorgeous, pale skin from - Glam Affair - called "My sweet vampire", which is a prize for the ongoing ZombiePopcorn Hunt. It comes with dark and light brows and with hairbase or without, and the dark eye make-up easily adds up to the desirable, gloomy look of a creature of the night.

Paired with the stunning "Invicta Tail" headpiece from Miamai, this look instantly reminded me of Anne Rice's Queen of the Damned. 195 prims of blackened silver and diamonds create this hair attachment with its pony-tail in the back that adds a truly divine touch to every outfit.

On Raven:

Skin: -Glam Affair- - My sweet vampire (free at the ZombiePopcorn Hunt)
Hair(piece): Miamai - Invicta Tail Platinum_Black
Eyes: REPULSE - Living Dead Eyes
Fangs: EMBRACED - Kindred PREMIUM Edition 3.5
Lipstick: -Glam Affair- - Layla lipstick - risque

Peaches & cream


I have so much fabulousness to share at the moment (yes yes I am aware that fabulousness is not a word be it should be). I am loving this new release outfit from Vero modero, which also comes in black, but I rather like the cream one.It has a lovely plunge neckline as you can see but what you can't see is that it is backless very sexy!

Oh and check out the hair! a new group gift from Exile..oh I do love some lovely flowing locks I do! and yet another great skin from Mother Goose's with juicy peachy lips, a colour that isn't so wdiely used I don't seem to think but is the perfect compliment to this whole look I'm sure you'll agree.

Skin: 0L Luckyboard item - Trudy II > Mother Goose's
Hair: 0L new group gift > Exile
Dress & headress : 350L cover dress - cream > Vero Modero

Friday, June 3, 2011

Caught in the spotlight


Ok so I've been caught red handed , or rather red shirted! ....sigh sorry bad joke! but how great is this complete set which is new at Vero Modero, it comes with 2 collar sizes, in this picture I have opted for the smaller version but the larger one has a great dramatic impact.

There are so many hunts on at the moment knowing which one to choose has been hard, so I went for the zombie popcorn hunt, and have picked up some amazing items, and I intend to blog a few. I really love this skin from Natural beauty which actually has a deeper colour than my picture shows, I picked up another hunt skin while I was there, which was a super added bonus! what I adore about the skins that I have from this store is the strong colours.

It's great to pick up hunt items, which to me is a great help to choose which stores items I love the most. I only ever blog things that I really truly many items so little time :)

Hair: 0L - wang - steel > Vive9
Skin: 0L Zombie Popcorn hunt item > Natural beauty
Outfit: 450L -  Vesti set > Vero Modero
Boots: 250L - Boho boots - Black & dark brown > Les Petit details

Thursday, June 2, 2011


She was waiting. Of course she could have been wearing more but she wasn't intrested in that. She was thankful that he was willing to share her love for a game she allready had loved as child. Hide and seek. She was obsessed by it. He wasn't but she had some ideas how to keep him intrested in it.
gift tree
The giftoutfit is one of the latest releases from schön. It comes on all layers. The textures are well shaded. To close the band there is a bow at the leg. The designer managed to create a nearly seamless connection between the shirt and the trousers layer. I like that nearly the whole body is wrapped into the band. The asymetric look which is created by only wrapping one leg makes it even more intresting. The outfit is called ILY which is the short form of I love you.
wrapped in schoen
1st.: ::Schoen:: ILY (gold) (200 L$)
2nd.: ::Schoen:: ILY (red) (200 L$)
3rd.: ::Schoen:: ILY (blue) (200 L$)

The outfits are also available in a fatpack for 550 L$.

[lotn: dust and gloves]

There is a chamber unseen waiting
behind eyes of iridescent green
dusty and ancient
like lips of black tasting my skin
with the flavour of parchment and
oxblood ink

Whispered words on my flesh -
those cobwebs of your soul
burnt to cinders
ashes to ashes
but forever

[lotn: dust and gloves]

Skin: [-B-] - Vampire Skin
Hair: Truth - Lourdes
Eyes: -Glam Affair- - Stella Eyes 15
Beard: -dD- Beards - Rodrigo
Eyeshadow: A:S:S - Drama Shadow

Jacket: [ h ] - Leather Blazer
Harness: Kyoot - Addicted to Dopamine Harness
Pants: Davinel - Second Skin - Obscene
Gloves: Miamai - PrimGloves:Homme Connor

Belt: *GA* - #BE1101C Studded Belt
Shoes: [ h ] - Chelsea
Ring: [:TCR:] - Ring of Conspiracy v1.0

Exhausted Surfer

Resting at the deck after a long day of surfing in the sun. The surfboard is a bit big but thats no reason not to use it.
LnL are a great store for wonderfully textured outfits so I was happy when seeing that they take part in the Skate'n Surf hunt. They created a unisex surfsuit as huntgift. It is skintight with a nice pattern on the top. The hands are covered with glove while the feet are free to have a better feeling for the board. The board is a poseprop from J&T Pose and Animations. It is also a gift in the skate and surf hunt. The set contains four boards with single poses and one with a couple pose.
after a long day
Outfit: LNL BOX O-134 SSH MAY 2011 HUNT GIFT--
Surfboard: .::I::.J&T Pose&Animations.::I::. SKATE'N SURF HUNTITEM

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The annoying piratefish

She enjoyed the time at the dock. The weather was perfect and so she just let the sun shine on her body.
time in the sun
In summer she went nearly every day to the beach. She spend her time with sitting in the sun. Sometimes she watched the whales, but often she just dreamed.
sitting in the sun
It was relaxing. She never swam but she used to change her towel every day. Sometimes she even lost her towel because of piratefish. Those piratefish disturbed her with odd songs. They swam under the dock and sang "humans are like cookies" and sometimes really nasty songs. When she got angry she threw her towel on them. The piratefish pretended that they would get hurt and whimpered normaly very loud. Then they disappeared for a week. They had a secret business in which they sold used-towls to squids. Pestering sunbathing people was a very effective way to get used towels.
sunbathing and grinning
Ducknipple takes part in the skate'n surf hunt and put a striped bikini into the huntgift. It comes on several layers with primbows. The design is wellmade and the bikini is just cute. The towel with the poses is one of the latest release from just a pose. It has five different inbuild textures and contains eight pinup poses. The poses are great and sensual so its amazing that they are also included in the set so that they could be used without the towel.

Bikini: Ducknipple: Duckini - Striped (0 L$ Skate'n Surf huntgift)
Towel: { Just A Pose } Pin Up Beach Towel (75 L$ taste of SL )

And now for something unisex


In my past couple of posts I have had very feminine and very definitely masculine , so I though it was about time that we had something unisex. Oh I do so love these shoes and 20L?! that's a mad crazy bonkers bargain price, Oh and speaking of mad crazy bonkers, if you love skins (thanks to a certain friend it's now my latest obsession) then you simply have to head down to Mico where there are something like 12 luckyboard loaded with cute skins. Go! go I say...

Hair & hat: 50L Miss -  Hazelnut > Posh
Skin: 0L luckyboard item - Mico
Scarf: Former group gift ( current gift is 3 lovely blusher make ups)  > The fashion garret
Glasses: 0L - group gift retro glasses > Urban Warehouse
Jacket: 0L - Fir  & Mna @ > Menstuff lounge
vest: 0L Intrinsic vests -  Cream set - Fawn > Jane
Trousers: 0L luckyboard item > Sheepdoor
Shoes: 20L - hush puppies > Duh

Monday, May 30, 2011

Something for the Men

 With the forthcoming Menstuff hunt which starts on the 3rd June just around the corner, I wanted to get a couple of sneaky pictures of things for you chaps out there just to keep you going. So here I have 2 very different looking styles. Most of the items come from The Menstuff Lounge, which is a fantastic pre- hunt treat! simply wear your menstuff group tag and hit the board for as many of the group gift from so many designers as you like! woohooo! I love the Menstuff hunt there are so many great unisex items & with 150 participating stores,  that will keep me busy for a while!


Top picture

Hair: 245L - Alan hair > EMO-tions
Skin: 0L group gift > Vero Modero
Glasses: 0L group gift  - retro glasses > Urban warehouse
Sweater: 0L -watAnabe > Menstuff lounge
Shirt & scarf: former hunt gift @ Mr Poet ( can't find it in store for sale either )
Jeans: 0L - Graffitiwear > Menstuff lounge
Shoes: 25L black plaid deck shoes > Duh

Bottom picture

Hair: 0L - EMOtions > Menstuff lounge
Jacket: 0L - GoodVibez  > Menstuff lounge
Jeans: 0L - > Menstuff lounge
shoes: 0L - group gift > Vero Modero

Surferguys skating

Bob was a skater by birth. And he always hated the lack in places where to skate. So he started to train his abilities. First he spend some time on becoming a great skater on stones. Then he started to train on grass. As he was able to do many tricks on that he started to train on sand. He moved in a strange way so that the sand under the wheels became massive. He even managed to jump.
grass skater
The skate'n surf hunt is still going on and there are some great gifts for guys in it. The outfit on the upper picture is one of the gifts from 22769. The prim parts are of course mod. For the hips a hoodie which is wrapped around them is included.
Surferguy 2
22769 have a second gift in the skate'n surf hunt its a more classical beach outfit. The checked pattern shorts come with a string. The white and blue striped tanktop fits perfectly to the beach theme.
not warm enough to surf
Juice put a sweater for times when its too cold to surf in the hunt. It is very comfy and easy to resize. I like the red which has been choosen. The shading is done well of course. The jeans are not in the hunt they are basic jeans from 22769.

Outfit: 22769 ~ unisex skater (0 L$ Huntgift)
Skateboard: WisentAnimations : Skater (0 L$ Huntgift)
2nd: 22769 SSH ~ homme surfer (0 L$ Huntgift)
Top: Juice .:. Hucker Hoodie (0 L$ Huntgift)
Trousers: 22769 casual couture Ultimate Jeans (70$)

There are much more stores in the hunt. Take a look at the hintlist.

Girl next door


This look is inspired by a friend who was saying that she wanted a new look, a kind of girl next door look, and I guess we have our own spin on what that look should be. I'm not even sure where that term comes from, but essentially it's an innocent, pure decent kinda girl, so my interpretation looks like this! If you want to get this look for yourself then here is what you need to know :-

Hair: 300L MOA 02 - sandy blonde > [69]
Shape: 0L - skate n surf hunt item ( looking for a small surf board)  - Lana > CS Shapes
Skin: 0L - luckyboard item - Anika > Mother Goose
Scarf & bag: 0L group gift > !1MM
Dress: 0L subscribo gift > Autre
Shoes: 50L - Monalisa shoe - Cream > .:Censored:.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gold & Green


Well I just went for a short shopping trip and look what happens to my transport while i'm away! now if anyone happens to find my horse & cart be sure to let me know won't you.

I've been wanting to wear this delight of a top that I won on a luckyboard at Pesca for quite some time, but couldn't decide if I should take advantage of the resize script and wear it as a dress or a top. That was only until I received these amazing chinos as a group gift at Wave, then I knew in an instant what to wear them with. Incidentally I think these chinos make a great unisex item.

You may well struggle to find a group joiner for Wave, so I suggest you join from the designer Miraiwave Iwish profile (see listed groups) then check notices.

If you look sharp you'll also be able to pick up these shoes from Vero Modero (actually i'm not wearing the group gift ones they are a slightly darker shade)  & the bag from  Le Poppycock which are group gifts for May

Hair: 300L - MOA 02 - sandy blonde > [69}
Skin: 0L group gift - Natural beauty
Shades: 0L gift  > A.S.H
Top: 0L luckyboard item > Pesca
Trousers: 0L group gift > Wave group for AwramViie
Shoes: 0L group gift > Vero Modero
Bag: 0L group gift >  Le Poppycock